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Today’s subject reviews a genotype bred ‘ideal’ , the Australian bred (Gilgai Farm) 2 year colt –  Najem Suhail   by Starspangledbanner (AUS) from Sophie’s Spirit ex-Invincible Spirit (IRE)

Najem Suhail races in South Africa and has won his first juvenile race from a field of 12 runners. He was purchased at 2019 Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale for $100k (AUS)

Gilgai Farm also claims the breeding of Jammin’ with JamekaBlack Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree . Deeper analysis to Black Caviar can be reviewed 1 Trait in a Genetic Ocean – II

The nature to layman genetics and d.i.y breeding is how/where/why – lay down the ‘esteemed’ or determinable trait(s).

A closed stud-book finds genotype, pedigrees at large (more or less) with virtual similarities through those  breed-shapers. We consider those a ‘0’ base-point, a frame to the modern day thoroughbred. Establishing vigorous breeding is to pursue and ‘milk’ the preferred bloodline that ‘fire’.

Placing ‘weight’ & concentrations to fixated type line-breeding and utilizing in-breeding will not provide all. Yes, it is the ‘frame’ work, but trick goes to identify longer sex-balance plus further refine attributes desired, & those are to replicate.

Work the skill to see ‘where’ bloodlines rise or dominant through the female distaff. It is determining the Distinctive, the coercive factor which compels above the other. Often, the coercive factor lays deep within the furthermost remove, a re-invigoration to a particular bloodline waits because old stockman will appreciate there is a return to parent-stock at some point.

The great delight to isolating powerful traits bestowed by predecessor to the contemporary bred is to manipulate genetic potential forward with benefit.

Again work through the distaff depth… the important Individuals will determine.


Subject horse ⇒ Najem Suhail (AUS) by (Starspangledbanner AUS)


Solario f.f.26Galopin/Sundridge/Amphion in-bred &  White Eagle f.f.5j →Gallinule/Galopin/Isonomy to relate 32x’s Galopin (n.b. re: Galopin –genetic research states Delight is correct sire, not Vedette. Delight is the distaff massey mare f.f. 5f assigned also  to Native Dancer!)


To the immediate female distaff pedigree – 2x Nasrullah aka Mumtaz Begum f.f.9c, grand-dam Lady Josephine by Sundridge/Amphion. 2x Round Table where inbred to White Eagle/Gallinule/Galopin

     –  Sharpen Up  2x’s via, Danehill Dancer & Invincible Spirit (Mira Adonde and Kris) . Sharpen Up (Atan from Rochetta f.f. 5i. Note the bloodline relationship between f.f.5i and 5.j both trail to Diversion from the Folly family. The formative aptitude, to the f.f.5i Trait is first suggested by an ancestor Rosicrucian (GB) 5i – appraised as a sire quality to excelling at producing precocity and speed. 

Danehill Dancer – champion 2 year colt in Ireland. His son, Choisir a champion 2 year colt in Australia across broodmare sire, Invincible Spirit – breeding brilliance & record sire producer of 2 year old winners. The dedicated & major point – to utilizing these Individuals where those genetics come to breeding; reinstating the required genotype/phenotype diversity for precocity and speed.


Invincible Spirit (TBL photo)


cheers from NZ


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