Karaka 2019, bring it on….

Its my favourite time of year to go along to New Zealand Bloodstock sales at Karaka.

I mark out the few ‘hot’ pedigrees (by TBL modis operandi) not so much to see the price they fetch, but to view the individual’s phenotype.

On parade one might see nice-types with added appeal – which on one’s own terms irks something ‘I want to know.’

Come, back home, we’ll work the pedigree and find how I reflected this.

I am pleased to say & without any arrogance I follow my instincts and hunches well.

I have followed those horses through…it takes a few years, for hunches to come to fruition as the nature of a horse’s development through to its racing.

This also applies to the stallions ‘suitability’ to mares.

In earlier TBL years – it was New Zealand’s Horse of the Year 2005/06: Seachange (Cape Cross/Just Cruising) where I forecasted well ahead she would be the NZ champ she became. This by methodology re: female family tables. There is no in-breeding to the 5th generation and I thought the workability of the pedigree was clear as day.

It’s however, not always about picking champions, its the ‘judgement’ where horses cannot develop on, although they might pick up a few wins in their early racing career. Young ‘big’ horses precocious athletes (hate that term, actually) blow out, amongst many things of course, but I do feel the genealogy pedigree doesn’t help them.

Expectation & disappointment are hard learning curves, yet great ‘teachers’.

I realize its a hard game to win credibility – can only say, I cut teeth on elements which I had not envisaged.

Though TBL has few followers, but with sufficient ‘hits’ to suggest our advisory has merits. I have come to understand people rather not leave a ‘calling-card’.

I started on pedigrees about 2006 and amongst my formative questions…. as it made me wonder how breeding New Zealand’s wonder mare Sunline, came to prominence, other than be labelled the genetic-freak, which doesn’t sound too kind.




Anyway it is how ‘our’ pedigree analysis started and acquiring enough of a skill set to make at the very least, a fair judgment.

We have not adopted conventionality. Those same accounts have been here for eons and not much has changed other than smarter statistical reporting upon algorithms. i.e. everything has Nearco, Northern Dancer, Mr Prospector, Nasrullah. We just had to look what other possibilities there where to what was cutting the pedigree.

With simple complexity…. in-depth breeding principles do not & cannot change.

With other social media outlets… I have suggested each-to-their-own interpretation – bits of ‘info’ help others along every genetic jig-saw puzzle.

The TBL aim is to attempt to put different degrees or angles to the pedigree and in fact, it was Black Caviar’s pedigree Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigreewhich lead me to identify something better.  Yes in-breeding, line-breeding works but there is another ‘edge’ for which I have attempted to account for.

Its application is find the core, genus-type.

Genus breeding was well applied (meaningfully) by the earliest thoroughbred breeders in England because they where well acquainted with the history of the lines, the strains, which brought about the bloodlines. Namely, archetypal Eclipse whose many other strains within his pedigree where not accounted for and these are factors which I believe, have been brushed over by historians for convenience. Yes, I do have that antique literature from the horses mouth.

So elements, strains, traits, which I consider ‘lost’ over time, can allow or help us to help how pedigrees infuse, unfold and transpire.

Through this lens, the contemporary genus is emerging something extraordinary hence we blogged The super-nova of fillies & mares (It is an area where I will further explore down the track..)

I love the TBL blog, I love the research because I love to see horses succeed. I hate horses forced to race when no way in hell the pedigree will let them run.

2019 brings new opportunities, new horizons, new stallions, new horses, new challenges.

TBL believes it has helped many to find a confidence with their own breeding …..however the commercial sector have helped themselves for benefit.

Okay, I know its a cheapie website: public domain free-to-air, I find it perplexing one cannot at least offer a thumbs-up. Or, I agree to disagree and or other. Diktat

TBL has decided to step up and provide a new service which will be accessed by subscription with payment. More on this soon….

The ‘free’ blogs will be shorter content with less detail.

Cheers for now, cropped-nyme31478829496





The Pedigree Crunch

I think I can recall, or reading years ago – Sir Patrick Hogan (ex-Cambridge Stud, N.Z) commented, ‘racing’ is not ‘breeding’: breeding is not racing.

Instinctively I thought those given principles where correct: what he was suggesting right-on-point, a greater meaning to keep separate, the two.

The confusion is ‘how’.

Many might consider the theory surrounding our blogs, its pedigree analysis, as maybe ideology.

I suppose one maybe absorbed by better statistics, ‘sighting’ evidence, performance and stakes money, convention recorded, has its ‘proof’. Where pedigree analysis has the poorer relationship to those substantiated evidences. Our ‘theory’ by the way, is always ‘standing’ within the pedigree itself.

I assume some gaze on desk-top analysts & kinda assume we haven’t any meaningful purpose in life other than to gaze longingly at racing champions photos, study those pedigrees and say ‘hey, I’ve got it’…..


I’ve got it

Jokes aside: thankfully comes what is needed – clean up the desk, look through all those old notes of paper and revise. Think again….and the aha does drop from heaven.

Indeed, the scenario to study superior performers one after another: where one goes deep n’ far into the attributes of pedigree is that somewhere/somehow/sometimes you do miss the boat. And everybody is doing much same.

