Equinox (JPN) – Byerley Turk dosage




for the balance it carries with it

Equinox (JPN) by Kitasan Black (Halo/Hail to Reason male line, from Chateau Blanche ex- King Halo (JPN) from the Lyphard male line. Pedigree.

Equinox demonstrates a fine pedigree. His grand sire, G2 sire Black Tide, a full brother to Deep Impact, Japan’s Triple Crown winner. Son Kitasan Black, a multiple G.1 distance winner honours as Japan’s 2016/17 Horse of the Year, sire of Equinox (Kitasan’s first G1 winner with a new track record of 2:25.65 @ the 2023 Dubai Sheema Classic. He has time-rating 129 and no.1 Longines Worlds Best Racehorse ranking.

Superstar Equinox – a phenotype with exceptional ability. His elasticity upon every stride, a verve to admire. There are influential potent strains however capturing morphological condition is the key that notably, Japan’s breeding program excels to. They’re pure racehorse.

December 2022 genetic researchers found common protein variants influencing racing phenotype. With respect to researchers, the publication yields enduring curiosity. What individuals prove desired pheno?

What pedigree influences strike most?

💥Flames💥 to Equinox veins

As goes above, those of Byerley Turk male line, the Marcel Boussac bred went highly regarded as superb Types within a thoroughbred Type.

  • carrying 5×5 Chouberski has Lyphard (Northern Dancer) via, dam Goofed, big plus – she carries another Harkaway ‘strain’ outside of King Tom/St Simon
  • Equinox – 5x5x4 Lyphard.
  • Additional to Equinox with #BT influence are Ambriopase, Trevieres (FR) b/m sire Clarion, Hoist the Flag thru Tourbillon daughter line, 6th dam sire Gillies de Retz (Ksar)

 “He was muscular, athletic and well-balanced with strong hindquarters and had exceptional finishing speed.” credit – http://www.americanclassicpedigrees.com/lyphard.html

above credit: Lyphard on Facebook

Lyphard is well considered the stronger stamina line of Northern Dancer.

Whilst commentators of sports horse breeding take plentiful account for the versatile Byerley Turk blood, (Article here) its unfathomable the #BT racehorse tail male hangs by a delicate thread.

A breeding project to conserve this foundational male line is directed by 👉👉👉 http://suziprichard-jones.com/the-byerley-turk-godolphin-conservation-project/. The campaign with determination and effort is winning back. View progeny by Pearl Secret standing at Norton Grove UK.

The big question to researchers…. what can science disclose that Byerley Turk is a genetic necessity, the foundational sire necessary to continue?

– they can show Byerley Turk #BT has a specific allele detected. The allelic variation of the tetranucleotide microsatelite marks the TB-oB1 clade. (nb. the Godolphin is Tb-oB3b).

The diagram clade 👉(P.36) in PDF file demonstrates. (open Here) , the scale of the Byerley Turk – TB-oB1 #BT at what loss to racing phenotype just cannot be more clear.

Or find Sabine Felkel’s work. P.6 here.

TB-oB1 is a significant haplotype to the racing population as was down through ages, to future gene pools!

Credit ref. – Full article here….(on a basis that they were not able to get historical samples from horses from that sire line (#BT & #GB) the researchers discounted the possibility that the “C” allele may have come from either the Byerley Turk or the Godolphin Arabian (also known as the Godolphin Barb).

Puzzling indeed… as was noted, Australia and New Zealand 1988/89 Raceform Sires Key fact AHONOORA (GB) Ch 1975 Lorenzaccio-Helen Nichols-Martial. Stakes winners of 7 inc, York William Hill Sprint Championship (5f) G2. Sire in Europe of Don’t Forget Me, Park Express, Park Appeal, Project Manager, Ginny Binny, Indian Ridge, Nashamaa, Princess Athena, Ahononeyu, Balbillard, Princess Tracy etc. First season at stud in New Zealand – Fee $50,000 (sire of dual G1 winner Ball Park from a Biscay mare & Sire of G3 winner Stadium)

  • Further #BT…Cenchire Br 1982 Century-Chire King of Babylon (IRE) Won 8 races with brilliant speed. Took 1.1 seconds off Reliable Travel Handicap. Century champion sire and sire of sires
  • Don’t Forget Me (Ahonoora) Dual Group winner at two. Dual classic winner at three. English General Accident 2000 Guineas G1 (record time)

What measures sheer Brilliance? Be mindful its expressed over multiple lines gather to Byerley Turk, with Godolphin Arabian and of course inclusive the Darley Arabian yet the ancestral shall never be visible as that.

n.b. the Equinox article is not omitting Halo. In short his dam Cosmah from Almahoud by Mahmoud thru the workings to 14x Mahmoud, family 9c et al Royal Charger, Nasrullah collectively makes for high-class individuals.

its more than luck, Lucky Sweynesse (NZ)



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2020 NZ Ready-to-Run purchase @ $90k, the 4 yr gelding G 1 winner Lucky Sweynesse (NZ) career earnings AUD $ 7,864,942 . Lucky Sweynesse races in Hong Kong. 16 starts for 12 wins – 9 wins @ 1200m, 3 wins @ 1400m.

Lucky Sweynesse pedigree by Sweynesse (AUS) a Sir Tristram/Zabeel male line from Madonna Mia (b/m sire Red Clubs (IRE)) a Roberto male line.

2 year old Lucky Sweynesse 👇👇👇

🐴🐴🐴Lucky Sweynesse has time-rating 119 and is World’s 10th best racehorse

Pedigree Notes

Lucky Sweynesse – 7th dam by Papyrus (Tracery, the Rock Sand/Sainfoin line) – 6th dam by Balloch by Tracery ex- dam from the Cinna family.

Princequillo, Star Kingdom, Ribot & Forli– these immense Sires whose racing and breeding feats are epic. Placing genetic relationship each has 🐴Papyrus by Tracery from Miss Matty by Marcovil, the West Australian male line. I’ve long & highly regarded Miss Matty as a dominant trait. She was unraced with an unspectacular breeding record however her grand-dam Simonath by St Simon. Miss Matty best desc. line by Marcovil/Marco/Barcaldine et al #GB (Godolphin Barb) as akin the Hurry On phenotypes.

Miss Matty – 2x West Australian, 2x Hermit, 2x Vedette (Voltiguer, the family 2h aka Martha Lynn + notably a Harkaway daughter descendant with 5×6 Harkaway!

Elsewhere...Papyrus influences are to Secretariat, Sham, Shergar by Great Nephew/Honeyway, Grundy and New Zealand’s great mare Sunline.

Ribot’s dam Romanella. Her dam by Papyrus.

🐴@ Sir Tristram – 3×4 Princequillo, + My Babu from the Marchetta family by Marco #GB. To Note, My Babu has infusion thru Lucky Sweynesse b/m sire Red Clubs & Damascus.

First Consul – 5×5 Papyrus

Lonhro – Princequillo – 7 x 6 x 6 –

Sweynesse 👉 Princequillo 8s x 7S x 7s x 8d x 6d

Danehill b/m sire His Majesty 5×4 Tracery (Rock Sand) by Sainfoin ex- Sanda

Further by enormous depth & influence of 1) Mahmoud 2) daughter Almahmoud notables to not alone Northern Dancer & Danehill & Halo (n.b. L.S ped 👉 Singspiel) for additionally Mahmoud appears to Sir Ivor, sire of Sir Tristram and again to Danehill, daughter Boudoir thru His Majesty. Boudoir- A Reine de Course and a Double Copy Mare . Mahmoud daughter Star Sapphire distaff to L.S broodmare sire Red Clubs (IRE) from dam Two Clubs.

Mahmoud as a racing machine, his phenotype was superb.

  • Mahmoud by Blenheim, ex- his dam Malva to her remarkable distaff @ Lucky Sweynesse’s 4th dam sire Cerreto (IRE) shows descendant to Malva, the daughter Frankly. Plus as linebreeding factors Nasrullah, his b/m sire Blenheim, there sits Malva. (side note Malva daughter Frankly dam of Great Truth is dam of Summertime (Precipitation) a phenomenal staying influence in New Zealand and Australia)

👉🐴💥Fun Watch – The Golden Times of Turf: 1923 a crowd estimated at close to 50,000 watched Zev easily beat Epsom Derby winner Papyrus by five lengths.

More about Papyrus – rare footage here.


*Lucky Sweynesse has full sister Signora Nera and has foal at foot by Wootton Basset- currently in foal to Bivouac. (coverage here)

Stallion, Sweynesse stands at Novara Park New Zealand.

G.1 filly, Pennyweka (NZ)




Group One filly Pennyweka (NZ) – Australian Oaks winner by Satono Alladin (JPN) from Threepence ex-Pentire (pedigree)

(link below has Pennyweka’s first race of New Zealand’s 3yo season)


Pennyweka’s Sire – Satono Aladdin (JPN) by Deep Impact at Rich Hill stud (New Zealand).

Satono Aladdin in winning action.

Pennyweka’s dam, Threepence is unraced and by Pentire (champion 3yo in GB & Ireland) where her 2nd dam Our Sophie has half brother Titch by Lord Ballina, a G1 winner of the 3200m Auckland Cup.

Japanese breeding excels with horses presenting dominant traits selective, a phenotypical fulfilling morphological capability.

Whether inbred, line-bred the phenotypical TYPE is paramount selecting across genetic attributes.

It is through our group posts citing champion pedigrees with an emphasis towards Byerley Turk’s male lineage and female descendants; added to that of Godolphin Barb blood (aka Hurry on & Man O War) high-valued lines alongside Northern Dancer that arises dynamic cross.

It would appear the enormous impact to #BT #GB (ie Byerley Turk and Godolphin Barb) cannot go miscalculated, underestimated.

Yet for whatever reason those important influences are not adequately exposed.

Obvious classic sires shall dominate families back, yet ‘speed profiles’ overtakes a Northern Dancer/Danehill to better a faster modern racehorse?

Be it noted, there are inclusive 7 genes which must surely combine Class sire collective role in genetics. (reference A core set of genes, G6PC2, HDAC9, KTN1, MYLK2, NTM, SLC16A1 and SYNDIG1, with central roles in muscle, metabolism, and neurobiology, are key drivers of the racing phenotype

The finest morphological of the complete racehorse is a likened to a quantum motion efficiency.

Consistency shows Type rules the Type.

Type-strain/trait is strength to the genetic equation.

TBL Pedigree Notes

Dam, distaff female-family 4k. Ancestress Sweet Hawthorn daughter of Alice Hawthorn. Lady Lochiel (NZ) – 5×5 Alice Hawthorn.

Thormanby, (from dam Alice Hawthorn ) the sire of Rouge Rose is a valued jump line, and in fact, one of the strongest jumper lines in the world still is a French Thoroughbred named Le Sancy, and he is 2×3 to Thormanby and his full sister Lady Hawthorn

credit above – https://www.sport-horse-breeder.com/Tadcaster.html

Ancestress, Alice Hawthorn (in-Type) is plus, via, Storm Bird distaff the sire of Storm Cat 👉 b/m sire of Satono Aladdin. Alice Hawthorn is also transmitted via Blue Larkspur (ie North Star) noting Blue Larkspur, 2nd dam sire of Lalun.

Thence, Mill Reef – 4dx5D

As mentioned above re: Byerley Turk bloodline, the Type focuses upon Mill Reef via Lalun by Djeddah (Djebel) + Lyphard (re, dam Goofed) + Satono Aladdin 4th dam by My Babu (Djebel) + Blakeney 🐴💯distinguishes genuine sport horse.

Heathersett sired Epsom Derby winner 
Blakeney, who William considers to the most beautiful mover of the modern Thoroughbred generation

article credit – https://eventingnation.com/william-micklems-winning-formula-for-event-horse-breeding/

Establishing Godolphin Barb ‘in-Type’ heritage thru to contemporary lines unfolds nucleus bred.

Through this #GB arrangement spotting family 1-W is key. Agricola (GB) by Precipitation, 4×4 Marco daughter Marchetta, that of the Sweet Lavender family & Agricola’s 1/2brother Alycidon (Donatello). Here #GB infuses Hail to Reason aka sire, Turn To, his distaff Sweet Lavender/Marchetta additionally carries #GB 👉 4x5d Man O’War.

n.b. Hail to Reason also infuses Blue Larkspur via son Blue Swords.

Satono Aladdin, the Hail to Reason male line descendant .

Pennyweka’s 2nd dam sire Kaapstad (NZ) by Sir Tristram is a male line to Turn To (family 1-W). There goes #GB via Eight Carat by Pieces of Eight by Relic 2nd dam Klairessa (#BT Klairon) – the 2nd dam Supreme Court a #GB by Precipitation by Hurry On.

For all genetic array throws undisputed family 9c aka Royal Charger top and bottom, Kaapstad & Tudor Minstrel.

Satono Aladdin progeny are G3 3yo winner colt, Grand Impact – a 3×4 Storm Cat bred. G3 winner, colt Sacred Satono & Stakes winners Depasser (JPN), Grass Miyarabi.

Albeit intuitive… some family haplotype trait X, appears to favour family 9c with that of 1-w.

Satono Aladdincredit TBL

credit – https://thegallopingwekas.wordpress.com/


Star Ride for Spangler (IRE)



How talent works💥💥4 yr grey Spangler (Starspanglebanner (AUS) from unraced Dalakhani mare, Sixpenny Sweets (IRE)) winning the Provincial-Midway Champ final.

Beautiful to watch 👇❤️🐴

Spangler is the 3rd foal for unraced dam Sweetpenny Sweets, a half-sister to Knight to Behold (Sea the Stars), Beauty O Gwaun (Rainbow Quest).

  • Cosmo Meadow (King’s Best) a G3 winner in Japan.

Spangler is half-brother to mare Contrive (Mastercraftsman) and gelding Kipps (War Command) both winners.

View young Spangler sale catalogue, profile and video (here)

Spangle’s sire Starspangebanner (AUS) was bred by Tony Santic (Makybe Diva owner fame) & was a champion sprinter in Australia & Europe.

🐴 Starspanglebanner winning at Newmarket 🐴

Starspanglebanner, noted sire of Hong Kong Miler – California Spangle – internationally raced and multi G1 winner State of RestRhea Moon – champion 2 yo colt in France The Wow Signal, G1 winner @ 2 yrs Millisle.

In action, Spangler’s broodmare sire Dalakhani winner 2003 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe


Pedigree key notes


7×5 Dancers Image (info on Dancers Image)


6×6 Caro/Fortino/Grey Sovereign (notably, 3 strains) by Nasrullah

💯 flash of brilliant talent – look to Mumtaz Begum & Mahmoud (Mumtaz Mahal) inclusive Fair Trial et al genetic cousins, aka family 9c!

favourable Haplotype influences: family 13c & 8c ie Green Forest, Shecky Greene, Roi Dagobert, Dogger Bank, Major Portion, Masthead, Darshaan, Mr Prospector, Djeddah

n.b. Above influences more evident to California Spangle, alongside fam 8c. ie Djakao, Up Spirit https://www.pedigreequery.com/california+spangle

Additionally, a classic influence to Blandford.

Spangler (IRE)

Starspangledbanner – 🐴💯👇

Kyprios (IRE), pedigree brilliant



, ,

Thru ’22 season, it is Kyprios’s win after win – grand tally of six successive Group 1’s – distances @ 4000m.

There goes one phenotype of one thousand words. 🐴🏆👇

A king of Stayers he’s a familiar Galileo/Danehill cross. The maternal bottom-line warrants a finer investigation.


With 18 crosses to Teddy, the pedigree is exclusive at that!

👇TBL Pedigree work.👇

The enormous detail to chefs sire Teddy, is a Bend Or inherent @ haplotype as Bend Or is Clemence, family 2-h. A haplotype showing L4a. this is Martha Lynn daughter descendant lineage. (reference here)

By TBL estimation L4a has an apex-type to racing genetics should you ever be checking out Carbine, Phar Lap, Secretariat – the super-champions, Big Reds, a Chestnut Thornton family 2 origin.

Galileo/Danehill has 5×5 Buckpasser, to 4×4 Teddy. Notice another Clemence strain through Spearmint (Carbine).

(n.b. whilst other major strains feature, our discussion points will express such specifics)

  • Buckpasser fortifies to note his dam by War Admiral, a male line #GA (#GB) – and take up *Blue Larkspur (strain to Alice Hawthorn (fam. 4-k) via North Star.
    • Furthering, Alice Hawthorn has Advocate from her dam line, see 👉 Forli/Sadlers Wells with Bold Reason, his dam Lalun ref. 2nd dam by Blue Larkspur from 4th dam by Carbine, the grand-dam, Clemence.
    • Galileo/Danehill carries 4 inherent strains @ Alice Hawthorn.

Alice Hawthorn, an essential latent factormassive as Clemence


Spec…dam’s distaff to Speak John/Prince John per sire side Blue Larkspur; the maternal positions Teddy.

distaff @ 4th dam brings Spearmint (Carbine) and the Teddy son, Sir Gallahad, his dam Plucky Leige, rep. 10x).

– A genetic tidal ‘wave’ heads to Escutcheon by Sir Gallahad – 5×4 Bend Or (factoring Clemence).

To assent these ‘apex’ genes is complex.

It pre-determines a specific morphological type that is so very athletic.

Kyprios – full brother to mare, 2x G1 Irish St Leger winner Search for a Song.

Old gold so fine…

A Heritage flows…Tyler’s Tribe (USA)


“I have never seen a thoroughbred yearling this beautiful” – Tom Leipic co-owner.

US, Iowa bred gelded Tyler’s Tribe Sharp Artezca (USA) – Impazible Woman by Mission Impazible (USA)

the (pedigree)

  • has a 90 Beyer figure. Yearling Purchase $34k.

On dirt at Prairie Meadows, it is all about his leading style. Extraordinary.

doing it nicely 👇Iowa Cradle Stakes win

As numerous race fans gather, applauding 5 starts for 5 wins, the speedy and handsome gelding as named Tyler’s Tribe (a race name taken for family’s FB cause upon star n’ champ Tyler).

🐴Pedigree Notes🐴

Let’s look at ancestor typology.

We shall address an unequalled conduit type, how this has spanned across to Tyler’s Tribe. (prototype as solution to any ‘pedigree’ design is not principle intended – the inherent is the point.

Science advances genetic-coding with haplotype(s) modelling diagnostic…kicking all around remains to a selective band.

The Tyler’s Tribe pedigree determines at best, potency are latent traits back. Focus on Secretariat’s dam Something Royal, & also dam of Sir Gaylord, identified as family 2S. These… Line-bred @ 6S x 8D x 7D x 8D x 8D

Secretariat‘s 22lb heart, this article where/how/why the enormous heart size to his extraordinary ability.

To ‘type’ & ancestral maternal went attributed to Pocahontas. Pocahontas by Glencoe 8x leading sire – dam Marpessa where broodmare sire Muley, draws curious scrutiny.

  • Muley 2nd dam Young Giantess (YG) are the 17 strains to Old Morrocan Mare daughter of thy, Old Bald Peg. YG crossed Crofts Partner 5S x 5s x 4d x 5d namely Partner mare

Its relevant the maternal figure, Alice Hawthorn by Muley Moloch by Muley comes sharply to view.

As a private stallion, in the study of Alexander Nowell Esq of Underley, Muley was considered to have larger bone, greater muscular power than any thoroughbred stallion in England. (Celebrated Racehorses of the Past Centuries Vol.1 Thomas Taunton)

Prolific as a local stallion, Muley was the invaluable horse at stud. Derby and Oak sire, he sired Little Wonder and full-brother The Little Known, Vespa & Margrave later sent to Virginia and to subject, Muley Moloch.

Muley male line traces to Eclipse, the female line via Diomed (Herod) & Matchem.

Alice Hawthorn. She was born in 1838, Alice Hawthorn won 51 out of 71 races, with 14 other cups, 18 Queen’s plates and in 1844, her most successful year, she won Ascot Gold Vase, the Goodwood Cup and the Doncaster Cup. For her gruelling schedule of racing, she was awarded ‘Queen of the Turf’ where her production years also gave Derby winners, namely son & sire Thormanby. Her daughter Sweet Hawthorn a prolific producer of Derby winners and the line in today’s breeding still produces the classic winner. ie Music Note (A.P. Indy), West Wind (Machiavellian), Balanchine (Storm Bird) and Nashwa (subject of our last blog).

