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Almond Eye (JPN) by Lord Kanaloa (JPN) ex- Fusaichi Pandora (JPN) by Sunday Silence

2018 Japanese Fillies Triple Crown Winner

2018 Japan Cup – world record of 2400 metres 2.20.6

For champions to succeed, the key factors ability, temperament, adaptability to race from any position finds the magic.

Because of superior champions we can study, analyse, absorb; take view how the best genotype patterns emerge. Unsurprisingly, matriarch mares establish the order upon each pedigree.

Is it the chicken or the egg….it is all, how sire and broodmare fuse traits.

A genetic trail, every progression from familial traits synergetic, revive a genus essence, bloodlines within veins.

The Almond Eye pedigree is simply, intelligent & well-crafted breeding.

Plainly, strains are genetic machinery and they will unify from both parentages to dominate progeny’s individuality.

Sire of Almond Eye, Lord Kanaloa from the tap-root family 2-s,  he a descendant of the same dam family SomethingRoyal (USA) – Secretariat’s dam.

It highlights, with TBL intrigue, to see two strains carriage upon Lord Kanaloa’s dam Lady Blossom. The brilliance is bred, distinguishable.

Within pedigree, the maternal zone (as above) penetrates deep.

The sire, Lord Kanaloa, also is the son. Though only two SomethingRoyal (USA) strains are present, it is working the Nasrullah/Princequillo cross. If we wish to ‘dig’ further back the global thoroughbred is clearly recognizable from truest old bloods.

Infusing, enter the exciting, temperamental blood of Nureyev – 5sx3d. Again, the maternal zone is key, penetrative, shaping classic. His daughter Miesque – an Inductee Hall of Fame, champion filly/mare at 2,3,4 in France, England and America.


Miesque….@ Churchill Downs

The Nureyev pedigree ‘smacks’ out the elite blood befitting to the best, and only the best, as the breeding was then.

A son of Northern Dancer, it is the Olympia genes through Forli, Ribot, Princequillo, Count Fleet and French sire Sanctus eternally held. *(n.b. below)

To Nureyev’s other daughter unraced, purchased as yearling and exported to Japan – bloodstock/broodmare as destiny fulfils, the grand dam to Almond Eye.

A, Nureyev daughter, she the familial blood & line, with tap-root to female family 8-f: Best In Show (USA) maternal blue-hen, Try My Best. The maternal family is well regarded & known for producing superior sires.

(think as example) Redoute’s Choice (AUS), siring son of Danehill. Purchase a daughter of this maternal family, and one would be rolling in bloodstock clover.

Female family 8-f: its genetic rhythms upon the genus-type within.

Recall affiliating characters like Raise a Native (USA), sire of Mr Prospector & to those of Blue Larkspur/Black Servant as carried in sire, Halo – sire of Sunday Silence one may understand the particular XX trait preserves, carries, ties to the ancestral dam.

Look again to the 3rd dam of Almond Eye, her sire Buckpasser also from veins of Blue Larkspur. And in particular, where exactly TBL likes to have-it (the trait) scored to the pedigree.


Because it is the most ‘direct’ / specific infusion upgrade to the dam’s maternal breeding.

*(side-note: find Buckpasser paternal to the infusion of Bull Dog (FR): Sanctus (FR) as above – same maternal family belonging to Plucky Liege (GB).

Though of the two variant 8-f branches, there still remains a genus commonality, long-back. Check – Remembrancer Mare (1807)

When the genetic stage is set, with main prop genetics, we shall view structure within.

The Almond Eye pedigree is classic built/bred.

Understand any of these principles and one should find themselves success.

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