Before I attempt to explain some good ol’ plain non-fashioned breeding ‘ideas’ there are many and greater indeterminate multi-dynamic elements which forever take consideration.

Breeding intentions can be simplified. But that comes later…

If I asked what has your intention of breeding – many may reply to breed/own the racing champion. Or, reach the highest price because of that beautiful stallion, his breeding.

No, that is the dream….and speculation or unconscious expectation perhaps?

We desk-top analysts, have commented for some time the dying-off, of stamina & question, why this is really happening? The other long commentary relates to faulty-breeding i.e. horse-break downs.

There is also commentary to lack-of siring diversity, hence down the track a much lesser diversity with bloodlines. Now think of that on broodmares.  Can you see that future now? The bottle-neck narrows….

Yet, on another planet, the TAB just want numbers in a field, the gambling/entertainment industry does not want champions, it seeks greatest gains from a bet. The gamblers take ‘form’, times, data – the horse has 4 legs, why doesn’t it run…..breeding & ownership in an odd complex way, has its competition with the TAB.

Their economic existence is at odds – they should hook-up. wowyeah

Then there is our new planet Winx: – the game-changer, the truly special one, the dream is achievable, the culture is new, fresh, alive, people of all ages what to experience Winx.

Her seeds were in her dam and I doubt very much New Zealand interests would of sold if they knew what was in store?

Dam. Its happened before.

We all seek the gold: its properties, its powers and that is why in the blog The super-nova of fillies & mares those identified individuals ‘traits’ within individual performers are strongly evident where the superior genetic attraction thrives.

Don’t you think, Sir Patrick comprehended & analysed every individual within Sir T to carry more than enough genetic breeding merit.

Sir Tristram

immortalised – Sir Tristram at Cambridge Stud. Photo by TBL

Acknowledgement to that of the speed gene per the studies Dr Emmiline Hill:  DNA analysis to muscle development: a prediction to a horses optimum racing distance.

Much as one can take interest – is it & at the same time, the stallion is up on the mare, one purely says “wait a minute, we’ll order the classic winning speed-gene, thank you”.

I come back time and time on this factor ….where superior performers not only race better, they race different. That difference is time n’ motion, balance n’ gait effortless: bio-mechanical physical perfect.

Watch the video’s of Man O War, any great champion you like and you might get the picture.

From the desk clearing, dad’s old notes on farming & animal breeding popped-up. His guiding principles where not just one element. There where several.

Constitution – Capability – Conformation – Capacity – Temperament the core factors. From this ground, he calculated Racing and Breeding elements added towards sum-total.

That is the penny… speed is racing. The stamina is breeding. It helps when 4 legs are balanced & in more ways than one.

He persevered on capability and capacity. If the female is capable, (her records) via her breeding, then her capacity within the herd to improve, can sustain & give more.

Thus sustaining the genetic traits which worked well, seek to maintain but more so, minimize that which did not. i.e. iron them faults out.

In the art of breeding: he was thoughtfully working through the ideal animal which can take its ‘performance’, its phenotype should befittingly appear as of a natural result, closest as best, to ‘perfection’. Purer the better, was his expression.

Now agree or don’t agree… the thoroughbred phenotype over these last few decades has clearly changed.

‘Said’ breeding speed indeed has taken the stud master ‘command’ however its mighty evident the horses ain’t got the puff, the capacity, the capability and the necessary motion n’ limbs to do it. Rotary beaters, I think they’re called.

Its ugly for the horse and jockey where it don’t want to run because it simply can’t. I actually think its cruel but if you want it more descriptive, it ain’t fit for racing purpose.

If not right for racing, then we may say the breeding was not there but that is too easy an assumption.

It is becoming clearer to me (IMAO) the gait, its motion has/is gene responsible: this is what ability is and lays.

A good, clean balanced gait uses less energy.

Its a secretive thing that jocks, track-workers, breaking in horses etc have in ‘check’ how the horse feels, how the horse hits the turf, how the horse just feels underneath.

No words for it. See, that’s the divinity of Winx.

True Colours

It comes to the physical, the phenotype from the genotype, from the traits held within bloodlines.

In the old school called animal-husbandry – Calf-club days, stock-judging days to stock-judge (of cattle) you learn how an animal moves with its feet, you know if it has the bones to carry itself with its 4 feet, you know if it thinks itself a ‘cool’ animal (presence), you know if it wants to be around people (temperament), you know if it has attitude.

Many elements, many traits, pour through bloodlines such factors have to be weighed-up.


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The super-nova of fillies & mares


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A curiosity where/how/why superior genes appear? How they transmit etc…..

I thought we might take a quick view of our global racing stars and to find the common-ground.

Please remember, it is TBL practice to  refer by strains/trait & female family ancestral within the individuals pedigree. We practice like so because we believe this provides the clarity how pedigrees may be crafted.

Strains/traits,  KPI – ‘smart’, true transmitters (if you will). Strains/traits employ the female-family index, the carrier infusion through either parent, the indication of inheritances not by dosage alone, but by a better factoring towards a genus; the genotype as the net gateway to homozygous.

