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Genotype pedigrees are a story of what can be. Architecture for foundation.

Bloodlines which ‘polish’ the blood, configure & reconfigure the pedigree.

I went through an exercise on self owned horse – she, purchased with a small budget but showing an exceptional elite line as was researched and asleep ‘ancestrally’.

And yes, this particular family line (half brother of subject mare) has met with ‘success’ … a Victoria Derby and Rosehill Guineas winner.

At crossroads with horse/future/next…..what stallion would I think be the perfect type?

There are many options, many pathways of what lines to pick up and or not.

There are many considerations which came into a new focus which I had not anticipated.

–  Are we commercially breeding for a marketing prospect?

–  Are we breeding for self-interest, as hobby, to race?

–  Are we breeding to insure capability for future progeny?

My angle was to work upon the generations with a ‘twist’.

The thing was each scenario presented such different parameters to what would be best upon selected stallion.

I found myself wanting to play it safe.

Oddly, I found ‘theoretical’ not working through and thus considered an extreme outcross would be the best exercise. Diversity you see.

Frankly…the exercise was back to the iron, of the horse.

All I could think was build them genes up, and the rest will take care of itself.

The iron horses….Hyperion, Blenheim, Teddy with a bit less Nearco.



It is remarkable that of A – Z of stallions & pending on budget too of course, that it comes down to a bare few in the frame.

Last, but not least be happy that there is a strategy behind it all!