How do you upgrade/improve what IS perfection?

How do you go about the All of what’s-what, who’s who of stallion potential?

All offer degrees of merit and indeed the longer consideration for Winx owners, where n’ how the “W” brand is to breed success.

I recall a similar scenario where one Australian and New Zealand race-champion, maiden mare called Sunline, went to great New Zealand stallion Zabeel. Although a marketing and commercial gain – I was aghast at the mating.

With knock-of-hammer, the Sunline colt certainly got the money and it faded into history.

Further Sunline’s matings indicated maybe better…but those extraordinary race-track performances never went repeated.

Such is the case….

Like many aficionados, turning over every possible ‘clue’ to what makes Winx ‘wink’ has brought forth many significant factors of what under-pins attributes to breeding.

Creme-de-creme genetics, pre-potent influences type together: co-affiliated families compound as those passage the superior template. It influencing the ‘W’ phenotype to that ‘trait’, daisy-cut action, as belonging to her/their ancestral of master-stroke speed engines.

The aficionados know these family associations are nothing new but exceptionally powerful when they strike.
Americus Girl, Lady Juror, Mumtaz Mahal, Fair Trial, Mahmoud, Nasrullah et al

Mumtaz Mahal by The Tetrarch from Lady Josephine by SUNDRIDGE. Off spring include Mumtaz Begum, dam of Nasrullah, and Mah Mahal, dam of Mahmoud

Through recent purchase of rare memorabilia books, I was struck how world-dominant champions bred via heritage in-bred backstage ‘strains’ plus the few ‘shy-breeder’. Their lack of fertility interprets as ‘limitation’ but where perhaps, in another extraordinary or natural sense, is natures right to conservation.

Many of the great pillars of the Stud Book have been sons or daughters of shy breeders. They however, act as an effective brake on the fertility ratio of bloodstock……….. Sir Charles Leicester – Bloodstock Breeding,

Conservation – Save the best, for the best.

Viewing pedigree to esteeming conformation it often impressions how the phenotype ‘frame’ had an evolutionary classic hardened ‘type’ stock to today’s era, modest racing ‘stock’. i.e. The bench-mark shifted.

The powerful studs of yesteryear, the influential owner-breeders moved over n’ out to investment breeding operations – primary principle and product measured at auction and marketing data.

It establishes stallions, stud fees and standing arrangements as they beckon finest mares.

A Rule-of-Thumb applies: appraising with scrutiny to what strains secure sound breeding. From degrees commercially beneficial to that of a sound product towards what takes the feature of distinctive breeding.

This is where astute judgement is required to the future of bloodstock breeding.

Distinctive breeding – save the best, for the best…. is how ‘W’ brand breeding should be maintained. But if commercial or genetic ‘siring’ parallel has aim to re-generate the next Winx, this logic I think only serves a small vision.

Improvement is to sight a major forward breed-shaping vision where the ‘W’ bloodlines en-further the undying genetic expression: Australasian exceptional, dynastic blue-blood through mare may subsequently set new heights to the international breeding scene.

As time goes on, one looks for improvement, not stagnation or retrogression. Sir Charles Leicester

With thanks and credit to aficionado, Chad Mcnamara – Bloodlines in the Sport of Kings (FB group) to his siring assessment, the stallion So You Think (NZ) by High Chaparral from Triassic (NZ) ex Tights (USA). https://www.pedigreequery.com/so+you+think

Take consideration – it is very very clever and obscure deceptive, to how it subliminally draws to far-reaching depths of robustness, yet pins what the genus pedigree carries.

genotype: the fundamental hereditary constitution of an organism: the genetic formula of the organism – Ross du Bourg The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred

Its saying the ‘proven’ stamina sire for the speed mare.


Cheers for now, TBL