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Thumbing through my Ready-to-Run catalogue like an over-read, tired magazine.

I am liking Lot 377 a lot….imagesP0BW4AUA

The stallion Zacinto (GB) looks like surely he will ‘head-hunt’ progeny winners for Inglewood stud, New Zealand, where he stands.

What I think ooofs Zacinto is not ol’ N.D, but Roberto (USA) by Hail to Reason (USA) from Bramlea (USA), particularly knitting the pedigree through the magic-zone.


Roberto takes Derby victory 1972

Roberto was quite a moody individual, inherited from bad-ass mum, but don’t doubt Roberto in any pedigree, cause its the ‘grunt’ you want.

crunch-out the strains –  2016 New Zealand 2000 Guineas winner : Ugo Foscolo by Zacinto from Bequests (NZ) by Stravinsky . Note…. Hail to Reason 7Sx6Sx5D as it sits again, within the magic-zone.

What makes the magic-zone…. the MATERNAL bloodlines fusing where-you-want-IT.

Its the most important aspect which TBL attributes as ‘truest, dear’.

The strain, the xx, xx, xx, xx & where they, how-they, why-they will thread to hold, the genetic fabric soft n’ tight.

If anyone disputes maternal: take a look at http://www.reines-de-course.com/pedlines.html, a fabulous pedigree aficionado  whom I  respect and she’s done the long years to know.

It seems one can look at the ancient wood, over and over and over – the beautiful grains telling a sense of story of the tree itself.

Such is the original pedigree, its descendants moving at every evolutionary stage but still retaining a simplified intricacy.

The contemporary version is just as valid.

I appreciate this may read ‘media-spin’ but understanding the ‘root’ formation is what it is so about & why certain strains thread & re-thread.

Certainly at each & every mating the pedigree may change but the genetic pathway should have consistency.

With stallions, we want the ‘bull’, not the s***. Good ‘siring’ breeders, in the strictest sense, have the ability to ‘go’ anywhere into a pedigree, infusing collective bloodlines.

Whilst Ugo Foscolo, was deemed upon Hail to Reason – take with difference, I think  Zacinto/Muffin Coup ‘fires’ upon strains, family 9-C aka Mahmoud, Nasrullah, & formatively Count Fleet (USA) 1943 Triple Crown winner & Horse of the Year – 7sx8dx9dx7d – essentially via Western Symphony & Mr Prospector @ siring tap-root zones.

This is not evaluated as ‘theory’: it is evaluated as grand-maternal across grand- maternal (the catalyst) as was cited in this TBL article – To ‘Worship’ the pedigree

 So now with interest we wait and who will buy maybe, another Count Fleet! young-man-with-pipe