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                 A superior, tenacious pedigree always challenges.

– the nature of genetics.

– the nature of maternal families.

– the maternal, the enduring principle.

It’s difficult to argue against the principle. In doing so, one would re-write history.


In my mind, reading the catalogue take attempts to duplicate, even over-duplicate sire lines. It in fact results as imbalance, dosage heavy, like the lopsided triangle.

The energetic-synthesis as genetics is a disproportionate wobble.

First-hand, it might appear to be well n’ good say, for precociousness, that early 2 year forward type before its full maturity. However the horse won’t share itself as a 7 year old stayer champion that really has the crowd on its feet across the finishing line.

How inspirational such stayers are. We appreciate all the elements. Domination – pure, clean, raw, and unadulterated.

Take reference to Melbourne cup winners 2016 Almandin, 2014 Protectionist, 2013 Fiorente and the sire of these, Monsun (GER).

From home-town New Zealand, we must be in awe of such a great stallion’s progeny & to research how such a magnificent equine turbine came, into being.

Likewise, we can also ask deep questions, as to where all thoroughbred breeding upon New Zealand breeding ‘heads’ today and what is happening to genotype/phenotype which no longer ‘stamp’ across mega-classed races as it once did.

Remember the big names – Tulloch, Balmerino, Rising Fast, Van Der Hum, your own personal staying legend – those feats!

What were those successful K.P.I’s outside the slogans of commerciality?


Surviving on a budget maybe blunt reality but the anomalous relationship of commerce, corporate ownership and racing social media and the corporate bookie TAB enlightenments has formulated breeding as suave, almost uncomplicated, dismissing the sane excellence towards innovative ‘slow’ breeding.

The brash media has ‘any’ horse, as racehorse ‘successful’: it earns paradise & merchandise for the greater powers which serve it.

Captivating it is but shaky.

Whizz, she-bang, boom: steve ‘tab’ davies – shoved the opinion on air to a NZ trainer that spelling, freshening a horse is a European, thing to do. Huh?

Wow, really …must we have  horses run on a t.v, punting schedule, and that for all concerns of punters it should ‘get-up’ for stake-money.

Message is… we don’t preserve the horse long-term – that heavenly bodily creature is to run & dam it.

Silly media…masturbating with their own.

2016 Melbourne cup Almandin kept under the Lloyd Williams racing management ‘radar’ rested over the year, for full recovery. We may beg Lloyd Williams’s astute judgement on what a horse is, what a horse requires.

Obliquely, awkwardly, the breeding for market through to racing (as market)has become sorely and inadvertently influenced by the greater ‘yes-minister’ powers: towards fiscal favour and entertainment value and those who prosper are without any comprehension to longer-term vision for the soul-like beauty of ‘thoroughbred’ itself.

Reluctantly many have to settle what-is, IS….but quality for the future-bred appears as a starving tiger.

We live ‘tired’ in an internet age, a never-ending library of ‘disco’ imagery: the editorial is fame & success without the bitch and bastard of detail or patience which is exactly what the precision of German horse-sport breeding has done and is doing.

And all… ‘authorized’ superbly by the German government.

It was from  paradoxical ill-effects of WW I & II with utilization and intensity upon Dark Ronald which set the internal program towards outcrossing.


Dark Ronald

But alongside the breeding, an immense guiding principle has always stood to this very day.


‘Officialdom’ / authorized soundness with performance and standard selection is expressed via a licensing system of stallions. The licenses can only be issued to stallions which attain a minimum performance rating and to those stallions which are certified free from any hereditary disease.

Those who do not make the grade are gelded.

Not so long ago, New Zealand breeding was truly grand with European bloods and up to the best.

Then breeding transposed more less to America….Canada’s Northern Dancer, Native Dancer and then an ultra-saturation of Danehill influences, just as American pedigrees once where, saturated with a family-strain derived from Diomed in the middle of the 19th Century.

Current international lines, take a thorough mixed fusion of all, as best of best trends and where the international corporate studs set the direction as comparable to global supermarkets issuing new specials to sell product with seemingly infinite diversity.

Indeed, they will continue only to seek & re-establish older lines, as such is the case through Alchemist/Birkhahn lines, the cross, core to German breeding.


Birkhahn (GER)

Tragically, invisibly the damage of our genetic bank across, that formerly underpinned New Zealand individuality & supremacy continues to decline.

Whilst the obvious is decreasing numbers, decreasing farming environments the key issue may not be affordability but perseverance as better practice.

Just as Germany have immensity of family lines with rigid strategies in place, addressing New Zealand & it aspirations must be addressed with much concern.

Are we truly aware to the nature of progress, called the asian market & the driven expansion into it without grasping what grand effects it can do, to our down-under heritage breeding… just as European strains, when exported to Russia, disappeared during the Revolution.


I’ll say this black n’ white… a commercial and economic emphasis may will be hiding a declining asset in our genetic bank and that breeding opportunities are been used up for something we never really intended in the first place.

There, I’ve said it.

conditio sine qua non