5S x 6s x 5D Alice Hawthorn to Roi Herode, sire of The Tetrarch. Sired Cinq a Sept, her daughter Assignation, Secretariat’s 4th dam. The Tetrarach sire of Mumtaz Mahal, & Tetrarach son Tetratema sire of Myrobella, the dam of Big Game (Bahram).

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.” Chinese Proverb

  • Amongst Alice Hawthorn influences are Intent, In Reality (5×6) *Balladier, Spy Song, Bolero, The Axe (11 strains viz. Tapit), Roberto, Forli, Dorine (ARG), Mr Prospector, Numbered Account, Buckpasser, Damascus through breeding to Blue Larkspur’s dam, Bubbling Time, a North Star daughter. North Star’s dam Angelic, familial to Alice Hawthorn. (n.b. Blue Warbler, Blossome Time, Betty Beall are North Star daughters)

Interestingly Damascus accounts 15 strains to Alice Hawthorn (with others) majorly by Bona Vista (Bend Or) – a leading stallion in Hungary in his time. The classic 4×4 Damascus example, has twice Hong Kong Horse of the Year, Golden Sixty a 1600 – 2000m champion winner of 24 starts for 21 wins.

To the greatest in Argentine turf history *Forli 🐴🏆won his three starts at two by margins of 12, 17 and 5 lengths (credit source Claiborne)

Forli from dam Trevisa by Advocate (ARG) – his dam, familial to Alice Hawthorn.

  • Advocate (Fair Trial) the supreme genetic sire for numerous, successive years to Argentina’s breeding.

The sire of Alice Hawthorn Muley Moloch a 9c family has ‘G’ haplotype belonging to same, family 12, a royal mare. Types ‘G’ haplotypes, are Eclipse, Commando, Lexington.

The Crab mare

Crab Mare include Saunterer, Muley Moloch, Mumtaz Mahal, Fair Trial, Mahmoud, Nasrullah, Tudor Minstrel, Migoli, Abernant, Petite Etoile, Forward Pass, Shergar, Oh So Sharp, Indian Queen, Risen Star, Alamshar, Dylan Thomas and Zarkova
credit -pedigree query

Alice Hawthorn, a Herod distaff – 3×4 Dick Andrews + 2 King Fergus (Eclipse). Dick Andrews by Joe Andrews (Eclipse), the distaff mares thru Cardinal Puff (#Godolphin Arabian, 8 strains) # family 9 aka Sister One to Mixbury

– Sister One to Mixbury, dam of a) Croft’s Partner, 4 times Champion Sire and sire of Tartar, sire of 8 times Champion Sire Herod. Influential trait.

The archetypal genetic connection. Take the wise look for A.H determining factors TBL

Typer’s Tribe, sire Sharp Azteca his 5th dam by Forli > Advocate from A.H. distaff

Conquistador Cielo – family 8h a distaff branch to Thormanby by A.H.

3rd dam sire Devil his Due (family 2h) – 5s x5s Mahmoud – 5d x 5d *Balladier (n.b. 6 Strains North Star, distaff A.H. + remarkably, the12 strains Spearmint (Carbine) family to Martha’s daughters…

Roberto (G Haplotype, family 12) 4×4 Blue Larkspur from Blossom Time > by, North Star

Secretariat grand sire Nasrullah’s family 9c > G Haplotype, family 12

Unbridled Song – In Reality/Blue Larkspur

Better Self 3rd dam of North Star, blue-hen Aspidistra

Mission Impazible > Hold your Peace > Blue Larkspur

@ 9th G are 37 strains et al genetic cousins @ family 9c , family 12 aka Nasrullah, Royal Charger, Tudor Minstrel , Mahmoud, Fair Trial aka the royal mare.

Tyler’s Tribe descends from family 8k distaff ancestress Tipple Cyder, the distaff Mixbury Galloway by Curwen Bay Barb family 9.

Mixbury Galloway went registered as Mixbury, given his name from the local village near where he is trained. He was described as a “diminutive racing pony” of just 13 hands 2 inches high, but is said to be almost unbeatable at low weights, although no record of his races survives. (credit ex- pedigree query

Havresac 5th dam (Nogara’s sire) by Thormanby ex-Alice Hawthorn

  • Phalaris’s 5th dam is by Thormanby ex-Alice Hawthorn
  • Bold Ruler’s 8th dam by Thormanby ex- Alice Hawthorn
  • Rouge Rose (family 1-k) by Thormanby ex-Alice Hawthorn (aka Frankel’s)

More bygone sources are Chanteur (FR) a male line to Bona Vista + 2nd dam sire Alacantara thru Le Sancy come upon its dam line to Invincible Spirit (IRE).

Without doubt, there are a few more to discern where Alice’s presence presides.

I hope readers are wiser of her genetic versatility.

👉💥🏆 Tylers Tribe yearling walk 👇👇👇

Tyler’s Tribe, stallion, mare and foal photos. credit to ‘past the wire’ article here

💥November 4th @ Keeneland 💥All Best to Tyler’s Tribe family, Tyler, and Iowa’s bred champ Tyler’s Tribe 🐴

#alicehawthorn #thormanby #mixburygalloway #muley #muleymoloch #croftspartner #tylerstribe #mumtazmahal #roberto #secretariat


The $5k sire Sharp Azteca to colt Sharp Aza Tack 3 starts, 2 wins, won on debut at Kentucky Downs. Pedigree delivers similar.

👉🐴👉🐴 TBL is gratis and for excellence of Thoroughbreds. The material unveiled does not intend privilege for professional use. ✔️Endorse the writer& site. The Origination of exclusive Alice Hawthorn material to this blog dated 31.10.2022.

Frankel filly *Nashwa has the female name of Arabic origin that means Ecstasy, Elation, Happiness.



, , , ,

Nashwa’s family distaff comes special and with good reason.

The Racing team wrote the Cracksman cross – Frankel x. Pivotal.

The Frankel – Princess Loulou pedigree comes more wonderful.

She was the superior racing mare and broodmare producer with supreme quality of those early times- its Alice Hawthorn that distinguishes Nashwa’s pedigree.

The Goodwood Cup was a hollow affair. Alice Hawthorn winning in a canter just as she liked by three lengths. (The Racing Season 1844)

The Cup was carried off in an Eclipse-like style by Alice Hawthorn. (George Tattersall)

Alice Hawthorn (by Muley Moloch) gave high-class tough performances and been Alice, she produced tough, son n’ heir Thormanby.

The Derby – At the distance Thormanby passed The Wizard without effort. From the moment Thormanby colours were seen in advance the issue of the race was not in doubt. He ran home an easy winner by a length and a half.


Thormanby / Alice Hawthorn

  • the expired line Le Sancy 3×4 Alice Hawthorn conduit carried by Roi Herode sire of Cinq a Sept by Teddy, and she, 5th dam of Somethingroyal, dam to Secretariat and Sir Gaylord – The Tetrarch sire of Mumtaz Mahal > Nasrullah noting his 12 strains to Nashwa.
  • Nasrullah sire of Bold Ruler from Miss Disco (f.f. 8d) whose 9th distaff Feronia by Thormanby.
  • Miss Disco is the 6th dam of Speciosa (Danehill Dancer) a G1 1000 Guineas winner.
  • Bold Ruler – 3rd sire of Indian King where Indian King is the 3rd dam sire to Nashwa.

Nashwa. (pedigree here)

  • @ Alice Hawthorn with highlight to her breeding honour, the daughter Sweet Hawthorn thereof descendants family 4-k. Follow up Nashwa’s dam Princess Loulou (IRE) family 4-k one n’ same….
  • family 4k *Guiding Star by *Papyrus. (pedigree , ++ noting 5×5 Sanda of Sundridge familial

Guiding Star was all n’ all the superior maternal veins for Argentina, she Dam of Advocate (Fair Trial), Advocate served superbly indeed and was to become Argentine’s genetic Emperors.

The Advocate daughter Doria a superior champion in her own right, further produced three winners and of these came the two G1 winners, each by Aristophanes.

But it is another Advocate daughter named Trevisa that delivers Argentina’s finest breeding hour in Forli, also sired by Aristophanes.

– with a superior diversity attribute Alice Hawthorn is no lightweight.

Papyrus in Nashwa’s ped is familial, 8th generation direct & sire of Guiding Star.

Papyrus (I do think) goes overlooked. Be it either son/ daughters come genetic-carriers supreme (ie Honeyway, Ribot)

What is ‘hot’ about Papyrus and Why? His dam Miss Matty by Marcovil #GA/Barb (family 1-WTBL highly ranked) + 4×3 St Simon + his sire line spells out….Papyrus (by Tracery > Rock Sand > Sainfoin from Sanda).

What more can you ask of to these individuals?

When all refines… the fundamental to breeding heads up superior blood & Type.

Nashwa > 3 lines Guiding Star by Papyrus (dams distaff f.f.4k +2x via Forli)

👉Frankel via Guiding Star > Forli (Sadlers Wells) Papyrus Princequillo > Miswaki + Stage Door Johnny + Danehill > Ribot

👉 Princess Loulou via Guiding Star > Forli > Nureyuv, Papyrus Princequillo, Honeyway and Barbara Burrini 2nd dam of Ribot

credit @ Pub at Nun Monkton UK

Alice Hawthorn determinedly the latent factor supernatural vital ‘force’, vital potency.

What is the thoroughbred without Alice Hawthorn..?

Emily Upjohn (GB)



, ,

in the same park as Enable


eye-catcher Emily Upjohn GB (Sea the Stars – Hidden Brief ex-Barathea). Class of her own and outright professional.

DP = 4-1-14-6-1 (26) DI = 0.86   CD = 0.04 – GSV = 59.72 

She’s easy on the eye, the pleasure of excellence in motion.

Yearling video here.

Emily Upjohn under the gavel @ 60,000 gns.

16 G1 winning sire Sea the Stars, and splendid sire to Stradivarius yet again extends superior ability to this exceptional filly.

Such exquisite bloodlines that have no mercy.

They are and were blood crucial class : Neil Gow (Perce-Neige, Jean Gow, Ramondie, ) + Brueleur/Ksar (Tourbillon, Wood Violet) Tourbillon (Djebel, Tourzima, Goya) & daughters significantly amassed in Emily’s veins.

Further outstanding Blandford lines… great foundation stallion of the 20th century, the magnificently conformed individual with an intensive masculine neck and crest with a dominant, commanding outline.

He & those bloodlines invigorate beyond – magnificence arrives and their influences remind. (Blandford is a lot with Frankel, & dam Kind)

  • Blandford lines in Emily UpjohnLa Furka, *Blenheim, Dalmary, Umidar, Windsor Lad, Wild Violet, Blue Skies and Blandford’s Bahram (Big Game, Babylon) the beautifully balanced horse of the highest quality, almost impossible to fault, with a perfect temperament and superb action.
  • *Blenheim – the enormous influence in Europe as the sire of Mahmoud and Mumtaz Begum, and in America, where he was champion sire.

As global breeding moved on to one particular Italian stallion named Nearco ‘he was to become the most important horse imported to England since the Godolphin Arabian’ (@ quote, Tony Morris)

In modern pools, it is of course sons & descendants rather than his daughters where Nearco is most regarded.

Nevertheless, Nearco’s daughter amongNetherton Maid, a 2yo performer for 2 wins.

Netherton Maid – 6×6 Emily’s distaff the familial point @ distaff closest.

Netherton Maid produced Pirate King (went to Australia, returning to UK & Chatsworth (sent to New Zealand) & Pampered King sent to US and France

Netherton Maid by Nearco, the distaff Windsor Lad (Blandford) & Solario (Gainsborough from Sun Worship by Sundridge.

Emily’s dam Hidden Brief (of Aga Khan family stamina ) has mated with high-end reputable sires. Nevertheless their progeny by Dark Angel, Shamardal, Dansili, Invincible Star came less average.

Until… Sea the Stars.

What makes this sire correct for her lines?

Lorenzaccio (family 5h) hence Dalmary by Blandford.

* The Phoenix 4×5 Marco

* Lombard 5×5 Blandford + distaff to 4th dam Brulette by Brueleur, sire of Ksar

Small details, much potent.


a promotion

The TPG FB Group encompasses specialist knowledge – – Byerley Turk & Godolphin Arabian researchers & pedigree sources. Please Join us.

influential *Byerley Turk* heritage. Our aim, continuing Diversity.

An example: Lyphard’s dam Goofed is a key individual to Japan’s breeding.

Goofed brings 5×5 Chouberski et al, note, Byerley Turk lineage.

Japan’s latest bred – *2021 Japan Champion 2yo colt Do Deuce *New race record: 2.21.9 Tokyo Yushun 2022.

Take a look at Do Deuce pedigree 4×4 Lyphard daughter descendants

Byerley Turk and Godolphin Arabian still make huge and superior difference.


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Pharoahs daughter – Above the Curve (USA)



, , ,

Above the Curve (USA) by American Pharoah from Fabulous, ex-Galileo – 3yo filly and winner of Prix Saint-Alary.

What comes round, goes roundAmerican Pharoah pows a ‘Grand Slam’ (2015 blog) explored strains bringing Olympia by Heliopolis (his dam Drift) by Hyperion.

For each sire, better success to breeding depends on right blood to his own.

The case in point, AP’s sire, Pioneer of the Nile has 4th dam by Heliopolis & multiple to Littleprincessemma.

The direction goes Above the Curve, 6th dam Itsabet (USA), by Heliopolis.

Heliopolis was a Leading US sire in 1950 and 1954.

He sired 53 SW’s, including champions High Gun, Grecian Queen, Parlo, Berlo, Aunt Jinny. Broodmare sire of 71 SW’s.
Heliopolis also sired many great Show Jumping horses, such as Grey Eagle, the sire of A Little Bit.

The critical mass genotype (back)…hoes n’ grows, as placed up maternal going thru the lines. Heliopolis 8S x 8S x 8S x 9S x 9S x 7d, sire Hyperion from the greatest dam Selene.

9s x 8s x 9S x 9S x 9S x 9s x 9S x 9S x 9S x 7d x 8D x 9d x 9d x 9D x 8D = inherent SELENE

learned degrees are to find deepest genotype behind, which draws phenotype desired ahead.

Heliopolis line-bred for their dam’s are the mit. DNA flavours inherent. One is not without the other.

Focusing, Heliopolis dam Drift (FR) – 3×4 St Simon + 4×5 Hermit yet catalyst draws broodmare sire Neil Gow by Marco.

Sir Charles Leicester (Bloodstock Breeding) notes Neil Gow died before making a comfortable impact on the Stud Books of the world. His stallion son Re-echo was a great success in Argentina. Ramondie His daughter descendants producing sires of incredible merit e.g. Felicitation. Ramondie produced


Attempt to cover the exclusive family genetics wide; to gather meaningful interpretation where the potency develops favourable outcome. That is the differentiating quality that strikes well over theory or algorithm.

Take… Drift’s 1/2 sister Tide-way, the Dam of Gulf Stream by Hyperion.

Gulf Stream

Champion 2-year-old Colt in England
Leading sire in Argentina in 1955, 1958 and 1959 . Genetic merits, anybody?

(Gulf Stream sire of Montparnasse (ARG) 2nd dam sire of Wishing Well, dam of Sunday Silence)

With infusions building (Above the Curve) her lines Chieftain dam How (family 9h) raising Neil Gow and Sickle aka dam-line Selene ++ Papyrus from Miss Matty by Marcovil by Marco

always keep an eye out (pedigrees) for Neil Gow – TBL”

– her sire’s stride! 💛💥

Other material, Above the Curve & media articles here

The Strad – Stradivarius (IRE)


“we’re not worried about anybody” B. Nielson

Stradivarius (IRE) the entire 8 year old chestnut makes 20 wins from 33 starts.

His latest 18th group stake success, & Yorkshire Cup 3rd time winner makes the CV well prepped for the breeding future.

      Owner: B E Nielsen
    Breeder: Bjorn Nielsen
  Winnings: 33 Starts: 20 – 5 – 3, £3,297,668

At 3: 1st Goodwood Cup (GB-G1,16fT,Goo), Queen’s Vase (GB-G2,14fT,Asc); 3rd St Leger (GB-G1,14.5fT,Don), Long Distance Cup (GB-G2,16fT,Asc)
At 4: 1st Gold Cup (GB-G1,20fT,Asc), Goodwood Cup (GB-G1,16fT,Goo), Yorkshire Cup (GB-G2,14fT,Yor), Lonsdale Cup (GB-G2,16.5fT,Yor), Long Distance Cup (GB-G2)
At 5: 1st Gold Cup (GB-G1), Goodwood Cup (GB-G1), Yorkshire Cup (GB-G2), Lonsdale Cup (GB-G2), Doncaster Cup (GB-G2,18fT,Don); 2nd Long Distance Cup (GB-G2,15,5fT)
At 6: 1st Gold Cup (GB-G1), Goodwood Cup (GB-G1); 2nd Prix Foy (Fr-G2,12fT,Lon); 3rd Coronation Cup (GB-G1,12fT,Nmk)
At 7: 1st Lonsdale Cup (GB-G2), Doncaster Cup (GB-G2), Sagaro Stakes (GB-G3,16fT,Asc)

At 7: 2nd Prix du Cadran (Fr-G1,20fT,Lon); 3rd Long Distance Cup (GB-G2); 4th Gold Cup (GB-G1)
At 8: 1st Yorkshire Cup (GB-G2)Foaled 28 Feb 2014

2020 CARTIER Champion Stayer in Europe.
Made history by winning Group 1 Goodwood Cup four years in a row. 8-20f winner
credit Pedigree Query

By race-name to Italian classic violin The Strad, horse Stradivarius is the honest & true stayer. He races with consistent tempo and with determined intelligence.

One can only admire Stradivarius tenacity. His racing record slays many.

As watching York Cup re-play video it reminds breeding back on superior ‘Type’ culminates in kind.

What brings seed to fruit ?

I work with other i) researchers & ii) Thoroughbred Preservation Group (TPG)*.

The TPG group goes to preserve TB lines (extinct and further disappearing )where we researchers lay-out deeper patterns (type cut) thru individuals past.

We highlight pedigrees which slip by, yet remain highly significant to duplicate.

And naturally, Aficionados like to know more & more!

Invite @ TPG on Facebook to heritage & knowledge✔.

** 2018 blog introduces Stradivarius pedigree when first to dominate the UK racing scene.

Below are factors which explore detail and more detail.

Spot… Stradivarius distaff family 9 and his sire Sea the Stars family 9h, ex- branch 9e Maid of Masham.

  • Family 9 and of branches 9 interfuse full ‘sisters’ Mixbury 1 (f.f. 9a, 9f) and 2 (f.f. 9b, 9c) & Framptons Whiteneck (n.b. follow subject on @ TPG*). Ancestral Cardinal Puff mare (f.f. 4) 4×4 Sister Mixbury 1.

(additional note: full brother Chedsworth Monkey, sire of Mixbury mare 3rd dam of the great Eclipse son Meteor)

The principal parental > Curwen Bay Barb – Curwen Spot mare.

Its familial double-up is nucleus important as condensed to precise genotype.

Of significance & with other, of late, pedigree observations: the ‘fire’ alights when Nasrullah (& alike family Mumtaz Begum (9c) et al) finds more Mixbury blood @ example Stradavarius > Nasrullah/Ballywellbroke -7th dam, that can only catalyse.

Stradivarius family 9, has an outstanding broodmare line, producing multiple G1 Pawnesse champion and Horse of the Year England (S’s 3rd dam) – Ballynash (Nasrullah) – an outstanding producer of 6 winners.

Stradivarius’s dam Private Life @ 10 generations tilts St Simon 37 lines.

Rarer and rarer …. 10 lines Chouberski & as is St Simon depth & classic stamina bred – Byerley Turk lines. Lyphard’s dam Goofed 5×5 Chouberski & no wonder an important contributor to World’s best.

Byerley Turk (dying out & few available male) with amass/concentrated female BT lines are so overlooked by sheer zest for speed alone.

Byerley – the thoroughbred’s ticking time bomb (book to buy) sends the message clear.

