Bellevue Hill (AUS) – the eyecatcher



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Our research heads to Zabeel’s male-line descendant, the young Australian sire – Bellevue Hill (Pierro – Bellevue Girl by the Danehill son Exceed and Excel.

– as a 2 year old colt, 2 electrifying wins from 4 starts, he early retired to a stallion career….“that run last week probably took the speed out of the legs, but he’s certainly a horse for the future” Tim Clark (jockey)

History & Breeding has showed Quality sires are not always forever, superior on-top racehorse. Their duty to breed, sits ‘highest’ to invigoration, this vehicle to male succession.

Our particular interest arose to Bellevue Hill (AUS) due to his female family distaff the, f.f. 2h – the distaff traces to Martha’s daughters… the Martha Lynn line.

The distinguished female distaff really fires up via, Bellevue’s Girls 9th dam sire Great Star.

Observe these great nucleus strains ⇓ ‘formative’ to what gets pedigree ‘going’ potent.

    – Great Star (Sunstar by Sundridge ex- Miss Matty (Marcovil) was a half-brother to Papyrus (Tracery by male-line, Rock Sand by Sainfoin) the English Derby Winner. Notably, Papyrus is the broodmare sire of…Princequillo  and this is where the pedigree rotates to Princequillo ⇔ **Miss Matty (Marcovil)

(interest factor: Papyrus is also the broodmare sire to sprinting brilliance, sire of influence, Honeyway (GB).

Miss Matty (Marcovil) features in Leicester’s Bloodstock Breeding – the chapter Famous Mares of Humble Origins.

As indicated above, she the dam of Papryrus she also produced 8 winners.

* Bold Archer (Phalaris – Miss Matty)

* Paddington (n.b. Leicester describes the individual as ‘hardy’ , winner of 11 races, but no records come available)

* Great Star (sent to Australia, per subject ↓ below)

* Miss Matilda (winner)

* Comus (sent to stand in Australia)

* a 1/2 sister and winner, named Bracket and the dam of Parenthesis, also later sent to Australia. Also produced Flamboyant a winner of the Doncaster and Goodwood Cups, placed second in the Ascot Gold Cup.

  – sire, Great Star also expresses 2 strains to the Martha Lynn via Sundridge’s grand-dam, Sanda to the sire Wenlock, by Lord Clifden & also of his sire – Sunstar where his grand-dam sire is Petrarch by Lord Clifden. Lord Clifden by Newminster from The Slave, her dam Volley (Voltaire) being ancestral dam to Bellevue Hill’s dam, Bellevue Girl.

These blue-print(s) above, are fundamental to the formative pattern going ahead. Formative ‘speedster’ trait → Sundridge (Amphion) ex-Sierra (Springfield) grand-dam Sanda, great grand-dam Sandal ….( always remember the Sundridge factor,  serves over: 2x’s to Royal Charger, via his dam Sun Princess & alike, his 3/4 genetic brother Nasrullah.

–  as are sire Sainfoin, and Sierra are brother and sister family (Springfield – Sanda) (a prototype example → Count Fleet

– Marcovil’s great stallion son Hurry On from his dam ⇒ the broodmare sire SAINFOIN. The genotype connections shall follow to our subject ….

     …Bellevue Hill – 5sx5d Sir Tristram. Sir Tristram  inbred through 4×3  Princequillo ⇔ hence, formative ‘hotspot cluster mare’ **Miss Matty** (Marcovil) /Rock Sand→Sainfoin

Pierro further expanded, expresses

     – Octagonal ex- Eight Carat/Klairessa family where grand-dam (sired by Supreme Court → → Hurry On/Marcovil

– Lonhro ex- Concia by First Consul → Princequillo, ex- My Tricia → *Summertime/Precipitation/Hurry On/Marcovil

– Daylami  →3×4 (Princequillo)via, *Mill Reef / Miswaki (USA) 

Pierro grand-dam Sky Song (IRE) → Shirley Heights/*Mill Reef → Princequillo

BM sire – Exceed & Excel, grand-dam sire Lomond → Round Table (Princequillo)

Exceed & Excel distaff Gladiolus ⇔ paternal, Citation’s (USA)female distaff →              Hurry On                                                                                                                      – additionally noting Count Fleet has the blueprint mirror & all                importantly, as infused to *Mill Reef pedigree.

¹Hurry On was an inbred horse, his sire and his dam both being out of Hermit mares

The 1970 chapters to New Zealand breeding…. from male descendants to Hurry On (Marcovil) gave profound impact, stamina racing capability.

Here is an endearing, sobering and insightful true account.

ℜ – The ‘expert’s began to question the wisdom if not at times the thinking ability of the Malcom Brothers. The Malcolms had bought themselves a brown PRECIPITATION (Hurry On) horse out of a bay mare. The expert went to great heights to point out out that no horse belonging to this straight male chestnut line could possibly be any good unless he was a chestnut. J. Malcolm weathered the storms of protest. So strong was the pressure that in his own words it took eight years to get *SUMMERTIME launched.  It was as well for the bloodstock industry of N.Z. that the Malcolm brothers were not tarred with the same brush of impatience. SUMMERTIME  and FOXBRIDGE were the two greatest bloodstock acquisition ever to add unit value to the stud books of New Zealand. credit – The New Zealand Racehorse 1972 publications.


Summertime endowed his stock with class, verve, acceleration and adaptability to almost any racing conditions and was also a magnificent sire of broodmares²

the power…Summertime (Precipitation – Great Truth, by Bahram)

… powerful, ancestral individuals come unchallenged: their notation is unexhaustive ‘causal’ and act forcibly, like genetic markers.

→ to view video of potential sire, Bellevue Hill ⇒ (link) view here.

These unexamined Martha’s and Miss Matty’s sources get consigned to oblivion, lost through history – yet it is uncovering this defining pattern so seductively mirrored to Savabeel’s (Zabeel) 3 wins, 3 starts, sensation colt. The New Zealand branded colt, like the All Black ruby player Richie Mo’unga – goes by the racing name of Mo’unga.

– Mo’unga (Savabeel – Chandelier by O’Reilly) His 5th dam distaff, Seraphic by Summertime. The Princequillo factor run through male line, via, Hold Your Peace + O’Reilly, via 5×5 Princequillo + Centaine via Vain → Court Martial ⇒ Hurry On / Lady Josephine by Sundridge.

“we put 30 spokes to make a wheel, but it is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges” Laozi

‘fixing’ prototype = phenotype (balance) = genotype ( genetics, speed and stamina and constitutional make-up robust). 


¹ – Bloodstock Breeding – Sir Charles Leicester

² – The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred – Ross du Bourg














Son of Secretariat: Kingston Rule (USA)



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Kingston Rule by Secretariat out of Rose of Kingston by Claude (ITY).

the young colt grew up in Kentucky on the property of its Australian, owner/breeder merchant banker David Hains. Sent to France for a racing career he didn’t fire. The Secretariat colt was shipped to Sydney, to stables of Tommy Smith only to be ‘sent home’ for his poor runs. Only way is ‘up’ and onwards to the ‘famed’ Melbourne Cup stables of Bart Cummings: this nervy, awkward shy youngster was a job to be understood and this was Bart’s training forte. Let him be happy.

Could he ever be a contender for the Melbourne Cup?

In those ten ‘working’ months under Bart’s watchful eye, the colt not only won but busted the 1990 Melbourne Cup course record and added to that, his jockey Darren Beadman had not touched him with the whip.

What a heart-pulsing superior performance: Kingston Rule winning the 1990 Melbourne cup.

Kingston Rule still holds the record today – the winning time of 3 minutes 16.3 seconds.

     – With the look of eagles in his eye and copper lights in his coat, Kingston Rule seemed too pretty, too brittle, to be a contender. Bart made him one. Les Carlyon Turf writer

To stud-breeding matters, plenty of eyebrows where raised when owner-breeder David Hains imported a thirteen year old stallion Claude (Hornbeam – Aigue Vive, by Le Filou’s sire, Vatellor) from the  Tesio brand, Dormello Stud, to stand at his Kingston Park Stud, south of Melbourne.

Hains was trusting his co-advisor the Australian golfing legend Norman von Nida whom, had turned his greater interest to horse-breeding. He prior told Hains, to the development of Hain’s breeding operation “This is the Place for a horse stud. I’ll buy the horses.”

Together, in another vein, David Hains with confidante Norman von Nida where to become the Australian version, to the ways of Federico Tesio.

The import stallion Claude, was an unbeaten Italian stayer, a sturdy type. He was to become the sire of mare, Rose of Kingston (AUS), a Australian Horse of the Year. Her achievements here

Together Hains & von Nida worked well, with reason to follow & import lesser known stout bloodlines to the australian soil. They stood behind these horses and many doubted the breeding product(s) as went the lack of appeal to another: Lowan Star, a multiple Australian Gr.1 winner (Lowan Star  (Biscay – Ursula Lauderdale (ITY) by Claude.

