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“the quality (as opposed to the quantity) of the ancestor that is duplicated once or several times is an important ‘invisible’ factor in the ultimate inherited racing potential of the foal. Quality (or influence) must join hand in hand with quantity (or contribution) when breeders plan……..”Ross du Bourg – Australian bloodstock writer.

Straight to the chase… the genotype to prominent re: Alpha Centauri is a dominant ‘clone’ upon War Admiral – Man O’ War – Fair Play ancestral breeding. Alpha Centauri by Mastercraftsman (IRE) from Alpha Lupi (IRE) by Rahy (USA) https://www.pedigreequery.com/alpha+centauri9

As quoted above, a Ross du Bourg approach is what sets or differentiates the quality of pedigree.

Upon dynamic hoof-beats upon her, from female family 20, & owned by the ‘N’ shipping magnate family, the home-bred super-nova star is what crafted pedigree is truly about.

-‘why’ certain bloodlines go into orbit, with & from better chosen sires proofing contemporary superior performers are from similar high quality parentage(s).

These are templates to demonstrate what-can-be-done!

Alpha Centauri – the grand dam Miesque (USA) an inductee of Racing and Hall fame produced Kingmambo (Mr Prospector) and East of the Moon (Private Account). She herself with a brilliant turn of foot was a multiple champion in 3 countries England, France and the States winning back to back Breeders Cup.

As our last article strived to emphasis basis to genus, its type, with bred infusions unfolding maternally (by sire) takes the advantage: to find what/how/why type happens, can happen (and will happen) pays in dividends.

Usual convention emphasizes sire over sire nicking workability. Fine hope. Little attention is given to the maternal foundation: the genetic foundation is basis, but not static. The generational phases infuse, absorb and ‘transfer’/ upgrade or disperse the taken line. Specifically A.C family maternal tap-roots note Count Fleet⇒Fair Play infused.

“we now come to one of the greatest racehorses in American history, certainly as talented as Man o’ War…..His name is Count Fleet and, after all these years, he still ranks as the highest weighted two-year-old assigned with 132 pounds on the Experimental Free Handicap. Count Fleet was rated the most outstanding American juvenile of the 20th century.  Ken McClean – Designing Speed

…they trace a gradual metamorphosis in the fortunes of various lines. Ross du Bourg

Again dominant quality genes uphold, transfer, and the grand broodmare sires are catalyst to that ‘change’. This is an area where little credit or focus is given and why pedigrees come highly individualistic.

*though TBL discusses pedigrees through individuals named, it is imperative to comprehend the truer lay ‘strength’ within lines, to apprehend their affinity and co-relationships thus within ‘boundary’ – the nature of ‘quality’ dominance, strains, co-circling in a collective manner upon totality of individuals pedigree. nature genes

Refer the subjects grand broodmare sire: Private Account (USA), dam Numbered Account through to Buckpasser through to War Admiral, sired by Man O’ War, sired by Fair Play.

refer Man of War 6sx5Dx7Dx6D             Fair Play 6Xx7Xx6Dx8Dx7dx8D

they via Sword Dancer(x2), Buckpasser, Swaps, Glamour


Numbered Account

Numbered Account can you remember how chrome, turns to Gold: California Chrome

A.C – her dam’s sire Rahy, a small chestnut stallion, stood approx. 15.1 1/2 hands high. He, the sire of many outstanding Group and graded stakes winners. Sire of 14 millionaire earners.

“As a stallion, Rahy had a profound and lasting impact on the breed and was integral to the development and success of Three Chimneys. He was truly a world-class international sire.”

Rahy – Man O’ War 7dx8dx8D/Fair Play 7dx8dx9D. (remember, to his own, there are many quantities of strain but other super-quality of strain like Man O’ War is simply fierce. The exercise is: The Whole is greater than Sum of the Parts.

Mastercraftsman – War Admiral 8Sx7Sx7dx8d      Man o’ War 9Sx8Sx9Sx9sx9Dx8Dx9D

i.e. Danzig ⇒ Crafty Admiral, Buckpasser, Native Dancer ⇒Discovery, Raise a Native⇒AmericanFlag, Caro⇒Fortino(FR)⇒Relic, Nothirdchance, Eight Thirty⇒+++great,grand sire Rock sand(GB)triple crown winner is Man O Wars dams sire.

Rock Sand (GB) sired by Sainfoin.

  • Sainfoin’s dam Sanda, is inbred to the brothers Stockwell and Rataplan. Rock Sand produced Friar Rock and Tracery. Tracery a master gene for Federico Tesio’s pedigree.

Phalaris whose dam’s sire is Sainfoin. Phalaris sire of Pharamond, Fairway, & Pharos (sire of a ‘Nearco’ dynasty & on it goes……)

In closing, there is incredible detail to the art of pedigree research and how the ‘genetics’ are resourced by superior individuals.

As stated so many times, it does not have to be ‘hard’ or difficult. It is to understand the patterns as they go….to discover why and how the mare has its potential and type from the beginning.

“with no axe to grind other than the axe of truth and no product to advertise save the product of honest and careful enquiry”. M.J. Moroney – English author & statistician

“although few owners were prepare to run their horses against him in his three-year old days and he was seldom at full stretch, he broke seven track, American or world records during the season” – Peter Willets





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