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A racing individual he gallops fierce – flirts to competition. img_20200321_162143-01487311196.jpeg

He’s Waldgeist by Galileo from Waldlerche (GB) ex- Monsun.

Notably, ‘the-One’ defeating the noblest mare, Enable (Nathaniel) to win the 2019 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. He defeated many of the elite’s like Japan (Galileo).

Waldgeist the female family 5-H  deemed the ‘W’ family. (n.b. 5-H is not to be confused to Special/Thong/Simon Shoes 5H family) ‘

Finest European breeding as is Waldgeist’s sire Galileo, as was his sire the great Sadlers Wells, & Waldgeist has too that familiar ‘depth’.


Through his maternal genetics: German quality cometh where he Impresses a ‘pattern-type’ re-emergence, a classic genotype to smarten any mare. He’s built not only upon a stamina/stayer capacity, but with propensity to correctly Breed.

The broodmare sire offers the up-grade.

Pin-point mighty Monsun – his pedigree in-bred via, maternal only →Hyperion (Gainsborough) but emphasis particularly sourced across, both to son and daughter of  dam Kaiserwurde (f.f. 5h) & sire, Nebelwerfer. Kaiserwurde is a German-brand: synonymous to breeding German classic-type winning horses.

The Monsun’s – Schiaparelli (German Derby winner), Manduro (Best 2007 World Horse Rankings), Stacelita (2006 Eclipse champion Turf Female), Shirocco (2005 German Horse of the Year), Novellist (2013 German Horse of the Year, Getaway, Vadamos …..

Monsun’s have acquired ‘reputation’ in Australia – Melbourne cup winners Protectionist, Fiorente and Almandin.

Back with Galileo. Galileo’s prince-son Frankel may carry the ‘G’ crown where $analysis$ determined Galileo/Danehill had nick magic.

I however, never went convinced. Each to their own but the catalyst to Galileo across grand-dam, Rainbow Lake genetics, was a truer ‘bulls-eye’. Not only does Rainbow Lake amass 52x St Simon but another Important strain/influences the ‘building’.

⇒ 3rd dam sire Persian Gulf by Bahram (Blandford). Stage Door Johnny 2nd dam sire             Calddarium by Brantome (Blandford). Rainbow Quest 4th dam sire His Grace     (Blandford) & Blushing Groom 3rd dam sire Umidar (Blandford)

Due to ideal breeding intelligence, Shadai Farm (Japan) perhaps also ‘saw’ influences much stronger. They bred a Monsun mare to Frankel & it produced their champion 2 year & 3 year old G1 winning filly and she also was Frankel’s 1st G.1 winner by the name of Soul Stirring (JPN).

 “as breeding does, time always tells”

A winged electric – Pinatubo again confirmed to where n’ whom the individual Blandford, might be decidedly viewed. The firm, Classic of Classic Influence.



“though forgotten, they come back”

His steady influences within bloodlines, the Determination(s) of how a family ‘trait’ influences pedigrees, are all necessary to formulate How, an Individual is Bred, to its Strength.

Considerations: how it is rightly reinforced, directed,  and carried back into the pedigree.

Thus seek the layout which has both ancestral foundation & layer-built bloodlines.


Galileo – 36X St Simon & seek where the Blandford influences come maternally Direct (via Urban Sea) via Expresso →Babylon→Bahram→Blandford. To →Tantieme, grand-dam La Furka by Blandford.

Galileo by Sadlers Wells, maternal family ⇒ a Blandford daughter, Dalmary

BMS – Monsun (descendant male line of Bahram, by Blandford). His 2nd dam sire Tiepoletto →Blue Skies (Blandford). Monsun’s dam Mosella →Reliance→Tantieme from La Furka by Blandford. Monsun inbred to noted german broodmare Kaiseradler f.f.5-h. Monsun – carries 52X, St Simon


      – Darshaan (inbred to Umidar/Blandford)

Acatenango – 46x St Simon (n.b. Acatenango – the BMS  of Dalicia, producer of Animal Kingdom (USA)


Waldgeist’s dam, the G.3 winning Waldlerche 38x St Simon . 18x Blandford via Bahram, Blue Skies, La Furka,  Blenheim, Harina, Umidar, Brantome, Armoise.

– Walderche inbred to Surumu →Birkhahn→Alchimist these are subtle but also of key influences to Galileo, Alchimist 6dx6d – Alchimist was slaughtered for food when the Russians swept into Germany at the end of WWII.


Birkhahn –  awkwardly ‘wrong place, wrong time’ post WWII, where English & French breeders were adverse to anything of German blood.


Clearly, Waldgeist is absolute –  where his racing record for G1 performance, particularly up to 5 years top-level racing is an achievement benchmark – the proven soundness, quality durable. 

    – to exploit his dam’s German bloodlines, he is not only a classic-breeder Individual and assuredly, a faultless one.

It is always interesting to view the ‘collective’ evolutionary growth of the thoroughbred, the stratum across, through to the contemporary & present-day lines. Here one may understand what ‘contribution’ really means & importantly where it comes from to how, Q for quality stays.

Peter Willett (bloodstock author, 1981) – “West German breeding has been able to make a contribution to the evolution of the Classic racehorse in the quarter of a century as a result of special circumstances and the unique opportunity which (they) have presented for effective outcrossing”.

Ross du Bourg – Australian bloodstock writer ” The decision to honour Blandford, by placing him above Hyperion at the top of the stamina ladder, is a prime example of the gradual metamorphosis.…..By 1990 the time was ripe to unite all the varying effective branches of Blandford, such as Donatello II, Bahram, Brantome, and Midstream. under the one, all-enveloping banner – the mighty Blandford himself!

(on German bloodstock, Julian Bedford, racing journalist, 1989 ) …strength in stamina made for weakness in the market. Too much stamina scared away commercial breeders and trainers who looked for a sharper type of horse.

TBL comments “hopefully breeders/trainers/syndication interests might understand long-term assets are a dividend rewarded




 Waldgeist – translates, a forest spirit

 Waldgeist’s stands at Ballylinch stud, Ireland.



 “social- Distancing”