Princequillo’s influence on the creation and shaping of the towering prepotency of Sir Tristram (Sir Ivor), could be struck several percentage points of ‘transcendence’ higher.” credit Ross du Bourg The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred 

Champion performers, these shown, with the Princequillo integrity through multiple strains to sons and daughters.

*Swiss Skydiver (Daredevil) – 6xP How, Sunny, Somethingroyal, Cequillo, Monarchy, Cherokee Rose
*Mishriff (Make Believe) – 16xP Milan Mill, Somethingroyal, Prince John, Round Table, Misty Morn, Quill, Dedicate, Classicist, Stepping Stone
*Ghaiyyath (Dubawi) – 7xP Somethingroyal, Milan Mill, Rose Bower, Hill Prince
Frankel colt *Adayar, his dam Anna Salai (USA) a 4th generation daughter from Mill Reef his dam Milan Mill by Princequillo. 5x Rose Bower, Prince John, Milan Mill, Round Table
*Aegon (Sacred Falls) – 9xP Milan Mill, Round Table, Bourbon Prince, Somethingroyal, Monarch
New Zealand colt – *Jungle Magnate (Tarzino) 7xP Somethingroyal, Round Table, Milan Mill, Hill Prince, and 6th dam Efficient, is a Princequillo daughter.
2yo Australian filly – *Seradess (Astern) 7xP Somethingroyal, Prince John, Round Table, Milan Mill, Go Marching
2007 Australian gelding  Princequillo male line,sprinter *Buffering (Mossman) from a  Princequillo grand-daughter by Prince John. 4xP Prince John, Somethingroyal. Buffering had 55 starts for 20 wins. Buffering Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

“Oh for days when a top Thoroughbred was sound enough to run 66 races!” 

Never synthetic bred, Princequillo the breeding bull of Tough stock; the improver and upgrader of thoroughbred quality. A 6 furlong winner, he went by staying blood.
Respect Princequillo – he produced sound healthy foals. The great sire had the jacket, the cloth and label – ‘Mr Fixit’
 *Princequillo – Reines-de-Course, Ellen Parker’s article notes ... “let us never, ever forget him”.
For international & contemporary breeding barns, the great Princely male line has sunk & is poorly… 1,2 steps away extinct.
Those remaining are:
Bull Hancock  1)  “you like to drill where oil has been found. Nick may be a bad word, but it gives you an outcross in which some things in the stallion compensate for their absence in the mare. Nasrullah was a very fiery horse; Round Table was rather phlegmatic, RoundTable was not too big; Nasrullah mares are big and rangy” 
2) “racing needs that kind instead of the fly-by-nights who come in for 2,3 years and then get out when they don’t like it, or when they have no success ”  *


Mill Reef – Never Bend-Milan Mill by Princequillo. A perfect middle-distance racehorse and winning 12 of 14 starts.