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The bloodline bound, secrets they hold…

TBL introduced 1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean the un-classified strain given to a whiteshirt mare.

‘Her’ influential significance, curiously overlooked. TBL regards Whiteshirt as K.P.I. It is a subtle and seemingly potent influence and requires a sturdy study alongside Female Family lines.

We have explored ‘her’ as an unique peculiarity and to be regarded a powerful Trait of kind.  The breeding powerhouse, nicking arrangements, with origin as trait influences somehow, to that of the massey mare, classified family 5.



“it is most likely that this extraordinary mare of Lord Montague’s was of the same breed as the mare of the celebrated breed of Lord Montague’s (GSB V.1, page 14) – grand-dam of *Sedbury and would trace to family 68 of Tables.” credit reference bloodlines.net

The influential origin(s), may yet underpin many contemporary pedigrees and we shall re-visit Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree to update.

Black Caviar typeset to 1) Vain (3×4) thus, paternal grand-sire Court Martial to his dam’s sire Hurry On, the giant with an electric burst of speed.

Court Martial

Black Caviar

Hurry On
Hurry On – 2x’s Hermit (f.f.5d) – (Ebony)
sire – Marcovil, his dam f.f.12-c (whiteshirt strain)
Hurry On – broodmare sire Sainfoin by Springfield f.f. 12-c (whiteshirt strain)



Marcovil and Sundridge are photos via Breeding Racehorse by the Figure System by Bruce Lowe

Black Caviar – 2) Silly Season (5×5) → Tom Fool →Sundridge (Amphion/Springfield f.f.12-c)+ Equipose (f.f.5-j) + White Eagle (ff.5-j)

3) Black Caviar by sire, *Bel Esprit (*f.f. 34) ancestress Brandy Nan by Sedbury f.f.68**

(n.b. Brandy Nan is of the Young Marske mare f.f.34 Family, and not to be confused to Hutton Blacklegs/Coneyskins mare also assigned f.f.34.) Brandy Nan by Sedbury is also ancestress to the late-deceased Waikato Stud sire, Sacred Falls (NZ) by Oreilly.)

It is meaningful to view the frame of the family 9c (Lady Josephine, Mumtaz Mahal, Solario et al) as genetic-coupled to Sundridge, noting whiteshirt factor (as a trait) to Amphion/Springfield.

Scheduling a pedigree to ‘whiteshirt‘ determinants is more less cryptic. However, whiteshirt invites an unworldly depth.

Did you know….???

Breed Shaper – Native Dancer (f.f. 5f) 5th distaff dam Fiona is by Amphion

Helen Street, dam of Street Cry, 4th dam sire Worden, the male-line Rialto (FR) f.f.12b→→→→Dinah (Dinah ancestress ie. Lexington (USA)→→→→whiteshirt

Tapit (Pulpit), 5th distaff dam by Royal Note (USA) f.f.12b→→→→2x Dinah→→→→whiteshirt (sidenote: Tapit’s dam pedigree is remarkable!)

The large Idea (wink)… to truly engage the obscure Typology, the genus which drives, rather than a sole rectilinear application to either sire or dam.

voice of the past: The Horse Breeders Handbook by Joseph Osborne, his reference to *Amphion…he is a rich chestnut with blaze face and some white on his hind fetlocks, stands 15 hands 3in. girths 6ft.3in., measures 8,1/4in. below the knee, and is a horse of the most perfect symmetry with fine propelling power. Amphion had a long and most distinguished turf career, commencing when two years old and continuing well into his fifth year.

*Sainfoin, by Springfield is the second produce of Sanda. He is a rich chestnut, with blaze face and otherwise marked much alike to Stockwell, to whom he bears a remarkable resemblance’ is a horse of good power and rare quality, standing 15 hands 3in high, while he girths 6ft., and measures 8in below the knee. Commenced his turf career in 1889 when he ran only once. When three years old, in 1890, Sainfoin made a good commencement. At Ascot, Sainfoin made a bold attempt to take the rich Hardwick Stakes, but failed to beat Amphion, to whom he ran second. He begat 7 foals in 1895, three of which where winners. From Sainfoin’s splendid breeding there need be little doubt of his siring many more winners, if breeders will be sufficiently wise…




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