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We’ve done a fair bit of homework re: dam lines, the illustrious Urban Sea(USA) – female family 9h.

–  need to catch up…read Thrust, goes the Galileo engine or the best – Masar

Of our subjects 1) Sea of Class (IRE) – ch. filly and 2) Stradivarius, (IRE) ch. C : sire Sea the Stars, do note Urban Sea as dam.


Rip apart the pedigree, note what is obvious, & work through to what is not obvious, to unfold the invisible factor of an ‘aha’…..deduce what is folding in/out of the genetic mix of sires/generations. – TBL

Its a no-brainer pedigree to capitulate Nijinsky 4Dx4D with Miswaki 3sx4d. Head back further and you might just find a couple common factors, such as Native Dancer.

Should you head back even further you may find what’s turning the wheels: – Discovery (USA) And if you further turn the wheels there’s the supreme ancestress Mannie Gray (USA).

 Mannie Gray is Mother Superior as was/is large-heart gene, Pocahontas.

But, can you see how…? https://www.pedigreequery.com/mannie+gray

In many ways superb potent sires Nijinsky/Miswaki may be enough to justify the whole pedigree. But its not… not for us anyway.

We are going to keep expanding out and take it up a few notches. Divulge more depth,  more beautiful detail.

Namely…. how is the harmonic ‘tone’ set…?

7th dam….tapping a double-shot of French-bred Tourbillon, female family 13C* into the deep maternal roots. Interesting…

Note also the other infusion Auriban (FR) ff-13C.

Tourbillon, Auriban (american, Frizette-fame) trace to dam Shotover (GB) by HERMIT.

yep, we are really digging out HOW indispensable traits/strains re-work upon genus type: they don’t die on ya’.

– i.e. core, nucleus mitDNA, (think about it)…… does IT make sense to see how the ‘type’ of the maternal dam is set?

The next important ‘marker’ is none other than the Princequillo of Princes siring lineage….(we, collectively place the sire lineage to a structural genetic realm all on its own). These ARE the ineffable ‘dose’. Bang, it goes…. right on, to the ‘collective’ taproot. So Im-port-tant to see sweetspot elementary evolve, unravelling, spinning through.

Next marker: the ancestress La Troienne (FR) ff-1x & as represented by Caerleon (USA), sired by Nijinsky) & grandam sire to subject, Sea of Class and ) + the dams sire of Miswaki, Buckpasser (ff-1x)


– Hope you shall see how knitting comes together!



Stradivarius (IRE) – Sea the Stars from Private Life (FR) by Bering (GB)


 – again, the TBL methodology – expand tap-root maternal pedigree, note the similar peculiarities as above. They flow from, and In, to infuse. CLICK.

7th dam – Norseman (FR) ff-13C, Worden (FR) ff-13C,

via Sadler Wells, Djeddah (FR) ff-13C

Djebel/Tourbillon (FR) ff-13c ⇔ 9Sx8Sx8D

subject Stradivarius, – grand-dams sire Bering (GB) ⇒LeFabuleux(FR)ff-13C

note again the legacy….Prince Bio (FR) 9Sx7Sx7Sx8Dx8D

Discovery (USA) 9Xx8Sx8dx7dx9dx8d

So far, TBL has failed yet to mention Nasrullah (ff – 9C). Pivotal to global breeding the melodies of pedigree, are well-infused by his, & nearest genetic relations.

That’s immortality folks, where inclusively crossed by Princequillo traits, which other good analysts already know. We won’t re-invent the pedigree wheel here….!!!!

Genetic frame-work to Miswaki (USA) exposes  ‘marker’s’ and telling of the future.. again and again the pedigree grid revolves in ‘time’.

