“I have never seen a thoroughbred yearling this beautiful” – Tom Leipic co-owner.

US, Iowa bred gelded Tyler’s Tribe Sharp Artezca (USA) – Impazible Woman by Mission Impazible (USA)

the (pedigree)

  • has a 90 Beyer figure. Yearling Purchase $34k.

On dirt at Prairie Meadows, it is all about his leading style. Extraordinary.

doing it nicely 👇Iowa Cradle Stakes win

As numerous race fans gather, applauding 5 starts for 5 wins, the speedy and handsome gelding as named Tyler’s Tribe (a race name taken for family’s FB cause upon star n’ champ Tyler).

🐴Pedigree Notes🐴

Let’s look at ancestor typology.

We shall address an unequalled conduit type, how this has spanned across to Tyler’s Tribe. (prototype as solution to any ‘pedigree’ design is not principle intended – the inherent is the point.

Science advances genetic-coding with haplotype(s) modelling diagnostic…kicking all around remains to a selective band.

The Tyler’s Tribe pedigree determines at best, potency are latent traits back. Focus on Secretariat’s dam Something Royal, & also dam of Sir Gaylord, identified as family 2S. These… Line-bred @ 6S x 8D x 7D x 8D x 8D

Secretariat‘s 22lb heart, this article where/how/why the enormous heart size to his extraordinary ability.

To ‘type’ & ancestral maternal went attributed to Pocahontas. Pocahontas by Glencoe 8x leading sire – dam Marpessa where broodmare sire Muley, draws curious scrutiny.

  • Muley 2nd dam Young Giantess (YG) are the 17 strains to Old Morrocan Mare daughter of thy, Old Bald Peg. YG crossed Crofts Partner 5S x 5s x 4d x 5d namely Partner mare

Its relevant the maternal figure, Alice Hawthorn by Muley Moloch by Muley comes sharply to view.

As a private stallion, in the study of Alexander Nowell Esq of Underley, Muley was considered to have larger bone, greater muscular power than any thoroughbred stallion in England. (Celebrated Racehorses of the Past Centuries Vol.1 Thomas Taunton)

Prolific as a local stallion, Muley was the invaluable horse at stud. Derby and Oak sire, he sired Little Wonder and full-brother The Little Known, Vespa & Margrave later sent to Virginia and to subject, Muley Moloch.

Muley male line traces to Eclipse, the female line via Diomed (Herod) & Matchem.

Alice Hawthorn. She was born in 1838, Alice Hawthorn won 51 out of 71 races, with 14 other cups, 18 Queen’s plates and in 1844, her most successful year, she won Ascot Gold Vase, the Goodwood Cup and the Doncaster Cup. For her gruelling schedule of racing, she was awarded ‘Queen of the Turf’ where her production years also gave Derby winners, namely son & sire Thormanby. Her daughter Sweet Hawthorn a prolific producer of Derby winners and the line in today’s breeding still produces the classic winner. ie Music Note (A.P. Indy), West Wind (Machiavellian), Balanchine (Storm Bird) and Nashwa (subject of our last blog).

5S x 6s x 5D Alice Hawthorn to Roi Herode, sire of The Tetrarch. Sired Cinq a Sept, her daughter Assignation, Secretariat’s 4th dam. The Tetrarach sire of Mumtaz Mahal, & Tetrarach son Tetratema sire of Myrobella, the dam of Big Game (Bahram).

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.” Chinese Proverb

  • Amongst Alice Hawthorn influences are Intent, In Reality (5×6) *Balladier, Spy Song, Bolero, The Axe (11 strains viz. Tapit), Roberto, Forli, Dorine (ARG), Mr Prospector, Numbered Account, Buckpasser, Damascus through breeding to Blue Larkspur’s dam, Bubbling Time, a North Star daughter. North Star’s dam Angelic, familial to Alice Hawthorn. (n.b. Blue Warbler, Blossome Time, Betty Beall are North Star daughters)

Interestingly Damascus accounts 15 strains to Alice Hawthorn (with others) majorly by Bona Vista (Bend Or) – a leading stallion in Hungary in his time. The classic 4×4 Damascus example, has twice Hong Kong Horse of the Year, Golden Sixty a 1600 – 2000m champion winner of 24 starts for 21 wins.

