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Colours n’ hood of sports car fire-red, the Australian bred Redzel showed no mercy in his back-to-back Everest win.

Yep…like an antipodean hero (a Sir Edmund Hillary mountaineer quote): Redzel ‘knocked the bastard off’ and the prize-money is in the bank.

History cheers like that. Echoes for many a time to come.

Equine heroes always are something special – more than we shall ever know.

In this TBL blog we explore ‘something’ many fans out there might like to know.

Whip out the pedigree & let’s Go!

TBL aficiando spine-chills …..

Redzel by Australian sire sensation Snitzel from dam Millrich (female family 27) ex- Rubiton, the broodmare sire.

Now if you get to know bloodlines workin’ &cruisin’ them traits: they’re genes which keep pedigrees cookin’ long and slow. It is peculiar to the mitochondrial DNA; the maternal thrust & this is the most best kept secret if you wish to get about & scout a thoroughbred of your own.

Importantly, this is the meaning of Ancestry.

Devils in details: infusions built-into maternal from greater predecessors; they are the ‘predictors’.  Not statistics.

TBL went time-travellin’ back through the Redzel pedigree. The greater breeders understood a phenomenon that the further you see back, the further you see forward.

At TBL we target EACH maternal as highly individualistic. The merits ‘why’ certain bred individuals ARE distinctive. Its not simple, but ‘digs’ the pedigree honest.

Remarkabley Redzel’s dam Millrich (AUS) through her furthest maternal line has New Zealand old familial roots where a sire infusion near, direct IN has the female family 2-r, from a sire called Perkin Warbeck (NZ) from none other than dam & ancestress Miss Kate.

Miss Kate is the 4th dam of Phar Lap and is one of the oldest and richest tap-root families to the antipodes.

Sunline (NZ), inductee of Australian Hall of Fame, is another Miss Kate descendant.

There is more… exclusive stuff. The Millrich, female-family 27 (further back) derives from Rataplan, his dam Pocahontas (GB) & Rataplan was full-brother to Stockwell. In essence, these are great, great greater grand-daddies sum total of thoroughbreds.

It was the work of a writer & pedigree analyst (since deceased) Marianna Haun through her study of the great Secretariat which stunned the equine world; the bigger heart of superior runners with her X-heart gene thesis.  reference http://www.horsenation.com/2015/06/04/secretariats-genetic-x-factor-the-secret-to-the-triple-crown/

In a nutshell Secretariat sourced X-factor mightiness from Pocahontas.

Miss Kate/Rataplan,Stockwell/Pocohontas are the Mitchondrial DNA back-bone to Redzel’s dam, Millrich.

Now many sceptic-nature, might just scoff that ancestry just cannot spike genes to the immediate here n’ now.

So we shall explore the direct pedigree from a 5th-remove landscape. 5th remove is where the ripe genetic action is.

In simple form Redoute’s Choice (sire of Snitzel) via Danzig, and his broodmare sire Canny Lad via his sire Bletchingly (AUS) are the traits to the one n’ same ancestress Mowerina.

And so IS – Millrich 2nd dam sire Millionaire (IRE)….ancestress Mowerina.

Scout deep a pedigree to Mowerina daughters and you shall see plentiful duplications to Stockwell/Pocahontas. nature genes

It is no wonder Mowerina ancestry via modern female family 7a configurations propels pedigrees and individuals to turf magnificence.

That’s how stars come out. That’s how stars are made. Heart n’ soul stuff.

Cheers for now, TBL cropped-nyme31478829496