Hains had placed an official reserve of $18,000 on her. Bidding stopped well short of this at $12,500 and Lowan Star was led out of the ring unsold¹

And extraordinarily another great, & Australian Horse Racing Hall of Fame

They could have had Kingston Town for $8,000 that day: that was the official reserve price placed on him. Lack lustre bidding crept towards $5,000 and stayed there²

With Kingston Town we’ve had the stars and I don’t think we deserved the moon…but we’ve got it³

Their innovative breeding skills came together through their study of finest classic; the Italian genes evolved by Federico Tesio had paved legacy – influencing ability with far reaching effect. Like produces like…

To this scrutiny re: genotype, patterns and supremacy it even stunned this writer what ‘fired’ to Kingston Rule, through those delicious depths of female distaff.

As Les Carlyon had stated “the theory of breeding and the the reality of the racetrack were one.”

Kingston Rule said much to be like his sire in phenotype, but the prototype lays it bare…

Where the diamond is forever it is because atoms do not change.

–  there is the invincible prototype to the symmetry of these horses, the superior thoroughbred.


Martha’s daughters… and Secretariat and Carbine, ad infinitum

Kingston Rule thru 5th dam, inbred 2x’s to Carbine (f.f.2h) by Musket (f.f. 3) via his son Wallace (AUS) , the female family 3. These 3 ‘roots’ are endowed ( oversimplified explanatory) as to their Bylerley turk origin.

– 4th dam sire Powerscourt (AUS) to his 3rd dam sire Trenton, by Musket. Powerscourt 2nd dam grand-sire Ayrshire (Hampton by Lord Clifden, from the Martha Lynn dam family. 

– Better Boy (IRE) 3x’s Ayrshire ⇒ 10x’s Lord Clifden + include the 8x’s Bend Or, where his dam is thus correctly, genetically proven to the Clemence/Martha Lynn line. n.b. this Bend Or factor totally trans-figures, inter-locks every known pedigree.

– Hornbeam 4th dam grand-sire Trenton by Musket. 2nd dam sire Bois Roussel, his dam Plucky Leige by Spearmint by Carbine by Musket.

– Nearco, 2nd dam by Spearmint by Carbine by Musket.

Kingston Rule died in 2011. Here is a delightful video one month before his passing.

more about Kingston Park Stud archives, refer here

¹ , ² source: Ross du Bourg The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred

³ David Hains



far out speed…Farnan (AUS)



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Our subject is Australian colt, Farnan (Not a Single Doubt AUS) – Tallow (Street Cry).

As a 2 year old colt to 5 wins from 6 starts inclusive of a G1, 2020 Golden Slipper (1200m) ‘we’ racing fans are eager to see him at new season’s campaigns.

Much to drool about & tho’ 3×4 Danehill, the colt Farnan has exceptional representation to factor our exclusive researchMartha’s daughters…

(n.b. take time to comprehend ‘her’ invisible layer through every known pedigree. This is Martha’s world wide influence, since ‘she’ greatly governs sports horse breeding of not only immortal thoroughbreds but the world’s best quarter horses that fired with Three Bars (TB), his great grand-son Dash for Cash, his dam from same female distaff as Secretariat.  Secretariat and Carbine, ad infinitum . Martha also largely influencing Brazil’s breed, the Mangalarga Paulista – thanks to a progeniture TB sire named Lancaster 1883. (Thank you Gilbert Junqueira – member to FB, Bloodlines in the Sport of Kings)

Martha Lynn – the trait-presence to Farnan (AUS); this is coming through 2nd dam sire Lion Hunter (AUS), to his dam’s sire Godswalk (USA), female family 2h. Lion Hunter’s dam Pure of Heart (IRE) is a Gr. 1 winner – George Ryder Stakes & Gr.3 VATC Autumn Stakes. Dam of 10, she had 6 winners.

sidenote: Godswalk (USA) is 4th dam sire to Australian 4 year old gelding: Run for Glory (Olympic Glory (IRE) – Nayana (AUS) ex- Iglesia, has 11 starts, for 5 wins, the last 4 wins, in succession.

If you think Farnan’s pedigree is a fluke, think again. The genotype pattern here ⇒ pedigree Racers Edge – Rorys Jester – God’s girl by Godswalk. Racers Edge was an Australian multiple Gr1 winner.

I am prepared to classify as proven upgraders on the Australasian grass-surface racing scene – the very sound Dancer’s Image success Godswalk (who died in 1988)
Ross du Bourg – The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred
(Native Dancer male line: Godswalk, is the son of Kentucky Derby winner Dancer’s Image Godswalk was a leading two year old in Ireland and developed into a top sprinter in England, where his major victory was in the Kings Stand Stakes Gr. 1 Royal Ascot. Godswalk was exported to Australia in 1983 for three seasons and left a reputation as a sire of early maturing two year olds which earned him several championships on races won.
Bill Cox – Thoroughbred Stallions at Stud

Further reviewing Farnan’s pedigree, almost supernatural to exquisite Street Cry his broodmare sire, it goes additionally to genotype distaff, 4th dam by Vain.


– Vain the superior to Australasian breeding

the power house chestnut with the rounded, rippling physique, was described as ‘the greatest sprinter in the world’ by rival trainer Bart Cumming after the three year old colt’s history making win in the VRC George Adams Handicap (1 mile) at Flemington on 8 November 1969, sadly destined to be his last appearance on the racecourse. R. du Bourg – The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred.

Now there’s a race horse. Source the collective integrity to Vain by Wilkes by Court Martial by Fair Trial from the Sundridge/Americus Girl. Court Martial’s dam by Hurry On (Marcovil) and sense the superior genotype in action, because it hits hard where Sainfoin and Sundridge are genetic cousins and Marcovil has the ‘white-shirt mare’ source 1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean – II.

court martial

Court Martial

– Court Martial is the great-granddam sire to Lion Hunter’s dam, Pure of Heart (IRE). His siring son Wilkes from dam Sans Tara (GB), as also she the dam of Worden (FR). Worden is the 4th dam sire, to the dam-line Street Cry, Farnan’s broodmare sire. View Wilkes to sire Not a Single Doubt, via Rory’s Jester…connect the distinction back, Sans Tara (GB) female family 13c – 7sx8Dx7D.

Of course, there are plentiful other line-bred layers that will plentifully explain Farnan however, I shall come back to direct, 3×4 Danehill.

By my own admittance I have not been too crazy about multiple Danehill until eyes opened to the Danzig factor and since then I have seen a number of superior genotypes, running 3 – 4 x’s Danzig. Danzig’s 3rd dam sire is Felstead →Spion Kop → Spearmint→Carbine→ residing in those veins ⇒  Mersey/Clemence/Eulogy/ Martha Lynn.

As always advising… be on watch to the incremental, distaff. Note, Farnan’s female family 1-m* is infused upon Hurry On (Marcovil).

To my research & opinion – Hurry On accounts a one off ‘rarity’ but when ‘present’ will strike well ahead, its superior factor. Hurry On, by the original chef-de-race dosage is Professional: a sector mostly nil and greatly deteriorated by modern terms.

To much interest Franco Varola wrote: “The Hurry On line is celebrated for having provided some of the most powerful specimens of the Thoroughbred, but its existence is always hanging by a thread, as with the premature death of its most outstanding latter-day representative, Santa Claus”. ⇒ Santa Claus pedigree

Varola’s account (Typology of the Racehorse) still stimulates much discussion to our modern day spectrum. At time of writing his book… Hurry On even then, had bare few son lines & was ‘struggling’ to continue, versus the over plentiful line, Phalaris.

It seems the Hurry On stock were of late maturity – a perennial problem for the soul of the thoroughbred and yet, this stamina and constitutional factor are what breeders are now lamenting to.

all be well


and they’re off – Kentucky 2020



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We’re broadly comparing the 2020 field – looking at factors to sire and progenitor types across the board. All narrowed down, TBL admires the gelded, Sole Volante (Karakontie (JPN) – Light Blow (USA).


There’s something to enjoy about this bloke’s racing – you want more…

’cause every hand’s a winner & every hand’s a loser (The Gambler)

The pedigree: **Sole Volante’s sire Karakontie (JPN) male line descendant to grand-sire Storm Cat, and Volante’s BM sire is Sunday Silence. The pedigree has 4sx3D Miesque (USA) – she the international G1 performer, dual classic winner in France and Britain and her Breeders Cup mile in America and Hall of Fame inductee.

Side by side, the top Kentucky Derby contenders share influence: In Reality (USA) and his reigning influence(s)  ⇒ 3×3 War Relic plus much fervor to Discovery, grandson of Fair Play the sire of Man O’War and throw the big punch to broodmare sire Rough’n Tumble, the male ‘trait’ line to female family 2h → Martha’s daughters…

Rough’n Tumble, his sire-son sprinter *Dr. Fager to his influence to Mr Prospector son, Fappiano. There the candle Fappiano blows across Tapit – Pioneer of the Nile – Cryptoclearance – Cross Traffic.