Some divas here, are prior blogged, however when TBL screened others we found a fresh ‘development ‘of a strain/trait identification which we had not noticed before. It’s the beauty of comparing a wide, superior group.

The value of recognizing these strains/traits through individuals, is so YOU can view your own pedigree – seeing what is ‘hot’, & what is genetically cookin’!!

Quality transmitters appear late and ripened. Please read diamond in the rough and what the bluebook won’t say & what genotype will say….

So…you shall need your pedigree software and we’ll take a look through…..

Superstar Fillies & Mares

Winx – Street Cry (GB) from Vegas Showgirl (NZ) by Al Akbar/Success Express/Hold Your Peace/ Prince John/Princequillo. Street Cry – Troy: Halo – Hail to Reason plus relevancy to – Hethersett (GB), the **ff-21a

Zenyetta – Street Cry (GB) i.e Troy, Halo- Hail to Reason from Vertigineux (USA)Roberto/Hail To Reason plus Princequillo line(s)

Oh Susanna – (South Africa 2017-18, 3 yr old champion filly) – Street Cry – Troy from Sharp Susan (USA) – Roberto/Hail To Reason + Princequillo plus relevancy to Count Fleet *ff-6a (infused to dam-line)

Newspaperofrecord (IRE) – Lope de Vega (IRE) from Sunday Times (GB) by  – note Troy (sire side), 2nd dams sire So Factual → In Reality (USA) **ff-21a , 2x Roberto/Hail to Reason

Sistercharlie (IRE) – Myboycharlie (IRE) Roberto/Hail To Reason from Starlets Sister (IRE) by Galileo/Sadlers Wells/Hail to Reason) plus relevancy – Nantallah (USA) *ff-6a

Jaywalk (USA) juvenile Breeders cup winner 5starts, 4 wins – Cross Traffic (USA) Unbridled/In Reality ff-21a, Cure the Blues/Hail To Reason. 3rd Dam sire Hold Your Peace 

Magical (IRE) – Galileo/Sadlers Wells/Hail to Reason plus relevancy – Nantallah (USA) *ff-6a , Prince Chevalier/Prince Rose from dam, Halfway to Heaven (IRE)numerous strains Prince Rose/Princequillo

Monomoy Girl (USA) – Tapizar (USA) his dam’s line In Reality **ff-21a by Drumette (USA) ff-21a, grand-dam sire Williamstown USA) ff-21a, 5th dam sire Nantallah (USA) *ff-6a,  + Bolero *ff-6a each tracing to ancestral dam Lottie Moon (USA)    ++ (Mr Prospector), the strain @ Count Fleet  *ff-6a tails same, ancestral Lottie Moon plus, Monomoy Girl her dam,  from Henny Hughes (USA) dams grandsire Hold Your Peace

Chasing Yesterday (USA) – Tapit (USA) – 3rd dam In Reality ** ff-21a + 2x Mr Prospector/Count Fleet *ff-6a; dam by Littleprincessemma as prior researched 3x Olympia/Miss Olympia whose great,grand-sire Plaudit, ancestral dam Manna, greater ancestral dam Wagtail (GB) (ff-21a)

Enable (GB) – Nathaniel, his dams grand sire Roberto, his son Silver Hawk (USA), the dam Gris Vitesse (USA), from French lines, to **ff-21a – greater ancestral dam Wagtail (GB):                                                                                                                               Enable dam, Concentric (GB) by Sadlers Wells. Inbred to Sadlers Wells hence, Hail to Reason & Nantallah *ff-6a.  2nd dam sire Shirley Heights/Mill Reef, Princequillo & Count Fleet *ff-6a. n.b. Sir Gaylord/Princequillo

Almond Eye (Japan) – Lord Kanaloa (JPN), sire King Kamehameha (JPN) Mr Prospector/Count Fleet *ff-6a,  Hethersett(GB) **ff-21-a, L.K – 2nd dam sire Cormarant (USA) Count Fleet *ff-6a; 3rd dam sire In Reality **ff-21-a. Storm Cat 4th dam sire Bolero (USA) *ff-6a. Storm Cat/Terlingua →Princequillo. The dam Fusaichi Pandora (JPN) – 3rd grand sire Hail To Reason. 2x (paternal & dam) Nureyev (USA), 2nd dam sire Nantallah (USA) *ff-6a

Now for the Connection!

….if you shall guide yourself through many of these pedigrees you may notice significance at deeper removes to Man O’War.                                                                        Man O’War/Fair Play/Hastings (USA), his dam line **ff-21a , ancestral dam yep, Manna.             The  ‘Y’ ManO’War Fair Play/Hastings/Spendthrift/West Australian ***FF-7a

Next point, follow through the Count Fleet/Nantallah ff-6a ancestral to Lottie Moon & note her sire Australian/West Australian ***ff-7-a. Note Lottie Moon grand-daughter, the in-breeding to West Australian

Hail To Reason – 4th dam sire Man O’ War/Fair Play ⇒West Australian

Princequillo – tail female through to ancestress, Morel, 4x inbred to Matchem.

