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The summation of strains, to that of Danehill inbreeding.

subject horse: * Rubisaki (AUS) by Rubick from Senro Kisaki (Danehill Dancer) 9 starts for 7 wins .

https://www.pedigreequery.com/rubisaki – (Danehill 4×3)


Danehill Dancer (inset head shot Encosta de Lago) 

TBL readers can believe other strains, shall & will influence the final determination of a genotype pedigree.

(Privately) I’m not to ‘fussed’ at ‘seeing’ @ doubling Danehill,  yet am mindful the duplication does apply where in-bred to Danehill, places many an Australasian pedigree.

  • Further on-line commentary has, poorer success rate across all Danehill mating’s to-date, too suggest Danehill in-bred has winners minority.

(n.b. the reservation is also down to the matter of ‘balance’ and have often prior commented the over-concentration of the female family 2d to both Danehill & Northern Dancer combined.) Moving on from Danehill

Ross du Bourg (The Australian & New Zealand Thoroughbred) …..danger of arriving at an unbalanced mating, through concentrating too many similar influences in the pedigree, in particular, over-refinement. The result tends to be the production of too much nervous energy, producing over-excitability, nervousness or constitutional weakness.

Without any for or against, rights or wrongs….. we may wonder where-the-devil-goes, sweetspotwhere IT will WORK.

Here, at the Thoroughbred Link – genetic supremacy to its Patterns means not counting  1+1=2 linear methodology. Rather it is the multiple-layered sources through numerous gene-linked individuals.

It goes by isolating ‘carriers’ , those strains, which in today’s modern pedigree should  be treated as KPI’s, as these are likely pre-potent Conduits.

Pre-potent/conduits cut through or over, the ordinary  i.e. genetic supremacy Strength.

After Winx’s pedigree researched 100 times-over, this exercise outwardly isolated strains that had comprehensive strain importance as to deduce ‘depth’ indeed goes long n’ deep. And notably, Individuals have order and a clustering – where genes ‘hang-out’.

As reviewing → https://www.pedigreequery.com/rubisaki – the first specific  by maternal infusions to sires Sharpen Up & Hoist the Flag are each designated female family 5-i to the ancestress Diversion.

Note and comprehend this  supreme trait- f.f. 5-i , through Kris/Sharpen Up to the likes of sires Sadlers Wells & Invincible Spirit, Hoist the Flag →Machiavellian (USA) stamping hard upon pedigrees like A winged electric – Pinatubo , Maximum Security, Zenyatta, Winx came from Herod .

– at very least readers, be aware these individuals are pivotal….to any pedigree.

The line-breeding chart is much a back-bone. How it measures (at-best) to target the irrefutable. It is tracing through these Genetics to future-plan finely tuned individuals.

In Rubisaki’s case (@10 generations) lay 26x’s to Selene, compiling of,  **f.f.6e Hyperion, Sickle,  Pharamond & New Moon (n.b. New Moon, the 3rd dam to Star Way, Encosta de Lago’s dam’s sire).

Selene is inbred to *Pilgrimage 3sx4d the female family 5-i.img_20190925_142943-01111284413.jpeg


Appreciate Selene upon a line-bred chart and find 32x’s Orville (maternal grand-sire Highflyer) plus the ancestral in-breeding to 3×3 Herod & Regulus as designated to the female-family 8a as descended through a Regulus mare, named the Ruby mare, the paternal grand-dam of Eclipse.

Like an inverted triangle the genetic road heads. 

However working through scion-branches to contemporary blood lines comes as an exercise of establishing which route collectively, to a spit n’polish Strain that ‘fires’. Hence as remarked above, Sharpen Up/Hoist the Flag/Star Way.

This is the ‘hot-spot’ catalyst of the Rubisaki pedigree: not 2x Danehill.

Only by reinforcing past nicks and genetic affinities can we restore and recreate the genetic code that enables superior ancestors to transmit classic speed. Ross du Bourg


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The Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbred – Ross du Bourg