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The depths to ancestral-familial in-breeding its tied blood-relationship through their evolutionary generations cannot ever be underestimated. The ‘core’ of it all.

The tool used to evaluating female strains, majorly exercised as trait contributors, shall work at genetic memory to imprint pedigree prototype.

The nutshell of breeding practice is to EXPRESS or reserve the quality attributed as to re-produce its superior prototype.

A program-development to gain prototype over generation(s). i.e. the knitting of attributes until it produces (correctly) the desired prototype (for its racing purpose) – its phenotype from superior desirable traits ‘cuts’ to its genotype.

Regrettably, a breeding of grand philosophic style, has fast deteriorated where market over-rules rise n’ fall breeding hastens and scrambles alongside the ever ‘softening’ of racing opportunity.

Nevertheless…. continuing to interpret bloodlines and inter-penetrating patterns is to identify: distinguish the beautiful knowledge of targeted inheritance through remembering superior prototype quality of the unforgettable.

The subject horse and sire: – So You Think (NZ) by High Chaparrel from Triassac (Tights), the genetics certainly ripened as she, an old noncommercial pet broodmare whose past breeding-racing producer history went ‘zero’.


The boutique breeder has older large broodmare. She goes to quality sire of well- balanced phenotype. The irony is, no pedigree gets an international champion.

Pedigrees at phenotype ⇔ genotype ⇔ prototype will tell by piecing detail; prototype/archetypal model of thoroughbred ecology, its evolutionary ‘fitness’. Archetypal factor which established Thoroughbred hybrid species through a functional effective.

(n.b. ‘functional effective’ means TBL took an appraising eye to ground-level height, where I viewed a fascinating spectrum: pick a horses ease and mobility from beneath to its hoof/pastern precision, to knee-fore-leg, to shoulder and through along smooth n’ easy ….to its lightness of feet sweeping ground. Now that shook TBL’s on-course punting experience to a new-level!)

Work at breeding, going forward generations, infused lines, the grand-dam sire has far more concentrated influence(s) and should be thoughtfully scrutinized. This is, So You Think, his grand-dam sire Long Row (GB)

Long Row a stakes winner was bred in England 1972 and came to New Zealand 1977 for stud duties.

Raced from two to five years Long Row won the Houghton Stales L. at Newmarket over 14oom and the Horris Hill Stakes Gr. 2 over 145om at Newury. Both wins were on good going. At four he was again a stakes winner, in the Prix Chavlier de Stuers over 1600m at Ostend, Belgium. Long Row started 28 times for seven wins and four places, racing well on any type of going and winning up to 1600m.

Long Row’s sire, the Rockefella horse named Linacre, won the Irish 2,000 Guineas and other stakes races at four years when he was rated best of his age. Retired to the Irish National Stud, Linacre died in 1979 having left many stakes and other winners, the being being Black Satin, the Irish 1,000 winner. His offspring were generally in his mould though there was the occasional stayer like Alto Volante who won the Yorkshire Cup Gr.2. The sire line traces to Hyperion, whose major influence is Australasia has been through his grandson Star Kingdom.

Long Row is well related on his dam side. His dam was the Irish 1,000 Guineas winner Front Row, a daughter of Epaulette (GB). Second dam Panaview, by Panaslipper, produced four stakes winners, including the Adelaide Cup Gr.1 Panamint and Irish 1,000 Guineas winner, dam of the top class American horse Czaravich.

This is the family of April Run, one of Europe’s best three year old fillies, champion older mare at four in France and champion grass mare in America. It is an ongoing family that has left high class winners every generation. Long Row carries three crosses of speed influence Panorama 3 x 5 x5. (side note: Panorama’s precocity & speed where his hallmarks. His progeny frequently exhibited same. To Irish breeding, he was considered reliable to inject vital spark of space into distaff pedigrees which apparently had lost their potency).

Long Row, a brown horse standing 16.1 unshod………His best offspring have been Getting Closer, winner of the BATC Rothmans Hundred Thousand Gr. 1, WATC Swan Brewery Railway Stakes Gr.1, two Gr. 2 races and one Gr. 3 race, Row of Waves, winner of the AJC Doncaster Hadicap Gr, 1 Silver Row, Era of Triumph and Bronze Valley. His best off spring are sprinter-milers, but several have shown aptitude at middle distances. They appear to be able to race well on all types of going. (credit & source – Stallions and Studs of New Zealand, Bill Cox)

Long Row’s pedigree profile, reveals gold-mines ‘gold’ trait individuals influence many true champions.