Man O War – tail male descendent to Matchem


Matchem – Cade – Cream Cheeks from Sister to Miss Partner

West Australian – the first English Triple Crown Winner. He, the ff-7-a , ancestress Mowerina. Contemporary thoroughbred from the family are Danzig, Bletchingly (AUS) Invincible Spirit (IRE)&  its why they co-affiliate in the pedigree!!!

In a nutshell the superstar filly & mare ‘strain’ dynamics help to configure into place the superior bred.

Hopefully, we’re all aiming right!

Diktat Disclaimer Copyright/Fair-use

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what the bluebook won’t say & what genotype will say….


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To research todays contemporary pedigrees when searched upon thoroughbred evolutionary breeding phrases challenges one’s optimism.

The considerations I apply to pedigrees has altered, as over a course of time – (new) sires and the breeding broodmare population vary accordingly through generational cycles.

The breeding thing called ‘genetics’ are never dialled-on-call, nor are they ever fixed. Genetics arrive from 5th-7th infusions, thus the genetic ‘adaptation’ or variation, is really the natural process-in-time.

Yep, you can’t change Nature and she knows ‘finer’ direction, – its jumping DNA.

The evolutionary breeding phrases WILL provide fair assumption of what has rightful inheritance towards quality thoroughbred & its sustainable future. Rightful inheritance those who ‘transmit’ quality. Not to diffuse, & that which may even confuse consolidation of female bloodlines.

Better effort is to arrive at ‘traits’ or the ‘strains’ within, (for genotype dominance) rather than through solely emphasizing that racing individual, upon its merits. nature genes

  • Princequillo male lines (forward & back) come very high on radar.img_20181012_125915-01211677342.jpeg

Whilst stating the obvious, global commercial male lines now tail to Nearco.

Who would think we are almost saying goodbye, see ya forever, to likes of staying fabric Hyperion, the dam Selene, her female family, the Southern Hemisphere amazing sire Sir Tristram, his grandson Might and Power (also ‘Selene’)

The election of Princequillo to the position of Supreme Dominator, under scientific classification of genetic merit, leads the provocative but reasoned assertion that Princequillo’s influence on the creation and shaping of the towering prepotency of Sir Tristram could be struck several percentage points of ‘transcendence’ high. credit: Ross du Bourg.

How is it  Hyperion, with Princequillo male lines is almost at an non-existent state?

How will young, speedy colts as commercial sires produce another???

Paradoxically new ‘roads less travelled’ may lay with the female/broodmare.

You may want to reflect… latest blog diamond in the rough

That good breeding is now forced to seek deep. Funny, how one opportune trait makes a pathway ‘correction’ within superior pedigree. That trait is structural/constitutional: not always about speed or stamina ability but another.

*It is a pity that through human sin much good material is wasted which was destined by Divine Nature to be chosen material.

The knowledge that sham is easier and cheaper to produce than the real thing, and the fact that there are still people enough who are deceived by sham, has just as much a deteriorating influence in the producing of wine, and other things, as in the breeding of horses. The craftiness of the breeder to produce showy stock very cheaply has often  made greater breeding progress than the expert knowledge of the consumer.


Tough traits are extraordinary survivors, adaptors.

Littleprincessemma – the dam of American Pharoah (older blog) – American Pharoah pows a ‘Grand Slam’ clearly exhibited 3x key-strains/traits belonging to that of Olympia (USA), dam Miss Olympia – female family 4-P. With references @ Mit. DNA identify heritage as Regulus mare.

(side-note: Chasing Yesterday, chestnut filly 5 starts, 4 wins – by Tapit, from Littleprincessemma, where Tapit’s key strains to female family 13-C i.e. Mr Prospector/Seattle Slew/Le Fabuleux (FR) take heritage to Regulus mare. )

We find harmony of genetics works stronger than the sex-balancing towards few, major-players of the pedigree. What we mean is to find (at best) genus, the bloodlines which we may assume has truer genotype.

The more composing harmony of the genetics, comes bio-mechanics/structure/ability.

It’s back to school, knowing basics, by these terms, as written from  The Australian & New Zealand Thoroughbred – Ross du Bourg  – whose complete work, lives on….

gene: the unit of inheritance transmitted by the chromosome

genotype: the fundamental hereditary constitution of an organism; the genetic formula of the organism.

homozygote: an organism that contains two identical genes for the same characteristic, and hence will breed true for that characteristic if mated with an organism similarly homozygous for that characteristic.

heterozygote: an organism that contains two dissimilar genes for the same characteristic, and there will not always breed true to type.

prepotency: the ability of one parent to impress its hereditary characteristics on its progeny because it has more homozygous, dominant or epistatic (the gene which determines whether a trait will be expressed. One parent is prepotent when it consistently outperforms its partner in transmitting critical racing characteristics.


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diamond in the rough


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with sincere hope that it will promote the love of the noble creature, the horse, its breeding, and trial on the race-course.  – Burchard Von Oettingen, Trakehnen 1907

It appears (at times) where only a bare few shall take a solid appreciation from thoroughbred history.

…all very good photos of great, noble champions but is it for others (?) coming to grips via TB ancestry and evolutionary developments is horribly, kinda inconsequential ?