Identifying genetic connections with in pedigrees helps us to understand why some lines are perpetuated while  others disappear. (If) …our objective is to design stakes-winning pedigrees, perhaps the next step towards achieving this goal is to identify valuable genes transmitted by influential mares. Ken McLean Designing Speed in the Racehorse

It is only by intense scrutiny of high performance individuals, the template they supply, a truer appreciation unfolds and reveals. There lies the truest thoroughbred in all its finery: the original genus trait so needed for its ability, existence, survival.     – TBL 

The work is 99.9% near done!

Now folks… despite all homework, frame-work here,….there goes the on-going complexity that ‘same’ is not about more of producing ‘same’.

Expression of parentage traits through their contemporary descendants is also comprehending a meticulous observation where a repressed gene may live to resurrect.

Hybrid vigour wants to be superior than what is already given. Its course is often unpredictable, defiant, working or un-working any finest pedigree yet stages ‘other’ plans to produce the perfect specimen from the ‘unknown’.

We notice the smallest miniscule ‘strain’ detail is possibly relevant; the ever slight detail which appears almost meaningless.

The ‘new’ generation is transfiguration, the place for bold breeders & breeding.

At TBL we’ve prior referred to scarcity. The mere fleck of DNA gene-dust that holds light appearing as ‘if’ sacrosanct, there is no real ‘defining’, nor can be accounted.

Its appeal…belongs to unconventional exclusivity, that of superior pedigree craftsmanship.

However in TBL fashion, I attempt to explain breed, the genus throw back, through historical insights belonging to thoroughbred antiquity.

Bold as paint & as sound as a bell of brass.

His good looks, excellent performances, and that he is full of the most successful winning blood of the day. (Of this distant genus)… finest and most perfect-shaped horses ever foaled.

He has been well described as “multum in parvo”; and most of his progeny were of the same character, having great power on short legs.

Of valuable addition(s) to the British stud – Gohanna’s blood comes down with great éclat to our time.

(his brother) one of the worthies that helped to lay the foundation of the American Turf.

The “classic” races fell to six of his progeny, viz., The Baron, Daniel O’Rourke, Knight of St. George, Warlock, Imperieuse, and Songstress, where BIRDCATCHER blood has also been transmitted to our time.

AND to this unique breeding interpretation….

That one has to fight against this production of the beautiful sham, even in the breeding of Thoroughbreds, one can see in many English studs which breed for the yearlings markets.

…..showy stock very seldom become also (best) breeding stock: they’re merely on account of the race tests. In any case, that breeding stock which has an important influence on the breeding of Thoroughbreds – it is a pity that through human sin much good material is wasted which was destined by Divine Nature to be chosen material.

What TBL concluded through enjoyable reads, was that from Eastern Europe, the tough breeders recognized the ‘lightness’ of the thoroughbred ‘blood’ as failing at survival; dose of robustness (in its truest sense) was Essential to maintain the species. Basically their observations came from Russian cavalry war-horse breeding. The problem was and still is, to an extent how those extreme bench-marks could be re-enacted.

How this weighs-in now… is to ‘recognise’ unique individualism – the law of averages (AEI) is misleading a dam’s potential, her ability to ‘unveil’ the hidden gem.

TBL returns this enlightenment to the subjects Sea of Class & Stradivarius. You are to remember pedigrees are not fixed, there is a momentum/progression of genus traits lifting.

To simplify refer their pedigrees – focus to the ff-20a to @ origins GHUZNEE.

Urban Sea ⇒Allegetta⇒Lombard(GER)⇔TANTIEME(FR) ff- 20a

Sea of Class – 6th dam  Auriban (FR) ⇒Pharos⇒dam, CARISSMA(FR) ff-20a

Stradivarius – LeHarr (FR)⇒dam, MincePie ff-20a

special note – Carvin (FR) ff-20d was designated formerly ff-20a GHUZNEE

Private Life (FR) dam sire, Bering (GB) ⇒Arctic Tern (USA) ⇒Hasty Road (USA)⇒Roman (USA) ff-20a

Again & again the maternal flame – 1) how her mould is typified 2) how her potential maybe upgraded through identifying similar but peculiar strains.

Cheers young-man-with-pipe TBL