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Clemence, (Newminster) dam Eulogy and grand-dam Martha Lynn where never house-hold names to early thoroughbred breeders. Then denoted family 2, the foundational mare Martha Lynn is identified to female family 2h.

The above – Horse Breeding in History & Practice, B. Von Oettingen 1909

With acknowledgment to writer, researcher & quality analysis – Kathleen Kirsan (US) alongside historian Tony Byles (UK) – their researches have greatly clarified pedigree history held to the scam belonging to the puzzle – Bend Or/Tadcaster. Science upon mitochondrial DNA, to validate the results belong to Tadcaster from Clemence – L4a

-Thoroughbred breeding history shall go, re-written.

A name which brings reverence, is Secretariat. More than horse, the wonders of this equine-specimen truly are rare and transcendent as demonstrated by his Belmont Stakes win of 31 lengths.
“There may be some people who do now know or what Secretariat is – people who have been marooned on Pacific Islands or lost in Amazonian Jungles” CBS broadcast.


Gracelessly, recent correspondence has dismissed Secretariat as the unsuccessful sire. The claim and crudeness is clumsy. The casual observer, not yet acquainted to dynamics – how breeding is patience, an awareness, and Time where the powerhouse genetics disperse softly backwards, falling upon an ‘odd’ similarity, these not-so-obvious but potent, inherent factors. They don’t die easily.

Trying to fault Secretariat’s conformation was like dreaming of dry rain – Charlie Hatton U.S. sportswriter

You had to notice him. Seldom did you see a horse with such presence: tall and leggy, the latter an inheritance from his American grandsire Bold Ruler, Secretariat’s white sock and blaze, the same bright red coat, the same intelligent head. He looked rarefied- physically magnificent and mentally fragile. Les Carlyon (True Grit)

Sensibly, the depth and relevance to what gave Secretariat’s breeding, is boundless…. whispers an IT factor within. 

The pencil always needs sharpening…


With science & Kirsan’s framework – we can revisit Secretariat’s genotype, to 10thG. – 16x’s Bend Or/Tadcaster, to affixing with Clemence grand-dam Martha Lynn (f.f.2h)

sight… 8x’s *Gallinule – his grand-dam by Skirmisherby by Voltigeur from Martha Lynn f.f.2h

8x’s Lord Clifden by Newminister from 3rd dam Martha Lynn f.f. 2h

2x’s Spearmint by Carbine by Musket (Carbine’s grand-dam is Clemence)

take another over view to Secretariat contributors

Nearco – his 2nd dam by Spearmint by Carbine, grand-dam Clemence

Mumtaz Begum – 5×5 Gallinule plus The Tetrarch’s Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

Discovery – 4×5 Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

Outdone – 1 *Gallinule

Prince Rose – 5×5 Hampton (Lord Clifden) ⇒ Martha Lynn f.f.2h + Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

Caruso – 1 Lord Clifden + Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence

***∀Cinquepace – 5×5 Hampton/Lord Clifden + 5×5 Bend Or/Tadcaster/Clemence + Roi Herode by Le Samaritain from Clementina from Clemence (nb 11 x, multiple sources to f.f.2h & further yet corrections? to chef-de-race sire Teddy (reference pedigreequery.com & note her photo)

To add notably, Secretariats 5th dam distaff, is by Trenton* (NZ) by Musket, sire of Carbine (further explanations below)

Ad Infinitum…

How Unreal… to our homeland, the Antipodean down-under, Aotearoa New Zealand bred Carbine (NZ) by Musket from Mersey, grand-dam Clemence.

How unreal before being imported to the New Zealand breeding industry, where Carbine’s sire Musket by Toxopholite, was condemned alongside others of the same age. He was to be shot when two years’ old by the owner – the eccentric Lord Glasgow, as when tried, he showed no ability. Musket’s trainer asked that the colt be given a reprieve. Musket survived to become a very good stayer at 3,4, and 5 years. (reference – The Australasian Book of Thoroughbred Racing)

Exported to New Zealand, before his earliest progeny raced, he sired a talented number of foals that made their place in TB history: Martini-Henri, the first New Zealand Melbourne cup winner, Trenton*, Nordenfeldt, Tirailleur, Tartar, Foul Shot, Maxim, Cuirassier and Manton. The mares Brown Bess (Musket/Celibacy f.f.1a) and Ante Diem.

(Interesting sidenote: the Ante Diem family deeply established itself in Argentina, 19 classic winners inclusive 1931 Triple Crown winner Mineral. By not a coincidence Mineral is 5×5 to Bend Or (not!) therefore Clemence influenced)

And then there was Carbine.

It was only when the turn was reached that everyone knew where Carbine was. He shot through the field like a thunderbolt – 1890 Melbourne Cup win by Argus


Carbines heir-succession. He left a Derby winner named Spearmint, & in turn, sired another Derby winner, Spion Kop, who in his turn left the Derby winner Felstead (photo below right)

Spearmint exerted a great influence – more than could ever be suspected, as it passed to Tesio’s breed-shaper Nearco (Spearmint the broodmare sire) and the great New Zealand breeder of stayer’s Foxbridge by Foxlaw, the son of Son-In-Law →→ the male line of Hampton (notes as above) + Spearmint, the broodmare sire + 3×4 Gallinule (notes, as above).