Stradivarius is like no other and as the announcer called to his victory “please show your appreciation for Stradivarius”

You’ll never find one like that – there’s just no way

Bjorn Nielson (owner and breeder)

Luxembourg (IRE)



, , ,

Check out the calendar-date for the Epsom Derby and to favourite contender Camelot’s 3yo colt Luxembourg (IRE).

Luxembourg’s latest run to finish 3rd from rear in the 2000 Guineas field shows lots of promise to make it a Derby win. (race video)

A lot like grand-sire (Montjeu IRE) the powerful drive & as does Luxembourg’s power stride has that similarity.

Great things to come, his hindquarters look spectacular!

Luxembourg’s maiden grade dam Attire; by the wonderful Danehill Dancer, her sire bloodlines, are ones we highly value anywhere.
Danehill Dancer – a Champion 2YO in Ireland, Champion sire in Great Britain and Ireland in 2009 and Champion broodmare sire in Great Britain and Ireland in 2016. DD’s dam by Sharpen Up (Leading Juvenile sire in England, leading Broodmare Sire, Sire of 83+ SW and 10 Champions) daughter, further b/lines Caro, Dancer’s Image and Olympia are influential traits.

Breeder/producer Attire has produced G2 winner Leo de Fury (Australia) and G3 placed filly Sense of Style (Zoffany). Luxembourg has a yearling full-brother, where he was Magnier sold – €1,200,000.

On pedigree matters – Luxembourg brings 3×4, double Danehill, – yet what compels, are greatest veins deep. Extraordinary inheritance familial: the critical mass building in/thru/up equals = superior genotype. They are Ksar daughters ie Wood Violet, Advertenaia (+ more etc).

The Bruleur line had a powerful post WWII revival in France with the outstanding Tourbillon, who threatened to become, at a time, the dominant influence in world breeding. Its offensive has since ebbed, it is still diffused at the highest level in most breeding areas.


Ksar sire of Tourbillon (Marcel Boussac foundation sire) to his sire Bruleur, grandsire Chouberski they’re majorly dynastic influential and of descendant to Byerly Turk (book)

The potency as seen to Lyphard’s dam Goofed (5×5 Chouberski) and Brazil bred, multiple G1 winner & classic sire Troyanos (Bruleur) 7S x 8D x 6D x 9D x 9D.

(n.b. I since found template pedigree a perfect example, the Francois Dupre (& FR breeder of Tantieme) mare named Solitude. Notable wins Prix Morny (FR-G1), Poule d'Essai des Pouliches (FR-G1), Prix Saint Alary (FR-G1). Oddly (?) her sons, 1 sent to Japan and the other Lavinsky (IRE) came to New Zealand! )

Ksar spend 13 years at stud in France and then went to America, where he died three years after arrival, too soon to have an effect on American breeding.

*Leicester – Bloodstock Breeding

French genetics and French history: Count Evremond_de_Saint-Alary – breeder

photo credits above – https://harasdesaintpair.com/history

Luxembourg – Ksar – 9d x 9D x 8d x 9d, Tourbillon – 9S x 9S x 8D x 9d x 9D

Ksar‘s line compound & those daughters shall impact like a tsunami.

Ksar was one of the chief architects of the excellence of the French middle distance Classic thoroughbred that was to be revealed in such sensational fashion…

Peter Willett

Luxembourg’s grand-sire Montjeu – fierce

The ideal that the French breeder aimed at from the 1860’s to the 1950’s was the horse capable of excelling over 3000 metres in June of his three year old season. They where Ajax, Teddy, Bruleur, Alcantara II, La Farina, Sardanapale, Ksar, Brantome, Sicambre, Vieux Manoir, Djebel and Tantieme – all bred with that ideal in mind.

Peter Willet

for mine…


to catch, White Abbario



, , ,

Like some sale of unwanted goods only to be another mans treasure – shapes the story to Tapit grandson, a Florida Derby winner and Kentucky Derby contender White Abbario.

Sold over @ $7500k, then $40k might suggest horse feather sums for an event ahead that could not be foreshadowed.

Was it (?) that sire Raceday (G2 winner, sold off to S. Korea 2020 but for an excisable * clause ) considered kindly, better value else where?

Then the colt presented – White Abbario. The media earlier slammed ‘late-developer’ bred… however could not see Abbario’s Derby pump went well beneath.

We’ll take a look…

ain’t he got true class

By genetic profile is The King of Calumet Bull Lea (sired by Bull Dog) built through. Bull Lea is 3×4 Musket – the NZ bred sons Carbine & Trenton + 5×5 Hermit

Double lines, the great Musket & Hermit – Bull Lea got ‘stock’ that built horse-racing

Bull Lea indexes: Bull Page>> Flaming Page/Nijinsky +Tricky Creek – Lea Lark >>Southern Halo/More than Ready – Two Lea >> Tim Tam/Gone West – Real Delight > grand b/m sire Grand Slam + Coaltown 6th dam sire to Catching Diamonds, Abbario’s dam.

photo FB credit here

On core nucleus speed attributes: note contribution @ female inheritance upon Mumtaz Mahal/Lady Juror (the family 9c et al). Seek for components, ‘speed’, through multiple & uncommon sources where not Nasrullah alone.

*Uncommon sources to the family 9c found equal to Abbario’s grand b/msire Grand Slam (Gone West – Bright Candles) also notably familial to Alydar (a multiple G1 sire) > 4dx4d Bull Lea the same ‘Plum’ dam family (Sweet Tooth, Reine de Course mare)

(– family 9c as assigned haplotype, that this haplotype placed same family 12. The context here serves ‘directive’ upon ancestral line. Refer here . Further deep and great significance (complexity) which cannot be adequately explained here.)

Last but certainly never least… what cannot be overlooked for sire Raceday is from a War Admiral daughter descendant, as is sire Tapit through the In Reality/War Relic line inheritance – 6x5x3 to the 12 strains of him, greatest Man O’ War (lineage, Godolphin Arabian). The robust pedigree has many angles in towards complete – such archetypal depth remains never bettered, never defeated.

Watch-list Race Day progeny – Barber Road(2nd Arkansas Derby & K. Derby entrant ) Mexican runner Headmaster from MOW dam line and Peru raced mare Consultora of US breeding.

White Abbario has racing temperament, the brain and that’s the kick. A high-class bred racehorse built on superior genetic base.

Let’s just say a genuine sort of horse.


Maurice (JPN) magnified…



, ,

A follow-up on red-hot Maurice .

Maurice (JPN) is just intense. His Type unfathomably stallion potent. Huge theriac genetics!

uppermost distaff, (family10) course back on ancestress Queen Mary: her dam Plenipotentiary mare by n’ large, it is multiple strains at finest thoroughbred & King progenitor himself, Herod.

Herod’s sireline was the dominant sireline in Europe and America as well, where Diomed’s line flourished through American Eclipse and Sir Archy, all the way down to the great American sire Lexington. Glencoe also hailed from the Herod male line through Woodpecker. The Herod sireline proved overwhelmingly dominant until the late Nineteenth Century, the end of which found the Lexington and Glencoe male lines dying out. This coincided with the rise of Eclipse’s male line, which now dominates almost completely.


Queen Mary heritage and profile here

She is History’s potent lady. We follow her sire genetics of breeding Bonnie Scotland (Iago – Queen Mary), Blair Athol (Stockwell – Blink bonny), Hampton (Lord Clifden – Lady Langden) & Bayardo (Bay Ronald – Galacia)

Owen Tudor (Hyperion)

Prince Rose (Rose Prince)

Black Toney (Peter Pan)

Lemberg (Cyllene)

Deputy Minister (CAN) Vice Regent – Mint Copy) + Exclusive Native (Raise a Native – Exclusive)

Victoria Park (CAN) by Chop Chop

Kris S (Roberto – Sharp Queen)

Queen Mary is back – Maurice (JPN)

***Studying Maurice’s Japan & Australian progeny (those to date) by adjacent Q.M. genetics’ the hidden detail emerges – what strains strike future progeny. Identifying specific strains result to resurrect or resuscitate necessary blood.

Contemplate.… Type/Potency at dam, how it leads… formulate potency, re-focus Type, target strains.


Genetic intricacies, a zig-zag trail tricky.

Genetic lineage(s) are like lacework but the roads to Herod compatibility gains Type super immense.

some female lines breed very true when they get the blood they want

3yo australian gelding – Mazu (Maurice – Chatelaine ex-Flying Spur), to 3rd dam by Showdown has the QM trail…ie Bayardo/Hampton. Further the family distaff (6b) tables to Hyale (inbred 2×4 Herod), her descendant Grande Mademoiselle 46 strains = Herod.

Knit back through Maurice – ie his dam distaff + Riverman

Sunday Silence… ‘Deep water currents’ : Queen Mary/Brown Bess = 46 strains Herod.

Mazu by Maurice

(genetic) tides rise highest when ready – TBL

Invitation – Thoroughbred Bloodlines Preservation Group (Private) on FB

Number ONE – Hitotsu (AUS)



, , ,

Winner of the 2022 Australian Derby, the fantastic Australian colt Hitotsu (AUS) hits yet another G1 in commanding fashion.

When Japanese sire Maurice, first hit Australian soil to stand at Arrowfield, one could see plainly this sire was much more… to Japan’s elite bred.

Maurice’s 4th dam Mejiro Botsatsu (JPN) a champion 2yo filly has 4x4x5 Blandford. And, it is here (i.e. Blandford) why the Hitotsu colt refreshingly, reminds he, the far superior bred individual with his looks (phenotype) can kill.

Maurice’s broodmare sire, Irish-bred Carnegie, unraced at two, was French 3yo champion to distinguish his racing career with the 1994 Forte Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

Carnegie sired a number of New Zealand winners Tuesday Joy (multiple G1 & 2 winner) Perlin, Vision and Power (2x G1 winner) and Amalfi (Victoria derby winner).

We notice 6×6 Norseman (Umidar / Blandford) from the dam’s Jean Gow family by Neil Gow by Marco by Barcaldine. (n.b. the link to Papyrus from Miss Matty by Marcovil by Marco by Barcaldine).

The Y conduit factor of Roberto sire-line descendance stepping out legacy culminating Maurice and to his son Hitotsu, likely will be the hottest stallion to come.

  • Love is Fickle (AUS) dam of Hitotsu – a New Zealand colonial family C4. And of course they are (C4), what went known as of numerous Musket-breds, there we find inbred dam Possibility to Musket’s son Nordenfeldt.
  • How fortunate and incredible Australian and New Zealand were to have back then… the world TB cornerstone to staying, stamina and breeding…

But it is to Hitotsu’s grand-dam She’s a Meanie (NZ) where reminiscing comes closer home…

Old-times forgotten and to a gentleman whom both vet, and breeder knew the score of pedigrees.

Dear old Kem Keene from Pahiatua (NZ) will be looking down from above with his grimaced face muttering something like…”I told you so “

It looks like he used a West Derby ( Levin I think) mare Heirship ( by Bally Royal) to visit Brauner and produce a filly Brauner Flight

who remembers Brauner ??…….anyway my friend was at Hastings the day she won her only race and I see D Walsh rode her in her last start

Kem sent Brauner Flight to Musical Phantasy to get Shekanwyn……trained at Woodville from memory …a feisty  on-pace Christmas 2yo who won two races before midfield in the Matamata Breeders….and not doing much after that

Kem sent Shekanwyn down the road to Ardsley ( Masterton) to Prince Salieri

Prince Salieri was a commercial failure but I must say I loved him, a mid size beautifully balanced chestnut who danced in the Parade when I saw him

This is where it gets interesting because the mating should have produced a horse which didn’t run past 1200 metres….but in hindsight She’s a Meanie finished her racing career in the top few horses in the Country……that Avondale Cup was the Premier 2200m race in the country and she was just pipped by Giovanna in the WFA 2000m at Te Rapa

Not sure when Kem sold the filly who became She’s A Meanie but wasn’t she trained at Avondale

anyway looks like she was sold to Australia directly after racing in NZ

She’s A Meanie produced that serious sprinter / stallion  Love Conquers All and when visiting Redoute’s produced the mare Love is Fickle

and in turn when Love is Fickle visited Maurice…..Hitotsu is the result

Ciaron Maher credits Hitotsu’s superiority to his heart and lung capacity

I suppose the breeding guru’s from the Hunter Valley will be lauding the Maurice / Redoute’s cross

somehow I think the answer lies somewhere in the genetic / physical make up of She’s A Meanie……a mare who was bred to run 1200 m but ended up amongst our premier stayers” END

Pedigree Matters: –

Look to Princequillo 6x5x5 into She’s A Meanie. Further, the Mumtaz Begum. Mahal et al, multi-strains representative aka f.f. 9c

Isn’t it great to see Princequillo resurrected, since he, his stout genetics smothered into obscurity because genetic stamina today perhaps come viewed as slower development status (?)

heaven’s …. what goes finer, better and better into Princequillo profile > Papyrus / Tracery /Rock Sand and his dam Miss Matty by Marcovil!

Star Kingdom ( his grand-dam by Papyrus) his son Planet Kingdom hails from the Entreaty family. Note, her daughter Raphis is full-sister to Phar Lap. Therefore, collate those ‘store-house’ Musket genetics.

Empyreal Selene, the elite producer & dam of Hyperion, further secreting hers through Ballymoss, Pharamound, Hunter’s Moon, All Moonshine, Sickle.

I have long argued, even if so to myself, those whom split the difference, DO & shall split the BIG difference superiorly…..and should never, ever be overlooked, or assumed/read far back, as other genetics minor percentage.

It is a plea to recognize those ‘deep’ and retain for honour of future and our classic-bred Thoroughbred.

NO 1, number one – Hitotsu (AUS) a true classic-bred Pur-Sange thoroughbred a ‘100yr’ horse bred.

Hitotsu (above) pedigree

yearlings – they walked success



, , , ,


Career earnings $4182,100 and sold to Japan for undisclosed sum – Mystic Journey by Needs Further (photo) came as “a lovely, little cheap filly” sold for A$11,000.

Mystic Journey aka ‘Betty’ in the paddock

Then there is US$1000 yearling spending...returns $50 mill but disqualified from Title and history. His name is Medina Spirit.

TBL on clues to Future Track – Stars

Impossible to wade through every product, every catalogue page and commonly selection luck, skilful judgment prerogative, the awareness.

The study of genetics places meaningful when implicitly comprehended why stallions ‘fire’ the way they do. The study is to pierce the ‘layers’.

Alongside All, they’ll transpire some physical movement, ‘look’ appeal, which is not readily quantifiable yet alertness, elasticity, magic, what Tesio termed nervous electricity, the verve. This insight is always observational.

Where on-line is now commercial platform, the walk, and talk are moments of intrigue…

Can one really tell why? We shall look deep in this pedigree below and exercise why this yearling is a catch?

TBL example – NZ Bloodstock sales Lot 71 – https://www.nzb.co.nz/sales/22kaa/71 .

She has striking head, smooth confident walk…..

The fillys pedigree El Roca from Agent Ziva (ex-Savabeel) has 4×4 Century ( My Babu blooded) .

Exercise – Djebel/Tourbillon covers classic frame. ie Twigmoss/Sir Tristram 5×4, distaff Tourbillon daughter Caracalla + Wild Risk thru Tourbillon’s sire Ksar, a daughter + Marceau (AUS)>> Djebel son Emperor + Rubiton > Mill Reef > Djeddah (Djebel) + Savabeel >Hold Your Peace > Tornado (Tourbillon)

Further Star Kingdom blood via Marceau (AUS) + Todman (Savabeel distaff) + Nodouble (Savabeel) + Rubiton + Fastnet Rock/Mauruding

There are numerous, crosses to speed n’ sprint structure, squaring up multiple mass via Mahmoud, Mumtaz Mahal, Mumtaz Begum, Solario (noting Century) Fair Trial, Tudor Minstrel, Royal Charger, Sol Oriens and the sum total to this (as speed structural) a ‘S’ team Sundridge/Sierra/Sainfoin through ancestral powerhouse dam Sanda by Wenlock by Lord Clifdon.



Forgotten greatness – Challedon & sire, Challenger



, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Racing authority John (Salvator) Hervey commented: “It is the belief of the great majority of Turfmen – and a reasoned one – that Challedon… is one of the greatest Thoroughbreds ever seen in this country.

There was an old & odd tale Native Dancer went possibly sired by Challedon not Polynesian. (later…we’ll compare each affinity & their genetic attributes)

To the higher ground – let’s appreciate both Challenger & son Challedon by their influences upon superior racehorses noted further below.

Challenger by Swynford

Challenger (GB) from Sword Play, the maternal @ f.f.2.g distaff!

Important significance f.f.2g. belonging to influential ancestress SANDA. Her daughter Sierra by Springfield and her daughter Amphora by Amphion. I’m hoping pedigree students realize this earliest speed trait family to produce 1) Sundridge (Amphion – Sierra) being full brother to Amphora.

Plus, and more inclusive to the family – Sierra’s full brother Sainfoin, sire of Rock Sand, sire of Tracery. Sainfoin – broodmare sire of Phalaris.

The history and success http://One of England’s top 2-year-olds in 1929, *Challenger II was owned by Lord Dewar (of the Scottish whiskey fame), who intended to race the son of Swynford in the Epsom Derby. When Lord Dewar died in the spring of 1930, the colt was ordered withdrawn from all upcoming engagements due to English racing rules of the time. Brann and Castle reportedly paid $100,000, withthe intention of racing the colt in the U.S. and then retiring him to stud. 👉 *credit & full article*👈


Challenger – the English sire produced daughter – America’s champion mare Gallorette. Gallorette 6th dam & distaff to Gun Runner USA) by Candy Ride.

  • Gun Runner sire – 4 from 4 & champion 2yo filly Echo Zulu & G1 winner Gunite
    • colt, Pappacape from his dam (interestingly) f.f. 2h thru Kate Intent ( refer ***Dancers Image/Godswalk)

A leading sire in Argentina – Dancing Moss (1973) from Gallorette’s daughter Courbette. Courbette produced multiple G1 winner Babor (ARG), champion Argentina stayer Fain, G2 winner Fairly, 1979 Champion older male Farmer, and champion 3yo colt and stayer, classic sire Fatly,

  • Challenger sired Legendra, dam of Mrs Peterkin by Tom Fool. She the dam of Sweet Alliance (Sir Ivor). Sweet Alliance produced $3.3. mill yearling buy Shareef Dancer (Northern Dancer) siring Colorado Dancer, the dam of Dubai Millennium (6×6 Challenger via Legendra & grand-daughter Flitabout – (sight similar *Success Express)
  • Mrs Peterkin 4th desc. female distaff – Vertigineux, dam of Zenyatta (Street Cry)
  • Mrs Peterkin grand-dam of Mizzen Mast (Cozzene), sire of 2yo & 3yo G1 winner Flotilla, Argentine sire Full Mast, & Hong Kong performer Giant Treasure.
  • Grand-dam sire of Dancer’s Image (Native Dancer)
  • Challenger’s grand-daughter produced Little Hut, dam of Habitat (Sir Gaylord) & Northfields (Northern Dancer)
    • (5×6 Habitat) – colt, Epicenter by Not This Time (USA) – Silent Candy

*Success Express (Hold Your Peace – Auprintemps) (5×5 Challenger) through daughters Legendra & Gallorette.

Success Express sire of Al Akbar (AUS) sire of Vegas Showgirl (NZ) dam of Winx (AUS) by Street Cry

Success Express b/m sire of New Zealand’s 5x champion sire Savabeel (Zabeel)

S/Express – b/m sire Shamus Award (AUS) sire of Australia’s multiple G1 winner – Incentivise & South Australian Oaks winner Media Award, + multiple G1 winner Mr Quickie

* international performer – colt Cowan (USA) by Kantharthos – 6th dam by Challenger.

Dialled In (USA) – Challenger daughter producer of Prince Dare, 4th dam sire

  • Dialled In, sire of 3yo Arkansas Derby winner, colt Super Stock


Challedon by Challenger from Laura’s Gal ex- Sir Gallahad

“You shall not cower in the dust,
Challedon, my Challedon.
Your gleaming plates shall never rust,
Challedon, my Challedon.
You stood off Johnstown’s vaunted rush,
You left Ciencia in the slush,
And we went home plenty flush!
Challedon, my Challedon.”

