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Today’s blog revisits Roberto’s (Hail to Reason) xeno-genetic transmittance.
– updating for pedigree buff reading where is…Roberto and Winx – workin’ them genes + Winx came from Herod

When “Designing Champions” – what foundational ‘mare’ belongs to more extraordinary breeding?

The strain, the trait, an attribution peculiar to the Individual, the bloodline shall assign the preeminence of family.

The ‘impression’ to phenotype…2 year old growth-development/speed, stamina potential, x-factor calculated to individuals racing character, the temperament, body ‘frame’ upon cited In-breeding. Those calculated contributors, as superior factor, are foremost.

refine the dams breeding

→ consider the dam’s Potential and depth – what a dam naturally, subtly possesses through formative bloodline, the DNA

Genus of bloodlines.

Roberto, (classified to f.f.12a), he the maternal, grand-dam sire of Zenyatta by Street Cry and compare Hold Your Peace (classified f.f.12b) as maternal, great-dam sire to Winx by Street Cry ( Roberto, Hold Your Peace are classified sub-branch’s to family 12)

It reveals to each, their distaff traces to Whiteshirt mare.
– prior accounts exist, where family tables concur much emphasis upon family 12 viz, Eclipse, per his grand-dam Mother Western.

By review, accounts to Mother Western (ex- Old Montague mare per Royal Mare) and Whiteshirt mare (ex Montague mare by Whiteshirt) are not related. (as the family 12 implies)

credit referencehttps://bloodlines.net/highflyer/investigation7.htm

– Whiteshirt mare and table Descent Chart 5

*there can be no doubt, that the Whiteshirt mare and Mother Western descended distinctly from separate roots the former tracing to the breed of Lord Montague of Cowdray and the latter, to one of D’Arcy Royal mares.
– *as ancestress of a prominent strain, the Whiteshirt mare deserves to be designated as a foundation mare of a separate family.

*White shirt mare was out of an extraordinary mare of Lord Montagu’s….

The distinctive factor further states: *the old Montagu mare, the dam of Sedbury. So called, from being daughter of a mare of the breed of Lord Montagu of Cowdray, who, in the time of Charles II, was famous for his stud of horses.

Sedbury (Crofts Partner-Old Montagu mare, from Lord Montagu’s mare, the family 68 from the Whiteshirt mare.

(n.b. Sedbury – the sire of Sedbury mare from Ebony, a Massey mare f.f. 5 where Ebony had 5 daughters and these where each classified family 5, these siblings however, not from Sedbury) http://www.tbheritage.com/HistoricDams/EngFoundationMares/Family5/Family5.htm

the ideal genotype-phenotype-prototype to WINX (Street Cry- Vegas Showgirl by Al Akbar) photo credit reference (FB & owners et al – we advise we do not hold ANY copyright and advise  Fair Use where the material here, is used exclusively to illustrate bloodline characteristics per the article and with no other purpose.  Please do not PIN. 

Winx f.f. 5b, her 4th dam Vegas has notably 3x’s to *Sundridge (see below).

Hoist the Flag f.f.5i (Street Cry) & of, Zenyatta 2x’s – the gems trace to ancestress Diversion f.f.5i. Diversion → Little Folly (her sire has 2x infusion to Mothern Western, 1 to Diana ⇒ Whiteshirt mare. Little Folly → Magnolia→→Sedbury Mare→Ebony by Sedbury from Whiteshirt mare.
Whiteshirt mare – maternal strain/ ‘trait’ back-bone to Empirical sire and of equine-soul to the Northern American Thoroughbred – Lexington (Boston- Alice Carneal) f.f.12-b

‘ Whiteshirt ‘ contemporary influences – Giants Causeway, Shamardal, Singspiel (IRE), Rahy (USA), Roberto, Meadowlake (USA), Hold Your Peace (USA), Grimaldi (BRZ),

mare – La Mission (ARG) ,

Champion Influences: – Macon (ARG), Peter Pan by Commands (USA) , *Sundridge by Amphion, Sainfoin by Springfield, Court Martial, Hurry On

International performing mare Wuheida (GB) by Dubawi – Hibaayeb (Singspiel) https://www.pedigreequery.com/wuheida

watch for this sire – Frosted (Tapit – Fast Cookie) from 3rd dam by Roberto https://www.pedigreequery.com/frosted3

What’s my take on this? As title suggests 1 trait in a genetic ocean and I cannot help but genuinely feel where Lord Montague’s mare (and possibly others) have quality genetics encoded ‘je ne sais quoi’. We can’t see them, they are not historically recorded, but are indeed defiant and present. Cheers TBL


Useful reading

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https://www.sport-horse-breeder.com/book-reviews.html (Legacy of Lexington)



https://www.pedigreequery.com/sedbury+mare (Sedbury – Ebony)

With due Thanks to historical notes and the articulate & astute research. Highly recommended it has reading which must be appreciated fullest and finest of detail.