I myself and like many, shall gaze for hours re-living their days: racing champions, the thrill n’ passion remembering superior performances of yesteryear(s).

And of course, its soooo easy to esteem those pedigrees of superior champions. The proof is there….

Proof & evaluation…from truer-at-heart analysis to interpret the Patterns, highlighted superior individuals (as strains) that no pedigree shall ever go without. Period.

Come on…. we are no longer centring Mr Prospector, Northern Dancer- they being a ‘zero-point’. Rather, we are to notice emergent & distinctive broodmare anomalies that ‘spike’ from female family inheritances.

Oh my…. what it is to be reminded from good n’ old; the genetic routes/the genetic infusions: to the old/best/new/hottest epigenetic genes which chuck themselves out clearly & upon superior individuals from their ancestral circles.

Seeking old/best/new/hottest individuals is never plain as day but nor illusionary. The pedigree only reveals in subtle detail. Algorithms don’t show…

In TBL philosophy 🙂 these old/best/new/hottest genes are survivor strains. They are clearly not plentiful and with good reason.

Like Quality antique – the, Horse Breeding Theory & Practice had practices, principles, arriving superior quality, now forgotten or ignored in modern times.

Like three wise men, there wise words of age old perspicacity are comforting, a logic of  common sense but also comes, the vague sadness where modern breeding principles by performance and commercial productivity can liberally convey everything & Everything is soundly bred to race.

Getting a good-un horse – be it self-bred, purchased, secured on-line, or syndication shared by ownership is the horse n’ human quest for distinction.

Yet regrettably old-fashioned breeding fundamentals (and all its immense, eternal pedigree detail) to arrive upon that champion individual is veiled deep or plainly the dynamics are lost-in-time or is it, the lottery of horse-trading?

For some time we’ve being lamenting the intensified loss of diversity: the dwindling pool of broodmare numbers, the global mass-pool of descendants come, Northern Dancer ‘Y’ and the resulting TB, its phenotype.

It…. a dramatic global funnel of tightened genetics which bleeds deep.

Yet out of the social-media blue steps out an ‘ad’. A welfare/rescue 2014 born TB mare needing to be adopted & re-homed. Her name is Liberty G & by the photo she’s had it tough.

But…there IS, the bone.


I assume some bloodstock investors may say garbage….

And I guess, the welfare fraternity have (on her behalf) shall rightly say, no more horse-wastage…

Yet by example it screams at disaster, how the TB broodmare genetics quietly, & disgracefully disappear because bare few comprehend the precious bloodline, as its life, lays within.

If we are serious about reducing horse-wastage or better still, a conservation-in-breeding mind-set then study this pedigree well.


Should anyone not be familiar to bloodlines, family tables etc etc then let’s introduce that one and only European champion by name…. Frankel.


Yep… of the Liberty G pedigree you are looking at the same female family as Frankel. (ff 1-k). Not a lot of them about is there!

Screen the Liberty G ancestry – the much fewer/lesser strains of Nearco, towards the noble old bloods, & as sorely missing (abundant wise) from many a ‘now’  evolving contemporary pedigree – namely Teddy and that of, Man O’ War.

Look to the Liberty G siring line (Deer Lake, USA) that of grand sire Hold Your Peace (USA) where the writer, with others, has identified the stallion (frequently) as the superior breeding lane ⇔ Prince John (USA)/ Princequillo. See Winx – workin’ them genes

refer also – Hold Your Peace (USA) 3rd dams maternal sire: from equine gods…Kukulkan (Mex)

If we ever ‘think’ we are improving the Thoroughbred by rubbishing the reliable, consistent bloodlines and opting for modern quality from performance alone – then think again.

“bought for peanuts – won a fortune – wrecked the know all’s, to the delight of students and officials”


Disclaimer Copyright/Fair-use

cheers from New Zealand, TBL cropped-nyme31478829496









opportunity slips by….


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Hot, endless fascination – Everybody wants a ‘Winx’.

Last month, New Zealand Bloodstock had its November Ready-to-Run 2 YO sale.

With familiar interest….one stood out.

TBL wondered how many might see the pedigree, pick the genetic profile.

We loved the 2 year old filly’s genotype, her breeze-up time and that balanced efficiency of gait belonging to Winx.

The pattern of another Winx is rare occasion however those key strains clearly stepped out from the page.

To the law of probability -the magic chemistry of genetic strains through crosses, we should assess from the Winx genotype, directs, ‘shapes’ overall structure.

The filly in question & subject – by Shocking (AUS), the son of Street Cry.

Shocking – 2009 Melbourne Cup winner. http://www.richhillstud.co.nz/rich-hill-stallions/shocking/stud-record

The dam – by Tale of the Cat (USA) where the dam’s dam is by Success Express. Yes, the key strain of Troy (GB) and Success Express (USA) is the ‘X’ factor we scored Winx on.


Other bloodlines and contributors all ‘held’ intact – their own key family affiliation pliable to the complete pedigree.

– via individuals Danehill and 3rd dam sire: Bletchingly (AUS) (as noted before via TBL genotype profiling) are genetically communal. Yet, better still the zone: sire’s broodmare sire across the infusing maternal  zone. Essentially, they are the speed strains.

