When reviewing superior performers calling-in bloodlines, how they fire etc. it determines over time a screen shot of greater breeding, rather than the usual breeding.

A glance over sire statistics & what produce, demonstrates that great winners can come from anywhere. I myself, find the broodmare winners more so interesting.

Of  the paternal siring lines there has the global might that of Nearco. There of, Northern Dancer – Mr Prospector – unless one may look to other unknowns of  barely recognized countries which just may have an obscure siring line somewhere out-there (?)

Of course to wonder or employ such a notion says disaster: has not any sense to today’s template of economics – even though some may have tried to solve with else, in the past. But I am tempted to raise this subject, as sourcing some sort of stronger diversity is the now-ON-game.

It has been noted for some time and a question I have been asking of myself – why, certain odd strains have throwin’ INTO the configuration of pedigree.

These strains are soft, supporting, almost obscure but appear to contain differentiates which raise a pedigree to higher status.

I screened through ancestry and arrived at a conclusion that the genus-type breed (within itself back then) is the last & holding ‘screw’.

Old fashioned speak as I am….the breeding mechanics of Life & Nature, cannot maintain its specie without it.

It reminds me of how the early American history of horse-breeding became its own, stepping away from English bloods which did not measure up. In similar fashion this was/is the present success of German breeding and Japan’s success.

This is the nature of global progressive breeding, yet by nature, we shall find the circle returns to itself.

Now about things at home…

Turning pages through a sale catalogue I look for all the heavy weights of ‘old’ which do the right job through their descendants. That’s to say how the bank is filled in with the genetic strains in the right positions.

I had my watch on a broodmare several years ago and now see her daughter is breeding.

Her ancestry is rich potential where the main man Prince John directly infuses thereto, broodmare sire Desert Sun.

– yeah that’s Desert Sun sire of Sunline.

Checkout the pedigree, checkout the sire, his genetic locators and not ONE, repeat not ONE duplication of the Prince John/Princequillo/Prince Rose siring lines.


But that, you see, is simply how you lose the potential.

Bye TBL cropped-nyme31478829496