* credit above, article + Photos







Seeking the Gold(credit source – FB Guadamur)

Dubawi Dubai Millenium (6×6 Challenger) – thru Seeking the Gold (Mr Prospector) from Con Game(3rd dam Flitabout by Challedon), her 1/2 brother Fast Play (Seattle Slew)

Reviewer (USA) by Bold Ruler, grand-dam Flitabout. Reviewer sire of Ruffian.

  • Reviewer 5th dam sire to, high-class performer La Crete (Medaglia d’ Oro)

Liam’s Map son, new US sire – Basin (grand-dam sire Seeking the Gold)

*Challedon daughter Flitabout – 4th dam of Know Heights (IRE) sire of Princesca Carina (BRZ) dam of Brazil’s champion 3yo colt – George Washington (BRZ)

Know Heights (IRE) producer of 2006 Triple Crown and Brazil’s champion 3yo filly – Colina Verde (BRZ)

👉 + Brazil’s multiple G1 winner Coray, G1 winner Aviacion, 2x G1 winner & sire Ivoire, champion 3yo colt & sire Jeune Turc, Derby winner Negro da Gaita


A tale: Native Dancer sire – Polynesian or Challedon ?

This eyewitness account has Native Dancer’s dam Geisha, as difficult to load and transport. It was decided to walk her across and be served by Polynesian.

Working through each sire, lines and genetics, is to overview what presides upon ancestral elite.

These genetics are centred majorly to Brown Bess (1844) working thru Quiver/ La Fleche aka John O’ Gaunt (Swynford), Cinna (dam o Beau Pere), Uganda (dam of Umidar) and Maid Marian ) dam of Polymelus.

Musket, sire of Carbine is Quiver’s 3/4 brother. Carbine inbred 3×4 to Brown Bess + from Mersey/ Clemence/Martha Lynn f.f. 2h.

Polynesian’s grandsire by Polymelus has dam Brown Bess distaff. Polynesian’s b/m sire Sundridge (Amphion – b/m sire Springfield ) from Sierra aka Sanda f.f.2g

Challedon the pedigree Challenger from distaff 2.g Sanda + citing, John O’Gaunt/La Fleche +Spearmint/Carbine/Musket + Trenton by Musket ie Musket 6Dx6D ie 3/4 brother Quiver/BBess.

(Sanda is inbred to the brothers Stockwell and Rataplan from Pocahontas (Glencoe). Note paternal grand-sire is Lord Clifden from The Slave aka Martha Lynn. )



Kathleen O (Upstart – Quaver ex-Blame) 3 from 3 over 8f. Dam distaff Lorgnette/Gallorette + Seeking the Gold via b/m sire Blame pedigree here

Zuran Zuran (ARG) gr.colt (Remote (GB) – La Duran ex-Mizzen Mast ie Mrs Peterkin) 7 starts for 6 wins distance 2400m pedigree here


photo Credit here

you shall not cower in the dust, Challedon

all TBL pedigree information – Copyright.

Mr Prospector & more…



, , , , , , , ,

There’s a saying among prospectors: ‘Go out looking for one thing, and that’s all you’ll ever find.’






Mr Prospector resembled Nashua in phenotype and temperament. When you collect information about individuals in a stallion’s ancestry you can appreciate their contribution of strengths and weaknesses in terms of racing class, airflow, soundness and temperament. European buyers were unsure about Mr. P’s progeny because they had small feet, suitable for firm ground rather than soft turf. Mr P. inherited very short pasterns, perfect for dirt racing whereas Europeans were more accustomed to horse’s with longer pasterns. Ken McLean – Designing Speed in the Racehorse

*A TBL discussion

‘Mr P’.… will 3+ line-breeding or more provide desirable effect or is it factoring a considered liability?

An overall pedigree may be best answered by matter-of-balances throughout.

Mr P supreme ‘sire’ shaper however, the necessary complement – a supreme dominator landscape by degree(s) of contribution highly influencing rather than (alone) parental commonality.

The study: – Munnings 3yo filly, Emirates Oaks and Guineas winner – Shahama https://www.pedigreequery.com/shahama2.

Firstly back on Mr Prospector’s sire, Native Dancer. The sire imprint determined Eight Belles, tragedy and also tragic eventRuffian . Mindful, there are 7 strains Native Dancer to Shahama’s pedigree.

7 strains may just bring into question Shahama’s long term racing? However, I say all-good.

What comes into play….the supreme dominator Type balance, distinguishes – 7Dx7D Djebel via My Babu ex- Perfume f.f.1-W & Djeddah ex-distaff, Frizette f.f.13c, same to Mr Prospectors dam-line. ++ Djebel, son of Tourbillon ex-distaff, Frizette f.f.13c. e.g. multiple matri-gene sources. Tourbillon 9sx8x8, benefits.

Further as it has always been and always will – major, major matriarchal influences which double back powerful.

@ https://www.pedigreequery.com/lord+at+war sire female family Sweet Lavender f.f.1-W. In a note shell, this strain is a Marco/Barcaldine inheritance. Further note dam Luna de Miel – a Hurry On/Marcovil/Marco/Barcaldine inheritance.

(n.b. Lord at War, >> Pioneer of the Nile sire of American Pharaoh)

Speightstown son, Munnings, from La Comete by Holy Bull. https://www.pedigreequery.com/holy+bull

Holy Bull attracted attention long back mainly due tracing out inheritance f.f. 2h. back to Sting (USA) from family Sandiway, daughter of Clemence akin, Martha’s daughters….

>> Medina Spirit, has Holy Bull, distaff infused.

Furthermore a fellow researcher brought my attention upon Unbridled **4×5 Rough n’ Tumble by Questionnaire by Sting. Put them together (Holy Bull & Unbridled) ie matriarch’s critical mass, inheritance dominant.

Always perplexing, the enigmatic goes by uncertain pathways. The supreme ‘band’ at what is never obvious yet goes alongside line-breeding, alongside desired pre-eminent trait(s).

A good example – https://www.pedigreequery.com/havre+de+grace5 3×5 Mr P + Hail to Reason (Sweet Lavender f.f.1W + distaff My Babu f.f.1W + ( My Babu 7Dx7dx5d) = 4 strains Lavendula .

Now that Havre de Grace has produced a Justify colt will pedigree students approve the 6 strains Mr P and 14 Native Dancer???

Take note Scat Daddy from familial geno strain f.f. 1W, (not Lavendula however genetically IS Marchetta family from Marco)

*Though the mating is okay, I like to cite that soft patterns follow.

The Example: Liam’s Map (USA) has a grand-dam by Great Above ( sire of Holy Bull) i.e. Rough n’ Tumble/Intentionally/matriach Aspisdistra, dam line of Liam’s Map + Dr Fager are inherent strains perfect.

2) Damascus – 4×5 Fair Play (Godolphin Arabian) + My Babu (Djebel / Pefume Sweet Lavender/Marchetta f.f.1W)

3) Further – **Unbridled + Caro (whom I associate to carry Hurry On i.e. Marco/Barcaldine noting Godolphin Arabian + under-noted influence Le Fabuleux (FR) a Neil Gow/Barcaldine daughter Godolphin Arabian. Neil Gow is also represented thu Olympia/Heliopolis being the dam’s, grand-dam sire. (n.b. Neil Gow rarefied genetic-gold).

This hypo example Liam’s Map/Havre de Grace goes to effect balance upon Mr P. 4x, Native D. 9x thru additionally exercising supreme dominator influences.

Lesson – never over-cook!

Proportion and prepotency are the two primary forces at work in the science of genetic inheritance.

Ross du Bourg

note, *TBL discussion copyright.

Native Dancer



just as long as no one actually told him what to do, just as long as they’d let him do it his way -Joe Hall stud groom




Geisha by Discovery n.b. **(Godophin Arabian) (credit: FB Guadamur)

Native Dancer distaff –

****referencing Ken McLean (Bloodstock expert) came from a branch that was undistinguished until the mating producing a mare names La Grisette (Roi Herode from the grand-dam by Amphion). The significant speed factor upon Amphion, sire of Sundridge from Sierra (copy, Sierra’s full brother Sainfoin) & thus maternal strength pitched. Roi Herode – the successful sire whose champion son The Tetrarch sired many stakes winners including Tetratema and English champion 2YO filly Mumtaz Mahal, grand-dam Nasrullah.


The Study – genetics linked

*She is not bred for racehorse yet she is entirely blood thoroughbred. Her sire, a chestnut thoroughbred by the name of Sportivo – a 5×6 Native Dancer & 5×5 Nasrullah. Her dam (Lambada) a sire-line Tourbillon (Byerley Turk ) from a Relic **(Godolphin Arabian) dam distaff and descendant producing multiple & superior polo performing individuals. Lambada’s greatest – Dolfina Cuartetara.

Bred, owned, and played by world no.1 polo player Adolf Cambioso she has won multiple awards and her genetics duly cloned to equal performing individuals.

Dolfina Cuarteara came to mind when studying Native Dancer’s action, the way of will, his winning determination; to her own dynamic, determined verve familiarity.

She really is something else…


Have a watch

“I would say that the best mare I have ever seen is Dolfina Cuartetera. She has everything I like about a horse.” – Nina Clarkin


beau ideal: prototype or pedigree


It’s always been unavoidable where many stallions sink into obscurity.

Their replacement is the freshman sire.

Considerable research into International Sire’s – stallions lines to sons, daughter mares across breeding terrains preside to homogenous.

The earnest searching for the true outcross is thoroughly difficult.

Review the Derby winners…the first impression we get is that they are bred in a heterogeneous manner

Bloodstock Breeding – Sir Charles Leicester

What sires will have a breeders support (?) Is it pinned, directed by sprinter-modern v. classic-traditionalist ?

The classic backsliding continues Variance diversity lesser (p.40), and one’s conclusions are the undefined short/long-term crossroad.

The Breed shapers that came n’ saw, changed TB’s forever as referenced upon Northern Dancer and Mr Prospector has todays chef-de-race sires. To the thoroughbred pool, significant other international contributors emerge. Some, unsuspectingly.

Coursing thru generations, the importance shall always remain to evaluating female family bloodlines. The matriarchal productivity, her blueblood genotype & should it ever become science absolute determinable, it clearly remains potential is genuinely consanguineous. (Good honest South American view here.)

Any breeder supervises quality and Function and Functionality. Racehorse function is speed, however phenotype functionality is the ultimate determination.

Functionality is the individual’s ‘conversion’ towards step-frequency & step-length.

A champion fires a natural proficiency. A stride of a champion is consistency.

Secretariat’s stride.

Analysis and Technology compares what the elite are born to.

Then why pedigree analysis?

A continuity at breeding speed has in tact always its backbone of stamina bloodlines. The finer point – a pedigree by generation is trans-mutative consequential.

Cross speed with stamina, find middle-distance ability, now that is the guiding hand.


Medina Spirit – RIP champ



, , , ,

Only the good die Young

*( reposted – content written before his major successes)

Medina Spirit (US) 3 year old colt (Protonico – Mongolian Changa ex- Brilliant Speed)

Medina Spirit Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

The subject pedigree Medina Spirit makes little suggestion as non-commercial type – by the Giants Causeway stallion son Protonica – his stud fee @ $US,5000k

Trained by Bob Baffert, Medina Spirit is a qualifying contender for the 2021 Kentucky Derby.

Florida-bred, this yearling colt Medina Spirit – prior sold for $US1000 to a later breeze-up purchase at $35k.

The insight to his pedigree has an interesting if not, fascinating twist.

Before preceding an individual had queried where to capture desired phenotype- genotype – asking which pursuable bloodline to chase?

The bloodline & sire solution went by Holy Bull ((Great Above (USA) – Sharon Brown (USA)).

Holy Bull – 1994 American Horse of the Year & Champion 3 year old colt → review his record performances here

Holy Bull is surely an elevation to genotype. His ‘upgrading’ an excellent duplication exercises his potency and to explain…

Holy Bull  2X Questionnaire paternal & as infused to his bottom line @ maternal.

Holy Bull Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Questionnaire Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(n.b. prior → and they’re off – Kentucky 2020   presents that Rough n’ Tumble to grand-sire Questionnaire by Sting translates 3×4 Domino plus, 5×5 Sandiway TO   transmit one holy prototype.

– their lays within Sandiway – a genetic pathway to Martha’s daughters…

To those long ‘breeding’ angles…it is recognizing the physical specimen must deliver ‘something’ beyond itself and as if ‘thrown back’.

– Back on track…., Rough n’ Tumble the Kentucky Derby conduit factor via, Fappiano (Mr Prospector), Fappiano’s maternal grand-sire Dr Fager by Rough n’ Tumble.

Medina Spirit ⇔ 7Dx8dx7D – Rough n’ Tumble

    – re: speed factors via the sire/grand-sire Giants Causeway incl. to 3x Secretariat, 5sx5sx6d

The formidable Roberto  (below) – 5sx4D → his sire Hail to Reason.

Roberto …  an exemplary figure, goes to the mit. DNA

Explanatory notes →     where is…Roberto!   1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean – I I finds peculiarly alongside Rahy (USA) – the family 12C , 4 transmitting clustering strains are presented.

It is isolating out, those almost forgotten, for where go those profound identities brings ancestral history duplication. Look Deep…

‘they’re ‘looking’ back to going forward….’

 bring forth individuals to consider how they’re built in and on

breed back to as many lines of prepotent females as possible

     –  go to the grand-dam sire, the 3yo champion colt Unbridled noting 5×5 Rough n’ Tumble.

– it lays down to the 3x dam to Aspidistra (USA) female family 1r that strikes my aha… the dam of Dr Fager, 4th dam of Unbridled and Holy Bull’s paternal dam the Hall of Fame champion sprinter named, Ta Wee, a 1/2 sister to Dr Fager

Aspidistra Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Aspidistra (horse) – American Classic Pedigrees

Aspidistra – Reines-de-Course (reines-de-course.com) has her photo

what’s up front in a family tree may have a passive role. What’s carried in behind, in the equine engine room, may exercise a greater influence in developing a horses’ aptitude.  Upgrading Thoroughbred Families – Jack Glengarry



as far as, Knicks Go (USA)



, , ,

Kosmo’s Buddy & Paynter foal (Knicks Go) & co-owner breeder Sabrina Moore.

Knicks Go USA ( Paynter, a son of Awesome Again – Kosmo’s Buddy ex- Outflanker) – Knicks Go Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Paynter. The much respected stallion stamps his mark far off as Russia – the G1 performing daughter Sovetnik !

US Top Progeny and stallion credentials here.

Paynter is out of a full sister to champ, Tiznow.

Knicks Go (USA), Breeders Classic G1 winner is set to have a stallion career. The competitive multiple G1 winner (7f – 10f) @ Longines Timeform 128, is no 1 ranked. Chapter n’ verse – genotype opens the door. Dominant predecessors are not always duplication or of linebred. But rather satisfying elements, the genetics juxtapose of ordinariness to the extraordinary shaping out.

(Les Brinsfield 2001 quote): It does little good to go through a litany of linebreeding crosses if we cannot learn how to exploit the newly gained knowledge in the future.

view the great Secretariat, point finger @ Princequillo to Barcaldine 6sx7Sx6sx6D, returned thru Papyrus/Gay Crusader/Prince Rose/ Rose Prince.

Franfreleuch (CAN) family 4-g, ancestral built (see PQ below)

refer 1) Barcaldine 2) Carbine


Knicks Go dam Kosmos’s Buddy b/m sire Outflanker dosage, 14X’s Spearmint/Carbine

Paynter: – distaff dam Tizso (USA) zoom back on Neil Gow (sired by MARCO/Barcaldine) thru Requiebro (ARG), check @ distaff Heliopolis, Worden (FR). Through the sire, Cees Tizzy, his dam line, the interest strain – arises thru Argentina blood Cuateto (ARG) traces back over to a grand-daughter of Barcaldine

  • Vice Regent (CAN) noting distaff Windfields: the Windfields daughter Victoriana via dam Iribelle to grandsire Papyrus aka Miss Marchetta, grand-daughter of Marco/Barcaldine. refer & note Windfields 7×8

Godolphin Arabian prototype 👉 Barcaldine Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) and Fair Play Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com @ Fair Play’s 21x’s

Man O’ War/Fair Play is an exclusive American branch of the Matchem sire line. Triple Crown winner West Australian (1850) was sent to France after 6 seasons in England, sired amongst others Solon, siring the unbeaten Barcaldine, tail male ancestor of Hurry On. Australian (West Australian) went to America early in his life and bred 3 winners of the Belmont Stakes, amongst them Spendthrift, being the sire of Hastings, who also won the Belmont Stakes and got Fair Play from Fairy Gold by Bend Or.( ref Bloodstock Breeding, Leicester)

So when a Type is undeniable… the ✅science authenticates what hot genome 💥 Knicks Go 🔥 – is science.

Knicks Go was identified. A genetic nicking program by Korean ownership identifies stallion prospects and breeding programs. This methodology an entire genome identifies prospects with high(est) potential.

Nothing can change heritage. Magic.


You can do it and you can use the same procedure to profile a mare and plan her mating before her purchase.

L. Brinsfield

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Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi- With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.”

Krista Harrison, Kaimahi Taiohi, Tui Ora


about your, Home Affairs (AUS)



, , ,

“Home Affairs has made a mess of them” – Matt Hill‘s race call (2021 Coolmore Stud Stakes)

I Am Invincible (AUS) 3yo colt Home Affairs (AUS) – distinctive racing type true – this horse undoubtedly means business.

A 2020 Inglis Easter yearling purchase at $875 k (Coolmore) one strong specimen clearly depicts a Group 1 future: & earlier as foal photo

This is a genotype to apex quality beyond. ‘Hot-lines’ aka Danzig 4sx4D, Sir Ivor 5sx5d, *Franfreluche 5dx5d, 5x’s Northern Dancer are your store-front pedigree. By introspective work ( 😉wink for experts) – there stirs deep prototype.

Prototype – genetic throw-back resurrected. They are obscure, compact with essential, critical point of difference. Rather than individuals ended, the blood receded and waited…

From the ancestral ‘3’, a racing type evolved. The ultimate thoroughbred headed by…

Matchem a Godolphin Arabian descendant. His bloodline

descendants hold the genotype.

Godolphin Arabian

born in 1724 (formerly Tb-g, now Tb-oB3b)

The horse Y chromosome as an informative marker for tracing sire lines | Scientific Reports (nature.com)

Piecing together, lets uncover pointers how geno/pheno-Type fits Ultimate racing machine.

Deeper the better…get Type scrutinized to detail. Find specific individuals their omnipotent traits exclusive. They are not apparent to a conventional/algorithm model. Case in point 👇👇👇

*Fanfrelucheancestral, distaff prototype strains noting Barcaldine, with cross to Carbine + Ayrshire via grand-sire Lord Clifden+ Teddy remembering mistaken identity to grand b/m sire Bend Or (n.b. stud book still remains unchanged) additionally Voltigeur et al are very close genetic relationships thru Clemence & of Martha Lynn family.


Barcaldine –

He, the European ‘Y’ West Australian (Godolphin Arabian) where as Relic/War Relic/Man o’ War is the US branch.

Barcaldine (horse) – Wikipedia

Fanfreluche (CAN) was the cornerstone of Canada’s breeding industry & allocated her place to the Canadian Hall of Fame. Her accounts provided here.

Her blood flows to AustraliaFanfreleuch the distaff to Encosta de Lago (AUS) and subject, Home Affairs (AUS) via, b/m sire Flying Spur (AUS). Noting… Home Affairs 1/2 brother Aysar (Deep Field) has the Encosta de Lago sire/male line.

CRITERIA TO LOOK FOR i) critical-mass concentration prototype ‘across’ ii) gauge key Individual(s) towards xx carriers iii) endorse where each parental distaff has similar individuals. Discern carefully a point of convergence per female lineage inheritance.

Pull it together… Home Affairs (I am Invincible – Miss Interiors ex-Flying Spur)

The dam makes the Sire.

The dam – Miss Interiors as prior discussed per distaff strains + b/m sire Flying Spur.

The sire, I Am Invincible distaff – 10th dam daughter of Chelandry & Barcaldine son Sir Visto

. Symington son of Ayrshire

Lawrence – Wallace, son of Carbine

Kings Bench – 2x Hurry On desc. Barcaldine

Canny Lad – Triplane mare (AUS) 5sx4sx5d CARBINE study Triplane pedigree noting Barcaldine.