Also noted through sire Shocking (AUS), point-to (maternally) the strain belonging to Roberto – his inbreeding to Blue Larkspur.

(*side-note See how/why Blue Larkspur ‘crosses’ along side Mr Prospector/Native Dancer read here Almond Eye (JPN)

Yes, the Roberto strain present in the maternal to Zenyatta (super star daughter of Street Cry, Winx’s other )fullsizerender

Silly Season (USA) – (Shocking’s 3rd dam sire); the strain infused to Winx’s broodmare sire Al Akbar (AUS).

*(side note: Silly Season (USA) to Mexico sensation – Kukulkan from equine gods…Kukulkan (Mex)

Other interesting notes – this 2 year old, bay filly from female family 2-r. Say hello to the family trails to Sunline, Phar-Lap both ff – 2r: New Zealand exceptional racing family. Patterns of Nature: Phar Lap & Sunline

An un-named filly has the star rated quality genotype pedigree. Excellent, sweet spots sweetspot

Now…the suspense.



Cheers from New Zealand cropped-nyme31478829496







from equine gods…Kukulkan (Mex)


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Kukulkan – the Mesoamerican serpent deity, its name, has God. Prior to the Spanish conquistador invasion, the Yucatech-mayan culture worshipped the Kukulkan. It translates as fiery serpent.

Its a powerful name for a colt. It is compelling for a racehorse.  Kukulkan (Mexico) has 14 wins from 14 starts. His achievements to date: champion 2 year old colt in Mexico and a Triple Crown Winner at 3 (Mexico). He is sired by, Point Determined (USA) from The Real Mayo (USA) ex- Bernardini (USA).

When a jockey says: “he can do anything…. he wins off the pace, close to the pace & wins on the lead” – the genotype pedigree urges TBL scrutiny.

Sire and dam are American bred. Even so, bloodlines are essentially global appraised. Irrespective where you are by country, it is to realize every superior thoroughbred has superior genotype configuration that must indicate the truest, finest breeding.

Forward-quality breeding, it is always highly important to note burgeoning of new/old:old/new strains as ‘traits’ re-emerge, more so the persistent traits which endure.

The Kukuklan pedigree surely has the classic ‘markers’ in abundance.

The ‘markers’ are superior best key-strains which always appear to superior breeding  world wide.

Pedigrees are collective, not only an in-breeding pool. They are supported with compelling prepotent influences known for top-class speed and acceleration. It is a superior genus-type – the supreme benchmark.

As Winston Churchill said ” The further you stand back, the further you shall see”.

Pushing well back into a pedigree, finds the bred evolutionary infusion.

Those bottom maternal tap-root(s) infuse and mature – rather than to emphasis tap-root as one dynamic.

At maternal infusion from the early German bred, through breeding gargantuan –   Neckar (GER), sire, his Ticino (GER) and Birkhahn (GER). birkhahn n.b. Birkhahn  strain held to Galileo Thrust, goes the Galileo engine

The Seattle Slew inbreeding 5Sx4Dx5D to that of Mr Prospector 5Sx6D being that that come from same maternal, namely Myrtlewood/Frizette (USA) – as the american born, female family 13C.

Accessing those Frizette traits/strains, make for a very compact homozygous pedigree.

Additionally of Seattle Slew is the great-grand daddy sire – Bold Ruler, to that of his sire Nasrullah. Say, no more!

Hold Your Peace (USA)- (3rd dams maternal sire) praise, praise, praise…these constitutional strains complete, which the bloodstock ‘world’ should always be lusting after.

That familiar dosage what appears in the Winx (AUS) maternal pedigree – see, Hold Your Peace’s/Success Express (USA) to sire-son, Al Akbar. This is a major, major undeniable prepotent line. *(…the small, tough, gritty qualities and equable temperament which exemplify the Prince Rose Line, through his three great stallion sons Princequillo, Prince Chevalier and Prince Bio have united perfectly in the post-war era with the compositon of the Nearco/Nasrullah/Royal Charger breed.* – Ross du Bourg – Australian bloodstock analyst

Winx – workin’ them genes

To Al Akbar’s grand maternal sire Silly Season (USA); & as infused to Kukulkan’s 4th dam sire as same.

Opinion….the nick or sweet-spot to this pedigree shines on the sire’s (Point Determined (USA) 3rd dam sire Broad Brush (USA)/Ack Ack (USA) particularly the cohesion of strains Turn-To (IRE) Royal Charger to that of Princequillo/Prince Rose (as Ross du Bourg quotes above) ‘crossed’ to the Hold Your Peace (USA).

The Kukulkan pedigree has excitement: take respect to all future pedigrees where  Seattle Slew blood is reinforced.

The keys are: enduring dosages and deeper reinforcement to the quiet eternal rivers of Princequillo and Royal Charger/Nasrullah.

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Almond Eye (JPN)


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Almond Eye (JPN) by Lord Kanaloa (JPN) ex- Fusaichi Pandora (JPN) by Sunday Silence

2018 Japanese Fillies Triple Crown Winner

2018 Japan Cup – world record of 2400 metres 2.20.6

For champions to succeed, the key factors ability, temperament, adaptability to race from any position finds the magic.

