Our subject – the 3 year old gelding Terbium (AUS) by Terango (AUS) ex-Serene Lass (AUS) from Not a Single Doubt (AUS). 4 starts for 4 wins. Last win the G.3 Zeditative Stakes (1200m)


I have chosen Terbium as the pedigree is clearly old master genetics. Let us champion economic breeding because home-bred can still provide the champagne.

Other sources have the story-line….Terango is a stallion without credible black-type, mated to a Not a Single Doubt mare whose on-course record went 0-0-0-0.

Such non-performing dams are still any breeders opportunity with potential awaiting after purchase price of $2k.

TBL advocates strains. Start and source the deep-roots to the dam bloodlines.

The genetic trail (5th & beyond) is a gateway to begin appreciation of where the pedigree-branch can takes its nucleus dominance.

Familial breeding is comprehending a dam’s strains which we adjudge as closest to the tap-root and its truest ‘blood’.

The sire impacts broodmare’s bloodline capacity should maintain or improve, rather than further diffuse ‘blood’ as to benefit future progeny. However the decision always weighs whether generational lines are ‘building’ and or of an opportunity to the outcross.

Yet the challenge and difficulty has developed and increased to an stage where todays majority, siring lines, are too familiar and thus differentiation falls to the dam lines to those (siring) strains within. Here lies the ‘gold’ – strains forgotten yet MUST resurrect to find only the best blood.

Time-worn… this will not alter.

Breeding is not instant: the breeding broodmare despite lacking  performance can still recover its potential.


Appreciate what-is-consolidating, WHAT influences upon breeding. (note, for the record TBL does not focus on the obvious closer in-bred (Danehill 3Sx4D) but navigate towards 5th (Zeddaan (GB) 5sx5d & the longer line-breeding principle targeting the exceptional breeding ‘trait’ contributor of difference). 

Unfolding same dynamic traits of todays’s greater performing pedigrees, starting with dam line to 5th dam Starquita/ Star Kingdom → Stardust (5×5) → traits to Sundridge via dam Sister Stella/Sunstar and Rego →Nasrullah → Solario.


Stardust – sired by Sundridge

What is it about THE Sundridge trait? It is not only the speed but has the sustenance to speed.

Against the tide of pedigree-planning expertise I am continually reminded how breeding genetics (as traits) are further deep-rooted submerged and it these which account for a horses ability to perform at another level. The 9th – 12th generations have a typology; the further we track back, its hindsight unravels why we are likely, playing to same explosive progenitor principles.

The fundamental idea is to “just keep looking”.

Zeddaan (GB) 5 x 5 –  Grey Sovereign/Nasrullah and his female family line ex- Lady Jospephine sired by Sundridge over that through the 3rd dam’s grand sire Sunstar by Sundridge. Supremo!

It shall be concluded it is not just speculating a pedigree to individuals alone but the gathering ‘collective’ pool which co-affiliates them.

TBL advice –  look for broodmares on sale, which hide long and deep strains to these.