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“One of my methods is to work on the tabulation within the pedigree, With emphasis on the key producing male and female ancestors by way of duplicating then under a system using the Bruce Lowe number that they are given:.” Give a Man a Horse – the remarkable story of Sir Patrick Hogan by Diane Haworth – Harper Collins publishers.

“I always worked on duplicating the Bruce Lowe numbers, which is no different today. You don’t find Bruce Lowe numbers very often now….”


TBL reckoned he was listening to a rock star…. This is, Sir Patrick Hogan of Cambridge Stud (New Zealand) engaged the audience ( 2017 Waikato Thoroughbred Stallion Walk) and talk of his successes via knowledge of pedigree tabulation.


Sir Patrick Hogan, Cambridge Stud N.Z., speaking on pedigrees and breeding.

Deeply delving, the finer crafting of thoroughbred pedigree observes EXTRAdeep and wide. And, from Sir Patrick’s advice, always ‘work’ through to eight generations.

TBL has advocated for a long, long time why devils are in details: to TARGET drivers of genetic power to bring through & emerge success.

The devils are genetic monsters that intrinsically lay into the complex labyrinth of family bloodlines – genetic marvels like say, Nashua, Princequillo influences and their siring.


However, its where to start, where to direct….seeking what holds – through, into, over: to move above the normal principle of convention (in-breeding) and choose applicable, additional genetic sire & their female/broodmare strengths.

TBL advocates sire’s broodmare sire to broodmare sire’s sire/broodmare (component families). An examination to catalyse/fortify the individuals breeding range.

Therein, lay the silent weapon to capture the hybrid continuity.

It is the impact of a bloodline melding & co-influencing other strains but to also support the stabilizer gene, which dimensionally persists onward.

A stabilizer family genetic is firstly necessary: think foundational – concentration individual, ‘specie’ extraordinary to breed effectively infinitum.

And so, in pedigree research go, go for unusual X-factors – the potential rising or new racing individual(s) with targeting unique crosses and as will, embracing those exclusive strains.

what the heck? and why all this?

TBL raises a paradox – a few points for readers, breeders/purchasers of bloodstock.

A few decades or so ago…. sire-breeding (then) was not on-mass as it is ‘done’ today. Think about this people!

It is imperative to background where possible, unique breeding individuals that are awkwardly, narrowly genetically burgeoning as co-directly, much vital ‘stock- broodmare’ diversity goes emptying from the unique breeding chambers.

TBL advises yo’ all…….re-claim the old lines (like sacred goodies they are) for this is where success begins.

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