To the greatest in Argentine turf history *Forli 🐴🏆won his three starts at two by margins of 12, 17 and 5 lengths (credit source Claiborne)

Forli from dam Trevisa by Advocate (ARG) – his dam, familial to Alice Hawthorn.

  • Advocate (Fair Trial) the supreme genetic sire for numerous, successive years to Argentina’s breeding.

The sire of Alice Hawthorn Muley Moloch a 9c family has ‘G’ haplotype belonging to same, family 12, a royal mare. Types ‘G’ haplotypes, are Eclipse, Commando, Lexington.

The Crab mare

Crab Mare include Saunterer, Muley Moloch, Mumtaz Mahal, Fair Trial, Mahmoud, Nasrullah, Tudor Minstrel, Migoli, Abernant, Petite Etoile, Forward Pass, Shergar, Oh So Sharp, Indian Queen, Risen Star, Alamshar, Dylan Thomas and Zarkova
credit -pedigree query

Alice Hawthorn, a Herod distaff – 3×4 Dick Andrews + 2 King Fergus (Eclipse). Dick Andrews by Joe Andrews (Eclipse), the distaff mares thru Cardinal Puff (#Godolphin Arabian, 8 strains) # family 9 aka Sister One to Mixbury

– Sister One to Mixbury, dam of a) Croft’s Partner, 4 times Champion Sire and sire of Tartar, sire of 8 times Champion Sire Herod. Influential trait.

The archetypal genetic connection. Take the wise look for A.H determining factors TBL

Typer’s Tribe, sire Sharp Azteca his 5th dam by Forli > Advocate from A.H. distaff

Conquistador Cielo – family 8h a distaff branch to Thormanby by A.H.

3rd dam sire Devil his Due (family 2h) – 5s x5s Mahmoud – 5d x 5d *Balladier (n.b. 6 Strains North Star, distaff A.H. + remarkably, the12 strains Spearmint (Carbine) family to Martha’s daughters…

Roberto (G Haplotype, family 12) 4×4 Blue Larkspur from Blossom Time > by, North Star

Secretariat grand sire Nasrullah’s family 9c > G Haplotype, family 12

Unbridled Song – In Reality/Blue Larkspur

Better Self 3rd dam of North Star, blue-hen Aspidistra

Mission Impazible > Hold your Peace > Blue Larkspur

@ 9th G are 37 strains et al genetic cousins @ family 9c , family 12 aka Nasrullah, Royal Charger, Tudor Minstrel , Mahmoud, Fair Trial aka the royal mare.

Tyler’s Tribe descends from family 8k distaff ancestress Tipple Cyder, the distaff Mixbury Galloway by Curwen Bay Barb family 9.

Mixbury Galloway went registered as Mixbury, given his name from the local village near where he is trained. He was described as a “diminutive racing pony” of just 13 hands 2 inches high, but is said to be almost unbeatable at low weights, although no record of his races survives. (credit ex- pedigree query

Havresac 5th dam (Nogara’s sire) by Thormanby ex-Alice Hawthorn

  • Phalaris’s 5th dam is by Thormanby ex-Alice Hawthorn
  • Bold Ruler’s 8th dam by Thormanby ex- Alice Hawthorn
  • Rouge Rose (family 1-k) by Thormanby ex-Alice Hawthorn (aka Frankel’s)

More bygone sources are Chanteur (FR) a male line to Bona Vista + 2nd dam sire Alacantara thru Le Sancy come upon its dam line to Invincible Spirit (IRE).

Without doubt, there are a few more to discern where Alice’s presence presides.

I hope readers are wiser of her genetic versatility.

👉💥🏆 Tylers Tribe yearling walk 👇👇👇

Tyler’s Tribe, stallion, mare and foal photos. credit to ‘past the wire’ article here

💥November 4th @ Keeneland 💥All Best to Tyler’s Tribe family, Tyler, and Iowa’s bred champ Tyler’s Tribe 🐴

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The $5k sire Sharp Azteca to colt Sharp Aza Tack 3 starts, 2 wins, won on debut at Kentucky Downs. Pedigree delivers similar.

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