Because of superior champions we can study, analyse, absorb; take view how the best genotype patterns emerge. Unsurprisingly, matriarch mares establish the order upon each pedigree.

Is it the chicken or the egg….it is all, how sire and broodmare fuse traits.

A genetic trail, every progression from familial traits synergetic, revive a genus essence, bloodlines within veins.

The Almond Eye pedigree is simply, intelligent & well-crafted breeding.

Plainly, strains are genetic machinery and they will unify from both parentages to dominate progeny’s individuality.

Sire of Almond Eye, Lord Kanaloa from the tap-root family 2-s,  he a descendant of the same dam family SomethingRoyal (USA) – Secretariat’s dam.

It highlights, with TBL intrigue, to see two strains carriage upon Lord Kanaloa’s dam Lady Blossom. The brilliance is bred, distinguishable.

Within pedigree, the maternal zone (as above) penetrates deep.

The sire, Lord Kanaloa, also is the son. Though only two SomethingRoyal (USA) strains are present, it is working the Nasrullah/Princequillo cross. If we wish to ‘dig’ further back the global thoroughbred is clearly recognizable from truest old bloods.

Infusing, enter the exciting, temperamental blood of Nureyev – 5sx3d. Again, the maternal zone is key, penetrative, shaping classic. His daughter Miesque – an Inductee Hall of Fame, champion filly/mare at 2,3,4 in France, England and America.


Miesque….@ Churchill Downs

The Nureyev pedigree ‘smacks’ out the elite blood befitting to the best, and only the best, as the breeding was then.

A son of Northern Dancer, it is the Olympia genes through Forli, Ribot, Princequillo, Count Fleet and French sire Sanctus eternally held. *(n.b. below)

To Nureyev’s other daughter unraced, purchased as yearling and exported to Japan – bloodstock/broodmare as destiny fulfils, the grand dam to Almond Eye.

A, Nureyev daughter, she the familial blood & line, with tap-root to female family 8-f: Best In Show (USA) maternal blue-hen, Try My Best. The maternal family is well regarded & known for producing superior sires.

(think as example) Redoute’s Choice (AUS), siring son of Danehill. Purchase a daughter of this maternal family, and one would be rolling in bloodstock clover.

Female family 8-f: its genetic rhythms upon the genus-type within.

Recall affiliating characters like Raise a Native (USA), sire of Mr Prospector & to those of Blue Larkspur/Black Servant as carried in sire, Halo – sire of Sunday Silence one may understand the particular XX trait preserves, carries, ties to the ancestral dam.

Look again to the 3rd dam of Almond Eye, her sire Buckpasser also from veins of Blue Larkspur. And in particular, where exactly TBL likes to have-it (the trait) scored to the pedigree.


Because it is the most ‘direct’ / specific infusion upgrade to the dam’s maternal breeding.

*(side-note: find Buckpasser paternal to the infusion of Bull Dog (FR): Sanctus (FR) as above – same maternal family belonging to Plucky Liege (GB).

Though of the two variant 8-f branches, there still remains a genus commonality, long-back. Check – Remembrancer Mare (1807)

When the genetic stage is set, with main prop genetics, we shall view structure within.

The Almond Eye pedigree is classic built/bred.

Understand any of these principles and one should find themselves success.

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Cross Counter (GB)


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2018 Melbourne Cup race has its winner – Cross Counter (GB) by Teofilo (IRE) ex-Waitress (USA) from Kingmambo (USA) – by Mr Prospector from Miesque (USA)

Jig-saw genetics.

Miesque – best miler in Europe, winning in every country (France, U.S.A. England at 2,3,4 years of age. Racing Hall of Fame. Phenomenal.

The TBL pedigree takes emphasis upon origins, female-families, infusions – additionally, generational breeding cycles which shall organically sustain bloodlines.

Often balance in modern pedigrees is sacrifice or lost at the dictate of fashion, because of the prevailing climate of the commercial yearling market or through the blindness of breeders. Ross de Bourg

Aside from breeding principles, it would seem modern racehorse breeding has challenges towards the public front and thus all those passionate or, the not so passionate (activist welfare movements) share complex diverse opinions, facts, figures, who, how, why, what to the future(s) of sports-horses, thoroughbreds and the racing integrity.untitled

The stayers dilemma, its speciality long-distant racing and of breeding stability requires the ‘local’ racing program as to purposefully/supportively develop the wonderful breed.

A TBL ethos by organic ‘selective’ breeding: successful breeding thrives from strains, traits component peculiarities, rather than ‘closed’ to bare few high-profiled individuals, as generally does the market guided or, of an in-breeding philosophy.

