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Nashwa’s family distaff comes special and with good reason.

The Racing team wrote the Cracksman cross – Frankel x. Pivotal.

The Frankel – Princess Loulou pedigree comes more wonderful.

She was the superior racing mare and broodmare producer with supreme quality of those early times- its Alice Hawthorn that distinguishes Nashwa’s pedigree.

The Goodwood Cup was a hollow affair. Alice Hawthorn winning in a canter just as she liked by three lengths. (The Racing Season 1844)

The Cup was carried off in an Eclipse-like style by Alice Hawthorn. (George Tattersall)

Alice Hawthorn (by Muley Moloch) gave high-class tough performances and been Alice, she produced tough, son n’ heir Thormanby.

The Derby – At the distance Thormanby passed The Wizard without effort. From the moment Thormanby colours were seen in advance the issue of the race was not in doubt. He ran home an easy winner by a length and a half.


Thormanby / Alice Hawthorn

  • the expired line Le Sancy 3×4 Alice Hawthorn conduit carried by Roi Herode sire of Cinq a Sept by Teddy, and she, 5th dam of Somethingroyal, dam to Secretariat and Sir Gaylord – The Tetrarch sire of Mumtaz Mahal > Nasrullah noting his 12 strains to Nashwa.
  • Nasrullah sire of Bold Ruler from Miss Disco (f.f. 8d) whose 9th distaff Feronia by Thormanby.
  • Miss Disco is the 6th dam of Speciosa (Danehill Dancer) a G1 1000 Guineas winner.
  • Bold Ruler – 3rd sire of Indian King where Indian King is the 3rd dam sire to Nashwa.

Nashwa. (pedigree here)

  • @ Alice Hawthorn with highlight to her breeding honour, the daughter Sweet Hawthorn thereof descendants family 4-k. Follow up Nashwa’s dam Princess Loulou (IRE) family 4-k one n’ same….
  • family 4k *Guiding Star by *Papyrus. (pedigree , ++ noting 5×5 Sanda of Sundridge familial

Guiding Star was all n’ all the superior maternal veins for Argentina, she Dam of Advocate (Fair Trial), Advocate served superbly indeed and was to become Argentine’s genetic Emperors.

The Advocate daughter Doria a superior champion in her own right, further produced three winners and of these came the two G1 winners, each by Aristophanes.

But it is another Advocate daughter named Trevisa that delivers Argentina’s finest breeding hour in Forli, also sired by Aristophanes.

– with a superior diversity attribute Alice Hawthorn is no lightweight.

Papyrus in Nashwa’s ped is familial, 8th generation direct & sire of Guiding Star.

Papyrus (I do think) goes overlooked. Be it either son/ daughters come genetic-carriers supreme (ie Honeyway, Ribot)

What is ‘hot’ about Papyrus and Why? His dam Miss Matty by Marcovil #GA/Barb (family 1-WTBL highly ranked) + 4×3 St Simon + his sire line spells out….Papyrus (by Tracery > Rock Sand > Sainfoin from Sanda).

What more can you ask of to these individuals?

When all refines… the fundamental to breeding heads up superior blood & Type.

Nashwa > 3 lines Guiding Star by Papyrus (dams distaff f.f.4k +2x via Forli)

👉Frankel via Guiding Star > Forli (Sadlers Wells) Papyrus Princequillo > Miswaki + Stage Door Johnny + Danehill > Ribot

👉 Princess Loulou via Guiding Star > Forli > Nureyuv, Papyrus Princequillo, Honeyway and Barbara Burrini 2nd dam of Ribot

credit @ Pub at Nun Monkton UK

Alice Hawthorn determinedly the latent factor supernatural vital ‘force’, vital potency.

What is the thoroughbred without Alice Hawthorn..?