Sol Volante does not carry Fappiano but 19 x’s Fair Play are determining fiercely where the storm is to blow.

Firstly, identify the female family 4m – Sol Volante’s dam Light blow (USA)

–  dam, Light blow (USA), the distaff family, descendant daughter back to Lexington. (same family – the US 3 year old champion Miss Request by Requested by Questionnaire (USA), Questionnaire the male line to *Dr. Fager .

Sol Volante’s dam Light blow, where building, greatest & ‘direct’ potent influence. The distaff 5th dam by → Mr Busher (War Admiral/Man o’ War) and Mr Busher’s grand-dam, La Troienne.

– Yes indeed, her ‘dye is cast’, proceeds to sire line-bred, through Sol Volante’s paternal grand-sire Bernstein thru 4th dam Busanda by War Admiral, the grand-dam La Troienne. Furthering… these two famous strains, side-by-side are ‘direct’ and directed to sire, Karakontie, by grand-dam sire Woodman, where 4th dam by War Admiral from La Troienne family.


my pick, Sole Volante –

there’ll be time enough for countin’, when the dealin’s done…. (The Gambler)


Secretariat and Carbine, ad infinitum



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Clemence, (Newminster) dam Eulogy and grand-dam Martha Lynn where never house-hold names to early thoroughbred breeders. Then denoted family 2, the foundational mare Martha Lynn is identified to female family 2h.

The above – Horse Breeding in History & Practice, B. Von Oettingen 1909

With acknowledgment to writer, researcher & quality analysis – Kathleen Kirsan (US) alongside historian Tony Byles (UK) – their researches have greatly clarified pedigree history held to the scam belonging to the puzzle – Bend Or/Tadcaster. Science upon mitochondrial DNA, to validate the results belong to Tadcaster from Clemence – L4a

-Thoroughbred breeding history shall go, re-written.

A name which brings reverence, is Secretariat. More than horse, the wonders of this equine-specimen truly are rare and transcendent as demonstrated by his Belmont Stakes win of 31 lengths.
“There may be some people who do now know or what Secretariat is – people who have been marooned on Pacific Islands or lost in Amazonian Jungles” CBS broadcast.


Gracelessly, recent correspondence has dismissed Secretariat as the unsuccessful sire. The claim and crudeness is clumsy. The casual observer, not yet acquainted to dynamics – how breeding is patience, an awareness, and Time where the powerhouse genetics disperse softly backwards, falling upon an ‘odd’ similarity, these not-so-obvious but potent, inherent factors. They don’t die easily.

Trying to fault Secretariat’s conformation was like dreaming of dry rain – Charlie Hatton U.S. sportswriter

You had to notice him. Seldom did you see a horse with such presence: tall and leggy, the latter an inheritance from his American grandsire Bold Ruler, Secretariat’s white sock and blaze, the same bright red coat, the same intelligent head. He looked rarefied- physically magnificent and mentally fragile. Les Carlyon (True Grit)

Sensibly, the depth and relevance to what gave Secretariat’s breeding, is boundless…. whispers an IT factor within. 

The pencil always needs sharpening…


With science & Kirsan’s framework – we can revisit Secretariat’s genotype, to 10thG. – 16x’s Bend Or/Tadcaster, to affixing with Clemence grand-dam Martha Lynn (f.f.2h)

sight… 8x’s *Gallinule – his grand-dam by Skirmisherby by Voltigeur from Martha Lynn f.f.2h

8x’s Lord Clifden by Newminister from 3rd dam Martha Lynn f.f. 2h

2x’s Spearmint by Carbine by Musket (Carbine’s grand-dam is Clemence)

take another over view to Secretariat contributors

Nearco – his 2nd dam by Spearmint by Carbine, grand-dam Clemence

Mumtaz Begum – 5×5 Gallinule plus The Tetrarch’s Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

Discovery – 4×5 Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

Outdone – 1 *Gallinule

Prince Rose – 5×5 Hampton (Lord Clifden) ⇒ Martha Lynn f.f.2h + Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

Caruso – 1 Lord Clifden + Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

***∀Cinquepace – 5×5 Hampton/Lord Clifden + 5×5 Bend Or/Tadcaster/Clemence + Roi Herode by Le Samaritain from Clementina from Clemence (nb 11 x, multiple sources to f.f.2h & further yet corrections? to chef-de-race sire Teddy (reference & note her photo)

To add notably, Secretariats 5th dam distaff, is by Trenton* (NZ) by Musket, sire of Carbine (further explanations below)

Ad Infinitum…

How Unreal… to our homeland, the Antipodean down-under, Aotearoa New Zealand bred Carbine (NZ) by Musket from Mersey, grand-dam Clemence.

How unreal before being imported to the New Zealand breeding industry, where Carbine’s sire Musket by Toxopholite, was condemned alongside others of the same age. He was to be shot when two years’ old by the owner – the eccentric Lord Glasgow, as when tried, he showed no ability. Musket’s trainer asked that the colt be given a reprieve. Musket survived to become a very good stayer at 3,4, and 5 years. (reference – The Australasian Book of Thoroughbred Racing)

Exported to New Zealand, before his earliest progeny raced, he sired a talented number of foals that made their place in TB history: Martini-Henri, the first New Zealand Melbourne cup winner, Trenton*, Nordenfeldt, Tirailleur, Tartar, Foul Shot, Maxim, Cuirassier and Manton. The mares Brown Bess (Musket/Celibacy f.f.1a) and Ante Diem.

(Interesting sidenote: the Ante Diem family deeply established itself in Argentina, 19 classic winners inclusive 1931 Triple Crown winner Mineral. By not a coincidence Mineral is 5×5 to Bend Or (not!) therefore Clemence influenced)

And then there was Carbine.

It was only when the turn was reached that everyone knew where Carbine was. He shot through the field like a thunderbolt – 1890 Melbourne Cup win by Argus


Carbines heir-succession. He left a Derby winner named Spearmint, & in turn, sired another Derby winner, Spion Kop, who in his turn left the Derby winner Felstead (photo below right)

Spearmint exerted a great influence – more than could ever be suspected, as it passed to Tesio’s breed-shaper Nearco (Spearmint the broodmare sire) and the great New Zealand breeder of stayer’s Foxbridge by Foxlaw, the son of Son-In-Law →→ the male line of Hampton (notes as above) + Spearmint, the broodmare sire + 3×4 Gallinule (notes, as above).


Foxbridge at Trelawny Stud, NZ

the crowd can go wildit traces where the great Danehill, his sire Danzig, is from a damline to 3rd dam by Felstead ↔ (Spearmint)

Dramatically, it is a true revelation to the overall pedigree course-correction(s) and Structures: reinforcement to the Clemence influence.

History, passion, intrigue and Clemence’s history are strong to the New Zealand breds. Racing fans are still watching their great racing days…..


None more than the gentle giant, Phar-Lap (NZ), sired by Night Raid.


and to NZ Racing Hall of Fame, Nightmarch (NZ) by Night Raid.

The major thrill & find to these 2 giants by Night Raid are by an incorrect Bend-Or. Re-fashion the female line? Rediscover/Reinforce Night Raid correctly, by Clemence damline, and circle his broodmare sire, Spearmint by Carbine (to Clemence) by Musket. Add-in 3rd dam by Ayshire, the male line to Lord Clifden (3rd dam Martha Lynn)

– Phar- lap – 5×5 Musket via Maxim & Carbine

– Nightmarch – 3×4 Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence + 5×5 Musket via Carbine & Nordenfeldt

and then the NZ darling: Sunline (NZ) – Desert Sun from Songline.

Sunline – notably, from the same female distaff as Phar Lap via his full sister Fortune’s Wheel.

Sunline’s genotype profile extraordinarily reveals her grand-dam’s (McAngus) to grandsire Rockefeller from his dam Rockfel (Felstead). Noticeably, dam Rockfel carries 7 strains of multiple sources, to the f.f 2h (source, 7thG,

Nijinsky – broodmare sire Bull Page/Bull Lea/Bull Dog, from Plucky Leige by Spearmint by Carbine. Bull Lea’s grand-dam Colonial by Trenton (Musket).

Sunline’s sire, Desert Sun → Danzig (Felstead/Spearmint): ***∀Cinquepace / Sir Gaylord – (refer above)

Yes, the New Zealand inheritance factors are just too good  – So You Think (NZ) by High Chaparral from Triassic (NZ)

– 5th dam by Foxbridge (Spearmint)

– grand-dam by Long Row by Linacre by Rockefeller (dam, Rockfel)

– broodmare sire, Tights by Nijinsky

Sire, High Chaparral – 3rd dam sire Kris by Sharpen Up from Rocchetta by Rockefeller

Now that we have discovery to Clemence & Martha Lynn: the yeah/nah speculations about Secretariat – to his dam Terlingua upon her dam-line where these patterns and cycles repeat.