Foxbridge at Trelawny Stud, NZ

the crowd can go wildit traces where the great Danehill, his sire Danzig, is from a damline to 3rd dam by Felstead ↔ (Spearmint)

Dramatically, it is a true revelation to the overall pedigree course-correction(s) and Structures: reinforcement to the Clemence influence.

History, passion, intrigue and Clemence’s history are strong to the New Zealand breds. Racing fans are still watching their great racing days…..


None more than the gentle giant, Phar-Lap (NZ), sired by Night Raid.


and to NZ Racing Hall of Fame, Nightmarch (NZ) by Night Raid.

The major thrill & find to these 2 giants by Night Raid are by an incorrect Bend-Or. Re-fashion the female line? Rediscover/Reinforce Night Raid correctly, by Clemence damline, and circle his broodmare sire, Spearmint by Carbine (to Clemence) by Musket. Add-in 3rd dam by Ayshire, the male line to Lord Clifden (3rd dam Martha Lynn)

– Phar- lap – 5×5 Musket via Maxim & Carbine

– Nightmarch – 3×4 Bend Or/Tadcaster aka Clemence + 5×5 Musket via Carbine & Nordenfeldt

and then the NZ darling: Sunline (NZ) – Desert Sun from Songline.

Sunline – notably, from the same female distaff as Phar Lap via his full sister Fortune’s Wheel.

Sunline’s genotype profile extraordinarily reveals her grand-dam’s (McAngus) to grandsire Rockefeller from his dam Rockfel (Felstead). Noticeably, dam Rockfel carries 7 strains of multiple sources, to the f.f 2h (source, 7thG, pedigreequery.com)

Nijinsky – broodmare sire Bull Page/Bull Lea/Bull Dog, from Plucky Leige by Spearmint by Carbine. Bull Lea’s grand-dam Colonial by Trenton (Musket).

Sunline’s sire, Desert Sun → Danzig (Felstead/Spearmint): ***∀Cinquepace / Sir Gaylord – (refer above)

Yes, the New Zealand inheritance factors are just too good  – So You Think (NZ) by High Chaparral from Triassic (NZ)

– 5th dam by Foxbridge (Spearmint)

– grand-dam by Long Row by Linacre by Rockefeller (dam, Rockfel)

– broodmare sire, Tights by Nijinsky

Sire, High Chaparral – 3rd dam sire Kris by Sharpen Up from Rocchetta by Rockefeller

Now that we have discovery to Clemence & Martha Lynn: the yeah/nah speculations about Secretariat – to his dam Terlingua upon her dam-line where these patterns and cycles repeat.

Their breeding days are just re-starting!!

Prophetically, the New Zealander Jack Glengarry (analyst and author of NZ racing and breeding literature & founder of Tesio software) stated (1995): SOMETHINGROYAL (2s) 1952 (Princequillo-Imperatrice, by Caruso). Dam of the almighty Secretariat and Sir Gaylord. Appreciated ‘down under’ as the catalyst for Veandercross’s rise to equine fame. She is among the younger females destined for 21st century stardom. Matching this “blue hen” through one of her sons and a daughter is a licence for success. These mares are a nucleus who make a major impact when repeated in pedigrees. It is appropriate to consider that they were ‘ordained in heaven’ to fulfil their role in upgrading bloodstock in the Tesio mode. END

Veandercross (NZ) (Crossways (UK) – Lavender NZ) she was an unraced mare and repeated mating for her. It was a specific breeding ‘plan’ according to Tesio principles & advice, repeat the mating if you ‘love’ the pedigree. ‘V’ has 3×3 Nijinsky, 4×4 Somethingroyal. The in-foal mare was bought for $NZ1400 dollars – return earnings $NZ3.6 million to owner & trainer Chris Turner of Wanganui.

New/Current example – American Pharoah 2year old filly Reframe from Careless Jewel by Tapit. She races in Japan and won her first start in a spectacular way!

– Storm Cat 4sx4d – Secretariat 6sx6dx6d – Somethingroyal 7sx7Dx9Dx7D + Nijinsky 7dx5d.


‘down under’

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(postscript) of interest….did you know?

Carbine might never have left his stud career in Australia but for a bank crash which forced Wallace to sell up. Carbine was scheduled to be sold at auction but was sold privately beforehand in February 1895 for the princely sum of 13,000 guineas to the Duke of Portland and shipped to England to the Duke’s Welbeck Abbey Stud, where he stood alongside St Simon – credit source November Gold by Max Lambert

Legend has it that Carbine was left hopelessly at the start and was still a long last with most of the race run before unleashing a tremendous finishing burst. But the Referee’s reporter saw it different…was well last when the field settled but was up with the leaders after a furlong and scampered home, an easy winner.

Carbine remains the greatest Melbourne cup winner. He carried 66.5 kilograms, or 7 kilograms over weight-for-age. He beat the biggest field ever of 39 runners.

Carbine won wearing a bar shoe holding together a split heel so rotten with infection it had to be opened and drained a few days later.

Musket and Carbine are types of guns.

Slyvia Park in Auckland NZ -(the former stud and breeding ground for Musket & Carbine’s birthplace) is now metropolis Auckland. There is a road, named Carbine Road.

Musket was sent to the Antipodes (NZ) to sire coach horses.

Musket’s sire by Toxophilite was a bleeder and Longbow, a roarer.

The heart of Phar Lap