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‘winners run a different race’

Screen excellence & the exercise is not to go by racing sires, mares, individuals as to discover HOW  dynamics work, stay on like a wave patterns circulating through generational alike proximity. spiralIn a nutshell, its genotype patterns of ‘workability’. Thus….

quoted & credited to Ross du Bourgs book The New Zealand & Australian Thoroughbred: upon a study & essay by Thomas and Donald Lesh as published in the British Racehorse 1968

…therefore that heterosis or hybrid vigour is not the crucial factor in superior racecourse performance.

Homozygotes and heterozygotes are fundamental concepts in the science of genetics and the practice of breeding. Defined at their simplest, a homozygous individual has genes that are alike, while a heterozygous individual has genes that are unlike. The Leshes found that the homozygous individual could produced noticeably more enzymes.

Thus the homozygous individual would seem to have a more efficient metabolism, having, for instance, greater energy resources or quicker recovery from fatigue; In short, the Leshes conclude ‘ the potential to perform with greater ease than the ordinary horse and to be better able to profit  from a training regimen.


For the moment forget speed, forget stamina and let’s just say I want to apply a solid genetic framework which reflects the best possible specimen called a thoroughbred.

Our subject Masar, a pedigree deeply paralleled with Galileo, Sea the Stars (Cape Cross) but namely the dam’s line of Urban Sea (USA) from formerly German-bred, Anatevka – the female family 9h.

German breeding (its history) forced a heavy use of the female family 9h & if you look to Anatevka’s daughter Allegretta (GB) you shall see her numerous strains of this 9h family back-sired by Alchimest (GER).

Similar outcrossing procedures involving blends of typical German strains with strains drawn fro the main stream of European thoroughbred evolution have proved their worth as sources of Classic quality on numerous occasions. Peter Willett, The Classic Racehorse

The golden key turning the density as female strains, influences, are beautifully set.

It should now, be no secret, where Galileo strikes well or equally with his sires female family ‘Special” USA , the female family 5-h given to Sadlers Wells.

    – prior written Thrust, goes the Galileo engine this excerpt:


Many articles on these mighty horses take obvious bits of information without penetrating particular peculiarities which greatly seam the genetics. The dam’s family ‘connections’ which keeps the knitting together. Exceptional ‘dam’ strain (family 9-h)intertwines another exceptional ‘dam’ strain (5-h), the most potent proliferating thoroughbred strains in existence where it is also to gauge their genetic prowess on the constant evolutionary move of the thoroughbred.

Now…welcome (if following other pedigrees) Lorenzaccio (GB) , Nureyev, Val-de-Loir or, other generation individuals of Special and the 5h, frame-work becomes more so obvious.

Simply they all follow the ancestress Simon Shoes (GB). Yes, the female family 5h stages globally Derby winning families.

The 9h and the 5h family patterns X and Y – strains made in heaven.

Heavenly horses ? Long before thoroughbred ancestry stud book  recordings THE THOROUGHBRED FRAMEWORK IMMORTALITY began to take shape.

…one dominant (quality) is defined. The one genus, is above the rest.


How to put this… horses because of blood group complexity, will come irregular and since our TBL blog is biased towards best of the best superior performers, a bare few equine monsters tier above everything else.

They were & are the likes of St. Simon, Princequillo grand-daddy siring i.e. Prince Rose, Man O’ War

Why, why, why?

To the deep roots of the magnificence, the quality thoroughbred where as much formulated by trade, war, commerce and travel via the Ottoman empire.

The horse was the most important means of travel (and battle) among the Turkish tribes of Central Asia for millennia. They were bred for speed, strength, calmness and intelligence, among the attributes required at various times. These horses, known as Turkoman, are now considered extinct, but they undoubtedly left their genetic legacy behind. source: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/the-ottomans-and-their-love-of-horses-65556

finally to the very earliest traceable ancestor who carried the large heart gene, Hautboy, one of the founding thoroughbred bloodlines in the mid-seventeenth century. source: http://www.horsenation.com/2012/05/21/horses-in-history-the-x-factor/

Sometime, belonging to the Ottoman Empire, the writer read where the English aristocracy where completely awe struck to the beauty, the strength, the size and the agility of these striking horses. Sound familiar?turkmen-3

imperial horses and stables at ayazaga at the end of the 19th century1811216726..jpg

Imperial horses

In the last TBL article A Star born – Alpha Centauri we highlighted surreal & timeless…. Man O’ War.

In far lesser degree, similar lines appeared to Masar (IRE).***(below)

How so, with such divergent individuals?

IT IS THE quality determinants of breed, of type, of genus . We call it Mating for Superiority 

Ottoman Turk horses transported over time, to our subject pedigree Masar we all can agree the greats are not average and clearly differentiate from the rest.

Their genetic layers are quality dominant, not quantity dominant.

Further refer the greater tap-root maternal influences to Masar’s 5th dam & beyond.(Snow Bride (USA)⇒Blushing Groom ⇒Red God, Misaki (USA)/Hopespringeternal/Mr Prospector/Buckpasser.

***again refer Alpha Centauri – e.g.  compare (as above) via Rahy⇒Blushing Groom⇒Red God, Miswaki/Buckpasser A Star born – Alpha Centauri

One might say there is plenty of ‘space’ to these two, but essentially, are they?

The relevancy to think-on, is not just superior families sticking the glue, but more so following the familiar patterns, as nature supplies them, to establish your own selected individual is complemented to itself.

It is to know, not guess. Tables of Destiny: What’s my Line?