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Assistance to ‘low entry’ syndication horses: ‘x’ factor potential.

  you get to choose from your criteria with our recommendation & help for you to get results…with licensed horse racing syndicators, whether Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere in the world.

 superior horses & superior racing 

 aim for a special syndication ownership offer

With several options to choose from, the final decision is truly YOURS. TBL does ‘best’ to find you the best!

“Successful bred horses may tend to be explained via family configuration of specific complementary ‘strains’, to a newer prototype taken from the genetic rotations. This appears to magnify the unobvious link in skilled breeding, as they mark the definitive factors elementary to the individual pedigree: its success.”                                   commented by TBL

The configuration of family strains, has a most exciting approach to realize a champion racehorse.

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