The exact detail missed by many S.Y.T article reviews that has Long Row, doubled of female-family 15-a (via, Epaulette & Linacre) they through to a dam named Fortunedale (GB) 7dx7d, a mitochondrial DNA…..!!! ( L2b1a)

** Long-Row is a ‘trait’ contributor to New Zealand pedigrees of great mare Horlicks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horlicks_(horse) and Volkstok’n’ Barrel (Tavistock)

Breaking it down, its telling of the familiar nucleus ‘wave’, the evolutionary back-bone of the thoroughbred. The X-factor identification to recognize, is that of the Bald Galloway from the Grey Why-Not mare. The one and same nucleus family to Blank by Godolphin Arabian from Amorett.

The nucleus is infinite. From blog, Winx came from Herod  one might like to note and research biological and evolutionary factors from  Royal mares: the Galloway breed due to its ecology (at-distance ability) bio-mechanical/functional efficiency complexity. It is physics and balance and it all starts somewhere…..!

So You Think of tap-root family 13-a. Trace the pedigree backwards to ancestral dam Kite to Kite’s evolutionary in-breeding two key-strains Eclipse  and Herod, to their embryonic pedigree Regulus and Tartar/Blaze. (n.b. Kite is the remote ancestress to sub-branch family 13-c Frizette Mr Prospector, Seattle Slew)

Examining those strains via Eclipse and Herod & thoughtfully engage these archetype traits as ecological pathway of thoroughbreds. Its in-breeding saturation clearly produced the composite root-stock to the future, as we observe today.

It follows with full-circle consistency, the contemporary thoroughbred bred ‘core’  dynamics through key carrying contributors. It is not necessarily line-bred practice alone; it is the composite of attributes that the breeding targets much like chef-de-race formulations, but revolves also a familiar sustaining synthesis.

It was after researching a Conduits series TBL wondrously pondered how and or why, these where persistent and consistent.

The answer lies through the evaluation there has existence – the over-arching Balanced phenotype which stipulates energy and efficiency through all, an ineffable imprint.

The ineffable imprinting is physical and non-physical where I came upon something which aroused this researchers curiosity f-f base with, assumption biases of family-number(ed) relationships.

The cross over referencing of Bruce Lowe family numbers share both significance and duly, a conflicting nature. Whilst his system went to identify and systematize breeding merits upon individuals major racing achievements- it also blurred familial factors (sisters) to division. i.e. sisters assigned to different family #, where the genetic contributors went very close, as was incestuous in-breeding of the times.

As the genome solves, it also cleverly twists through, what catalyses.

Through sire, High Chaparral’s pedigree, hone in Kris (Sharpen Up from Rocchetta by Rockefella (Hyperion-Selene) because there – the pro-progenitor catalyst. Further note this is the f-f, 5-i.

Here is the significance:

**THE PROGENY: Where 2 Select, the Breeding to, So You Think (NZ)

factor – Nijinksy, Best in Show (family) , Raise a Native, The Minstrel  D’Argento & Inference (Redoute’s Choice)

factor – Zabeel/Sir Tristram/Selene & Star Way per Higher Ground (from Dark Vision (AUS) ex-Encosta de Lago) : La Bella Diosa, Sopressa

Mr Prospector/Seattle Slew to Sadler Wells (Darshaan) – 

(‘the secret weapon’ – Lyphard ♥ per Heavenly Thought

To Market, Star Kingdom (Hyperion) per Miss Siska

Vaguely Noble (Hyperion) per Nakeeta Jane

Danehill Dancer (Sharpen Up) Sir Tristram (Selene) per Thought of That

SELENE – Contemporary runners’ pedigrees, however, rarely now carry her within five generations. Her rich and varied strains, farther out, remain worth of concentration, as she continues to prove herself to be a true shaper of the breed. (credit Inbreeding to Superior Females – Faversham/Rasmussen



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