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Tarzino much more than horse.

The ‘T’ prototype has emerged …et voila!

‘T’ stands also for Tourbillon, the sire of Djebel.

New Zealand bred Tarzino by Tavistock (Montjeu) from Zarzino (Zabeel) epitomizes a genetic expression some might call a ‘throw-back’.

We prior blogged Back to the Future with Tarzino (NZ) – but the stallion’s deeper significance went amiss…. this, Tarzino’s je ne sais quoi.

je ne sais quoi – the latent factors ‘appearing’ which takes my TBL eye.

Tarzino (photo credit – The Thoroughbred Link)

What has Tarzino’s verve

Montjeu/Sadlers Wells (Tarzino’s paternal line) to currently note…… Montjeu/Sadlers Wells breds, spin the genetic wheels to Northern Hemisphere jumps and flat racing winners.  An operative finds French breeders as owners, have close involvement with trainers and follow a program, to compound results and increase advantage.Those processes come together and that delivery gets results

It is the exceptional, the revealing where Tarzino via sire & dam pedigree uncovers the venerated ‘D’ factor Djebel.
Djebel (Tourbillon – dam, Loika n.b. ff- 5j) –  Destiny of Thoroughbreds . Read it!!!

To appreciate our subject stallion ‘T’ – where Loika presence goes near and far, review Tarzino’s dam Zarzino – her 3rd dam sire Amalgam (USA) to the 2x’s, via Loika sons Hierocles (FR) and Djebel, his best son My Babu.      further note….

  • Grand-dam Kindness by Star Way, dams sire Klarion → Clarion → Djebel (Loika)
  • Sir Tristram, grand-dams sire My Babu/Djebel )Loika)

Tavistock’s granddam sire High-line, his grand-dam Aleria by Djebel (Loika). Quest for Fame, the grand-dam sire Cambremont (FR) from a Djebel daughter.

  • Sadlers Wells, Lalun by Djeddah, a son of Djebel
  • Montjeu’s 2nd dam sire Tennyson to 3rd dam sire Djebel
  • Montjeu’s dam Floripedes to 5th dam sire Hierocles from Loika


The presence of French breeding is our reminder  – genotype cuts to the phenotype.

Genotype to Phenotype, it is why Conduits series started. The first Conduit, of essential Difference – Part one points to a familiar rotation presence through Loika’s ancestress dam Diversion (f-f- 5-i & f-f-j) alongside Hyperion – Selene.

Very few significant individuals complement/merge to a co-affinity from ancestry, where a complete integrity retains ‘purity-at-origin’. The purity, bio-essence however, is the ‘something’ of a bio-physic, bio-mechanical natural structure.

When IT happens…TBL holds this is the archetype frame. It points to Herod: hence Winx came from Herod and Conduit, of essential Difference – Part one .

To have these patterns are not so much from in/line bred but from inducing, infusing  the defined character type/trait with deliberate foresight. (* see Franco Varola’s quotes below to the French approach…..)

As those Conduit pieces position together: breeding ‘traits’ via strains, it dawned Conduits shall not only possess sublime quality to the progeny bred, but also draw to the imperceptible.

Quote: “Certain lines of blood appear to have an affinity for, and to produce exceptional results when mated to other specific lines”. Sir Charles Leicester Bloodstock Breeding.

They are the Ones to hold….. natural merit, the Nature’s intelligence, to its breed. Additionally, it goes direct with an aptitude of ultimate expression – a prototype.

This is the Thoroughbred, its History and with an embedded culture where yesteryear masters to French bloodstock, clearly understood function is the durability, ahead.


Marcel Boussac – his reign over French Classics lasted 50 years.

Tourbillon and Djebel.

* (excerpts) – Typology of the Racehorse – Franco Varola

Under a typological interpretation of the Thoroughbred, French breeding has always occupied a distinguished place.

France supplies the bulk of the classic-to-stout strains

Breeding philosophy in France, which is very different from the breeding philosophy in England. Breeding in France tends to be ecumenical, in the sense that any horse and any sire is potentially similar to the next one; while England tends to follow a categorisation.

The Classic Racehorse – Peter Willett                                                                                     The French thoroughbred was essentially the product of adherence to the guidelines laid down in the early days of the Societe d’Encouragment and confirmed by the introduction of the Grand Prix as the premier Classic race.                                 The author notes….bred with that ideal in mind, the likes of Ajax, Teddy, Bruleur, Alcantara II, La Farina, Sardanapale, Ksar, Brantome, Sicambre, Viewux Manoi, Djebel and Tantieme.

 Tarzino – the ‘T’ prototype… because its right there, in the blood.

Finally, to the landscapes of breeding and racing….patience will be Tarzino’s only requirement, just wait n’ see….img_5668-011726574033.jpeg




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