+ Best Wishes (mare) by Neil Gow, a Barcaldine grandson. Best Wishes grand-dam to Felicitation

Canny Lad’s sire Bletchingly from a Felstead/Spearmint/Carbine developed distaff.

Danzig – distaff notes: – FELSTEAD/Spearmint/Carbine + Hurry On desc Barcaldine. His sire Northern Dancer ex-4th dam Mother Goose by Chicle (FR) by Spearmint/Carbine

Kris – 6×6 Papyrus dam Miss Matty a Marcovil/Barcaldine desc. Papyrus also to Star Kingdom.

My Babu from dam, Sweet Lavender to Marchetta – daughter of Marco/Barcaldine desc.

Neil Gow – a Barcaldine grandson, from Chelandry found through Chateau Bouscout (FR)

Neil Gow’s name never appeared as champion maternal grandsire but the great influence exercised by his comparatively few daughters shows that they were of exceptional merit. (Bloodstock Breeding, Sir Charles Leicester)

The importance is to familiarize all individuals coming down from the main ‘bone’ prototype. Small details are relevant. Source individuals like Barcaldine & son Neil Gow. Focus the main man, ‘Matchem’, down through to modern day descendants of Hurry On et al

Further @ Pedigree Query their female family summary ‘totals’ (placed at the bottom of the chart) are ‘useful’ to examine what main strains/traits, are defining main ‘distaff contributors’ ie Franfreluche f.f. 4g @ 9 dosage @ 5 generations.

To note f.f. 1-n @ 7 dosage equates Chelandry the dam of Neil Gow (her pedigree + photo of Neil Gow!)

Home Affairs sire, I Am Invincible (AUS) female family 1-n & Zoffany (USA) f.f. 1-n

f.f. 7a @ 8 dosages (aka Invincible Spirit, Danzig, Bletchingly) thru ancestral mare Vicissitude sex-balanced 4×3 Matchem , 5x5x5 Godolphin Arabian blood

Barcaldine never knew defeat on the racecourse, and on retiring to stud got several Classic winners. He succeeded in carrying on the Matchem line to its representation by Precipitation (1933), Chamossaire (1942), (Airborne 1943), Niccolo Dell’Arca etc. (Bloodstock Breeding, Sir Charles Leicester)

@ Rosehill Trials video Home Affairs easy, relaxed, effortless


diva, Verry Elleegant (NZ)



In her own right, the remarkable star of the modern turf – her 4 L. win takes out the 2021 Melbourne Cup.

These are great racing days to remember. It was sooooo good, so genuine, so very courageous n’ bold: princess to Queen (1400m – 3200m)

  • @pedigree V.E. tribute – @ geno-factors – aka 3×3 Danehill, 4×4 sire Cotehele House he the son of the legendary producer Eight Carat female family below.

(in-set credit – pedigreequery.com)

Eight Carat’s principle progenitors of all – Man O’ War male line, 2x Nearco, Djebel, plus the Hurry On line via Precipitation and Niccolo Dellarca from Nogara, noting the dam of Nearco.

Verry Elleegant with 23 strains Nogara and principal is not Nearco, for 35 strains Gainsborough (sire of Hyperion, Solario, Mah Mahal, Bobsleigh, Naic, Artists Proof).

  • It re-sorts to pro-genitor Zabeel, grand sire of V.E.
  • Imposing (AUS) by Todman – sire and male line of Hyperion & Imposing’s 2nd dam by Landau (IRE) from a Hyperion daughter Sun Chariot

Note Dominance is detail: ……Spy Song (USA) , (Balladier/Mata Hara USA) to distaff King’ Theatre IRE) where Spy Song 3×3 Peter Pan/Command/Domino with 3dx4d Hastings, grandsire Man O’ War. (refer Sir Ivor distaff 3rd dam MOW.

  • further 5th dam by Questionnaire (USA) by Sting a crest to female family 2H with 3×4 Domino. the exclusive trait f.f. 2h is also to Danehill/Danzig aka female producers Alamahoud, Natalma = 9 strains Carbine f.f. 2h. (Plus that genotype of another in similar vein, Northern Dancer, to V.E ped, 4×4.

Examine 30 strains collective across the 9c female-family representative to Cotehele House from Eight Carat, Nasrullah, Fair Trial, Royal Charger, Mahmoud.

Of fate n’ destiny, the sire Zed, a son of Zabeel is but a story rich of NZ’s farm culture.

Zed – purchased for $400k as yearling took a damaging kick when loading onwards to Australia and his career was to remain in New Zealand under the hands of Murray Baker, whom also had trained Zed’s dam Emerald Dream.

Zed (under Baker) had 4 starts for 1 win and went duly retired with a ligament strain.

As new sire @ Little Avondale Stud for fee of $500 2 exciting gallopers broke rank – Survived and Usainity, a G3, 3yo winner at Randwick. Zed unfortunately was also a producer of late-maturing progeny and there was the problem.

He left Little Avondale for stallion duty onwards to a South Canterbury farm, Erewhon Station, there to be bred with Clydesdales, & draft horses yet he further maintained his impact as ‘breeder’. (See photo here. )

It was Stud-master Mark Corcorcan of Grangewilliam Stud (Wanganui) whom saw onwards potential, versatility and Zed’s siring ability was to prove him right.

Zed Em’ – steeple chaser and winner at Sth Australia Oakbank 33 starts, 12 wins.

Irish Flame – 2020 Ballarat Cup winner

Jimmy Mac – NZ Cup winner (3200m)

Rubusto – 2021 Avondale Cup (NZ-G2,2400m,Ellerslie) & 2020 Metropolitan Trophy (NZ-L,2500m,Riccarton)

Further progeny results & stats view here

Yes, Zed’s siring triumph, to his daughter Verry Elleegant a Melbourne Cup winner, a Caulfield Cup winner, a Oaks winner et al, 10 Group 1’s…and below👇 way-back-then the 2yo starlet on debut, at Avondale trials (June 2018), running 2nd of 7.


Flying with, the Argentina bloodline



Argentina Breeding & Racing has extensive history and its steady development & growth became world recognised. The first volume of the Argentine stud book was published 1893.

Ormonde, Diamond Jubilee and Bahram. Derby winner Blue Peter’s full brother Full Sail; the brilliant quality – Cyllene, Rustom Pasha, Gulf Stream, Advocate, Aristophane, Tracery, Copyright, The Yurarja, are famous stallion names with stud careers there.

The criteria of stallions to be middle distance performers, or have a middle distance pedigree – as governed by Argentine Pattern of Racing, and this took base to the European model.

It was @ Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini – the Triple Crown equivalent when in 1966 came a neat medium-sized chestnut horse by Aristophanes with physicality of his grandsire, Hyperion. Forli was acclaimed one of the greatest performers ever bred in Argentina – a brilliant and relentless galloper who was a front-runner. After his Triple Crown performances Forli was sold to US, a syndication headed by Bull Hancock of Claiborne and there became a leading stallion of the 1970’s.

The bloodlines that worked to Argentina & of Argentine bloodstock should not be miscalculated. The ‘rich’ environment factors, astute articulate breeding to strictest performance criteria. Yet it did fall apart. Economic and social unrests, added by government interference, the Argentine breeding depleted and there by, dispersed to US interests.

Petare – a sprinter of high-class for his 35 wins of 94 starts & later, exported to USA producing son Sadair a very fast 2 year old. Sadair produced Pampered Miss, bred by Nelson Bunker Hunt and did her racing in France. One of her progeny came to Waikato Stud in New Zealand. Notably, Petare is also same, female family – acclaim, George Washington (BRZ)

  • Another to Sadair’s progeny Torrejon (VEN) a multiple G1 performer in Venezuela.

The French bred and 1976 St Leger, Coronation Cup winner Crow (Exbury) from the Argentina mare Carmosina (hers also Forli’s dam line) later exported to the US.

Typical breeding went through the most powerful bloodlines of the ‘day’. They were Seductor, Sideral, Tourbillon through Timor, Pronto & Utopico and Hyperion through Aristophanes.

Secretariat’s rival commemorate the great ‘Sham’ by Pretense by Endeavour (ARG), son of British Empire & genetics spun classic success immortal

(further references here) .

*Endeavour also produced US champion 2 yo colt Porterhouse, US handicap champion Prove It, Oaks winner mare Big Effort, Champion Handicap Male & 12 year North American track record holder Pretense sire of the wonderful mare Fall Aspen Fall Aspen, producer of Timber Country (USA) + Fort Wood (USA) sent to Sth Africa and sire of 10 G1 winners, amongst these Triple Crown winner Horse Chestnut .
Fall Aspen daughter Colorado Dancer (dam of Dubai Millennium (GB) sire of Dubawi (IRE) )+ Bianconi (champion 3yo sprinter in Ireland –sent to Australia)

Dubawi Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

2021 winners listed below ✅

Fitzcarraldo (ARG) – grandsire to Fanny Doll dam of Fanciful (ARG) 2021 GP Gilberto Lerena (Arg-G1)

Multiple G1 performer in Argentina – Strategos (ARG) (1000m – 2000m) noting the broodmare sire, Candy Ride (ARG) & the sire of Gun Runner (USA) – the sire G1 filly Echo Zulu (5×5 Tatan (ARG) & colt Gunite (3×3 Giant’s Causeway)

Equal Stripes (ARG) sire of multiple G1 performer *Tetaze (ARG) (2000m) (Tetaze Video + more Equal Stripe ped’s. below)

Carta Embrujada 2yo & 3yo G1 filly winner (1600m) her sire Storm Embrujada (ARG) possessing those powerful influences, as above commented to inclusive of the great progenitor Penny Post (ARG)

Argentina champion miler Lord At War (ARG) broodmare sire of WAR EMBLEM, PIONEER OF THE NILE, MASTER COMMAND, PURIM, E DUBAI, RAVEN’S PASS, VRONSKY.

Internationally raced, G1,2,3 winner by b/m sire Lord At War – the mare Icon Project (USA) – a breeder with Europe’s finest stallions Frankel & Dubawi

(n.b. to Australasian breeders, the Lord At War (ARG) blood carries through Coolmore Stud stallion, Circus Maximus (Galileo), standing at Windsor Park Stud (New Zealand) for stud fee $20k)

Global markets breathe bench-mark, commercial & shuttled stallions. What assorts difference is of course those dam lines. If, too many similarities and what goes ahead (if not already) surrounds the critical depression curve and by another’s good thoughts “smothering the breed with a mudslide of uniformity” thereof, future generations undifferentiated.

To make the steps, adjust, it demands extraordinary drive, willingness to experiment of type, what chisels breeding innovative. The well-worn principle ‘Selective outcrossing between the best bloodlines evolved in widely contrasting environments offers an opportunity for exploiting…heredity by establishing new and possibly favourable gene combinations.’

Utilizing the former discipline to breeding, these established bloodlines – TB vigour, its properly dynamic advantageous.

HERE below, are a number of pedigrees to screen.

– pedigree Hush Girl (ARG) noting her sire line to Damascus, the Teddy descendant noticing to the numerous & international infusion(s).

Another international bred source – Invasor (ARG) broodmare sire of – 3 yo filly Going Global (IRE)

4yo Arg G 1 filly – Wild Ones Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Agnes Gold (Sunday Silence) place-getter filly – Demi Moore Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Candy Stripes USA) sire-son Equal Stripes (ARG) G1 producer: Balompie Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Keane Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Tetaze video


everywhere, anywhere: Going Global (IRE)




here come, international bloodlines, ‘type untouchable’ – 3yo filly Going Global (IRE).

Going Global – a multiple G3 & G1 winner Del Mar Oaks (US) – 10 starts for 6 wins racing in Ireland and U.S.

In-breeding is not the case here. An outcross pedigree, classic quality detail is evident for any to reflect correct disciplines of pedigree & breeding analysis.

Her sire Mehmas (IRE) the leading first crop sire in Europe from Wrood (US) a mare by broodmare sire Invasor (ARG) by Candy Stripes, his dam lines are Argentine bloodlines supreme. (take note: forthcoming a hefty topic ….. Argentine and Brazil bloodlines, their branches stem from greatest inheritances ever, so stay tuned!)

I view inbreeding or even linebreeding is not always sum total breeding; modern lines ‘guess-work’. However to observe increasingly, the wider opening of true international cross, the vital higher hybrid is indispensable. I’m gonna say … employing from much wider international branches from era’s ‘inexhaustible’ elite, truest genetic material is essential.

Jump through the multiple lines and size dominant potent factor(s) contribution, what sharpen to upgrade pedigree and particularly to dam’s predecessors the classic building influences.

Anywhere, anytime….I’ve long been the biggest fan of Kris (Sharpen Up) (3rd dam sire). Kris the unbeaten 2yo 2-time Champion European Miler: 1979, 1980. Strip back and find the melding, bountiful genes what echo respectfully any better? A breeder cannot deny those throw-backs akin, Papyrus 6dx6d or Blandford 6dx6Dx8D, Hurry On 7sx7D and inheritance to the modern era stallions to his ie I am Invincible (AUS)(AUS), Kingman (GB), Territories (IRE) & Charm Spirit (IRE), Wrote (IRE) down under (N.Z) equal

– yet the genetic proto-type sits further deep, the invincible, invisible non-classified trait. This our TBL discovery to female family 5i . Hoist the Flag 6sx7D (Machiavellian & Invasor (ARG) + Kris/Sharpen Up trait female family 5i. I believe it is their cross co-contribution which sources the success to this filly’s outcrossing; to satisfy not only speed, but tempo and gait superior efficiency. It is generic combo- concentration instead of solely applying inbreeding 2x Kris as has been to siblings from dam Wrood. notice & review, Mitbaahy (Profitable) & Finans Bay (Kodiac)

It is an exciting pedigree and joy to understand key classic contributors that keep on marching from distance. They are as below….

  • the remarkable 10x strains *Ksar, namely Tourbillon (Djebel) Wood Violet, Formor, Thor, Madgi Moto.
  • 7th dam the Hurry On son/sire the great Precipitation (5x) to the 10x Hurry On.
  • 25x Hyperion viz. Rockefella, daughter Lighthearted, Quendom, Cipayo, Prominer.

For those above and always come above… we can surely recognise the bloodline fortress, broodmare sire Invasor (ARG). His performance & record has true guts – the accounts Invasor (ARG) | National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (racingmuseum.org)

It’s often critiqued their order, classical blood, are just too far back for influence. Really? It is a scientific view, mutation are averaged to 11.6 generations, then also are the markers to haplotype.

Haplotype mapping may be setting the way to re-working sire and dam compatibility yet noticing relevant sweet spots of dam lines to each parent distaff displays a powerful dynamic beyond itself. Such is the case Sir Gaylord (Mehmas distaff) the daughter Gay France & dam Wrood 5th dam Habitee (Habitat/Sir Gaylord). There are 5 Sir Gaylord strains collective, additionally Sir Ivor, (Green Desert, Shareef Dancer), Society Column (n.b. Invasor distaff)

Textbook stuff.

Going Global as yearling (photo)

Mehmas | Tally Ho Stud

Invasor (horse) – American Classic Pedigrees


acclaim, George Washington (BRZ)



, ,

On our side of the globe we don’t engage much to brilliancy; South America’s breeding lines and its racing. However we should take note. US, & European with theirs, the international bloodlines.

The focus & advancement of a robust competitive, powerful stayer type is traditional set.

Their generations reflect, built from classic true – individuals around Tesio’s era aka Tracery, Rocksand, Fairway, Donatello.

The Breeding thrusts strict selectivity principles: soundness, merit, development, cultivated on lands rich minerals.

Our TBL subject: – an entire horse that takes his racing campaign with guts of a war-horse is George Washington (BRZ) – recent winner, 2021 GP Brazil, 2400m. Also honoured as Brazil’s leading 3yo colt 2018-19 8 wins of 28 starts.

Pedigree here George Washington by Redattore(BRZ) from Princess Carina (BRZ) by Know Heights (IRE)

 @ genotype George is the outcross bred.

This alike & as was, the breeding advisory of German-born USA bloodstock agent John Aiscan whom being also an apprentice of Tesio when a young man. – (ref. Upgrading Thoroughbred Families by Jack Glencarry 1995).

The article by John Aiscan does not mince words for Tesio not only master, but wise teacher.

To come down thru grand-dam genetics dagger… Heavenly Dancer (BRZ) the 3 female dosages Planetaria by Penny Post (ARG) an enormous genetic Argentinian influence . Penny Post pedigree here

Penny Post the Rock Sand/Tracery male line – the 9x St Angela dam of St Simon – distaff thru to Musket and 3×4 Melbourne. No wonder he was genetic-gold entire!

Penny Post’s daughter Planetaria – f.f. 3O dam of El Centauro (ARG) (n.b. stood in Japan ’74 – 1981), a mare of old-gold.

George’s sire Redattore (BRZ) also the outcross of female family 1-x, the famed Striking family by War Admiral.

Redattore past away May 2021 but left his …… G1 champion miler Kapo di Tutti, G1 performers Olimpo (2000m), Editore, Tizon g1 winner in Uruguay, Real Secret, mare Zara (1600 – 1800m)

Indeed compelling to learn of another genetic giant like Argentinian bred, Penny Post. Not only supremacy for his Integrity lasting….. Penny Post (credit below)

School of Jockey Apprentices of the Jockey Club – Hipódromo de San Isidro- Bs As- Argentina: Penny Post (1945, ARG) the crack of the ’40s (escueladejockeys.blogspot.com)

most influential names in pedigrees have a very powerful linebreeding content themselves – super prepotent sires & dams

Upgrading Thoroughbred Families – Jack Glengarry


rock n’ roll: Sierra Sue (NZ)



, ,

With every reason to further comprehend genotype integrity; the distinction(s) between investment breeding products, or scoring well at the low-end, sings the praise of a solid purchase.

A paltry $2000 purchase, turns out G1 product over 1400m.

Before n’ After

Sierra Sue (NZ) – a 5 yo mare is categorically the grand example to where/how/why genetics work through critical mass, mitochondrial DNA to focus the dam. The focal points are specifics, where IT happens ie Wilkes 5sx5Dx6D

Sierra Sue (NZ) by Darci Brahma from Centree (Centaine)

Sierra Sue Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Vain 4dx5D – Wilkes by Court Martial (CM lines 6S x 6D x 7d x 7D x 8D x 8D via Lyphard, Truly Vain + Wilkes.

Come the marvellous superior – their genetics ‘govern’ to note Centree’s broodmare sire, Centaine by Century in geno- frame is undoubtedly, a My Babu conduit.

Pathway genetics = potent progenitors

Add in Wilkes, add in Star Kingdom, add in Hyperion one can’t beat those rock n’ rollers of pedigrees.

Enjoy good times.

on a: Native Trail (GB)



, ,

  • Native Trail (Oasis Dream) a big powerful bay colt & goes another talent for Godolphin racing.

3 starts for 3 wins this two year old epitomizes savvy raw. As foal, big on ‘type’, he went sold for 50k (euros) then @ Craven Breeze-Up, 210K gns & purchased on Godolphin’s behalf.

May be an image of riding on a horse, horse and text that says 'HARAS D'HASPEL NATIVE TRAIL (m2) remporte les Vincent Ο' Brien National Stakes (Grl) au Curragh Premier éleveur français remporter cette épreuve avec un produit t tout Sa soeur par Kingman été adjugée 950.000 Godolphin lors la rente d'Août Arqana Ne manquez pas nos prochains yearlings envente .sar Arqana &SandraDELMOTTE 0662810486- saa.delmotte@gmail.com'
CREDIT & acknowledgement(3) Haras d’Haspel | Facebook

As cornerstone of today’s modern thoroughbreds, breed-shaper Northern Dancer. His line-bred duplications at times misjudged, where ‘he’ alone, rather than placed ‘with’ distaff dam lines, are the potent pedigree plan.

Nature Trail – 4S x 5S x 7D x 5d x *7D x *5D Northern Dancer with, 5s x 5S x 7D Never Bend are main-trunk lines & Northern Dancer’s dam Natalma hallmark geno.

Thanks to Canadian born circles, I went alerted Northern Dancer was not born till late May (Feb/March foals). This was largely due to N.D’s dam Natalma, per her 3 year filly racing campaign ending with injury. Another quick decision thereafter to have Natalma covered immediately by Nearctic. (ref. Natalma | Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame).

