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Tarzino’s racing days are over and his ‘business’ is now stallion.

His breeding – Tavistock from Zarzino (by Zabeel) attracted much attention due to the dam’s sale, where either she was grossly overlooked or ‘under-valued’ and purchased for a sum of $1500 as paddock ‘pet’.

She entered the sale ring in foal to Tavistock for a second time & period before, when the foal’s full brother Tarzino would hit racing headlines along with other successful Tavistock progeny.

Zarzino foaled the Tavistock colt (nick-name Walter, by dam-buyer & breeder Mr G. Meredith of New Plymouth, New Zealand) Walter, as a yearling sole for $NZ 400,000.




Prior… it seemed breeding-wise, Zarzino did not have much going her way for winners hence no doubt, it was off to the auction house as ol’ broodmare.

I remember watching Zarzino go through the sale ring… small, unappealing (it seems) but god, those blood lines I relished like nothing on earth. I said a little prayer for her that she may land in good hands. And she did that, to stay in New Zealand.

You see…I had bought into the same family a year or so before. A Zarzino filly who has a lot of that Zabeel thing going on – tricky quirky traits which are a trainers learning curve in itself. But, that is another story.

Hey You!

Cinna blood




Young stallion Tarzino – of what-has the family lines which make him who he is. But more to the point ‘why’ he should be a major stallion influence for New Zealand and Australia.

 3-e,  black n’ gold famous strain –

E-L-I-T-E/ Classic/Royal

Where readers have read any prior article pages Tables of Destiny: What’s my Line? you shall learn the deep significance of what family attributed numbers, as strains are & work!

Horribly blunt…I non-understand who does not, can not, or will not familiarize themselves with foundation and foundational families: It’s the DNA we’re urging to appreciate.

History Time – at the back of The Register of Thoroughbred Stallions of New Zealand 2016, has the champion sire of the past: Balloch (GB) 1939 by Obliterate (GB) from Cinna (GB). Balloch – champion sire in 1951-1952, 1952-1953 and champion broodmare sire in 1961-1962, 1963-64, 1964-65, 196-67, 1967-68.  Balloch was Cinna’s last foal. She, by Polymelus was a dam of 16 foal, 13 raced and 9 where winners.

Balloch, by Oliterate from Cinna

Balloch , by Obliterate from Cinna

Powerful maternal family strain has, as blue-hen elite, Cinna, as was Balloch, as was Umidwar, Udaipur, the Vice Regal lines are foundation 3-e

Vice Regal, carries a  double cross to Cinna

Vice Regal (NZ) by Bismark (GB) from Kind Regards (NZ) – has a double x to Cinna

Yet more in-breeding to Cinna @ 3-e strains on maternal…. Triton (Pakistan II – Haunui, by Davey Jones)


Triton (NZ) by Pakistan II from Hauani

Triton – top NZ  miler on both sides of the Tasman.




the genetic Empress, Cinna

People…all old-school, Bloodstock literature clearly document the might of Cinna!

she’s profound n’ deep……

It would be possibly be premature to say that this line is in terminal decline (not least because there are several good sons of Indian Ridge at stud) but, even so, the death of Indian Ridge was a serious blow…..

If the full extent of Indian Ridge’s success at stud was hard to predict (which is was) then even more unexpected was the extraordinarily successful stud career enjoyed by his sire Ahonoora. John Berry June 2011 Thoroughbred Internet.

n.b. INDIAN RIDGE, has family strain 3-e


Bred back to Cinna and there’s a top chance that the resultant foal…….has an excellent chance to upgrade any breed, especially those which have been in the doldrums in recent times. Jack Glengarry’s Racing Miscellany

Its Back to the Future…. with Tarzino

Do the pedigree homework… to the furthest removes climbing from those tap-root formations ‘doubled’ Cinna 3-e.

So why did Zarzino by Zabeel, nick with Tavistock, Tarzino’s sire.

Observe the pedigree…that cross of Sadlers Wells/Nureyev are one, and same line, 5-h. TBL mentioned the 5-h significance in The Verve of Roc de Cambes

What made this line go oomph………….was Blandford (3-o) coming into the mix. Blandford’s siring line descends from La Fleche (GB) 3-e, the grand-dam of Cinna.


La Fleche


Pooled blood: pooled families are transformational…

You cannot ever escape the purity of foundational lines…. just because they didn’t appear that particularly breeding cycle is pointless. And naturally of course it is the ‘right’ stallion to pick the nicks.

Opportunity waits silent: waits patiently, don’t you think?

“For the future of New Zealand thoroughbred breeding,’Tarzino’ has the golden opportunity to arise  the ‘Cinna’ factor, and  lead the foundational nucleus to superior breeding”.  –  JSB