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Primogeniture ancestress Martha Lynn undoubtedly, the unseen matriarch.  A dethroned queen… she haunts, with some montane ‘trait’.

– Updated analysis due to esteemed researchers and genome science(s) recalibrates Identities covering a pedigree. As a credible ‘trait’ named Martha Lynn, the female figure to family 2h, we further explore her. ( N.B. Previous 1st explanatory…Secretariat and Carbine, ad infinitum which notes the invisible genotype over-lay. )

Martha Lynn daughtersClemence→ Sandiway→ Sandfly→Mosquito (USA)→Gnat (USA) ⇒ sire of Sting (USA) sire of *Questionnaire (USA) (***nb. further influences below)

We thus find Martha’s inherent influence, to multiple Group 1 winner Tiz the Law (Constitution –  Tizfiz) and American Pharoah (Pioneer of the Nile –  Littleprincessemma).

– for Quarter-horse interests, the ultimate breed shaper & theirs, American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame is the thoroughbred, Three Bars (Percentage – Myrtle Dee). Plagued with health issues to the major part of his racing career, he recovered & Three Bars at age 6, went on to win and set a track winning time over 5 furlongs.

Three Bars forte went known for an exceptional, early speed.

– as sire, he left 29 AQHA champions & 4 AQHA supreme champions. His grandsons equally dynamic & competitive.

“Some people thought ( Three Bars) was going to ruin the breed” –  Walter Merrick

Three Bars (Percentage – Myrtle Dee by Luke McCluke*). Myrtle Dee is 4×4  Sandfly, the daughter of Sandiway, grand-daughter of Clemence aka Martha Lynn.

Notice to the pedigree & not by any coincidence … the presence of Trenton (NZ) by Musket.

 Check out Three Bars photo .



“we walked behind him in the yard, running almost, to that magnificent motion of His” –  memory & visit to American Pharoah commented by Highview’s (NZ) studmaster.

The family-line to Martha Lynn influences American Pharoah  9Sx9Sx8d ⇒ via, *Questionnaire (USA) by Sting (f.f.2h) → trails his sire-sons, Free for All → →Dr Fager and Rough n’ Rumble →→ In Reality (USA) + Greek Game  the 5th dam sire to Littleprincessemma.

– *Questionnaire/Sting (USA) transmittance  ⇔  Martha Lynn female family 2h, aka Clemence via her daughter Sandiway (GB). (n.b. Questionnaire (USA) compounds 15 multiple -sources  to female family 2H aka Martha Lynn (source: pedigreequery.com and do note, strain-total is exclusive, to Bend Or/Tadcaster & of Teddy influences)

Questionnaire (USA) (by Sting from dam → 4×4 Sandiway) a genetic elemental to the 2020 Kentucky Derby champion hopefuls. ⇓

Tiz the Law (Constitution – Tizfiz) – Questionnaire 9dx9d, In Reality 7sx6sx5Dx6d

High Velocity  (Quality Road – Ketel Twist USA) – 5th dam by Dr Fager

Dean Martini (Cairo Prince – Soundwave (USA) → Holy Bull  (USA) → 4th dam

Mr Monomoy (Palace Malice – Drumette) → Henny Hughes (USA) → 4th dam

Ancient Warrior ( Constitution – Wellington Beauty) → Dr Fager 7sx5dx5D

Tapit It to Win ( Tapit – Dr Fager 6sx5D/ In Reality 6sx5s)

Charlatan ( Speightstown – Authenticity ) Dr Fager 5dx4d

Complexifier (Overanalyze – Freud’s Irish Miss) 7th dam sire Requested by Questionnaire

Other Martha Lynn family influences

Basin (Liam’s Map – Appenzell) ⇒ Gallant Romeo (USA) →Luke McCluke*→Midge by Trenton(NZ) from Sandfly

Art Collector – (Bernardini (Dr Fager 5×6) – Distorted Legacy)

Ete Indien – (Summer Front – East India) i.e. Salt Lake (USA) 5th dam by Spur (USA) from Aunty Mum →→ Sandiway

Power behind the throne –  Martha Lynn transmits with distinction.

Mumtaz Mahal –  The Tetrarch – Roi Herode,

Relic → Man O War (correction to Bend Or/Tadcaster/Clemence


Unbridled (USA)

In Reality



*(new update to note) another Sandiway/Clemence/Martha source, US bred Godswalk https://www.pedigreequery.com/godswalk . The 5th dam Sandiway in-bred https://www.pedigreequery.com/luscinia.

The stallion Godswalk (USA) stood in Australia and his female line has a solid performer, a gelding, by the name of Run for Glory (Olympic Glory IRE) – Nayana (AUS)




Regards from NZ