Their breeding days are just re-starting!!

Prophetically, the New Zealander Jack Glengarry (analyst and author of NZ racing and breeding literature & founder of Tesio software) stated (1995): SOMETHINGROYAL (2s) 1952 (Princequillo-Imperatrice, by Caruso). Dam of the almighty Secretariat and Sir Gaylord. Appreciated ‘down under’ as the catalyst for Veandercross’s rise to equine fame. She is among the younger females destined for 21st century stardom. Matching this “blue hen” through one of her sons and a daughter is a licence for success. These mares are a nucleus who make a major impact when repeated in pedigrees. It is appropriate to consider that they were ‘ordained in heaven’ to fulfil their role in upgrading bloodstock in the Tesio mode. END

Veandercross (NZ) (Crossways (UK) – Lavender NZ) she was an unraced mare and repeated mating for her. It was a specific breeding ‘plan’ according to Tesio principles & advice, repeat the mating if you ‘love’ the pedigree. ‘V’ has 3×3 Nijinsky, 4×4 Somethingroyal. The in-foal mare was bought for $NZ1400 dollars – return earnings $NZ3.6 million to owner & trainer Chris Turner of Wanganui.

New/Current example – American Pharoah 2year old filly Reframe from Careless Jewel by Tapit. She races in Japan and won her first start in a spectacular way!

– Storm Cat 4sx4d – Secretariat 6sx6dx6d – Somethingroyal 7sx7Dx9Dx7D + Nijinsky 7dx5d.


‘down under’

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(postscript) of interest….did you know?

Carbine might never have left his stud career in Australia but for a bank crash which forced Wallace to sell up. Carbine was scheduled to be sold at auction but was sold privately beforehand in February 1895 for the princely sum of 13,000 guineas to the Duke of Portland and shipped to England to the Duke’s Welbeck Abbey Stud, where he stood alongside St Simon – credit source November Gold by Max Lambert

Legend has it that Carbine was left hopelessly at the start and was still a long last with most of the race run before unleashing a tremendous finishing burst. But the Referee’s reporter saw it different…was well last when the field settled but was up with the leaders after a furlong and scampered home, an easy winner.

Carbine remains the greatest Melbourne cup winner. He carried 66.5 kilograms, or 7 kilograms over weight-for-age. He beat the biggest field ever of 39 runners.

Carbine won wearing a bar shoe holding together a split heel so rotten with infection it had to be opened and drained a few days later.

Musket and Carbine are types of guns.

Slyvia Park in Auckland NZ -(the former stud and breeding ground for Musket & Carbine’s birthplace) is now metropolis Auckland. There is a road, named Carbine Road.

Musket was sent to the Antipodes (NZ) to sire coach horses.

Musket’s sire by Toxophilite was a bleeder and Longbow, a roarer.

The heart of Phar Lap



International high five – the female family 5H



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Identified across many an international pedigree are those belonging to the 5h female family.

The european line ⇒ Rough Shod II (Gold Bridge-Dalmary by Blandford-Simon’s Shoes by Simon Square-Goody Two Shoes by Isinglass – where lightening strikes – the 5H family certainly has its fire. image

5h line-breeding to these individuals: Sadlers Wells (USA), Nureyev (USA), Fairy King (USA), Thatch (USA), Geiger Counter (USA), Northern Meteor (AUS)  Moccasin (USA), Lt Stevens (USA) et al

Reform (IRE), Val de Loir (FR) , Lorenzaccio (GB)

the German bred line via Konigsstuhl (GER), ‘W’ german family i.e. Waldgeist (GB)

Their evolutionary progressed from ancestress dam (Ann of the Forest by King Fergus) f.f. 5h identified to the mitochondrial DNA haplotype D1b.

Where drawn to a pedigree plan, it is ‘amassing’ these individuals that can be best considered the nutshell... consistent, constitutional stamina breeding to Oak & Derby types. And importantly, with regular ability to further produce stock high-quality.

Advancing its classic status: Blandford, chef-de-race classic sire, had the breeding to mare *Dalmary – her dam Simons Shoes. Blandford below 


–  from the same distaff to & via dam, *Simons Shoes are Reform (Pall Mall IRE), Val de Loir (Vieux Manoir FR) and, Lorenzaccio (Klairon GB)

– Konigsstuhl distaff (Gallinule (GB) by *Isonomy) and ‘W’ 5h family, (Doncaster GB) the same distaff to Waldgeist (UK) (a side note, this reference to Blandford – where he is inbred to *Isonomy….connect those ‘dots’!)

to stud-duty, Kongisstuhl (f.f.5h) went highly successful with fourteen group winners. His off spring when inbred to Kaiserkrone (3rd dam) produced Lavirco (a 2x G.1 Derby winner. When Kongisstuhl was inbred to Kaiserkrone through her dam, Kaiseradler, this produced Monsun (4x leading German sire), Majoritat (champion 3 year old filly in germany) and Alkalde (champion german miler at 3years) 


The 5H family inbred & line-breeding to its band & co-affinity can overview great pedigrees to cohesively ‘knit’ and I may suggest… constitutional durability. A  considerable Quality, to the wider modern breeding spectrum.

Whether it is regeneration to pattern or formula, it is where history begins & repeats…Goody Two-Shoes dam of stayer Charles O’Malley and better recognized as the sire of Malva, dam of all class racehorse and leading sire Blenheim, as sired by yes, Blandford.

European breeders such as Maria Niarchos, John Magnier and Robert Sangster noticed the genetic connection between Dalmary and Blenheim, because they were fans of Rough Shod’s family (5H) – Ken McLean 

It is a family which always features and progressively, excelling thoroughbred breeding to produce outstanding runners, to their outstanding results.

-Navigating the f.f. 5h layout …

multiple G1 winner & international performer Ghaiyyath by Dubawi, from Nighttime (IRE) – 5H factors via the dam Special, Lorenzaccio, Thatching

ENABLE (GB) – supreme Sadlers Wells 2×3 

Waldgeist, the prodigious sire Sadlers Wells, Konigsstuhol, the ‘W’ (GER) 5h.

Classic & SUPERB pedigrees: Sea of Class (IRE) & Stradivarius (IRE) Sadlers Wells, Lorenzaccio

Dundeel (High Chaparral) Sadlers Wells, Nureyev, Val De Loir:  sire of  Castelvecchio – breeding beyond ordinary

Azmiyna (Galileo) 1/2 sister to Azamour (IRE) and the dam of genus reflects: The Autumn Sun Sadlers Wells, Lt Stevens

Zabeel (Sir Tristram) – Conduits, of Essential Difference (part 4) Nureyev, Val De Loir

Back to the Future with Tarzino (NZ) Fairy Bridge, Nureyev, Reform

Should you ever come by a broodmare on sale… snap her up!


Dundeel (NZ) video to enjoy –


Tarzino (NZ) true character to Fairy Bridge, Nureyev, Reform (photo by TBL)

fit for a king – Persian King (IRE)



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I’m thinking highly of this perfect *genotype.

It is the Irish bred, French trained 4 year old colt by name of Persian King (IRE). Persian King by Kingman (Invincible Spirit) from Pretty Please by Dylan Thomas (Danehill) winner of the G.1 Prix d’ Ishapan, 2020.

View his racing portfolio → here

We see, Persian King’s geno-pedigree, fixes 2x Sharpen Up f.f. 5i (Diesis & Kris) to the building ‘up’ bloodline per distaff infused Rahy & Roberto f.f.12c.

Having long encouraged, asserting modern-type racing individuals take type at identified strains/traits that not only strongly impact the breeding program but provide the consistency, to enduring ability.

Those strains clearly are re-generational typology. Its the potency, its action…

how beautiful Persian King is to see in action

the force of nature, once on track, gallops with almost surprising lightness for such a model, led by his great and beautiful action. credit source FB page Jour de Galop

Reference * prior articles…( principle – to identify what drives desired prototype)

5-i, the diverse trait

1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean – II

1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean

where is…Roberto!

Collectively, those above are genetic frameworks that hold earliest, purest constitutional running heart of the racehorse.

Further note the pedigree to Irish bred, G.1. winner Serpentine (Galileo). It another in-bred dam to Sharpen Up. With non inclusion to Roberto or of  the families to f.f.12c (these strains are relevant much further back) it is where pedigree tables can complex an obscure genetic prowess to formative, evolutionary relationship(s). 

The dynasty of Galileo as sire has Here, There, Everywhere depth potency. Very cliche, yet 36x’s to St Simon alongside desired progenitors of great importance plainly deliver classic European champions.

(sidenote if interested to reading further St Simon ‘depths’, refer these articles Bring it on…Max and Waldgeist, the prodigious sire

– making ‘champions’ is never 1+1+1+1+1 but the ‘swelling’ wave of attributes, planning ahead the bloodline to peak.


