Placement Services

Our motto ” more lifestyle, less money, more horse”

Specializing in ‘low entry’ syndication horses: ‘x’ factor potential.

Our TBL service  places ‘lifestylers’ with licensed horse racing syndicators, whether Australia or New Zealand – you get to choose from your criteria with our recommendation & help.

Your New Lifestyle – beautiful horses & beautiful racing brings it all.

Be it you, or your coffee club, wine buff, craft-beer crew, together we shall aim for a special syndication ownership offer.

With several options to choose from, the final decision is truly YOURS. We do our best to find you the best!

For more information & how we can help call

IMG_-x3dvfb.jpg Jane on  0064 – 27 8810444 or

Let’s get you started click here: RACEHORSE SYNDICATION OWNERSHIP and BE EXCITED  with your very own!

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remember …’more lifestyle, less money, more horse’

Thank you and all the best!

* be advised we are independent, without favour to any syndicator.
* Starting from $1200.00(NZ) our consultation and delivery services are here: TERMSOFPAYMENTTBL.
(n.b. fees can be spread among your co-interests)