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Photo: 2016 @ Ellerslie Racecourse (NZ) – a little nostalgia of what can be

Humidor was rather ‘gangly’ awkward, yet to grow/develop to a bold and sensational individual. His name is Humidor (NZ) by Teofilo (IRE) from Zalika (NZ) by (Zabeel) – a 6 yr old bay gelding trained by Darren Weir racing, former NZ trainers Hollie Wynward/Johno Benner. Bred by Jomara Bloodstock Ltd, New Zealand.

 how could of we known …..

Magnificent. Sensational.

The clues to Humidor hails from the familiar, classic female breeding family 9c. Many may recognize it as the Klairessa/Courtessa (GB) family.

Connect a number of familial genetic lineages thru ff 9C: Nasrullah – Royal Charger – Mahmoud – Fair Trial – and you may begin to get, the Mumtaz Begum (FR), Mumtaz Mahal (GB) genus gas running through Humidor’s veins.

Of late we’re banging our heads on a ‘hunch’, great breeding is a road leading to the genus at origin. Yep, there is much to go in between but breeding roots are essentially the patterns.

View if you will, the pedigree sun-wheel v. the linear graphic form we work with today.


If relationships where to close/overlap, we should more so, see the lay of genetic structure intertwining. This is the point. The strength.


Female family tables are an exceptional tool. Like a tradesman knowing how to use old tools which won’t let him down: let the art take place. The female families are an arrangement intricacy depending how deep one wishes to view. The devil-is-In-the-detail…..and the disguise and the pattern will survive.


As the genetic jungle appears wide & complex we look for structural denominators.

As above mentioned – the genotype framework ‘works’ Mumtaz Begum/Mumtaz Mahal/ Lady Josephine (n.b. sired by Sunridge with True Colours

We again have the almighty ff-5h factors: Sadlers Wells – Nureyev – Val De Loir (FR). Knit, knit & knit these relationships!

from a previous blog Thrust, goes the Galileo engine ……exceptional ‘dam’ strain (5-h), the most potent proliferating thoroughbred strains in existence where it is also to gauge their genetic prowess on the constant evolutionary move of the thoroughbred.
Now…welcome (if following other pedigrees) Lorenzaccio (GB) , Nureyev, Val-de-Loir or, other generation individuals of Special and the 5h, frame-work becomes more so obvious.
Simply they all follow the ancestress Simon Shoes (GB). Yes, the female family 5h stages globally Derby winning families.

We have in-breeding Danzig, (as sire to Danehill & Green Desert) which recruits a finer dynamic & better for it, than rather, full Danehill in-breeding to the ff 2d.

Danzig (dam Pas de Nom (USA) has the ff 7a family to ancestress Mowerina.

Plus, plus Teofilo’s sire Galileo, to 3rd dam sire has Expresso (GB) , the ff 7a.

Finally, but not at all least – we advocate to search AT the maternal foundation roots to gauge the maternal building its infusions.

The 4th dam sire, Klairon (FR) infusion, has ff 1-w (ex- Sweet Lavender (GB)/Lavendula). Refer Sir Gaylord/Turn To (7sx6Dx7Dx6D) ex- Sweet Lavender (GB) ff 1-w.

Witness a pre eminent ancestry as a compression of same, where they ‘tread’ softly through their descendants.

The genotype ‘map’ is akin to fractal in nature, a complex simple of generations re building.

Humidor genetic strengths by the female families ff 9C, 5-h, 7a, 1-w.