More ‘info’ here →










TBL tootled off to our local track. Check out horses, check out racing folk and with some feverish optimism, ably find that horse which walks its own, & pleasure one’s eye.

Too late for first race of 2 year olds, we studied the racebook with glum coffee. Next race prospects ??? running a Maiden and did wonder how an early staying prospect can get up on 1000 metres?

Of entries, 2 horses grabbed my studious attention and as it happened, 1 of these went scratched, so bucks went down on the other, a Sacred Falls filly.

Genotype = Phenotype, right?!

– Liking her phenotype, it measured a racehorse and past assessments to the tragic, deceased young sire Sacred Falls; his pedigree (to ancestral & inherit factors) I gave to her an even higher, high-five. eureka



Whoopee – it was great to see her win.


Few years back, TBL had strong hunches Sacred Falls progeny would be clean, strong – very specifically  bred…..

– formerly we had chosen a Ready to Run 2 year individual but nope…client was not  convinced to my claim.

– seems I’ll never be a salesman. (wink)

fools n horses

That particularly R2R pick…Sacred Falls, from a dam family as same belonging to Te Akau Shark – to the distaff fabulous female family of 5-i. The high-quality trait, which champions much of our favored, analytical workings going about tuning & turning quality genetics.

..that TBL punt of the day!! – the 3 year old Sacred Falls filly from Mayon (by Don Eduardo) does not carry in-bred individuals and her dam, grand-dam and great grand-dam where each breeding stock non-raced. Hmmm….theories??

But would you believe… *ol’ inheritance, the stalwarts stand strong. Seek n’ find. (nb. Very long research complex, the understanding too….where this dam’s 6-d family has multiples back-in X-factors, but what IS extremely intriguing where evolutionary female line belongs to MISS BELVOIR, aka Cabbage-arsed Mare. Her great grand-daughter Sister to Juno is the Dam of Diomed, the male bloodline to American turf racing. Kiss that arse, kiss the mitchondrial DNA, …..

As horses go…. Time breeding (patience) provides the schedule where genetics ripen, they meet, they make potency.

It is to appraise the genuine female families (as strains) that they merit the sire’s pedigree & as to structure or attune the layering ‘into’ the modern-bred genotype. 3 Steps there….

Naturally, significantly leading female families to both sire with broodmare play decisive on Potent clustering ones.

…if you pursue Sacred Falls…then its the female family 8-f that nicely nicks in….Boom!

– the f.f.8f individuals identified : Relic – Raise a Native – Blue Larkspur – Nijinsky.

And, should you ever pursue heritages, then dig deep, to reference  and just note evolutionary strains within.

– on my TBL bucket list – the wishful thinker (wink) should anyone spot ‘the One’ by Sacred Falls by A broodmare, her carrying 2x Vain →Court Martial, it must surely be a stand-out prospect.

how, why…..

It starts here →… Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree plus, Hanseatic (AUS) – Black Caviar female family

the weave of a loom is stronger –  1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean – II

Understand the depth, Understand the genetics, Understand the pattern. Exploit potency.


see you at the races



Bring it on…Max



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The horse that is Max. He is an intriguing well-bred individual and we shall review his rich genotype pattern. The breeding – Maximum Security (USA) by New Year’s Day (Street Cry) from dam, Lil Indy by Anasheed.

Maximum Security – The Racehorse robust where his athleticism brings beauty, courage, willpower – the raw aptitude to master any other. Not an ineligible racehorse at all!

 –  Max’your heart is free, have the courage to follow it (Braveheart)

Undoubtedly his future♥ shall bring so much more to that gripping, & breathtaking winning style. Let’s see what gets the champion pedigree. The graciously bred, as from his sire & broodmare sire, these brushed aside stallions. (wink)

Maximum Security dam line, hails from the exalted matriarch Chelandry to the female family 1-N.

Exploring MS genotype, interplay the angles, crosses & fusions, these depths covering 10 Generations. Primarily determined through St. Simon !! (n.b. ***refer below the overview exercise to cover 10 generational Span)

Machiavellian – 45x’s St. Simon
Helen Street – 56 x’s St. Simon
Dixie Union – 32 x’s St. Simon, 21x’s Fair Play
General Jeanne – 25 x’s St. Simon, 18x’s Spearmint
AP Indy – 39x’s St. Simon
Flagbird – 54x’s St. Simon, 26 x’s Canterbury Pilgrim
Cresta Rider- 36x’s St Simon, 32 x’s Hermit
Rugosa – 34 x’s Stockwell, 25 x’s Newminister


The Imperial St Simon of an overreaching mass but especially do peruse the modern-type potency. Check through these ‘trait’ peculiarities (those which I dearly champion for good reason!). 

5-i, the diverse trait via Machiavellian (→Hoist the Flag) & Anasheed (→Hoist the Flag)


Probe them deep, what gains ancestral directive lines, those infused upon female principle distaff. Notice this to the Chelandry bloodline.  They are Rosicrucian from Madame Egletine and Sunstar (by Sundridge) , the two are f.f. 5.i.

It is not to tie over as straight-line pedigree workings: it is to pierce and appreciate genetics permeate the Structure, a comprehension (if you like) to the crafting of breeding.

Up and Down the analyzing to pedigree…where broodmare sires are considered pivotal and to MS, address his broodmare sire Anasheed (AP Indy).

Anasheed genetics are pretty much running on blue hen La Troienne (female family 1-x) via dam Flagbird distaff + Buckpasser + Jet Action (by Jet Pilot) + Poker (by Round Table)

Anasheed was exported to Russia in 2010.

MS’s sire, New Year’s Day also kinda vexed as non-appealing, thus it dealt his final US breeding season only to cover 25 mares. New Year’s Day sold-off to Brazil. Come 2019 he went on-sold to Japan (Shadai Stallion Station). Hmmm….

New Year’s Day grand-dam sire Honour and Glory (Relaunch) carries twice La Troienne through sires, The Axe and Francis S.

– Honour and Glory also inbred to Turn-To and impacts (6sx9Dx6Dx6d) via Machiavellian/Halo & Mr Leader.

Another highlight to broodmare sire Anasheed is 3 year old colt, by the name Shivaree (USA) and the La Troienne pattern echoes once again.

Shivaree was 2nd to Tiz the Law in the Florida Derby G. 1.

     – Shivaree by sire, Awesome of Course (let’s note, f.f. 1-x!!) from Garter Belt to 4th dam sire Anticipating (USA) from ⇒ La Troienne, female family 1-x.  Boom! – its where you want these patterns of genetics to run…

Its the Fundamentals: refining a perfect pedigree is How those are pointed and ‘keyed’ to those essential individuals with Greater phylogenetic influences to the modern bred.

Considered factors to breeding racehorses can and will ascend through the superior conduit inheritance pattern; ‘squared’ to family evolutionary relationship. Certain strains of parent-stock of the Thoroughbred are preternatural.

–  genotype relationship – both ancestral and synergistic upon the present generation and comparing phylogenetic clustering strongly suggests and plays the major keys.

***The phylogenetics  cluster group(s) where mapped scientifically via ancestry; domesticated selective breeding have evolutionary adaption as genetic (mutation) drifts. These estimated to a mean generation interval of 11.36 years.

***To survey genotype to a span towards 11-12 generations reveals potential consolidated individuals – the potent conduits go determined.

The span – via familial breeding (distaff) heads to source – provide mitochondrial DNA potential. Thus the blueprint is to appreciate matrilineal factors: to refine ‘collective’ bloodline females. They are what might reproduce the productive, the Potential.

The ancestry shall shape  & regenerate along those lines, like La Troienne.


Sunny side up


Further reading

Bloodlines Presented By Mill Ridge Farm: Maximum Security’s Pedigree Like Fine Wine

Credit with reference to FB – Horse Racing Legends (Group)




Succession to Shamardal



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The recent announcement to passing of supreme sire Shamardal had surprise and shock.

Shamardal, his potent supremacy verve to European colt star-performers named Pinatubo, Earthlight, and 2 year old Victor Ludorum (→ a ‘wow’ maternal bred pedigree to 3×3 Helen Street and 5x5x5 Petingo, sire of Troy).

In the filly/mare ranks is multiple G1 performer Castle Lady (Shamardal – Windsor County).

– Interestingly, her distaff (to depth of generations as infused/in-bred to Isonomy. That is a key point… & (*if readers grasp Blandford as highly influential from our past articles) is noting, the tremendous Blandford trait is in-bred to Isonomy. Snap!


Shamardal is the pattern-prototype. Decisively like his dams half brother the wonderful Street Cry who bred glamour mares of world racing wonder as named Zenyatta and Winx.

These extraordinary, unbelievable individuals are not only of a racing type phenomena but also the poignant breeding truth – phenotype salutes genotype.