Well, that is breed shaping for you!

Native Trail from an unraced dam to family 4-f ; further tracing back to 4th dam Populi, a good producer of 14 foals 10 winners. Populi greatest – Vanlandingham (USA) – a US champion older male later exported to Saudi Arabia.

Its worthy to note Olympia, 7sx7D, a grand-son of Hyperion and Spy Song 8dx7d from wonderful Mata Hari. And closer in Nijinsky 6Dx4d, as goes to the 3rd dam sire.

(n.b. Native Trail’s dam Needleleaf is full sister G1 sprinter African Rose (Observatory) & was trained in France. Another full sister Helleborine (GB) is dam of Calyx (Kingman) – the Coolmore stallion stands in Australia)

It is quite a family….

Though it may appear insignificant… don’t ever ignore distaff line back Carbine + 2x Musket. They called ‘them’, the Musket breed, duly winning ‘tough’ – Melbourne and Caulfield cups and 4x Australian sire. Mega dominant – read Carbine/Spearmint et al, the natural win, Nature Strip (AUS) & cool n’ easy: Incentivise (AUS) and Martha’s daughters…family 2-h

How do these infuse to Native Trail? Look to Felstead 7sx9s – Bull Dog 7x strains & full brother Sir Gallahad 4x strains from Plucky Leige (f.f.16a) by Spearmint/Carbine (family 2-h)

*Native Trail – he’s just a likeable lad – as you shall see on FB link Haras d’Haspel – Posts | Facebook


cool n’ easy: Incentivise (AUS)



, , ,

– from maiden to Makybe Diva Stakes G1 winner (G1) over a space 5 months – the Australian 5yo bay gelding by Shamus Award is talk of the racing community.

His farm nick name is ‘Splinter’ – worth-a-read story where ugly-duckling grows swan to home breeding development and to his deceased dam. Read a great article here.

To subjects genotype & prototype : the natural win, Nature Strip (AUS) the factors, Spearmint lines thru familial distaffs and of similarity, comes around to Incentivise (Shamus Award – Miss Argyle) .

NotingIncentivise 6th dam Phrygia distaff by Felstead/Spion Kop/Spearmint. Coronation Boy grand- dam Wild Mint by Spearmint, 15x Nogara from Catnip by Spearmint via Nearco & Niccolo dellarco – 12x Plucky Leige by Spearmint 12x via Sir Gallahad, Bull Dog. A good reminder Danzing is distaff, 3rd dam Felstead.

Of further remarkable interest is Spearmint’s daughter Bathing Girl exported to USA. Two generations later the dam produces Hall of Fame US chestnut sire Eight Thirty & broodmare sire of Hold Your Peace (USA).

Felstead 9sx7D expand 10 strains Spearmint

  • it’s remarkable to see Incentivise’s Hyperion line-bred @ 26 strains greater balance v. Nearco’s 18. However Hyperion’s dam Selene @ 21 strains through her 3 sons Hyperion, Pharamound, Sickle indicates she is the further genetic power.
  • Spokes wheel inner, this is Star Kingdom: to the old road: Star Kingdom (IRE) 5 strains via Biscay, Kaoru Star, Noholme, Fairy Stream. The SK male line to Incentivise grand-dam, Precious Pearl. Plus broodmare sire Iglesia, the SK male line to dam-daughter Yodells & grand-dam Yodelling Lady. Incentivise sire Shamus Award, SK male line to the granddam Finito Fling. This is a distinct arrangement, core genetic-carriage, familial daughters distaff has the refining practice.
  • Further thru genetic layers that of ‘nicks’; Star Kingdom to Spearmint, resting with Carbine (sire of Spearmint) by Star Kingdom’s broodmare sire Concerto (GB) from dam line, noting granddam by Carbine.

The concentration of speed in the parents of Star Kingdom and so signally expressed in his own performances and progeny had a revolutionary impact on the Australian thoroughbred.

Peter Willetts – The Classic Racehorse

potent degrees of speed n’ stamina are rightly, unique


the natural win, Nature Strip (AUS)



, ,

What a racehorse – pure speed perfection.

Nature Strip earnings to date come $A8million plus. @ Inglis 2016 yearling sales the chestnut yearling passed in at $90K, for a $120k reserve.

View more info and yearling photo here

Nature Strip Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) (Nicconi (AUS) – Strikeline (AUS)

Uncovering his strains reveals a lot to genetic wonders of thoroughbred breeding.

Nature Strips broodmare sire Desert Sun – an ‘eye of the storm’. Desert Sun’s pedigree outcross are classic Blandford multiples mixed to Lady Josephine speed factors.

Desert Sun – sire of the great New Zealand & Australian Hall of Fame champion mare Sunline (NZ) and broodmare sire to unbeaten champion mare, Black Caviar (AUS) & her half brother sire, All Too Hard (Casino Prince) notably the sire of Alligator Blood, Behemoth, Demonitization, Wellington and the filly, Forbidden Love. Also b/m sire of 4yo stallion Poland (So You Think) for 2 G3 wins, where Poland’s distaff is same female-family to Sunline.

Desert Sun, sire of La Bella Dema (NZ) a mare of G1 class & mare, Our Egyptian Raine (NZ) G1 Australian sprinter.

A true honest producer, Desert Sun ‘get’ may be best thought as tough, determined.

Nature’s Strip sire – Nicconi a fair modest sire of G1 bridesmaid filly Lankan Star & gelding Sirconni a G2 & G3 performer to 4 wins & also, 7x Stakes wins, chestnut gelded Quatronic.

Nature’s Strip dam, the distaff reveals remarkable factors where 6th dam, is daughter of Nearco. 3rd dam by Zamazaan (FR) champion sire of stayers in Australian and New Zealand, has 4×4 son & daughter by Nearco, & thereafter pedigree comes running back through Nearco sons. This template exercises the preferred refinement via female daughters, not sons.

@ TBL – *it is strongly considered Nearco’s dam Nogara to her dam Catnip by Spearmint by Carbine was the ‘most’ responsible factor to Tesio’s earliest selection choice of family & dam line. Spearmint also runs to Danzig’s dam line (3rd dam) by Felstead/Spion Kop/Spearmint & plus, Bletchingly (AUS) via his 3rd dam. Also broodmare sire, Desert Sun has 6th dam by Felstead/Spion Kop/Spearmint and again, Pre-Emptive Strike (CAN) 5th dam by Felstead/Spion Kop/Spearmint. They are all female, dam factor inheritance.

(@ TBL *copyright information* credit back to writer & site)

Spearmint was the 1906 Epsom Derby winner

Of further interest are Nature Strips dam strain(s) by female family 1P (foundation family of Astor stud, UK).

family 1P distaff per Nature Strip: Pre-Emptive Strike (CAN) and Wilwyn (GB) son of Pink Flower (Oleander GER) from Plymstock daughter of Winkipop 1 n’ same broodmare sire family of the great Phar Lap.

Also family 1P the distaff to Black Caviar & plus to her pedigree – 3×4 Vain by Wilkes by Court Martial from dam Instantaneous of the 1P family.

As we watch Nature Strip, we may further marvel those Bloodlines he carries.


who is: Vita Da Mamma (CHI)



, ,

3yo bay filly Vita Da Mamma (CHI) (Seeking the Dia (USA) – Testarudala ex- Stuka) pedigree. Chilean Guineas 1600m (G1) & Clasico Arturuo Lyon Pena (G1) winner

Her pedigree has big history: New Zealand bred infusion by name Brokers Tip (NZ) by SummerTime by Precipitation.

Brokers Tip (NZ) from NZ colonial family C25 – 3×5 Hurry On – performed in New Zealand, Australia, US & Canada and became a sire in Chile. He produced some good daughters where Bordada (CHI) is Vita da Mamma’s 4th dam.

Brokers Tip grand-daughter, produced a high-class Guineas performer Triple Joy (CHI), & as dam, produced Tabita (Proud Citizen) (G2 winner) + sprinter Tobri (Castle Gandolfo)10 wins from 18 starts + G2 performer Tobrita (Stormin Fever) 4 wins from 20 starts.

Having prior commented to alternative bloodline infusions, high integrity south americas temple-breeding manner has ‘Thy ONE’ – Penny Post (ARG), strain El Centauro (ARG) per the 5th dam Greek Glory (ARG).

Penny Post (ARG) photo credit/info School of Jockeys Apprentices of the Jockey Club – Hipódromo de San Isidro- Bs As- Argentina: Penny Post (1945, ARG) the crack of the ’40s (escueladejockeys.blogspot.com)

Of his account – Penny Post (ARG) was ‘giant’: a genetic book, line & verses, rewriting bloodlines through Argentina, Chile and Peru where his modern day success bloodline appears through Brazil’s champion 3yo colt and multiple 2000m -2400m G1 winner George Washington (BRZ) 3x strains Penny Post daughter – Planetaria (ARG), dam of El Centauro (ARG).

The intrigue continues far… its those Italian bloodlines, Tesio’s ‘stamp’ and home-breeding cross lines, arising through the German-bred sire Brecher (GER) exported to Argentina and there a leading sire; and broodmare sire, G3 sprinter Mocito Serio.

From there the cross heads to US bloodlines; there what dominates homogozity nucleus pattern is the family 8C, Vita Da Mamma’s distaff + Storm Cat’s distaff (Terlingua) + family 13C via Seattle Slew, Mr Prospector to distaff Myrtlewood


baby its: Showtime (AUS)



, ,

New breeding season – ‘how’ does one really take impression to a quality sire?

Slick reasons are many & should any sire capture interest its good reason to examine.

Tho’ quality goes well enough more you give genotype the attention, better it gets.

Genetic doors swing wide open, revolve and specifics are the greater window.

Today’s subject – chestnut stallion Showtime (AUS) by Snitzel from Fridais ex-Timber Country (USA) unfolds a genotype pedigree – one which wins me over. (and no, there is no pony of mine in this race)

He is striking – almost certainly a ‘true’ breeder, ‘mover’ upgrader and of course, no need to further acclaim his sire, the great 4x Australian Champion sire, Snitzel (Redoute’s Choice).

Amongst all racehorse TB’s & of bloodlines, Showtime surely begs an interesting appeal. We’ll focus on Showtime’s dam (as below) to review fresh lines into the breeding mix, (hybrid vigour) additionally strains not often seen.

I would say his dam is an essay, a discovery, for breeding is not make n’ model reproduction without reflecting carefully laid principles, the key.

shrewd knowledge pockets good quality – handsome is, handsome does Showtime (AUS) is the way of the future

there He was… Showtime with the airs of an equine aristocrat

The ‘way’ a Stallion speaks, the pedigree shall also. He carries individuality, the eye surveys, the strong neck, withers, shoulder depth, sloping croup, strong lithe bone; that IT factor… it (he) esssentially, speaks character.

‘Tis the familial ‘cradle’ which rocks.. New Zealand influences of mightiest ancestry refusing to empty.

Geneticists suggest these may necessarily not have effect? hmmm, really?

To Showtime’s 5th dam Kalimera (NZ) pinpoints origin. These are the 7 strains of Musket (Nightmarch, Nordenfeldt, Pink Coat, Carbine, Spearmint)

Next built-in, the strains to Alycidon and Luthier/Klairon (FR) aka the highly distinguishable family 1-W, the eminent Marchetta line, spine and TB back-bone.

Familial genetics the great link between Marchetta & another Miss Matty where their sire-line is Marcovil/Marco. The great influential sire-line to Papyrus (Princequillo, Ribot, Star Kingdom, Urban Sea & more exclusive individuals…)

Navigating to south americas where dam infusions find acquaintance to South America’s tapestry bloodlines: stalwart breeders by generations upon fertile mineral rich land. They’re disciplined with exceptional diligence to robust lines, utilizing and rebuilding to their product & brand functional. There’s is the exceptional hybrid vigour recipe shaping back through – well into classic, vigorous blood.

First Norman (USA) Showtime’s grand-dam sire, is in sum total, an Americas alternative to Sundridge inheritance type & his, the original source of speed. First Norman’s sire Cougar (CHI) 5×5 Solario where First Norman has,+ 5×5 Mumtaz Begum.

First Norman (USA), grand-dam sire – photo credit https://sporthorse-data.com/

Broodmare sire Timber Country (USA) a champion 2 yo – 4×5 Swaps (Khaled/Hyperion) & note sire of the chestnut gelding Eremein (ex-Marrego by Marscay), a performer over 1100m to 2400m +++ 2005 Australian Derby winner and 2006 BMW (2400m) winner.

The take on Showtime has just this…when genetics timely arise, they sharpen unexpectantly, hence your hybrid vigour.

Snitzel’s genetic inclination to Star Kingdom factors gains clarity where classic blood dominates. ie First Norman Solario and Swaps aka Hyperion speed/stamina in balance.

I’m thinking… advisory breeding complementary broodmares: –I am Invincible, targeting Kris/Sharpen Up (i.e. 4×5 Hyperion + 1 Felstead/Spion Kop/Spearmint/Carbine/

Lonhro – Hyperion factors + Klarion

Dundeel – note Targui (FR) 3×4 Tourbillon + Dundeel’s 5th dam by Red Mars/Hyperion comparing, Showtime’s 5th dam Kalimera by Red Jester by Red Mars (Hyperion)!

always take a look beneath the surface – …(185) Showtime – First Foals Premiere This Spring – YouTube

more info @ Showtime – Arrowfield

Other – Timber Country (horse) – American Classic Pedigrees


glory to G1 French bred



, ,

Glory is flying with two French bred Group 1 winners Skalleti (FR) and Sisfanan (FR); each relate by sire, Kendargent (GB).

First, 6yo grey gelding Skalleti (FR) winner of last 4 starts, most recent in Munich, the Grosser Dallmayr-Preis. Skalleti is by Kendargent & Kendargent the broodmare sire, to chestnut colt, Sisfanan (Ishfahan) a 2021 Deutsches Derby winner.

Skaleeti (FR) winner 1600m – 2000m – 21 starts for 16 wins @ 5 international Racing venues.

Skaleeti flies, the winner (2000m) Grooser Dallmayr-Preis G1 video

Sire, Kendargent (GB) started his stallion career as a super, super modest sire – kind of a no-where man, he fired to super dynamic G1 sire producer & more so spectacularly, a remarkable broodmare sire. Praise.

Kendargent: – 3×4 Kalamoun, (French 2000 guineas, Prix Lupin, Prix Jacques le Marois) the son of Zeddaan, son of Grey Sovereign, son of Nasrullah. Noting Grey Sovereign’s grandson sire Caro, factors Kendargent’s broodmare sire Linamix (FR). Further Nasrullah multiples unravel – genetic relationships Nasrullah via Grey Sovereign, Nearul, Nantallah, (Kendor’s female distaff) Bold Ruler added to that Kalamoun distaff has Fair Trial overall 7 strains, Mumtaz Begum

” in turf history… Nasrullah would dramatically influence the breed for speed” Grey Sovereign was England’s leading sire of two year olds in 1958 and 1961 and 2nd on the Sire’s List 1960. Ken McLean. Designing Speed in the Racehorse
Kendargent – Kalamoun – Palarvia – 5sx6d

Skaleeti: – as per discussed sire Kendargent, provision of distinguished traits belonging @ the ‘speed’ family 9C. Dam Skallet (FR) is a 1900m – 2100m performer. More Nasrullah strains arrive, via A P Indy. The family 9C genetic scope ranges to Migoli his daughter La Malaguena the 7th dam of Skaleeti, Abernant (Solicitor) & plus, loading thru 7 strains of Fair Trial + Royal Charger. Neat as a pin.

The second subject – Sisfanan is a chestnut colt sired by Isfahan (GER) with siring line back to Shirley Heights/Mill Reef/Never Bend from dam Lalun (Djeddah) & unfortunately closest we shall ever get to the extinct Djebel male line.

sizzling Sisfanan, watch (168) DEUTSCHES DERBY 2021 | Sisfahan | Hambourg-Horn | Groupe 1 – YouTube

Sisfanan’s sire, Isfahan (Ger), also a Deutsches Derby winner and his sire, Lord of England (Ger) a 3yo German top-rated individual. They undoubtedly quality breeding sires, competitive producers and these genetics, not to be underestimated.

Stars in my eyes – Sisfanan (FR) an exciting colt & undoubtedly, a potential sire’s pedigree – easily the ‘siring’ house of full working order & a truly exciting prospect ahead.

Danehill free too….

Sisfanan has 5x5x4 Sharpen Up, + follow up Kendargent as above.

Of Kendargent produce, son and stallion Goken (FR) a dual G3 winner, and hot supplier of early producing 2yo winners. Namely, to his: – filly, Livachope , gelding Go Atheletico, colt Axdavali .

Goken’s fee started at 5k euros, with an increase to 15k euros.

Credit – Facebook Hara deColleville

Kendargent – a grey’fireball’ of genetics true with all kudos to astute French breeders.

Photo & Credits – Kendargent @ Hara De Colleville

Kendargent Facebook page – Kendargent | Facebook


Delivered by – Courier Wonder (NZ)



elsewhere – discussions come n’ go re: selections to using fresh-man sires.

What goes??? the performance, the quality of the racing individual, or other testimony to breeding capability as sire?

What gives way is the genetic makeup & how it may carry through.

Naturally the mare is other half of the equation.

Utilizing inbreeding, linebreeding relativity is also reviewing what stamping type model shall progress ‘character’ further.

Today’s example to the Unbeaten winner of 5 starts, gelded Hong Kong sprinter Courier Wonder (NZ) – a NZ Bloodstock yearling purchase by John Foote Bloodstock $150,000

By deceased sire Sacred Falls (NZ) – a 3×5 Centaine (Century) template (noting ‘perfect’ female carrier position), let’s reconcile why dominant characters govern. This is the destiny of genetics.

What choice to? What trait ideal ‘selecting’ ? -the complete complexity of all those furthest individuals raining down through pedigree.

Courier Wonder thru haplotype (ie. female family 14c collective) could represent foundational homozygous fashion.

For mine its trotting out via My Babu (Djebel) carried thru female carriage consistent. ie 6th dam grand-sire My Babu.

Centaine/Century/Better boy/ My Babu

Savannah Success from female distaff My Babu

Sir Tristram, granddam All my Eye by My Babu

Iguazu 3×3 Century et al

– to push validation – the My Babu (Djebel dynasty via Djeddeh daughter Lalun ie Never Bend/Miss Reef) all shall come into sharp focus.

The other and never of any less… Star Kingdom line through Bletchingly/ Todman and Canny Lad.

Once again (in this case) it is not planning the pedigree, but where-to Identification; what Type may be representative ‘true’ of such mating.

Courier Wonder (NZ) has full sister Icebath (NZ) she 20 starts for 3 wins.

A video of Courier Wonder’s racing ability here.

Courier Wonder race record here

Older TBL notes to Sacred Falls here and here


ozzy good: Highly Decorated (AUS)



, ,

Sing n’ praise – the vintage bred pedigrees: a little nuggety 5 yo gelding Highly Decorated shows his ability to run from 1300m to 2050m and become people’s champ to the 2021 Great Northern Darwin Cup.

On topic, another to Danehill (3×4) yet Highly Decorated- his 7 straight wins shall explode theory n’ stat modelling of what is true breeding perfect?

As always ‘was’ – the mare’s genetics are the ‘Thing’, the consideration of what genetic layers as distaff, as built through.

The sleeping dragons Idomenoo (Alycidon) via distaff + Stratum/Luskin Star 6dx5d.

Star Kingdom 8Dx6Dx6D via Mighty Kingdom, Luskin Star, Canny Lad

The infinite, ineffable favourite to any pedigree anyplace, anytime: Djebel/Tourbillon where reproduced – Levandou (FR), Irish River, Never Bend, Targui.

What a mare to own.

Highly Decorated, to his sire Epaulette (AUS) by Commands.

Again the demo: – greatness is the genetic families come via the dam. Epaulette’s dam, a famous German family ‘rich’ to 2yo, 3yo German champion Anna Paola (GER).

Anna Paola – 5th dam of Godolphin’s Frankel 3yo colt and Epsom Derby winner Adayar (Frankel – Anna Salai).

