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He (The Autumn Sun) had to do it all…he was still last at the 300m but what a powerful engine he’s got. – Kerrin McEvoy

– G.1 Golden Rose (1400m) victory

The Autumn One – 3 year old b. colt by Redoute’s Choice (AUS) – Azmiyna (IRE) from Galileo



The Autumn One is a longstanding, deep-rooted pedigree of strong ‘type’. One which hails from the finesse of French thoroughbreds.

The maternal, Aga Khan bred dam: Azmiyna (IRE) a 1/2 sister to Group 1 winner and deceased sire AZAMOUR.

Genetics challenge & change. We must see how the dice rolls via evolutionary typology pathways where expressing origins as a genus-type to suggest what is truer to the dams innate character.

The type or genus is never definable easy, however families through ‘strain’ inheritances and of co-relationship ‘branches’, will POINT to thoroughbred formative origins & conceivably explain the similarity of like upon like relationship(s).

The emphasis – estimate what compels, what ‘fires’. Best procedure is to operate from PATTERN, distinction. It is these patterns that ‘tap’.

The concept of ‘linkage of genes’, particularly in a homozygous dominant state, is a vital clue to understanding how powerful and prepotent dynasties can evolve. Ross du Bourg

The ancestral establishment; what takes ‘within’ strains. View, via MATCHEM/MARSKE. Screen inter infusion of contributing ‘strains’, the DNA of strain inheritance present to this day.


From history traditions, it is to ‘credit’ the Goldolphin Arabian. It is also nowadays discussed, the family numbers are not always correct(?)

Yet, the REAL issue is to identify characteristics – traits which appear to feature dam lines as her inherent qualities & as originated from an ancestor.
This approach is to EXPRESS finest/purest/core to sporting a complexity a natural arrangement, which goes through time itself.

The histogram chronicle has ancestral Young Marske mares indexed to strain/trait 7. Matchem indexed to strain/trait 4. Marske indexed to 8, his son Young Marske 12c.

Wider examination will expose a greater trait detail, but this will suffice for now.

The Autumn Sun sire: Redoutes Choice – enthusiasts of pedigree will keenly observe where Danehill sires dam Pas de Nom (USA) X Bletchingly (AUS) lines are 1 in same, through strain/line/ancestress Mowerina. And as is, Galileo’s 4th dam sire Espresso (GB).

The( ff-7a) index affiliates 7 strains. We adjudge these strains instrumental to developing genus & of homozygous nature. We again find ‘type/genus’ with deep commonality to that of (ff-4). Refer again the above.

Over & above conventional, the Northern Dancer paternal lines, we work from familial to engage the maternal cohesive, which is evident from the Samantha’s Choice (dam of Redoutes Choice)/Nijinksy/Relic (USA)/Raise a Native (USA)+ Blue Larkspur (USA) (refer Roberto) as ALL coming via the genus bloodlines, ancestral mares of Young Marske, sired by Marske. Refer above.

Software will assign algorithms per paternal replications.

The maternal pedigree expression should target genus prepotency domination, as the impact. After all, it is the female which leaves the Y trail.

The idea to capture is the collective dominancy foretelling destiny ahead. It emerges affinities.

Notice the dam, Azmiyna (ff-4i) alongside the 5th dam bloodlines. By genus-type the infusions shaping/moulding/infusing e.g. FF 7, 11, 12, 4. Look to Roberto (via Lear Fan (USA) FF 12C

So very often the how, to where prepotency exactly is laid, or sits within the maternal closest pedigree rather than the gestalt impressions, or those dependent on duplications is the definitive factors which fine-tunes a pedigree.

Again refer to the subjects pedigree: Ribot 5Sx6D as where it positions.

Ribot – the most generous creator of international racing talent in our time, and whose produce is now almost completely tested. Franco Varola 1974

Summarizing, our assertion is any backbone pedigree via repetition/ paternal ‘configuration’ does not establish the ferocity.

But.. female complementary strains activate and solve genetic latency.

Co-strain via utilizing female family indexes is not merely pairing off.

The breeding maternal principle is to arrive upon a best possible solution for perfect specimen, rather than fashion product which commonly over boils too many a pedigree.

That’s it for now.



…..the subject of characteristics. While agreeing that both sire & dam play an equally important part in a horse’s genetic make up …….the grounds for believing that characteristics can be inherited THROUGH THE FEMALE LINE, more predominantly than the male. Thoroughbred Pedigrees Simplified – Miles Napier