Breeding is calculating genetics to get the hybrid individual to be a consistent prototype. In a nutshell, its breed-shaping.

It is so much more than breeding legs: it is potentializing the horse to ability –  capably endure itself beyond what we humans accept as its speed.

– it is to achieve the impossible….

Let’s remember a few of his progeny.

His, the enigmatic, quirky G.1 Hong Kong sprinter Pakistan Star of an ineffable brilliance from back of the field to win running, over top. His breeding – Shamardal – Nina Celebre (IRE) of ol ‘depth from her German/French female roots aka Alchimist (Ger) the dynamite influence to Urban Sea family 9-h.

And his highly respected Hong Kong multiple G.1 performer Able Friend (Shamardal – Ponte Piccolo (NZ)  by Volksraad). (take a sharp look at Scottish Rifle inheritance ff 15a)

The French Derby winner Lope de Vega (Shamardal – Lady Vettori) a sire and of a pedigree which prior ‘shaped’ his genetic preference to further come through. These influences are Machiavellian and Sharpen Up (further noted below)

Shamardal the stallion:  the great sire to great sire from grand-daddy Storm Cat got Giant’s Causeway got Shamardal.

This Dominance… upon a male-sire line of dominant gene characters fierce. And so beneath the genotype arrangements to source the racing-machine progenitor,  the infinite – *Solario (Gainsborough – Sun Worship (Sundridge) f.f. 26.

Female family 26 – the mit DNA as belonging to Cypron, the dam of Herod: the Herod sire of All. They sped to the future and the speed progenitor upon female distaff – Storm Cat and Royal Academy and Mt Livermore, via Spy Song – these are individuals to remember for *pedigree*

Through many a long night burning-out, just how Winx was Winx through contribution and build of strains, via her sire Street Cry and peeling through his maternal pedigree the intrigues of female family 5-i. It is a strain/trait belonging to an individual which infuses superior Typology as incised upon a modern bred racehorse.

Always sharpen pencils upon: Kris/Sharpen Up and Hoist The Flag.

Street Cry and Shamardal, the maternal broodmare sires Machiavellian/Troy factors  irrefutable & what makes todays superior champions, a ‘cut’ above the rest – has their  effortless action, a champion galloper ably, enjoying his Dominion.


Machiavellian(photo credit, Facebook, Thoroughbred Bloodlines)

It don’t come easy when breeding quality athletics. However, accessible from profiling lines which last and this maxim, shoves guts, to any International genotype Pedigree. Thereto…speculate the phenotype ability which must identify what (preferred) prototypes has (at best) bio-mechanical efficiency.

– And hereof, these dynamics gather about Shamardal’s succession.

Without a doubt, Pinatubo at the completion of his racing career will court the best of best broodmares everywhere/anywhere.

Another, to the outstanding Godolphin bred international performer & sprinter Blue Point (Shamardal – Scarlett Rose (GB) ) shuttled to Australian shores for his 2020 stud duty. Interestingly, Blue Point’s pedigree also has the 5x’s to *Solario (f.f. 26)

Aside from these big-names of European racing, to promotion of highest-quality sires, one can dexterously procure Shamardal’s genetic fruit for a nominal sum. I’m on board to this Shamardal  son, Crackerjack King  (IRE ) – Shamardal – Claba Di San Jore (IRE) by Barathea

Crackerjack King     ⇒

Crackerjack King, went brave to 3rd in the Caulfield 1800m Underwood Stakes. He went to 7 wins of distances 1800m to 2200m and crowned a Champion Older Male in Italy.

His dam Claba Di San Jore (IRE) and producer of Jakkalberry (Storming Home, he sired by Machiavellian!).

Jakkalberry was truly an international performer over 6 racing countries winning multiple G.1, 2 and 3 titles of 1800m to 2200m. Jakkalberry (was) an exciting stallion but through a gut infection, his promising stud career ended early at Novara Park, New Zealand (2018).

Respect, Claba Di San Jore, the 3rd dam’s factor (Crodas (IRE) is in-bred to Umidar (Blandford). Blandford – the Classic profiling type for robust genetics. (n.b. an important read to Understand Blandford influences, TBL blog A winged electric – Pinatubo

Again and again it is to appreciate genetics roll cyclic, clustering to the vital ‘regeneration’. This is the circuitry-board…

Planning out, the broodmare sire to any pedigree-cycle is where bloodlines catalyse…. thus, Barathea (Sadlers Wells) of notorious f.f 5-H . This is same family-line to Nureyev and Val-de-Loir as to recognize these maternal strains are Dalmery (by Blandford)!

I believe the maternal grandsire can exert a major pivoting influence for good or bad in a specimen pedigree. Ross du Bourg – The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred.

And….because we love to explore how Shamardal genetics might work regenerating, we’ve proposed these Australian broodmare lines which keep/adapt the genotype framework.

  • Danehill Dancer upon influences : Sharpen Up & Caro
  •  Choisir (as above plus *Solario, Hornbeam (see Troy) Big Game (Blandford) + Court Martial
  •  Proisir (as above plus Fairy King (f.f.5h) via Encosta de Lago plus *Solario
  • Fastnet Rock – upon influences, Crimson Satan, Big Game (Blandford)  Brantome (Blandford) & Solario

Social Distancing with good cheer!


footnote – New Zealand readers may like to review the pedigree of quality performer Volpe Veloce (Foxwedge) to appraise Fastnet Rock across the  broodmare sire Barathea.





The Grey Flash – Chautauqua



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“Chautauqua – he’s flying….Can he do it – “YES”

No racing enthusiast can tire of watching footage to the Australian grey gelding “The Grey Flash”.

Chautauqua inspired anyone with a racing soul – his name blazes sprinting like the panther on his prey.

Chautauqua ran from the back. Swish, a staggering velocity charge and with precision, he knew how to win.

6 Group 1 wins and three successive TJ Smith Stakes wins, in same spectacular fashion, the impossible last to an impossible, breathtaking win.

The extraordinary intelligence of the dramatic Chautauqua as cannily accompanied, by the laid-back temperament – to his disheartened appetite to achieve more high-class racing.

With several attempts to refresh, the Australian gelding made terms retire.

So where did his genetic roots to be devilish fast, emerge?

Chautauqua (AUS) by Encosta de Lago from Lovely Jubly (AUS) by Lion-Hunter (AUS). D.P. 16-16-22-0-2 (56).

 Assigned to the female family 8-k,  DNA profile: mtDNA-L3alb, it is designated to an ancestral mare from Emperor of Stallions Stockwell. 

The colonial bloodline continues/descends through the distaff, Miss Delaval (NZ).

A genotype pedigree of speed, it is all pre-determined.

For a student of pedigree the Chautauqua pedigree is Principally by inherited collective mass; female family 9c strain-nucleus through and via Fair Trial (aka Lady Juror) Royal Charger (Sun Princess), Nasrullah (Mumtaz Begum). Plus more importantly, notice where viewed & picked-up, through those sire’s direct maternal descendant via same family bloodline, to distaff infusion. i.e. extended bloodline

Look closely at these interlocking and close family members. f.f.9c i.e. Sainfoin/Sundridge f.f.9c i.e. Sainfoin/2x Sundridge f.f. 9c i.e. Sainfoin/Sundridge
Reflect the champion flying filly – f.f.9c i.e. 2x Lady Josephine/Sundridge

( These genetic contributors and composite genetic cousins are race horse sprinter complete. Assert them by family tables to the collective rather than treated as separate components.

Interestingly – the great New Zealand bred mare Leilana, also of Chautauqua’s f.f. 8k, she by sire Onicidium from Lei by Summertime) inflicts an almost, similar replica of genetic frame-work. Namely through 6x to Sundridge (grand-dam Sanda) via, the notable French sire Pherozshah (f.f.9c Mumtaz Mahal) & Solario.

Leilana was 1973/74 champion 3 year old filly and 1974/75 Champion Racehorse of the Year in Australia.


Much alike…another high-quality champ of Australian racing – Leica Lover (f.f.8k) by Latin Lover from Miss Valeicia, noting 4×5 Hurry On from dam Tout Suite by Sainfoin from dam, Sanda.

Add in, the grand-dams sire Leica→Panorama→→Sundridge. Reference also Ribot’s dam, Romanella in-bred to Sunstar (Sundridge) & Rock Sand/Sainfoin (dam, Sanda)

It is important to well acquaint oneself upon these pre-determined deistic patterns.


@ social distance

The charismatic Chautauqua is settling very well to his new equestrian career.


further reading

Chautauqua adds new chapter to his colonial family tree


Waldgeist, the prodigious sire



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A racing individual he gallops fierce – flirts to competition. img_20200321_162143-01487311196.jpeg

He’s Waldgeist by Galileo from Waldlerche (GB) ex- Monsun.

Notably, ‘the-One’ defeating the noblest mare, Enable (Nathaniel) to win the 2019 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. He defeated many of the elite’s like Japan (Galileo).