The consistent domination(s) but of narrowing bloodlines, eventually finds exhaustion. It is a natural dynamic – the feral herd domination shall die (at some point) – her bloodline refreshed by diversity, the skill to survive. Mainstream will ignore the paradox.

from the book The Australian & New Zealand Thoroughbred by Ross de Bourg

It is difficult to convince many breeders that it is possible to ‘over egg the pudding’ by concentrating too many influence for high quality in a pedigree. The result tends to be the production of too much nervous energy, producing over-excitability, nervousness or constitutional weakness. Wealthy businessmen who came into racing and breeding without any knowledge or understanding of it, often seem unable to grasp that breeding the best with the best does not necessarily result in the best…

It is difficult to narrate pedigrees, its parallel to breeding detail, at-depth.  I strongly suggest true, careful, astute examination from all angles – the consideration upon pedigree, contemporary and ancestrally which undoubtedly displays exclusive ‘pattern’. Exclusivity of individuals is the name of the game, identifying key strains & those pedigree affiliations.

Cross Counter (GB) – female family 3-d

 –  utilizing female family indexes is extremely helpful.

Over time we’ve deduced plying with FF indexes indicate something far deeper than a given matrilineal number. In a sense, they represent a core genus which is to be appreciated beyond a conventional scope, beyond the conventional determination only three ancestral sires established the thoroughbred.

A by-gone superior genus-type suggests. However whether ‘searchable’ or not, it shall remain a TBL conjecture.

Of greater performers through the breeding, returning a familial selection intelligence.

The maternal infusions upon matri-lineal about 5th-7th removal are the nearest, possible comprehension to what is circulating as broodmare genetics.

What is ripening?

Consider possibilities?

Best genetic approximation & so forth…….

Deliberations to ascertain broodmare sire genetics…

– don’t believe mating/breeding is algorithm alone? (in that algorithms miss minor ‘finer’ detail)

Cross Counter broodmare, Waitress (USA) her maternal roots….note direct infusion Mr Prospector/Raise A Native: sets-the-genetic flavour, to set the foundational assimilation. Plus, Mr Prospector son – Kingmambo (USA) as broodmare sire – where speed and the tough get together.

Teofilo, by Galileo infusion Miswaki

Miswaki (USA) the FF-16g, (the ancestral dam Agnes, ancestral male dose Birdcatcher strain. (n.b. Birdcatcher – grandsire to Rataplan Stockwell, Emperor of Stallions – their sire The Baron, an important ingression to note.* (see below)

Broodmare Waitress (USA), her 3rd dam sire Persian Heights (GB) (European champion 3 year old) the FF-16g,  where again, the ancestral dam Agnes/Birdcatcher.

To his magnificent sire Persian Bold (GB), importantly note the FF-9h with co-affiliation to the iconic mare Urban Sea FF- 9h carrying Mit. DNA,  through same, the ancestral Alveole/Ste Alvere (GB) FF-9h.

At this point, I hope readers are finding with meaning to the core, genus type generational breeding.

Secreto (USA), FF 4-d, to same reflections, same strains through individuals Danehill (His Majesty (USA), Speirbhean (IRE) dam of Teofilo via Majestic Prince (USA) where ancestrally Boudair (GB) recaptures same. However should you wish to pursue this powerful female line NOTICE a dam called Mineral (GB) inbred to Birdcatcher.

Solidarity in numbers, for sure!

Lalun (FF 19-b) 6Sx7D: only two duplications (you might think) however the powerful Djebel (FR), sire Tourbillon (FF 13C) is the KEY FACTOR conducive to Mr PROSPECTOR BLOODLINES, their genetic ancestral link, genus blue-hen Frizette.

Now you may wonder(?) why my odd omission to Northern Dancer, his dam Natalma (ff 2-d) – trait wise (I mean).

Genetically, Northern Dancer (like Nearco) globally, has set a fixed global prototype. It is like saying it is the zero-point. Whether we know or not, N.D. traits are the ‘modern’ era and with necessity, we view for specific differentiation/variants to find ‘how’ superior performers ARE throwing out ‘new’ genetic makeup by generational bred phases via this fixed prototype.

*(side-note: the N.D. ‘fixed’ trait prototype passed to his son Danehill whom by the female-family 2d i.e. XY & XX has distinctly shaped phenotype to terms – athleticism, precocity. Now, that was the course, but it changes and resilient breeding takes care of the future……)*

Similar can be said of Mr Prospector prototype however, subjective as it is, impresses individual bloodlines/trait by broodmare maternal i.e. Nashua, Count Fleet, to the tap-root matrilineal Myrtlewood (FF 13-c Frizette USA). 

The strains from these individuals sum the building blocks to many a quality pedigree. It is not enough to identify them as superior, but almost, the ordered framework standing alongside Northern Dancer. However once again breeding is not algorithm pedestrian: it is reaping unidentified/identified sources via the individuals  which may caste out or, reset a trait deeply hidden, in thoroughbred ancestry.

Therein lies the expansion, the evolvement, of thoroughbred breeding.

As finale (!) score Cross-Counter pedigree: Teofilo – notice a FF 10-c, namely Victoria Park (CAN) and to Waitress, 2nd dam sire Highest Honor (Fr) – to notice, same FF 10-c. Where, Bonnie Doon is the ancestral dam & last foal of Queen Mary: a family highly regarded for exceptional class & durability. (key point trait)

For further reading on Teofilo where “The superiority of a bull is where genes will knit anything…” (so said the ol’boy). Teofilo, sire of Cross Counter also sire to – Humidor (NZ), the supremacy of genetics.