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2018 Melbourne Cup race has its winner – Cross Counter (GB) by Teofilo (IRE) ex-Waitress (USA) from Kingmambo (USA) – by Mr Prospector from Miesque (USA)

Jig-saw genetics.

Miesque – best miler in Europe, winning in every country (France, U.S.A. England at 2,3,4 years of age. Racing Hall of Fame. Phenomenal.

The TBL pedigree takes emphasis upon origins, female-families, infusions – additionally, generational breeding cycles which shall organically sustain bloodlines.

Often balance in modern pedigrees is sacrifice or lost at the dictate of fashion, because of the prevailing climate of the commercial yearling market or through the blindness of breeders. Ross de Bourg

Aside from breeding principles, it would seem modern racehorse breeding has challenges towards the public front and thus all those passionate or, the not so passionate (activist welfare movements) share complex diverse opinions, facts, figures, who, how, why, what to the future(s) of sports-horses, thoroughbreds and the racing integrity.untitled

The stayers dilemma, its speciality long-distant racing and of breeding stability requires the ‘local’ racing program as to purposefully/supportively develop the wonderful breed.

A TBL ethos by organic ‘selective’ breeding: successful breeding thrives from strains, traits component peculiarities, rather than ‘closed’ to bare few high-profiled individuals, as generally does the market guided or, of an in-breeding philosophy.

The consistent domination(s) but of narrowing bloodlines, eventually finds exhaustion. It is a natural dynamic – the feral herd domination shall die (at some point) – her bloodline refreshed by diversity, the skill to survive. Mainstream will ignore the paradox.

from the book The Australian & New Zealand Thoroughbred by Ross de Bourg

It is difficult to convince many breeders that it is possible to ‘over egg the pudding’ by concentrating too many influence for high quality in a pedigree. The result tends to be the production of too much nervous energy, producing over-excitability, nervousness or constitutional weakness. Wealthy businessmen who came into racing and breeding without any knowledge or understanding of it, often seem unable to grasp that breeding the best with the best does not necessarily result in the best…

It is difficult to narrate pedigrees, its parallel to breeding detail, at-depth.  I strongly suggest true, careful, astute examination from all angles – the consideration upon pedigree, contemporary and ancestrally which undoubtedly displays exclusive ‘pattern’. Exclusivity of individuals is the name of the game, identifying key strains & those pedigree affiliations.

Cross Counter (GB) – female family 3-d

 –  utilizing female family indexes is extremely helpful.

Over time we’ve deduced plying with FF indexes indicate something far deeper than a given matrilineal number. In a sense, they represent a core genus which is to be appreciated beyond a conventional scope, beyond the conventional determination only three ancestral sires established the thoroughbred.

A by-gone superior genus-type suggests. However whether ‘searchable’ or not, it shall remain a TBL conjecture.

Of greater performers through the breeding, returning a familial selection intelligence.

The maternal infusions upon matri-lineal about 5th-7th removal are the nearest, possible comprehension to what is circulating as broodmare genetics.

What is ripening?

Consider possibilities?

Best genetic approximation & so forth…….

Deliberations to ascertain broodmare sire genetics…

– don’t believe mating/breeding is algorithm alone? (in that algorithms miss minor ‘finer’ detail)

Cross Counter broodmare, Waitress (USA) her maternal roots….note direct infusion Mr Prospector/Raise A Native: sets-the-genetic flavour, to set the foundational assimilation. Plus, Mr Prospector son – Kingmambo (USA) as broodmare sire – where speed and the tough get together.

Teofilo, by Galileo infusion Miswaki

Miswaki (USA) the FF-16g, (the ancestral dam Agnes, ancestral male dose Birdcatcher strain. (n.b. Birdcatcher – grandsire to Rataplan Stockwell, Emperor of Stallions – their sire The Baron, an important ingression to note.* (see below)

Broodmare Waitress (USA), her 3rd dam sire Persian Heights (GB) (European champion 3 year old) the FF-16g,  where again, the ancestral dam Agnes/Birdcatcher.

To his magnificent sire Persian Bold (GB), importantly note the FF-9h with co-affiliation to the iconic mare Urban Sea FF- 9h carrying Mit. DNA,  through same, the ancestral Alveole/Ste Alvere (GB) FF-9h.

At this point, I hope readers are finding with meaning to the core, genus type generational breeding.

Secreto (USA), FF 4-d, to same reflections, same strains through individuals Danehill (His Majesty (USA), Speirbhean (IRE) dam of Teofilo via Majestic Prince (USA) where ancestrally Boudair (GB) recaptures same. However should you wish to pursue this powerful female line NOTICE a dam called Mineral (GB) inbred to Birdcatcher.

Solidarity in numbers, for sure!

Lalun (FF 19-b) 6Sx7D: only two duplications (you might think) however the powerful Djebel (FR), sire Tourbillon (FF 13C) is the KEY FACTOR conducive to Mr PROSPECTOR BLOODLINES, their genetic ancestral link, genus blue-hen Frizette.

Now you may wonder(?) why my odd omission to Northern Dancer, his dam Natalma (ff 2-d) – trait wise (I mean).

Genetically, Northern Dancer (like Nearco) globally, has set a fixed global prototype. It is like saying it is the zero-point. Whether we know or not, N.D. traits are the ‘modern’ era and with necessity, we view for specific differentiation/variants to find ‘how’ superior performers ARE throwing out ‘new’ genetic makeup by generational bred phases via this fixed prototype.

*(side-note: the N.D. ‘fixed’ trait prototype passed to his son Danehill whom by the female-family 2d i.e. XY & XX has distinctly shaped phenotype to terms – athleticism, precocity. Now, that was the course, but it changes and resilient breeding takes care of the future……)*

Similar can be said of Mr Prospector prototype however, subjective as it is, impresses individual bloodlines/trait by broodmare maternal i.e. Nashua, Count Fleet, to the tap-root matrilineal Myrtlewood (FF 13-c Frizette USA). 

The strains from these individuals sum the building blocks to many a quality pedigree. It is not enough to identify them as superior, but almost, the ordered framework standing alongside Northern Dancer. However once again breeding is not algorithm pedestrian: it is reaping unidentified/identified sources via the individuals  which may caste out or, reset a trait deeply hidden, in thoroughbred ancestry.

Therein lies the expansion, the evolvement, of thoroughbred breeding.

As finale (!) score Cross-Counter pedigree: Teofilo – notice a FF 10-c, namely Victoria Park (CAN) and to Waitress, 2nd dam sire Highest Honor (Fr) – to notice, same FF 10-c. Where, Bonnie Doon is the ancestral dam & last foal of Queen Mary: a family highly regarded for exceptional class & durability. (key point trait)

For further reading on Teofilo where “The superiority of a bull is where genes will knit anything…” (so said the ol’boy). Teofilo, sire of Cross Counter also sire to – Humidor (NZ), the supremacy of genetics.