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Came too late, for TBL to change his pick as horses paraded for the 2017 Melbourne cup won by Rekindling (GB), a 3 year colt, by High Chaparral out of Sitara.

Yes people… as commentary put its camera on the youngster, TBL just kind-of-knew Rekindling had ‘that-look’: an attention-grabbing, racehorse.

That’s the different look….type, bone mass, structure, vigour… essentially an economical type for high-demanding athletic performance. Something we saw in Mongolian Khan, the motion. It was like Ten thousand Diamonds: Mongolian Khan


Mongolian Khan – photo by TBL

Ever since revising horses and pedigrees (at earliest) expanding thru to breeding & larger generation periods inside breeding/racing culture; as to observe the natural evolvement of where body type (in general) takes an evolutionary course over time. Primarily, on reflection it is the phrasing, rephrasing or fixing/refixing inwardly of the breed.

The tallish, angular, swift prototype maybe, just maybe, possibly bettered by economical: not small but compact, efficient and well balanced (scale) to produce ‘n’ th energy, tempo, rhythm, equine aptitude – all diverse factors which compel a horse to relax over distant at high-stress performance.

The ‘transition’ of an ability-to-relax and win, is more than experience/schooling/training and breeding. Its within….

It is a peculiar natural faculty of survival, under duress – a horses spine to drop/lengthen/‘extend’ & relax to conserve energy, as to make more momentum – to outrun opposition,  spontaneously escape predators.

Its thinking outside the circle….TBL respects this guru (on equine physics) http://www.scienceofmotion.com/chazot_thoughts.html. Much to think on changing.

Genotype: The Rekindled tabulated pedigree says it all again. TBL posits that the domineering female family factor which is the thoroughbred elite 5-H. (the great Sadlers Wells, Topside (USA) Lorenzaccio (GB) – hail from ancestress Simons Shoes/Goody Two Shoes .Get more insight here….Breeding Dynamics: Put the HELMET on  .

More on tabulated pedigrees Thoroughbred Breeding: A MASTER OF TIME

Just how family dynastic influential IS this family line 5-h?

Is it the ‘force-of-nature’ ? – the complex factor necessary to champions. It beckons exceptionally crafty: pick ‘em…spot ‘em…spot it.

folks….that’s the verve – priceless



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