TBL frequently reminisces ol’ tough but oh so, beautiful brutes of yesteryear.

Vintage photos which capture the physical magic presence of power, strength of ‘truth’ and the true equine being with his majestic sense of the ineffable.

The great Man O’ War was something else… out on his own. A $5000.00 yearling

a purchase by a guy called Sam Riddle – he went 21 races at 2 & 3 years old (20 won), with one 2nd placing.

A strictly private at-home stallion he met too short of average mares to produce hall-mark progeny – War Admiral, War Relic, Battleship, American Flag & more… all his history compounds together as No. 1 Horse of the Century.

MOW was pure, pure bull. Pure, pure & pure. Purity in the strictest sense…purity in origin, purity in essence. A primordial beast of the finest.

Breeding with pure bull is based long-term strength with recipe of superiority. The weak become strong: the average become champion.

     So very simple Frank, but how do ya’ tell new lines astutely…

Superior traits, superior genes are exclusive lines and not always ever direct inclusive,  so it seems.

Tricky…very tricky. deano

Depth, in the strictest sense, needs to be conveyed or ‘seized’ by both phenotype and genotype where the infusion ‘mastery’ as such is geared upon the 5th remove of pedigree. (unfortunately many pedigree enthusiasts just May…view pedigrees as ‘fixed’ as one gazes upon a linear model per program. No! you sense…think the lines working, flushing, infusing, knitting, merging working upon the impression you find).

The distinct principle wants to have purpose on a long deep cross and not merely, match-making model for benefit on commercial, investment, financial by ‘numbers’ game that race-horses are manufactured bred for a loosened gambling industry (& its investment) which doesn’t know too much accountability really.

      – mate, we’re thinkin’ we’re such long ways from Man o’ War but … doesn’t it work mighty interestin’ where superior pedigrees take a good few dosage’s from Man o’ War when he merely sired/bred to approx. 25 mares per year.

What springs at TBL…is that beautiful thingy…about zenith superiority ‘worms’ its way through successfully, & takes, & naturally so, the top-tier into exclusivity. 

TBL has always considered the superior are componentry of purity: of female-maternal, of bloodline essence, which conduits or transmits the primal order where an originating founder re-mem-bers itself, as source.

This factor is sourcing the best, for the best; a task turning over many a countless pedigree gathering its merits of what potential is to appear, where it needs to appear.

Before you head outdoors to the sales , just Bulls-eye… the ‘detail’ of Man o’ War…..COMPARE – WORK N’ THINK.

Doesn’t this, give breeding/selecting an idea, an inspiration, a target. Can the exceptional MOW genetic landscape twist itself again and again? Seems it can.

Yes, what remains is that ineffable factor, that treasure, that earnest love for a super good horse and where, somewhere in its genetic heritage it returns the love of a desert spirit.

 always seek, always pursue….

nyme31478829496 the best.



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