Waldgeist the female family 5-H  deemed the ‘W’ family. (n.b. 5-H is not to be confused to Special/Thong/Simon Shoes 5H family) ‘

Finest European breeding as is Waldgeist’s sire Galileo, as was his sire the great Sadlers Wells, & Waldgeist has too that familiar ‘depth’.


Through his maternal genetics: German quality cometh where he Impresses a ‘pattern-type’ re-emergence, a classic genotype to smarten any mare. He’s built not only upon a stamina/stayer capacity, but with propensity to correctly Breed.

The broodmare sire offers the up-grade.

Pin-point mighty Monsun – his pedigree in-bred via, maternal only →Hyperion (Gainsborough) but emphasis particularly sourced across, both to son and daughter of  dam Kaiserwurde (f.f. 5h) & sire, Nebelwerfer. Kaiserwurde is a German-brand: synonymous to breeding German classic-type winning horses.

The Monsun’s – Schiaparelli (German Derby winner), Manduro (Best 2007 World Horse Rankings), Stacelita (2006 Eclipse champion Turf Female), Shirocco (2005 German Horse of the Year), Novellist (2013 German Horse of the Year, Getaway, Vadamos …..

Monsun’s have acquired ‘reputation’ in Australia – Melbourne cup winners Protectionist, Fiorente and Almandin.

Back with Galileo. Galileo’s prince-son Frankel may carry the ‘G’ crown where $analysis$ determined Galileo/Danehill had nick magic.

I however, never went convinced. Each to their own but the catalyst to Galileo across grand-dam, Rainbow Lake genetics, was a truer ‘bulls-eye’. Not only does Rainbow Lake amass 52x St Simon but another Important strain/influences the ‘building’.

⇒ 3rd dam sire Persian Gulf by Bahram (Blandford). Stage Door Johnny 2nd dam sire             Calddarium by Brantome (Blandford). Rainbow Quest 4th dam sire His Grace     (Blandford) & Blushing Groom 3rd dam sire Umidar (Blandford)

Due to ideal breeding intelligence, Shadai Farm (Japan) perhaps also ‘saw’ influences much stronger. They bred a Monsun mare to Frankel & it produced their champion 2 year & 3 year old G1 winning filly and she also was Frankel’s 1st G.1 winner by the name of Soul Stirring (JPN).

 “as breeding does, time always tells”

A winged electric – Pinatubo again confirmed to where n’ whom the individual Blandford, might be decidedly viewed. The firm, Classic of Classic Influence.



“though forgotten, they come back”

His steady influences within bloodlines, the Determination(s) of how a family ‘trait’ influences pedigrees, are all necessary to formulate How, an Individual is Bred, to its Strength.

Considerations: how it is rightly reinforced, directed,  and carried back into the pedigree.

Thus seek the layout which has both ancestral foundation & layer-built bloodlines.


Galileo – 36X St Simon & seek where the Blandford influences come maternally Direct (via Urban Sea) via Expresso →Babylon→Bahram→Blandford. To →Tantieme, grand-dam La Furka by Blandford.

Galileo by Sadlers Wells, maternal family ⇒ a Blandford daughter, Dalmary

BMS – Monsun (descendant male line of Bahram, by Blandford). His 2nd dam sire Tiepoletto →Blue Skies (Blandford). Monsun’s dam Mosella →Reliance→Tantieme from La Furka by Blandford. Monsun inbred to noted german broodmare Kaiseradler f.f.5-h. Monsun – carries 52X, St Simon


      – Darshaan (inbred to Umidar/Blandford)

Acatenango – 46x St Simon (n.b. Acatenango – the BMS  of Dalicia, producer of Animal Kingdom (USA)


Waldgeist’s dam, the G.3 winning Waldlerche 38x St Simon . 18x Blandford via Bahram, Blue Skies, La Furka,  Blenheim, Harina, Umidar, Brantome, Armoise.

– Walderche inbred to Surumu →Birkhahn→Alchimist these are subtle but also of key influences to Galileo, Alchimist 6dx6d – Alchimist was slaughtered for food when the Russians swept into Germany at the end of WWII.


Birkhahn –  awkwardly ‘wrong place, wrong time’ post WWII, where English & French breeders were adverse to anything of German blood.


Clearly, Waldgeist is absolute –  where his racing record for G1 performance, particularly up to 5 years top-level racing is an achievement benchmark – the proven soundness, quality durable. 

    – to exploit his dam’s German bloodlines, he is not only a classic-breeder Individual and assuredly, a faultless one.

It is always interesting to view the ‘collective’ evolutionary growth of the thoroughbred, the stratum across, through to the contemporary & present-day lines. Here one may understand what ‘contribution’ really means & importantly where it comes from to how, Q for quality stays.

Peter Willett (bloodstock author, 1981) – “West German breeding has been able to make a contribution to the evolution of the Classic racehorse in the quarter of a century as a result of special circumstances and the unique opportunity which (they) have presented for effective outcrossing”.

Ross du Bourg – Australian bloodstock writer ” The decision to honour Blandford, by placing him above Hyperion at the top of the stamina ladder, is a prime example of the gradual metamorphosis.…..By 1990 the time was ripe to unite all the varying effective branches of Blandford, such as Donatello II, Bahram, Brantome, and Midstream. under the one, all-enveloping banner – the mighty Blandford himself!

(on German bloodstock, Julian Bedford, racing journalist, 1989 ) …strength in stamina made for weakness in the market. Too much stamina scared away commercial breeders and trainers who looked for a sharper type of horse.

TBL comments “hopefully breeders/trainers/syndication interests might understand long-term assets are a dividend rewarded




 Waldgeist – translates, a forest spirit

 Waldgeist’s stands at Ballylinch stud, Ireland.



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A winged electric – Pinatubo



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The Omega Pedigree – Pinatubo (Shamardal ex-Lava Flow by Dalakhani) – female family 7-a.

To all great strains, cometh the finest veins through the unbeaten superior colt Pinatubo to his 6 defiant wins over 6 to 7 furlongs.

Pinatubo’s current Time Rating stands at 128.

Shamardal – 4x, G.1 winner. What we pursue….. is character breeding, character stamped. A son of Giant’s Causeway, grand-daddy Storm Cat to the female family of Street Cry, Helsinki by BMS Machiavellian, the compelling in-roads for both, genotype and phenotype.

‘P’s’ dam, Lava Flow the grand-daughter of penetrative influence Kris/Sharpen Up Conduit, of essential Difference – Part one .

Forget close in-breeding and seek Progenitor/Conduit. Cross into Giant Causeway – Halo – Misawaki – Troy – Roberto – Darshaan – Kris – et al

Go back through maternal’s/distaff genetic corridor and where folded through influences come-on-home, where assessed at 9 – 10th removes.

Pedigree is not only history: it is exploratory rather than duplication. There finds a genetic ‘conduit’ electricity. It remains.


Establishing superior classic is to reveal the Balance Sheet: it goes by original chef-de-race aptitude factors. Reference, Franco Varola’s, Typology of the Racehorse.
“…to make clear that by balanced breeding I do not mean a mere literal transcription of identical figures, but a broader concept of equilibrium of influences” Varola
Pinatubo – dosage profile 1-12-19-5-1 (brilliant, intermediate, classic, solid, professional.

In particular focus, one esteemed classic individual. He is BLANDFORD.


Blandford was imperfect, but the honest-breeder, with ability passed over to his stallion sons. He, & they however, went accompanied by not only multiple events unfortunate, but also an almost, untoward bias.

Frankly he deserves Sanctification. Every contemporary superior pedigree pays-up, his enormous influential Strain.

By Varola’s account – classic classification (represented an ability by an elite group to run in the Classic races) the chefs-de-race sire, Blandford (Swynford) went on to influence emphatically the Quality. Interestingly, Varola suggests…of more so quality, than the highly-esteemed and accepted breed-shapers Hyperion or Nearco (n.b. these two assigned chefs-de-race Brilliant.

By Varola’s reason, it went due to the time-frames: mares by Hyperion and or Nearco, as they serviced each other’s mare. Their opportunity on a breeding plate – where as Blandford alone, sired over somewhat lesser stock, plus by shorter spans to his progeny.

At stud he was extremely slow to cover and would at times, stand behind his mare for 15 minutes or more before deciding to accomplish the deed.

Blandford sired four Epsom Derby winners in seven years !!!

By Blandford, they were Bahram – Trigo – Blenheim – Windsor Lad

Plus – Brantome, in France won the French 2,000Guineas, St. Leger, Gold Cup, etc.

From other expert accounts, Blandford’s progeny went (oddly) not regarded for toughness, but had abundant class, despite an uncertainty to his questionable fertility & soundness issues.

In Blandford’s later years, a horror for Irish breeders came due to an imposition of a 40% tax on bloodstock imported from Ireland as was imposed by the British government. His remaining years before his death were spent in England.