More info to german breeding – Gestüt Röttgen family here

Highly Decorated (AUS) , the winners taste. Due photo credit/acknowledgement: Face book @ Darwin Turf Club


Danehill inbred: Lucky Patch (NZ) upshot



, , ,

Danehill inbreeding has once again been on social media airwave.

Statistics to inbreed Danehill has the exercise unproductive.

Additionally science places tsunami in-breeding can affect populations breeding future.

More questions & judges want clarity… ‘there are winners inbred to Danehill’

For opinions sake only …. we’re not too fussed to inbred Danehill models i.e. by 3rd remove. Nevertheless, curiosity is a better option.

Every call has a first-up impression. Over the other-side, hard-line statistics call it out.

Whilst Danehill was Australasian 90’s breed-shaper, we’re assuming the 20 years +, has ‘over corrected’ (the pendulum; balance of genetic). This scenario is through popularized breeding objectives: early maturing sprinter material, arrives model, genotype/phenotype standard. But there is an overdone dilemma. Was it intended?

you cannot change the morphology from one hour to the next without unfortunate losses in every way(Gilberto Junqueria)

‘show the past, the selection, our horse and to alert to loss of characteristics of the pure- that which had occurred in recent years‘ (Gilberto Junqueria)

On pedigree matters – it is to a greater Understanding where greater influences arise.… pure Dominance.

Pure … overthrow everything else from the hybrid-nature thoroughbred. (That is Tesio lore…)

Let’s review an in-bred Danehill subject: – Lucky Patch (NZ) 4yo bay gelding Lucky Patch Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Lucky Patch (El Roca) 3×3 inbred Danehill broke a 14 year old record at Sha-Tin.

Its all Lucky Patch racing video here.

2018 Gold Coast National Yearling Sale (AUD$40K purchase) secured

Lucky Patch (NZ). Earnings AUD$35,100 + HKD$5,875,500.

Lucky Patch (NZ) formally registered as Paleontologist and was exported to Hong Kong May 2020.

The planning (selection) to what strain (akin to a genetic trail) belongs to where/how/why one attains correct Influence of pedigree often, the Masters Touch.

Direct nearest influences, the mitochondrial DNA distaff has Lucky Patch’s dam Gould by Danehill Dancer.

Gould carries the distinguished ‘Big hitters’ namely Tourbillon/8Dx8Dx9d son Targui as inbred to Tourbillon. Big clue there!

– Tourbillon/Djebel thru My Baby/Clarion/Djeddah/Targui to their contemporary influences/descendants as by sire (El Roca) viz, Fastnet Rock, Rubiton (Century) X brood mare Sir Tristram, female Julioette by Targui.

This is a concentrate blueprint.

The dam, Gould has a 1/2 sister Gouldikova (AUS) by General Nediym which ran in South Africa for 19 starts, 2 wins and 6 placings. She bred the filly Good Times Roll by Time Thief for 1 win of 14 starts (South Africa).

To working out Danehill: – an old hand says…. the ‘want’ to overcook the pudding (pedigree) is often damage-done. It takes a good number of generations from ‘too much, too close’ dosages to soften back and what runs mostly, decidedly, the course ahead.

Insights to Sire El Roca recommended – confident appeal, he really ‘stands’ quality of a honest stallion.

Danehill inbreds – give chase to the Right detail!

Thanks to Janice Winterhalter & Gilberto Junqueria for material/info.

Featured Image credit & Copyright Kimberley Mcintyre @ Horses Helping Humans


Bred by Yesterday



“Nostalgic praise for the good old days is a Plant that knows no boundaries of time or space, and so it is not surprising that should also blossom on the racetracks, and even in the sheltered hot-houses of science”. Tesio

Nearco, Northern Dancer, Native Dancer the standard line-bred intensification to 2 year old precocious speed development keeps proliferating.

Of tipping points there has consequence to racing thoroughbreds – an imbalance to genetic introgression pools.

The one-line direction is not sustainable.

Nostalgic written, the celebrations and those eulogies based to stallions akin Djebel, Forli, Hyperion, Hurry On, are those fated lines. The strong pillars of ‘yesteryear’ come sparse, but for where also best quality rests. Today’s distributions carried by daughter descendants and producers.

The noble identities 'existed as residual modes of the Thoroughbred, ecologically valuable and necessary to maintain the very survival of the central aptitude'. (reference, Typology of the Racehorse - Varola).

How to renew & make lasting diversity is the necessary challenge & tomorrow’s frontier.

Where noble ‘Frames’ continue not, the solutions are somewhat, settled by a vacuous path. Race programmes may soften, shorten. By degrees.. a weaker predicament further damaging innate integrity where a greater doctrine to breeding/racing intersects.

It shall seem, blue-blooded consanguinity is abstract. Reverence by hardy classic performances cannot be cheapened. (111) Horse Racing 1971 Eclipse Stakes Sandown Mill Reef and Caro – YouTube

Federico Tesio points his finger & with an iron jaw states: “the true measure of progress is directed only toward the well-being of the individual and the preservation of the spies’.

True breeding progression is of genetic giants. It is placing their vigour back, as the construct to breeding. This parallels alongside the nature of selection.

  • The reproductive power, contrary to what some novice breeders imagine, come from an extremely slow process of purification, only achieved with time, patience, obstinacy, and firmness of concepts.*
  • The selection must be uniform and constant.*
  • The selector must keep in mind that competence shapes the forms (morphological).*

Tesio words it well…. “selection is the Element which has made the greatest contribution to developing the breed of the thoroughbred”.

To example the stern principle – the rigorous applies to South America’s Argentina, Uruguay and the top quality Brazil bred virtues. It is beautiful, brutal, tough, sensible methodology, the venerated puro sangue ingles ‘blood’ beneath.

Unfashionable, non-commercial by western terms, the gifted ‘Caro’ branch-sire line ‘high-fives’ to produce high-end, racing ability through sire T H Approval (USA) by With Approval (CAN) from Argentine mare Potrichal – T H Approval Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

T.H. Approval -‘Y’ line to Caro (IRE) locks in progenitors: – Relic (War Relic, Man O War), Precipitation (Hurry On, Marcovil), Solario (Gainsborough, Sundridge) & Nasrullah.

They are ‘at best’, the formula and breeding discipline.

T. H. Approval | Progeny | Racing Post

(111) 7ºp C JARDIM 19 06 2021 – YouTube (Nobless You by T H Approval)

Noblesse You Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) 2ºp C JARDIM 12 12 2020 – YouTube (Nobless You)

Lepate Goose Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) GP Barão de Piracicaba 2017 – Lepate Goose – YouTube

Nao Da Mais Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) GP Derby Paulista (G1) 2019 – YouTube (Nao Da Mais)

Princess Leca Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

(111) 210606 c03 PRINCESS LECA – YouTube

Quality breeding single-handedly, their slogan highlights – Haras Phillipson (@harasphillipson) • Instagram photos and videos a Love, passion for the thoroughbred.

The strong advice & good science Tesio ” one must occasionally breed to fresh strains, but always highly selected ones”

Without ‘selection’, tradition struggles, customs forgotten & indifference is neglect. The distinctive genetic-character can generate competitive racehorses above expectation.


The Thoroughbred Link thanks Gilberto Junqueira for his * advisory* quotes & with introduction to Brazil’s breeding.

For Diversity and diversification, please look over The Legacy Program Page to List.

Change, accelerate: Eduardo (AUS)



“Eduardo, brains them”

He was hobby bred – a 7 yr old gelded chestnut race horse named Eduardo (Host (CHI).

He stirs one storm of a run to the 2021 Rosehill Galaxy (1100m, G1)

@ Doomden (1200m G1) Eduardo won like a bull dog, where his trainer says “you don’t often see a horse that has so much speed and have so much fight.

Eduardo Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Our conventional belief’s radically shatter: Eduardo broken in, into training late as a 3 year old. Then took his racing to a 3rd place (equal with Nature Strip (AUS)) on Longines 121 points behind Mishriff (IRE) and Mystic Guide (USA)

One for the books, one for luck ?

No, not a flash in the pan. The boutique breeder and owner J. Kaufmann may be Australia’s wizard. Her simple appreciation, simple Likes and preferences are… nous breeding is tacitly refined.

Not always in-breeding, nor line-bred multiples …this is nature’s trick for mit DNA clustering on a pin-hole.

Stop the ‘1+1 theorem’ – the nucleus frame is not there. The pedigree has to be sieved to discover jig-saw across, tapestry of relationship.

The robust sire Host (CHI) was Chile’s champion at 2 & 3 years and Horse of the Year.

View push-button Host @ 5 years, winning the G1 Shadwell turf mile at Keeneland.

Eduardo’s sire Host (CHI) by Hussonet is the geno-nutshell, Nasrullah (3x) .

Nasrullah’s pedigree – his 2nd dam sire The Tetrarch designated female family 2o and the crown, known as racehorse nucleus speed family Mumtaz Begum/Mumtaz Mahal/Lady Josephine, to the family 9c.

  • remembering Fair Trial is the close genetic cousin. Tudor Minstrel is a genetic & distant cousin. Again, family 9c. Further noted… Aslam (FR) , Host’s 3rd dam sire is of ‘Mumtaz Begum’ family 9c.

The wider onomatopoeia relationships to the family 2o resonates by Biscay, The Tetrarch, Questionnaire, Peter Pan are all in the affinity, a genetic corridor to ancestress Marbile by Parmesan.

– Marbile’s grand-daughter notably, is Briar-Root by Springfield (his daughter and dam of Sundridge and Springfield is sire of Sainfoin). Marbile’s grand-daughter Cinderella (Hermit) producer of Peter Pan (USA) by Commando.

  • the Wizard of Dormello states “same element of harmonic vibration which determines the almost, constant success of two given strains in the race-horse” ++++ “in nature the small gives way to the large” Tesio

The inherited characters of hybrids are passed on according to the laws of inheritance, but only those which are the result of selection will reappear as selected characters in the offspring. Breeding the Racehorse/Tesio

*Eduardo with 7 career wins from 20 starts has returned over Aus$2 million, with a ROI of 71.5%.


and the money lands…



, , ,

And the money lands1st win, Miss Cartier (NZ) 3yo bay filly

Intrinsically, genetics spoke Miss Cartier (El Roca – Sacred Vow).

the money lands a NZ winner (video)

Bloodline subtlety goes deep, where less increases …

Place not always 2+2 inbred, …it is the Strike, to female Type. Admire uncommon strain lines, the invisible makes visible.

Westbury sire El Roca , a sire we greatly admire. El Roca :: Westbury (westburystud.com)

El Roca is from same dam family, sensational Australian sprinter Redzel Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) $16 million plus prizemoney – ROI 95.5%

Pump it…. 1 strain/trait known by female family 2h, utilization via Godswalk (USA), +(n.b. Godswalk – also factors to colt Farnan (Not a Single Doubt – Tallow from Street Cry.

Close them in, not out…. strains, traits, attributes are the infinite maternal.

royal cover: Royal Academy

Sovereign Edition


just like – Snowfall (JPN)




When you put those kind of pedigrees together, this is what happens – Aidan O’Brien

Snowfall’s juvenile campaign was not competitive till winning the 2021 Cazoo Oaks – her 16 length record finish alongside astute patience by jockey, Frankie Dettori.

The superior bloodlines are absolute. Snowfall Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

The deceased Japan stallion Deep Impact covers the Galileo mare. She is the international sprint family aptly named Best In the World (IRE). The superiority of cross parentage cannot be matched.

Our exercise here to find those kind of pedigrees ..the power-house behind.

Before so…

  • the previous blog finds breeding today, biases speed talk. That philosophy without further sufficiency to Type, constitutional raw ‘tough’ ability is crude. The driving force, hiding back inwards, these generations shall select or encompass concentrated detail.

Mastering objectives a la Tesio, other selective determinations are given wisely.

Tesio stipulates 1) Without the machine breaking down 2) selected for their ability, 3) to withstand the terrific impact of speed” –  Tesio Breeding the Racehorse.

However beyond this, Tesio remains aloof. He is looking at a certain Type, a certain ability.

… he goes experimenting with geno and phenotype – “this fruit is not like the others” Tesio observes.

Tesio – a smart tactician declares “The great law of balance, symmetry being a form of balance“.

He is astute. He is diligent. He is the Wizard of Dormello.

Kicking over Snowfall (JPN) female lineages copy/duplicate these inheritances below.

  1. on the deep, xx (daughters by Spearmint (Carbine) & the greater Martha Lynn family (inclusive) Hampton/Ayshire/Lord Clifden
  2. The distinguished Marchetta female family (Marco- Hettie Sorrel) Papyrus (Derby winner) from Miss Matty
  3. Court Martial (winner of the 2,000Guineas and twice champion sire) and sire, Hurry On, noting Snowfall’s 6th dam by Supreme Court (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes) & the Hurry On grand-daughter. n.b. Hurry On (then) maintained and revived the Matchem line but it is now extinct.
  4. Man O’ War – exclusive American branch of the Matchem sire line.
  5. Sainfoin and full sister Sierra from dam Sanda (Wenlock by Lord Clifden)

(n.b. Hurry On line, the horse of class, to produce leading stallions in Britain, Argentina, Australia, Italy, France, New Zealand and South Africa. As above, the American Matchem line via the Fair Play to Relic sire line, hangs only by a thread)

The immediate Snowfall pedigree presides to female family f.f. 9h to ancestral Adelaide. Deep Impact dams sire Alzao (USA) from a dam & daughter of Princequillo, Poncahotas builds ‘in’ factors, (see above.)

Galileo (broodmare sire) – the female family f.f. 9h – ancestral Adelaide. Galileo’s 5th dam Anatekva expresses Acropolis from Marchetta + the maternals run…..Hampton/Spearmint/Sundridge copy.

The above are ‘symptomatic’ the genetic characters’ inlaid to arrive Type.

Deep Impact/Galileo a ‘nature’ of the cross.


Bred by Selection or Science?



“You never radically modify a breed in terms of weight and size without loss in other factors, acting in this way you throw the child out with the bath water. Our selection is slower, more traditional, but without losing the qualities that made it successful.” Gilberto Junqueira

Elysian Fields that we compete to, cometh the Holy-Grail genome; a pedigree has obstinate fact that breeding has skills of moral quality.

 The science progresses  –   1) mutation Whalebone monopolizes a greater population  2) other TB progenitors supplicate 3) Darley Arabian, Bylerley Turk and Godolphin Arabian are Turkomene, the stamina/stayer TT allelle.

Nearco/Northern Dancer are ‘speed’ sires.

The isolation to genome-maps, Tb-dW mutation Whalebone responsible to the English Thoroughbred, perhaps (?) might enshrine ‘W’ above all other characteristics.

     –  a solitary haplotype overall, is not a single solution.

The complex well – unknown sires and remote mares; never (hopefully) considered lesser contributory character.

In collateral lines Joseph Osborne in 1881 counted no less than 475 stallions with their names in the Stud-Book – all of them Arabians, Barbs or Turks imported chiefly during the reign of James I and Queen Anne (16 – 17th C) – Tesio, Breeding the Racehorse

Types conduce autogenous strains. Consideration is a ‘Type’ (speed or distance sire) across another genotype, to set-forth again another Type, and arrive (at best) optimal functionality.

The Type sits to Integrity & Selection.

The substructure beneath…  balance & ‘counterbalance’ is always the adaptation (function & purpose). 

Tesio (Breeding the Racehorse), to his thinking…  “to produce a great horse one must be able to find among his first 62 ancestors individuals which showed classic quality over 1 mile, 11/4mile, 11/2 miles and 2 miles. Without a representative of the 1 mile race in his pedigree it will be difficult to produce a horse of outstanding quality, because he will be incapable of those bursts of nervous energy which are synonymous with speed”

Tesio further notes – short distances went for 2nd and 3rd rate horses.

His, the undeniable objective produce a horse of outstanding quality.

By market stimulus…the model of today’s contemporary breeding, for racing product, has peaked to nucleus speed.

To pendulum furthest , a collective mainstream breeding & racing, are albeit, speed systems. The other hand amiss. Stamina-stayer re: constitutional toughness exists to structure, support mechanism.

Tesio states 1) Without the machine breaking down 2) selected for their ability, 3) to withstand the terrific impact of speed” –  Tesio Breeding the Racehorse.

Tesio clearly recognized the 3 issues above. Welfare and quality are issues we face today.

It is never one solution, neither to coral speed by sequential C:C gene.

Acquiring ‘supreme’ dominant hereditary Factors are not purely affixing speed in-bred, but a thorough balance, elevated to another – a pre-potent cross-character.

The finding – ‘a’ dominant allele (if inherited, correctly) has a relentless character. It is generally explanative transposing genetics.  to arrive the specie with its corrective function.

A cross-character, type-vigour is highly aggressive, if/when expressed or introduced Intentionally.

select quality of each character is in proportion to the rigour of the selection and the period of time that it covers”. (Tesio) 

It is an Ascendant factor. The imputation subtle.

 ascend – Hurry On   Martha’s daughters…  ⇒ equals 52 x’s Godolphin Arabian


The First Principle – Princequillo



Princequillo’s influence on the creation and shaping of the towering prepotency of Sir Tristram (Sir Ivor), could be struck several percentage points of ‘transcendence’ higher.” credit Ross du Bourg The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred 

Champion performers, these shown, with the Princequillo integrity through multiple strains to sons and daughters.

*Swiss Skydiver (Daredevil) – 6xP How, Sunny, Somethingroyal, Cequillo, Monarchy, Cherokee Rose
*Mishriff (Make Believe) – 16xP Milan Mill, Somethingroyal, Prince John, Round Table, Misty Morn, Quill, Dedicate, Classicist, Stepping Stone
*Ghaiyyath (Dubawi) – 7xP Somethingroyal, Milan Mill, Rose Bower, Hill Prince
Frankel colt *Adayar, his dam Anna Salai (USA) a 4th generation daughter from Mill Reef his dam Milan Mill by Princequillo. 5x Rose Bower, Prince John, Milan Mill, Round Table
*Aegon (Sacred Falls) – 9xP Milan Mill, Round Table, Bourbon Prince, Somethingroyal, Monarch
New Zealand colt – *Jungle Magnate (Tarzino) 7xP Somethingroyal, Round Table, Milan Mill, Hill Prince, and 6th dam Efficient, is a Princequillo daughter.
2yo Australian filly – *Seradess (Astern) 7xP Somethingroyal, Prince John, Round Table, Milan Mill, Go Marching
2007 Australian gelding  Princequillo male line,sprinter *Buffering (Mossman) from a  Princequillo grand-daughter by Prince John. 4xP Prince John, Somethingroyal. Buffering had 55 starts for 20 wins. Buffering Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

“Oh for days when a top Thoroughbred was sound enough to run 66 races!” 

Never synthetic bred, Princequillo the breeding bull of Tough stock; the improver and upgrader of thoroughbred quality. A 6 furlong winner, he went by staying blood.
Respect Princequillo – he produced sound healthy foals. The great sire had the jacket, the cloth and label – ‘Mr Fixit’
 *Princequillo – Reines-de-Course, Ellen Parker’s article notes ... “let us never, ever forget him”.
For international & contemporary breeding barns, the great Princely male line has sunk & is poorly… 1,2 steps away extinct.
Those remaining are:
Bull Hancock  1)  “you like to drill where oil has been found. Nick may be a bad word, but it gives you an outcross in which some things in the stallion compensate for their absence in the mare. Nasrullah was a very fiery horse; Round Table was rather phlegmatic, RoundTable was not too big; Nasrullah mares are big and rangy” 
2) “racing needs that kind instead of the fly-by-nights who come in for 2,3 years and then get out when they don’t like it, or when they have no success ”  *


Mill Reef – Never Bend-Milan Mill by Princequillo. A perfect middle-distance racehorse and winning 12 of 14 starts.


royal cover: Royal Academy



… released from a stint in jail and short of a few days turning 55, Lester Piggott resumed his career as a jockey and within 10 days of his return, won the Breeders Cup Mile on Royal Academy. “When I came out, I had no idea I would be riding him”

I was a long way back because he had to be. He wasn’t really a mile horse so we had to hold him back long as possible – L. Pigott

(35) Royal Academy- 1990 Breeders Cup Mile – YouTube

Royal Academy Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

A Chefs-de-race sire Royal Academy crosses 40x to Galopin (take correction & reference to Galopin here )

Royal Academy passed away aged 25 years at Coolmore Australia 2012.

