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Kukulkan – the Mesoamerican serpent deity, its name, has God. Prior to the Spanish conquistador invasion, the Yucatech-mayan culture worshipped the Kukulkan. It translates as fiery serpent.

Its a powerful name for a colt. It is compelling for a racehorse.  Kukulkan (Mexico) has 14 wins from 14 starts. His achievements to date: champion 2 year old colt in Mexico and a Triple Crown Winner at 3 (Mexico). He is sired by, Point Determined (USA) from The Real Mayo (USA) ex- Bernardini (USA).

When a jockey says: “he can do anything…. he wins off the pace, close to the pace & wins on the lead” – the genotype pedigree urges TBL scrutiny.

Sire and dam are American bred. Even so, bloodlines are essentially global appraised. Irrespective where you are by country, it is to realize every superior thoroughbred has superior genotype configuration that must indicate the truest, finest breeding.

Forward-quality breeding, it is always highly important to note burgeoning of new/old:old/new strains as ‘traits’ re-emerge, more so the persistent traits which endure.

The Kukuklan pedigree surely has the classic ‘markers’ in abundance.

The ‘markers’ are superior best key-strains which always appear to superior breeding  world wide.

Pedigrees are collective, not only an in-breeding pool. They are supported with compelling prepotent influences known for top-class speed and acceleration. It is a superior genus-type – the supreme benchmark.

As Winston Churchill said ” The further you stand back, the further you shall see”.

Pushing well back into a pedigree, finds the bred evolutionary infusion.

Those bottom maternal tap-root(s) infuse and mature – rather than to emphasis tap-root as one dynamic.

At maternal infusion from the early German bred, through breeding gargantuan –   Neckar (GER), sire, his Ticino (GER) and Birkhahn (GER). birkhahn n.b. Birkhahn  strain held to Galileo Thrust, goes the Galileo engine

The Seattle Slew inbreeding 5Sx4Dx5D to that of Mr Prospector 5Sx6D being that that come from same maternal, namely Myrtlewood/Frizette (USA) – as the american born, female family 13C.

Accessing those Frizette traits/strains, make for a very compact homozygous pedigree.

Additionally of Seattle Slew is the great-grand daddy sire – Bold Ruler, to that of his sire Nasrullah. Say, no more!

Hold Your Peace (USA)- (3rd dams maternal sire) praise, praise, praise…these constitutional strains complete, which the bloodstock ‘world’ should always be lusting after.

That familiar dosage what appears in the Winx (AUS) maternal pedigree – see, Hold Your Peace’s/Success Express (USA) to sire-son, Al Akbar. This is a major, major undeniable prepotent line. *(…the small, tough, gritty qualities and equable temperament which exemplify the Prince Rose Line, through his three great stallion sons Princequillo, Prince Chevalier and Prince Bio have united perfectly in the post-war era with the compositon of the Nearco/Nasrullah/Royal Charger breed.* – Ross du Bourg – Australian bloodstock analyst

Winx – workin’ them genes

To Al Akbar’s grand maternal sire Silly Season (USA); & as infused to Kukulkan’s 4th dam sire as same.

Opinion….the nick or sweet-spot to this pedigree shines on the sire’s (Point Determined (USA) 3rd dam sire Broad Brush (USA)/Ack Ack (USA) particularly the cohesion of strains Turn-To (IRE) Royal Charger to that of Princequillo/Prince Rose (as Ross du Bourg quotes above) ‘crossed’ to the Hold Your Peace (USA).

The Kukulkan pedigree has excitement: take respect to all future pedigrees where  Seattle Slew blood is reinforced.

The keys are: enduring dosages and deeper reinforcement to the quiet eternal rivers of Princequillo and Royal Charger/Nasrullah.

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