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I heard the expression – ‘pedigree is absolute’.

Yep…few pedigrees read ‘wow’.

You know pedigree, how it ‘vibes’…..how it compels.

And, why so?

Well, at every measure of who’s who, stallions and their dams, it fires both ways, i.e potentiality & stallion merits where the genetic pathways are fuelled.

Yes, of course, it’s as-I-see it. Bloodlines are the ‘patterns’ via The Thoroughbred Link learnings….

We are here to explore the cryptic language of inheritance.Well, as best as one can.

Some pedigrees are solid, some are not. Take extra discernment….bit like looking for  fine-print before you sign: devils through many a detail as they may say.

I can hear some say “well, how can you be assured”?

I shall not guarantee, but the goodies read something like this Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree or Ten thousand Diamonds: Mongolian Khan or American Pharoah pows a ‘Grand Slam’ & how chrome, turns to Gold: California Chrome. Oh, I can’t forget this wonder…When a pedigree Winx Superior Thoroughbred and our dear Patterns of Nature: Phar Lap & Sunline

You see it is not about one’s own theory, formulation, system or any other that must be ‘set-in-stone’ according to algorithm calculations.


The Thoroughbred Link (About) comes from grasping some of antiquity, the evolutionary history of Thoroughbred, from domestic & selective breeding of horse, the evolutionary growing phases, the climaxes, and cycles where thoroughbreds merge.

Excitingly, that is what pedigree analysis can do.


Welcome to The Thoroughbred Link: subject crunching out Azamour (IRE) /Worship (USA) as example and appeal of ‘class’.

Rightly so …you can Worship this maternal, family line. She has produced 1) Tavistock 2) Precedence.


Tavistock – from the maternal family Mrs Moss, 14b strain.

photo credit: The Thoroughbred Link

The maternal line belongs to the family strain 14b: bloodstock auctioneers however, will inform buyers as the, Mrs Moss line.

Here is a little about Mrs Moss and one of her progeny. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precocious_(horse)


Mrs Moss with three of her colts outside Woburn-Abbey. photo credit picclick.uk



Azamour (IRE) – dear god, how I love the Aga Khan’s breeding footprints. Always, always so exquisitely done, and completed family lines. They are the ‘best’ of the ‘best’ patterns – believe me.

Basically like catching a falling star, you catch a classic European pedigree …. I just can’t say enough of how Azamour/Worship falls to place.

Forget your ideas about in-breeding, out-crossing because the noveau rich inheritance is actually quite close and heightens where maternal-factoring needs to go. It is a rare-thing, because in this case it is all about ‘timing’ and ‘breeding’. It’s thanks, to superior past breeding.

If you find this a little ra-ra-ra, americana…..that’s okay. It is backed up by a hypothesis I have, which I have hinted at before, the nature of transposing genes.


I actually think of Azamour’s pedigree has almost another Nearco, or Ribot class to it. Distinctive pointers.

However, Azamour’s career was tragically cut short.

Firstly, lean your eyes on where Ribot is falling upon the maternal bottom xx (Azamour dam’s line) as kick-butt gene.

Azamour’s sire, Nightshift (USA) aka the family 4g strain….think Encosta de Lago, Holy roman Emperor, the sire of Mongolian Khan, Charm Spirit.

Azamour’s broodmare sire, Lear Fan (USA), not aware of this blood around in New Zealand) but it’s clear that dynastic giant inheritor War Admiral/Man O’ War integrates and that is what you really want to blend in.

Now we shall really crack the hard-shell… where I have prior emphasized through Smokin’ over a pedigree… and Strains & maternal families as grand-dam, across grand-dam catalyse the pedigree to the newer family, rather than merely imitate.

Thus Lear Fan across High Line is where, what, how as ‘nick’ conductor.

Follow the family strain peculiar to Selene (6e)& Alacantara (4i)

Swing it further across greater dam’s.

Lear Fan across Worship, Mrs Moss dams sire Reform 5-h strain. They say hello…. they want to remember the genome sequence.

It is not unalike to Tavistock/Zabeel ‘nicks’ upon the 5-h strain connection….threads back to Simon Shoes ancestress.

In blogging weeks ahead, the 5h strain is clearly a topic to delve into: its prominence and defining enigmatic trait.

It will be fascinating to see how Azamour checks out for you.

Contact me is you wish. You also might find this handy TBL analysis for superior-bred

Good luck!fun

“ it is the rarity and the wonders of genetic inheritance which give breeders & breeding so much passion; to with the pleasures of racing ‘fine’ horses & who are able to go to successful stud duty thereafter.” JSB