The best son of the mighty Nijinsky & a 3.5 million yearling purchase been the sole purchase for his legendary trainer Vincent O’Brien.

Prototypical, a racehorse of poetry and art, he had Nijinsky’s crack to earn Europe’s champion 3 year old miler and when Vincent O’Brien came out of retirement, his  crowning victory, the 1990 Breeders Cup Mile Belmont Park.

Royal Academy (USA) – the siring influences are to be long admired with his siring Bel Espirit, the sire of Australian mare Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree . Royal Academy sired Hong Kong champion miler Bullish Luck Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

      –  Brazil’s international G1 performer Durban Thunder Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com). Multiple G1 performer in South Africa @ 2000-2200m   Eyeofthetiger Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)and the Aga Khan’s mare, Zalaiyka Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

– French bred & exported to Brazil Val Royal Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) and sire of Argentine’s Taifas Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

– winner of San Antonio Handicap G2 & sire in Brazil Molengao Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) .  Brazil bred G1 winner – Naughty Rafaela Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

– Royal Academy, broodmare sire to multiple G1 winner @ 8f, international performer,  the 2006 European champion 2 yo filly Finsceal Beo Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com). 2011 Horse of the Year France & Cartier Award Champion European 2yo Dabirsim Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

b/m sire to Fastnet Rock Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) – Australian 3yo Champion colt & Champion Sprinter + Australian champion sire 2011/2, 2014/15

– 2015/16 3yo colt in Brazil & stallion standing in Uruguay Some In Tieme Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

     – BM sire to 3 yo winner St. Leger S. (Eng-G1,15FT), Great Voltigeur S. (Eng-G2,12FT)Rule of Law Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) 

– G2 winner in GB & UAE Safety Check Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Leinster Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

–  Beauty Generation Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) multiple time winner & multiple champion miler of the Hong Kong mile

– Paternal grand-sire to 2007 Australian Horse of the Year the mare Miss Andretti Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

in-bred, 3×3 Royal Academy, Brazil’s sprinter bred Thunder Cat Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

– *** grand-dam sire to 3yo colt and 2021 Irish 2000Guineas winner Poetic Flare Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

 Royal Academy – chefs de race sire


Turfe e Élevage : Resultados da pesquisa royal academy (purosanguedecorrida.blogspot.com)

Royal Academy | Breeders’ Cup (breederscup.com)

royal academy proved a work of art in flesh and blood | bloodstock in the bluegrass (wordpress.com)

Royal Academy’s  important maternal – IMPRINTS: MATA HARI | THE VAULT: Horse racing past and present (wordpress.com)

Breeders’ Cup Mile: 1984 – 2019 – Slideshow – BloodHorse (view photo no.7)










to the old road: Star Kingdom (IRE)



, , , , , , , ,

Star Kingdom (IRE) – the Australian Champion sire 5 times and Champion sire for 2 year olds 7 times. Leading broodmare sire 3 times.

Star Kingdom Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

His genotype: – ancestress dam, 1-g female family Canterbury Pilgrim, reinforced  2x female distaff + 1x to sire Hyperion.

– Add to the gene-pool 2x Sunstar (by Sundridge, a royally speed aptitude) noting Sunstar 2nd dam, the grand-dam Canterbury Pilgrims’s from dam Pilgrimage ⇔ (therefore, 6x Pilgrimage)

Line-bred thru 10 Generations, 48 x Stockwell & 47 x Pocahontas.

Stardust, the sire of Smokey Eyes and Star Kingdom was a small son of Hyperion. Stardust was rarely supported by commercial breeders. Stardust’s best performed sons were inbred to Sunstar and line-bred to Canterbury Pilgrim.

Star Kingdom at one time… had more than 70 sons and grandsons standing at stud in Australia and New Zealand.

Star Kingdom’s sons of great pedigree influences are: – Biscay, the Australian Horse of the Year Noholm, (Noholm II when sent to US) & Noholm full brother, Todman -(twice Champion sire of 2 year olds) & Kaoru Star.

Further note, the Star Kingdom Grandsons – Luskin Star a champion Sprinter-Miler, Bletchingly 3x Champion sire & champion juvenile sire.

¹ As a foal, due to a compacted bowel, Luskin Star had to fight for his life. As a yearling, he failed to reach his reserve going for a bargain price – $8000.

The speed machine, ‘Comet from the Coalfieds’  made the habit of distancing the field – his challengers only saw rump. He completed the Triple Crown with a slashing six-length win in the AJC Champagne Stakes.

A commanding chestnut over 16.1 hands, very short cannons, powerful hindquarter and strong loins. A huge over stride he won 13 times from 17 starts


Bletchingly – 3x Australian Champion sire & Champion juvenile sire. His sire Biscay was undefeated as a 2 year old.

 the Star Kingdom legacy turns …

our subjects:  Media Award (AUS)  & Captivant (AUS)


A $5k yearling purchase & Winner of 2021 SAJC Australasian Oaks (2000m) – 3 yo filly, Media Award ( Shamus Award – Music Media by More than Ready). Media Award Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

*VIEW her female distaff @5th remove → Luskin Star & Bletchingly.

– Her sire, Shamus Award has 2nd dam grand-sire Luskin Star to Redoubte’s Choice dam sire Canny Lad by Bletchingly. (n.b. Snitzel/Silly Season has f.f.1-g a descendant from Canterbury Pilgrim)


A $550k yearling colt purchase &  2yo Winner of 2021 ATC Champagne Stakes: Captivant (Capitalist – Speedboat by Commands) Captivant Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

*View his female distaff @ 4th/5th remove →  Marscay/Biscay + Bletchingly .

– Captivants sire,  Capitalist by female distaff 4th dam sire Luskin Star + Marscays daughter Yodells, dam of Iglesia, the grand-sire of Capitalist.

– (plus,  Speedboat’s 2nd dam → → Lunchtime/Silly Season f.f.1-g, descendant from Canterbury Pilgrim.


**Canterbury Pilgrim was responsible for two male lines via her sons Chaucer and Sywnford.

** Star Kingdom (IRE) – Varola’s chef ‘Intermediate’genetic finesse, their presence upgrades the breed. They are tough, talented and consistent and have a speed bias.

Italic Quotes are Credited to: Ken McLean

¹ – Century of Champions by Mark Taylor




within, Letruska (USA)




“oops, we won” – Fasto Guterriez (trainer)

Sizing winners, is to concentrate elite mares, their strength – the foundational base to genotype.

These Dynamics are the competitive ‘insurance’.

Analysis pursues descendants of powerful females; where they integrate to produce ‘winners’ and by awareness of their innate ability to transmit superior genes for future generations.

They signal speed aptitude & bloodline(s) as sourced by maternal strength gene pools.

These explosive genetics re-produce Champions to the racing world.

Reflect the example… multiple G1 miler, Hong Kong 2x Horse of the Year, highest track-record twice set, & highest H.K. earner Beauty Generation (NZ)…. through to Australia’s undefeated race mare, Black Caviar (AUS).


overview, subject pedigree, & Apple Blossom winner Letruska

     – trace over genetic Full brothers: Letruska’s 3rd dam sire by Encino (USA) and Royal Academy (USA)  – paternal grandsire to Black Caviar & b/m sire to Beauty Generation.   Royal Academy was a champion 3yo miler in Europe  (n.b. – they are also 1/2 sister to Terlingua (Secretariat)                                                                          

G-E-N-E-T-I-C chemistry or genetic capability?

Beauty Generation Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Black Caviar Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Letruska Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

With a further break-down, the pattern genotype ⇒ dam of Letruska traces 3x Mata HariMata Hari Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) Peter Hastings – War Woman by Man O’ War, 3×4 Hastings. She was a first foal for her dam, War Woman.

Mata Hari was the American juvenile champion at 2 and champion 3 year old filly. It was commented her performance was not only just speed, but of a smooth performance demonstrating endurance. She produced Spy Song sire of Crimson Satan & S.S’s daughter Fulvous, the dam of Golden Ruler (USA)

– Spy Song’s unraced sister Sub Rosa the dam of Sub Fleet & grand-sire of Hard Work (USA), 2x Mata Hari as the 4th dam sire to Letruska’s distaff.

It is quite extraordinary – the maternal strength, mass build-up.

Remember… via, Mata Hari has Man o’ War type. Collate  thru – Man o’War via mare Uncommitted (USA) dam of Wavering Monarch as 4×5 MoW

– Caro/Fortino → War Relic → MoW

– Seattle Slew, dam My Charmer → 5×5 MoW

– Weekend Surprise, b/m sire Buckpasser → MoW + Dance Number (mare)

– Mr Prospector/Raise a Native → American Flag by MoW

– In Reality 3×3 War Relic, → 4×4 MoW → 5x5x5 Fair Play

– Phone Trick to dam, Over the Phone → 4×5 MoW

    ( – It can be noted Mata Hari, the great distaff family to Storm Cat as especially noted to 2018 colt Super Strong, a G1 winner at 2 and by same sire, Super Saver. )

Super Strong Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Great racehorses have powerful mares close up in their ancestry. They are mares most worthy of reinforcement – Ken McLean


Previous Blog – Frankel’s filly: Hungry Heart (AUS)  last win Australian Oaks                                                                                                               (2400m)

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Frankel’s filly: Hungry Heart (AUS)



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WATCH the video → the Frankel fire @ Vinery Stakes 2021 winner (2000m) 2017 ch.filly  Hungry Heart (AUS) 

& winner of Phar Lap Stakes 3yo (G2) & Sweet Embrace Stakes 2yo (G2) 

Hungry Heart Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) female family 9c distaff to Mumtaz Begum (FR) & her daughter, a 1/2 sister to Nasrullah

Our last article advanced blue-hens – concealed and forgotten. And amongst those individuals is Marchetta (GB) 1907, of the female family 1-W

Owned and bred by Lord Derby, Marchetta sired by Marco & of ancestry, the West Australian line. Her sublime ancestral breeding has 3×3 Hermit.

– Marco (Barcaldine) sire of Beppo (a leading sire), Neil Gow, sire of Jean Gow, Omar Khayam first import to win Kentucky Derby, Marcovil sire of Hurry On, Sir Marco & Springlawn sent to South Africa 1911.

Marchetta bred 13 foals of which 9 were winners. Amongst those progeny – Sweet Lavender to her daughters, Kalmia & Lavendula and referenced below, the daughter Rose Red (GB)

It’s not fully fathomable how powerful these together, largely impact the superior racing thoroughbred. Since, of course, the famously Blue-hen daughters Source Sucree produced Turn-To & Perfume produced My Babu.

–  in dark quarters.. Rose Red (GB) from, Marchetta female distaff to Bustino (GB) – grand-dam sire of Pivotal and he, the broodmare sire of Hungry Heart. Further note here… Hungry Heart’s 5th dam distaff by sire, Hail to Reason/Turn-To/ Marchetta

– the Marchetta daughter Rose Red (GB) also appears to sire of sires, Galileo via, dam **Urban Sea/Allegretta/Anatevka through Anatevka’s grand-sire Acropolis (GB).

**Rose Red has 3x’s to Hermit.

Acropolis was a Champion 3yo colt in England and his dam Aurora, the grand-daughter of Marchetta also produced full brother Alycidon (GB) and half-brother Borealis (GB)


TBL never covered an article to Frankel. He however (to my estimation) is strongly influenced by Blandford  – note, his dam Kind has 5th dam Nasira by Persian Gulf/Bahram/Blandford. 

Frankel pedigree

– Stage Door Johnny, 2nd dam by Caldarium (FR) → Brantome/Blandford

– Rainbow Quest (USA) , 4th dam by His Grace (GB) by Blandford

– Blushing Groom (FR) – 3rd dam by Umidwar by Blandford

– Blushing Groom – broodmare sire Wild Risk (FR) from Wild Violet by Blandford

– Nasrullah – from Mumtaz Begum by Blenheim by Blandford

– Espresso (GB) – his dam Babylon by Bahram by Blandford ++ Acropolis,                                                                                         Donnatello / Blenheim / Blandford

Hungry Heart’s female distaff (as noted) the female family 9c Mumtaz Begum by Blenheim by Blandford. Her daughter is Bibibeg (IRE) by Bahram by Blandford.

This supreme approach heads back on dominant DNA  clusters & has one of the most critical-mass purposed, to superior thoroughbred and racehorse breeding.


Of Frankel progeny: compare Cracksman (broodmare sire Pivotal) – female family 9c distaff Mumtaz Begum by Blenheim by Blandford.

– *Lorenzaccio (GB) by Klairon from Marchetta’s distaff – Lorenzaccio’s 2nd dam by Big Game by Bahram by Blandford

Without Parole (GB) (Frankel – Without You by Lemon Drop Kid) Lemon Drop Kid female family 3-l the Gay Missile/Missy Baba distaff as clustered on Marchetta f.f.1W via Turn-To & My Babu.

Anapurna (Frankel – Dash to the Top) 2nd dam sire Nashwan → 3rd dam sire Borealis (GB) + Bustino 2x Rose Red/ Marchetta    ++ Blushing Groom (Fr) per Blandford as above

Call the Wind (GB) (Frankel – In Clover by Inchinor ) Inchinor/Anhonorra/*Lorenzaccio. In Clover , 3rd dam Bellarida inbred 3×3 Le Fabuleux (Fr) by Wild risk from Wild Violet by Blandford

Logician (GB) – (Frankel – Scuffle) 3rd dam sire Nashwan by Blushing Groom (Blandford) + b/m sire Bustino (Rose Red/Marchetta). Scuffles 5th dam sire, Sir Ivor/Sir Gaylord/Turn-To ie Marchetta.

Dream Castle (GB) – (Frankel – Sand Vixen by Dubawi) 3rd dam sire, Free State (IRE) 3x Blandford by a sire of Rose Red/Marchetta distaff → Hotfoot Hotfoot Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)


THE PATTERN … Enable (Nathaniel – Concentric) the very discreet Rose Red (GB)/Marchetta as infused in her 3rd dam by Ile de Bourbon (Nijinsky) via, the grand-dam sire Fastnet Rock (FR) dam distaff f.f. 1-W ⇔ Rosetta/Rose Red/Marchetta.

– Meet Rose Red again, via Galileo (prior discussed above ) → **Urban Sea/Allegretta/Anatevka . Enable 3×2 Sadlers Wells – but also remember the female family 5h back to Rough Shod is sired by Blandford.

here’s a toast toRose Red (GB)



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The Thoroughbred Link thanks regular readers from Australia, United States, Turkey and European locations and New Zealand.

Superior genetic quality still finds horse breeding is where the maternal strength must be thoroughly understood; to not weaken the thoroughbreds diversity.

“identifying genetic connections within pedigrees helps to understand why some lines are perpetuated while others disappear” Ken McLean

Many ‘latent’ bloodlines (less ‘modern’ recognized) come developed from names to Sundridge, Tracery, Sainfoin, Jean Gow, Miss Matty, Loika. (there are more…)

Unique names Marchetta, Miss Matty, are not paradoxically by greater line-bred dosages but are present by a stronger compass, even though assumed of ‘past’ select minority.

Their inheritance extraordinary transmitting integrity, sex-character potency.

–  greatness alike unfolds thru its own: Feola (f.f. 2f) 1933 – Somethingroyal (f.f.2s) – Mata Hari (f.f.2o) – Cinna (f.f.3e) – Double Life (f.f. 2i) – Lavendula II (f.f.1w) – La Troienne (f.f. 1s) – Plucky Liege (f.f.16a) – How (f.f.9h) – Frizette (13c) et al are renowned Blue Hens, producing their stallion-sons.

“Double Life – her son Persian Gulf emerges to Frankel’s dam Kind” 

The finer points are working the concealed affinity as shown by this example.

“Lavendula II’s half sister Kalmia left the influential male Klairon, as do others in the line descending from Lavendula II per grandam Marchetta.”

The Tourbillon son – Ambiorix from Lavendula per her grandam Marchetta and Lavendula’s daughter Source Sucree (Admiral Drake) the dam of Turn-To (IRE) and again Lavendula daughter Perfume, the dam of My Babu, Marco Polo & Sayani (FR) whom went to Brazil.

Like the knitted Cable on a jumper , these are the Dominant clusters & affinity, blue genetics all-round.

It is filtering what n’ whom ‘cuts’ difference with its deep geno thread, the vitality to be exactly determined.

“the first and most important problem of the Thoroughbred breeder is to recognize the prepotent individual, the sire or dam which is more likely to produce a high-class racer than most other sires and dams. – J. Estes

Sir Tristram’s son & stallion Grosvenor (NZ) are finest bloodlines. Multiple Group 1 winner – VRC Sires Produce @ 2yrs, VRC Derby & Caulfield Guineas winner

Grosvenor Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) – note, Double Life (Precipitation) – Feola ↔ (Aureole) + Round Table  – Source Sucree (Turn-To) – Perfume (My Babu)


TBL last blog/Pedigree NotesGenotype selects Star Quality

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Genotype selects Star Quality



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A good few weeks back The Thoroughbred Link, evaluated the 2YO field: Australia’s 2021 Golden Sipper.

Stay Inside came right on the money gold slippers on – Stay Inside (AUS)

As a weanling and yearling there went nothing too physically obvious why this individual marked himself as Golden Slipper Winner.

However yes indeed, we spotted! The genotype sat well above others and there went this twinkling, a Star is Born.

(1071) 2021 Longines Golden Slipper – Rosehill – Stay Inside (2YO-G1) – YouTube

Proficient breeding & recognition brings rewards.

The major influence that heightened its split went objectively by Missy Baba  6sx6d,(family 3-l) her transmittance through Hussonet and Annabaa.

Further, it was with analytics’ – surveying breeding by ancestor duplications, stating:   **[ “seventy five sires (that is three in every five) are in the 50-60% band. Only two, xx & Raja Baba are above 70%” ]

Review Missy Baba Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) for there goes classic ‘sting’; Blue hen mares which underpin bullseye genetics.

Their influence to Upgrading classic bloodlines is none other.

Raja Baba sired Sacahuista Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) a champion US filly and she dam sire Ekraar, Buck Strider & dam of Hussonet!

– Raja Baba sired Mexican Triple crown winner Gran Zar Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) and Breeders Juvenile Cup winner Is It True Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)  with, G1 Oaks winner Small Raja Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) plus Canadian champion sprinter Summer Mood Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

The highest honours to Annabaa as sire is headed by Cartier Horse of the Year – Goldikova Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) and French Derby winner Anabaa Blue Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Australian 3YO champion & Caulfield cup winner – Anacheeva Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

New Zealand champion 2 year old filly Anabandana Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

Miss Baba influence is an international strain. The stallion Master Bold (USA) exported to Argentina and sire of Distel (ARG) 1972  Brazil, Gr 1 performer

Classic, superior breeding has the seductive mechanism. These progenitor dominant girls (the female factor) and stallion sons have qualitive trait which is simple, direct inheritance.

Further & by few (¹references below + to TBL research) these stallions; My Babu, Ambiorix and Klairon – the Y Tourbillon factor and the daughters alike Lavendula f.f. 1-W &  Loika f.f.5j, dam of Djebel (FR) & Hierocles (FR) shall bare larger-than-life significance, that are far beyond statistical expectations.

“On the key-measure of stakes-winners/runners 82 of the 125 sire crosses listed are in the 2-4% band” 

Spot them well, for background dam factors sit low.

Review, Stay Inside Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) aka My Babu –  Djeddah – Emperor ++ + reflect back, the influential, Missy Baba by My Babu!

Once again genetic co-affinities ⇔  genotype = phenotype


(update: G1 & ATC Galaxy winner (1100 m) Eduardo Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com) is by Host (CHI) a Hussonet son. Eduardo was not broken till 4years age! Host’s genotype has very, very interesting factors – not least the 4th dam by Tourbillon. Refer the reference/stats/narrative above. He maybe the lost hero stallion. Now deceased Willow Grove Stud


** Bluebloods May 2013 & analysis source http://www.orion.co.nz

¹ Thoroughbred Times – Rommy Faversham + BlueBloods May 2013 material(s)

bloodlines sources – RULER OF THE WORLD | Pedigree | Thoroughbred Stallion Guide

The Whole Truth: Yes It’s True and the Raja Baba Line – BloodHorse

(1) The Thoroughbred Link | Facebook