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The twists and turns of maternal lines, folding out into inherited genetic dynamisms are important elements to grasp.

Rich in information, the gold within maternal lines will derive inheritance from ancestral arrangements. In the realms of breeding, they all produce stimulus of an unknown capacity.

A breeder of 40 years plus, (& of any breeding stock) realizes this implicitly through observation, accounts, & relationships. Thoroughbred Breeding: A MASTER OF TIME

My personal TBL aim is to discover the nucleus. Something like, a key exceptional factor (KEF) pointing the future progeny to the compelling elements as a superiorly bred individual.

We want sheer brilliance – enduring strains which transfer the innate to the individual.

By ‘thoughtful’ TBL examinations – the broodmares sire composed with the sires, grand dam shall influence the progression of family resolution to deliver a ‘new’ hybrid model in the thoroughbred.

The balance of the pedigree must, of course, keep ‘steady’, to an approximate 25% hybrid twist (upgrade) which still keeps pedigree ‘backed’.

We often think of the 3-legged stool: balance, structure, quality where the final product is assumed complete.

The assumptions used to or for breeding are indeed bespoke.

The key question for any purchaser is the breeding model with a capacity for racing?

TBL’s attention was drawn to Cambridge Stud’s 2018 yearling draft with Lot 392 – a colt by Savabeel (AUS), from Miss Montjeu. IMG_20171220_140821.jpgWe appreciate usual convention is to chart a sire line, that of Savabeel and his sire Zabeel and the massive breeding sensations they are. Yet by viewing pedigrees sidelong, attention is thrusted to former sire’s of yesteryear which are undoubtedly ‘motioning’ potentcy of unknown quantities and in particular Success Express. ( folks, Roberto is another what impresses in pedigree lines)!

Success Express influences are like decking the halls with holly (breed shaping) and there are not to many about with the other ‘siring’ crosses which hold the fundamental key.

We may profoundly wonder why genetic thunder of these such sires should occur into todays’ individuals. Simply is the nature of endurance, survival of species, the core strain-foundation(s) ‘remembering’ or ‘recalling’.

The genetic moulding, principally  Princequillo – its encompassed strains, strains propelling the genetic wave to onward generations. imagesKE9DFLQZ

Of the dam, Miss Montjeu, the Princequillo/Prince Rose/Rose Prince strains, (& others of these Prince lines) factors IN, amalgamating, melding on the matri-line, ripening the genetic explosion. (n.b. compare, family pedigree Sayf El ARab, Mone Bleu, Bestplan & Chambord.

to the fire & vitality of Nasrullah were added the toughness, stamina and soberness of Princequillo………….their individual qualities persist through several generations. – the late “Bull” Hancock of Claiborne Farm

Seek to lay the foundations of the genetic jig-saw puzzle into a viable product and tick elements which may suggest that it is robust.

Yet, do not be satisfied that drawing components of thoroughbred ancestry has complete remedy.

No – the aim is to capture a ‘type’ by its strain dominance.

Strains are the very intrinsic element challenging and inviting ‘star’ pedigrees.

We at TBL believe this colt (its pedigree) expresses authoritatively.



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