Thoroughbred pedigree analysis in the TBL house is not the algorithms.

Many years ago I went to a come n’ share pedigree evening of a software developer in racehorse pedigree analysis.

Horribly, I was snarled at for sharing my thoughts. Told to prove it & not bother tell I had.

By now, he’s probably taken his dough. The software common, distinguished and considered reputable for stallion matching etc. Though some may say its a load of BS*.

I did lick my wounds to that ‘enlightening’ occasion and today smile at the challenge.

Long hours…shoulders and neck ache, leaning into a computer, squinting eyes – more cups of coffee, tea…chocolate, then chips. Dogs need a walk – its a break at least…back into it.

Bloodstock catalogues are like needles in haystacks.

It’s the thoroughbred wilderness of gettin’ a gud ‘un. No wonder breeders and trainers & new owners are such raw-hide hopeful positives.

Years of doing catalogues, its probably only less then 5% which are attractive. Curiosity bites for something strong & different.

As an aficionado ‘craft’ (remember I’m not algorithmic) they come down to specific pedigree configurations: the familial character returns to that of the sire as it always has been. Does mother nature really change her recipe? 🙂

Its old news: Danehill (Danzig) nicks time and time again with Canny Lad bloodlines (Bletchingly (AUS). Nick with Invincible Spirit (IRE) and you have genetic recipe for female family index 7a, ancestress Mowerina.

They Danehill’s, what have provided the sprinter geno/phenotype & provision to the sprinting markets.

Its breeding however is now an ‘old hat’. The thoroughbred herd is ‘thirsty’ for something fresh, new, bold like dragon fire.

The lament of owners and their stables looking to acquire quality stayers which always come from SOLID old lines/old blood. Yes, they’ve been bred out/ripped out/sold out beneath, down under antipode.

Almost, no-where-to-be-seen. So shopping off to Europe, we shall go. Japan too…..

Expansion and contraction is all part of global thoroughbred history.

But a killing of the breed is something else again. A quasi dependability on market stats: shuttling up numbers for greater numbers & dumbed over bloodstock agents for the precious precocity market.

Follow: a reckless quickened turn over of sire ‘new n’ hot’ for investment interests.


I can’t criticize the great Galileo/Sadlers Wells lines, but oh so many numerous colts, to be hopefully soon the fresh-man sires right round the world, is swallowing too many lollies at once.

If only, if only there was the comeback of true, old-school breeders doing it their way. Not competing against investment purposes or those who want to own the world.

Bring back these stalwarts…Thoroughbred Breeding: A MASTER OF TIME

Any how for my beef, at home, its the Success Express/Hold Your Peace (USA) which is charging TBL interest  Priceless. Get with it.

Here’s a  contributor. img_20181012_125915-01211677342.jpeg

Add in Nijinsky – as yet to secure photo.

Boom. Wink.

Cheers TBL.