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deanoTBL loves his game of chasing opportunity, feeling a ‘vibe’ through pedigree analysis and view the genetic jet-stream unfolding. It’s the hint of something ahead….something unfolding.

Our subject sire HELMET (AUS) ch. 2008 by EXCEED AND EXCEL from Accessories by Singspiel , impresses greatly. However, for any pedigree (better or worse) we might appreciate how old-breeding, to this day, can work its hand.


Moving away from obvious duplications i.e Native Dancer: Northern Dancer and his dam Natalma, to his sons – TBL anticipates the immersion of old German bloodlines via Antwerpen perfects the pedigree to another unique degree. It is worth observing, the cohesion of female families (4-o).

Advice: Remember to move away from reading pedigrees rectilinear. Read collective. View the greater female lines as ancestral familiarity clues inklings to source foundational. For example think, why is Nureyev/Special/Thong (5-h) dynastic?

To view back, we find ancestral wonder BLANDFORD (3-o) infusing, till time & breeding Forli (3b) infuses in to breed broodmare star SPECIAL. Bang.  We see ‘waves’, or multi-dimensional contraction working up the quantum impermeable.imagesKE9DFLQZ

Always explore new connections as to ‘why’ families are nicking/merge as to how/where lines revolutionize from lineage the pedigree spectrum offers a new and rewarding angle.

And….what is the beginners’ tool – the Bruce Lowe family numbers. Reference Thoroughbred Breeding: A MASTER OF TIME . People, you need to know key families !!!


Debateable as family numbers are to some, it is mighty hopeless for broodmares  which aren’t geared to breed into/onto some siring bloodlines, and hence off-spring are certainly horses but not racing destined ‘true’ – miserable outcome is…..forsaken progeny.

Much conventional analysis relies on statistics, sire factors alone with racing merits – the breeding-to-sell stratagem. Or replica styled breeding, to ‘clone’ another that becomes in-breeding too early – expecting  results before genes will moderate/meld somewhere into pedigree engine-rooms, for later generational stimulus.

Analysis programs cannot establish results, till progeny numbers are on-the-ground. For many, deemed lesser sires, numbers can never be on the ground. It will only be the ONE and bare few across the collective, breeding numbers.

Shine light… on broodmare(s) with precise breeding genetics, (meaning certain stallion female gene-pools/qualities) usually spring infrequent.  If they do, they can accomplish the necessary ‘individuality’, through unique crosses.

Those ‘crosses’ are the substance.

Substance towards unique breeding, unique individuals arrive intermittently due to prior breeding upgrades and backbone maternal parentage. The variety and diversity of a country’s distinctiveness, boutique & small studs with their standing stallions left the stage yesterday but what they did and continually ‘do’, make a contributing variance.

By noticing Generational stimulus from the back-line as where pedigree ancestors converge where it matters – zones 5th & beyond: the genetic spring has to strike.

To screen Helmet’s winning progeny:

Thunder Snow (IRE) bay colt 014 from Eastern Joy – Limestone (AUS) 2014 gr filly – Archives (AUS) ch.C 013 – Lady of Course (IRE) ch.F – Anda  Muchacho (IRE) C.2014 – Taamol (IRE) C. 2014 – Eqtiraan (IRE) b.c. 2014

Split markers become evident – not always the Northern Dancer composite.

Review, 4 female family: sub-branches reveal.  As  written,  the 4-o branch is uncommon but should you remember Fred Hooper’s bred, Olympia USA) 1946aka American Pharoah pows a ‘Grand Slam’, American Pharoah genetics; Helmet’s german maternal heritage also heralds back to KATE (GB) 1849, descendant to a HIGHFLYER MARE. A very important point (if you figure).

  • Eastern Joy b. 2006 dam of Thunder Snow, female family 4-k, from ALICE HAWTHORN 1838, huge Australian staying family.
  • Sadlers Wells, Montjeu, Val-de-Loir (FR), Lorenzzaccio (GB) are the echoes, family 5-h (as discussed)
  • Princequillo all time super-matic breeding infusion. Princequillo lines , descending directly into the tail female are Impossible to be without.

Bonus sire lines: Forli, Court Martial, Caro


For New Zealand/Australian readers the New Zealand Bloodstock READY TO RUN 2017 sale 22/23 November features only two HELMET PROGENY.

TIP: they check out well. Nice.


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