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When Japan purchased and announced California Chrome for stud, it high-lighted how astute breeding follows – just stick to the key-progenitor strains within.

Though a long time since reflecting how chrome, turns to Gold: California Chrome the breeding nutshell stands in Buckpasser through the daughter Numbered Account to CC’s dam Love the Chase, from female family A4. And to that great sire Seattle Slew, the dynamo strain maternal conduit La Troienne f.f. 1-x

His sire, Lucky, to the siring line Pulpit (sire of Tapping into – TAPIT to his dams, Olympia and that ‘PrinceLY’ Princequillo, toughness & constitution.

Bring them together and those powerful class of progenitors direct to decide the future.

When Storm The Court won the 2 year old Breeders, his back strains came to me, very familiar.

TBL held breath hoping aficionados might spot the similar binding genetic pattern as it goes upon California Chrome’s.

Storm the Court – (Court Vision by Gulch/Mr Prospector) from My Tejana Storm ex-Tejano Run.

The genotype fixes upon 2 x’s Buckpasser female family 1-x and add to that the strain 1-x assigned to Tejano (USA), the 2nd maternal sire.

Now…let’s spot the interesting STRAIN factoring to the A 4 family as belonging to Gulch’s female family and spot also – Swaps (A4). Swaps →Khaled→Hyperion.

Compare California Chrome’s tap-root female family A 4

TBL considers Olympia/Heliopolis/Hyperion siring (as strains/traits are the keys to American Pharoah pows a ‘Grand Slam’ finding Olympia to the female family 4p.

This is the same female family (4p) as Storm the Court’s. Olympia and My Tejana (dam of Storm the Court) both follow to a dam called Careless. And do note, Heliopolis (Hyperion) to his daughter Iberia, dam of Riva Ridge as My Tejana, 3rd dam sire.

Present to both CC and STC is the Irish sire, the great Caro and he is a genetic force to be reckoned with due to all goodies of ye olde genetics. Take a look why!

As always, recognizing depth and superior patterns when todays racing/breeding media cast its doubt due to unfavorable or said, ‘non-commercial’ sire when its those awesome strains which take opportunity to selection and finding quality.

Respect that.