Blandford Yard – Irish National Stud (photo by TBL)

Blandford Yard – Irish National Stud (photo by TBL)

Possibly his ‘said’ health issues went with pneumonia as a foal. He survived those odds, almost by his divine will. So ill was Blandford, it had appeared to his vet, sheer hopelessness and it is said, the stud manager directed him to be taken away.

For Blandford, either Fate or Destiny pursued many of his sons. The fate: a virtual loss of top male Epsom Derby winners from his native home & breeding ground, to the benefit of USA & Argentina.

i) the forced sale by the late Aga Khan of Blenheim and Bahram to the US. Bahram was later exported to Argentina.

ii) the forced removal of Brantome from France during World War II & the premature death of Brantome’s son Pensbury.

iii) Trigo – a failure at stud.

iv) Windsor Lad, unable to carry on stud duty due to a brain tumour.

And Blandford’s son Badruddin, was sent to Argentina

Numerous ‘outside factors’ took heavy consequence; his genetic supremacy should of had given far, far more to the world.

I cannot help feeling that Bahram would have contributed a great deal more to bloodstock the world over, if he had never left his native shores. Sir Charles Leiceister
“There is no escaping the fact the old parents have a tremendous influence on the build-up of bloodlines, in spite of their numerical inferiority compared to young and middle-aged progenitors.” Sir Charles Leiceister

Where does Blandford begin to influence Pinutabo?

Answer: maternal distaff influences, how they become, how they build…..

⇒ 6th distaff dam → B flat, the sire Chanteur → Blue Skies (Blandford)

4th dam sire Artaius (USA) → My Babu → Badruddin (Blandford) (*n.b. Artaius 17x’s *Isonomy) (read on below)

3rd dam sire Kris → Soft Angels →Crepello→→ Blenheim (Blandford

⇑ Reliance/Tantiemme →→La Furka (Blandford)

Sadlers Wells →Thong→Dalmary (2) (Blandford) + Blenheim (2) (Blandford)

Daltawa – 4x’s Blenheim (Blandford) via Mumtaz Begum, Donatello
Darshaan, dam’s sire Ambdos → 2x Umidor (Blandford)

Helen Street – 8x’s via Blenheim, Blue skies, Wild Violet, Bahram (Blandford)

Machiavellian – 5x’s, via Blenheim, Minnewaska (Blandford) – n.b. Minnewaska , 4th dam of Tom Rolfe

Mariah’s Storm – 11x’s via Blenheim, Wild Violet, Umidar, Minnewaska (Blandford)

Storm Cat – not Blandford however, 17x’s to *Isonomy; inbred via Blandford (see below)
Blandford infusion upon the acclaimed Thong female family 5h, via Special. Thus history made and prophecy’s tell the future: makes pedigree Nureyev, Sadlers Wells and those famous sons run on….

Blandford, the sire of Blenheim, sire of Brantome, sire of Bahram: the three sons ARE also with designation, chefs-de-race classic.

Blandford’s prowess is the honest resilient and natural, classic tenacity. The ancestral lines emphasize a strong disposition through *Isonomy whom ran from 2 years to 5 years, notably his feat of a Triple Crown winner under exhausting weights and conditions of those times. Galopin, with the updated genomic recourse to being a descendant of Herod’s and doubly Hermit to indicate Blandford is pure source.

So how did Blandford’s relevance fade as the Nearco/Phalaris ‘Brilliant’ dosage precedence (akin to mostly, 2 year precociousness)) take hold. The graph below depicts the working Passage upon Breeding Population and thus left the ‘bold’ Blandford (as aptitude balance) to a ‘durability’ slowly erased.


And note….Bahram is the male line to the great German bred, Monsun and notice his maternal Tantieme from dam La Furka (Blandford)

Blandford to re-capture, re-emerge, catalyze to the more diligently refined classic: for the lasting and greater future of Thoroughbred racing and breeding.

Just like Pinatubo.
Charlie Appleby (trainer) on Pinatubo. “He’s an interesting character. He’s very laid back”.

“breath-taking” G. Smith (handicapper)

Pinatubo is also the name of a volcano in the Philippine’s (Mount Pinatubo)

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*Great Reading on Blandford –

Blenheim II – Important Pedigree Ingredient

Reference material – Typology of the Racehorse – Franco Varola

Bloodstock Breeding – Sir Charles Leicester

Martha’s daughters…


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Primogeniture ancestress Martha Lynn undoubtedly, the unseen matriarch.  A dethroned queen… she haunts, with some montane ‘trait’.

– Updated analysis due to esteemed researchers and genome science(s) recalibrates Identities covering a pedigree. As a credible ‘trait’ named Martha Lynn, the female figure to family 2h, we further explore her. ( N.B. Previous 1st explanatory…Secretariat and Carbine, ad infinitum which notes the invisible genotype over-lay. )

Martha Lynn daughtersClemence→ Sandiway→ Sandfly→Mosquito (USA)→Gnat (USA) ⇒ sire of Sting (USA) sire of *Questionnaire (USA) (***nb. further influences below)

We thus find Martha’s inherent influence, to multiple Group 1 winner Tiz the Law (Constitution –  Tizfiz) and American Pharoah (Pioneer of the Nile –  Littleprincessemma).

– for Quarter-horse interests, the ultimate breed shaper & theirs, American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame is the thoroughbred, Three Bars (Percentage – Myrtle Dee). Plagued with health issues to the major part of his racing career, he recovered & Three Bars at age 6, went on to win and set a track winning time over 5 furlongs.

Three Bars forte went known for an exceptional, early speed.

– as sire, he left 29 AQHA champions & 4 AQHA supreme champions. His grandsons equally dynamic & competitive.

“Some people thought ( Three Bars) was going to ruin the breed” –  Walter Merrick

Three Bars (Percentage – Myrtle Dee by Luke McCluke*). Myrtle Dee is 4×4  Sandfly, the daughter of Sandiway, grand-daughter of Clemence aka Martha Lynn.

Notice to the pedigree & not by any coincidence … the presence of Trenton (NZ) by Musket.

 Check out Three Bars photo .



“we walked behind him in the yard, running almost, to that magnificent motion of His” –  memory & visit to American Pharoah commented by Highview’s (NZ) studmaster.

The family-line to Martha Lynn influences American Pharoah  9Sx9Sx8d ⇒ via, *Questionnaire (USA) by Sting (f.f.2h) → trails his sire-sons, Free for All → →Dr Fager and Rough n’ Rumble →→ In Reality (USA) + Greek Game  the 5th dam sire to Littleprincessemma.

– *Questionnaire/Sting (USA) transmittance  ⇔  Martha Lynn female family 2h, aka Clemence via her daughter Sandiway (GB). (n.b. Questionnaire (USA) compounds 15 multiple -sources  to female family 2H aka Martha Lynn (source: and do note, strain-total is exclusive, to Bend Or/Tadcaster & of Teddy influences)

Questionnaire (USA) (by Sting from dam → 4×4 Sandiway) a genetic elemental to the 2020 Kentucky Derby champion hopefuls. ⇓

Tiz the Law (Constitution – Tizfiz) – Questionnaire 9dx9d, In Reality 7sx6sx5Dx6d

High Velocity  (Quality Road – Ketel Twist USA) – 5th dam by Dr Fager

Dean Martini (Cairo Prince – Soundwave (USA) → Holy Bull  (USA) → 4th dam

Mr Monomoy (Palace Malice – Drumette) → Henny Hughes (USA) → 4th dam

Ancient Warrior ( Constitution – Wellington Beauty) → Dr Fager 7sx5dx5D

Tapit It to Win ( Tapit – Dr Fager 6sx5D/ In Reality 6sx5s)

Charlatan ( Speightstown – Authenticity ) Dr Fager 5dx4d

Complexifier (Overanalyze – Freud’s Irish Miss) 7th dam sire Requested by Questionnaire

Other Martha Lynn family influences

Basin (Liam’s Map – Appenzell) ⇒ Gallant Romeo (USA) →Luke McCluke*→Midge by Trenton(NZ) from Sandfly

Art Collector – (Bernardini (Dr Fager 5×6) – Distorted Legacy)

Ete Indien – (Summer Front – East India) i.e. Salt Lake (USA) 5th dam by Spur (USA) from Aunty Mum →→ Sandiway

Power behind the throne –  Martha Lynn transmits with distinction.

Mumtaz Mahal –  The Tetrarch – Roi Herode,

Relic → Man O War (correction to Bend Or/Tadcaster/Clemence


Unbridled (USA)

In Reality



*(new update to note) another Sandiway/Clemence/Martha source, US bred Godswalk . The 5th dam Sandiway in-bred

The stallion Godswalk (USA) stood in Australia and his female line has a solid performer, a gelding, by the name of Run for Glory (Olympic Glory IRE) – Nayana (AUS)




Regards from NZ