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The Omega Pedigree – Pinatubo (Shamardal ex-Lava Flow by Dalakhani) – female family 7-a.

To all great strains, cometh the finest veins through the unbeaten superior colt Pinatubo to his 6 defiant wins over 6 to 7 furlongs.

Pinatubo’s current Time Rating stands at 128.

Shamardal – 4x, G.1 winner. What we pursue….. is character breeding, character stamped. A son of Giant’s Causeway, grand-daddy Storm Cat to the female family of Street Cry, Helsinki by BMS Machiavellian, the compelling in-roads for both, genotype and phenotype.

‘P’s’ dam, Lava Flow the grand-daughter of penetrative influence Kris/Sharpen Up Conduit, of essential Difference – Part one .

Forget close in-breeding and seek Progenitor/Conduit. Cross into Giant Causeway – Halo – Misawaki – Troy – Roberto – Darshaan – Kris – et al

Go back through maternal’s/distaff genetic corridor and where folded through influences come-on-home, where assessed at 9 – 10th removes.

Pedigree is not only history: it is exploratory rather than duplication. There finds a genetic ‘conduit’ electricity. It remains.


Establishing superior classic is to reveal the Balance Sheet: it goes by original chef-de-race aptitude factors. Reference, Franco Varola’s, Typology of the Racehorse.
“…to make clear that by balanced breeding I do not mean a mere literal transcription of identical figures, but a broader concept of equilibrium of influences” Varola
Pinatubo – dosage profile 1-12-19-5-1 (brilliant, intermediate, classic, solid, professional.

In particular focus, one esteemed classic individual. He is BLANDFORD.


Blandford was imperfect, but the honest-breeder, with ability passed over to his stallion sons. He, & they however, went accompanied by not only multiple events unfortunate, but also an almost, untoward bias.

Frankly he deserves Sanctification. Every contemporary superior pedigree pays-up, his enormous influential Strain.

By Varola’s account – classic classification (represented an ability by an elite group to run in the Classic races) the chefs-de-race sire, Blandford (Swynford) went on to influence emphatically the Quality. Interestingly, Varola suggests…of more so quality, than the highly-esteemed and accepted breed-shapers Hyperion or Nearco (n.b. these two assigned chefs-de-race Brilliant.

By Varola’s reason, it went due to the time-frames: mares by Hyperion and or Nearco, as they serviced each other’s mare. Their opportunity on a breeding plate – where as Blandford alone, sired over somewhat lesser stock, plus by shorter spans to his progeny.

At stud he was extremely slow to cover and would at times, stand behind his mare for 15 minutes or more before deciding to accomplish the deed.

Blandford sired four Epsom Derby winners in seven years !!!

By Blandford, they were Bahram – Trigo – Blenheim – Windsor Lad

Plus – Brantome, in France won the French 2,000Guineas, St. Leger, Gold Cup, etc.

From other expert accounts, Blandford’s progeny went (oddly) not regarded for toughness, but had abundant class, despite an uncertainty to his questionable fertility & soundness issues.

In Blandford’s later years, a horror for Irish breeders came due to an imposition of a 40% tax on bloodstock imported from Ireland as was imposed by the British government. His remaining years before his death were spent in England.


Blandford Yard – Irish National Stud (photo by TBL)

Blandford Yard – Irish National Stud (photo by TBL)

Possibly his ‘said’ health issues went with pneumonia as a foal. He survived those odds, almost by his divine will. So ill was Blandford, it had appeared to his vet, sheer hopelessness and it is said, the stud manager directed him to be taken away.

For Blandford, either Fate or Destiny pursued many of his sons. The fate: a virtual loss of top male Epsom Derby winners from his native home & breeding ground, to the benefit of USA & Argentina.

i) the forced sale by the late Aga Khan of Blenheim and Bahram to the US. Bahram was later exported to Argentina.

ii) the forced removal of Brantome from France during World War II & the premature death of Brantome’s son Pensbury.

iii) Trigo – a failure at stud.

iv) Windsor Lad, unable to carry on stud duty due to a brain tumour.

And Blandford’s son Badruddin, was sent to Argentina

Numerous ‘outside factors’ took heavy consequence; his genetic supremacy should of had given far, far more to the world.

I cannot help feeling that Bahram would have contributed a great deal more to bloodstock the world over, if he had never left his native shores. Sir Charles Leiceister
“There is no escaping the fact the old parents have a tremendous influence on the build-up of bloodlines, in spite of their numerical inferiority compared to young and middle-aged progenitors.” Sir Charles Leiceister

Where does Blandford begin to influence Pinutabo?

Answer: maternal distaff influences, how they become, how they build…..

⇒ 6th distaff dam → B flat, the sire Chanteur → Blue Skies (Blandford)

4th dam sire Artaius (USA) → My Babu → Badruddin (Blandford) (*n.b. Artaius 17x’s *Isonomy) (read on below)

3rd dam sire Kris → Soft Angels →Crepello→→ Blenheim (Blandford

⇑ Reliance/Tantiemme →→La Furka (Blandford)

Sadlers Wells →Thong→Dalmary (2) (Blandford) + Blenheim (2) (Blandford)

Daltawa – 4x’s Blenheim (Blandford) via Mumtaz Begum, Donatello
Darshaan, dam’s sire Ambdos → 2x Umidor (Blandford)

Helen Street – 8x’s via Blenheim, Blue skies, Wild Violet, Bahram (Blandford)

Machiavellian – 5x’s, via Blenheim, Minnewaska (Blandford) – n.b. Minnewaska , 4th dam of Tom Rolfe

Mariah’s Storm – 11x’s via Blenheim, Wild Violet, Umidar, Minnewaska (Blandford)

Storm Cat – not Blandford however, 17x’s to *Isonomy; inbred via Blandford (see below)
Blandford infusion upon the acclaimed Thong female family 5h, via Special. Thus history made and prophecy’s tell the future: makes pedigree Nureyev, Sadlers Wells and those famous sons run on….

Blandford, the sire of Blenheim, sire of Brantome, sire of Bahram: the three sons ARE also with designation, chefs-de-race classic.

Blandford’s prowess is the honest resilient and natural, classic tenacity. The ancestral lines emphasize a strong disposition through *Isonomy whom ran from 2 years to 5 years, notably his feat of a Triple Crown winner under exhausting weights and conditions of those times. Galopin, with the updated genomic recourse to being a descendant of Herod’s and doubly Hermit to indicate Blandford is pure source.

So how did Blandford’s relevance fade as the Nearco/Phalaris ‘Brilliant’ dosage precedence (akin to mostly, 2 year precociousness)) take hold. The graph below depicts the working Passage upon Breeding Population and thus left the ‘bold’ Blandford (as aptitude balance) to a ‘durability’ slowly erased.


And note….Bahram is the male line to the great German bred, Monsun and notice his maternal Tantieme from dam La Furka (Blandford)

Blandford to re-capture, re-emerge, catalyze to the more diligently refined classic: for the lasting and greater future of Thoroughbred racing and breeding.

Just like Pinatubo.
Charlie Appleby (trainer) on Pinatubo. “He’s an interesting character. He’s very laid back”.

“breath-taking” G. Smith (handicapper)

Pinatubo is also the name of a volcano in the Philippine’s (Mount Pinatubo)

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*Great Reading on Blandford – https://www.thoroughbredracing.com/articles/unfashionable-unsound-and-lacking-virility-yet-young-stallion-became-sensation-stud/


Blenheim II – Important Pedigree Ingredient

Reference material – Typology of the Racehorse – Franco Varola

Bloodstock Breeding – Sir Charles Leicester