Some of the time, looking at bloodstock yearling sales is like going through a car sales lot – what make n’ model takes your fancy when they are all spankin’ new’.

I’m Rockin’ Up rock-n-rollto Karaka NZ yearling sales. TBL takes much thought as many bloodstock people do: we are all searching through the ‘eyes-of-the-beholder’.

I’ll scratch my TBL head where that nice looking horse, the one which walks and prances the ‘I’m it’ x-factor but sadly, attracts little bidding attention.

Then those with interesting ‘paper’ pedigree but the physical product don’t match, yet somebody else thought it did and hey, it SOLD.

And then there is the ‘bottom-drawer’ lot; lesser stallions with not so interesting broodmares.

Going through countless pedigrees you see the familiar roll over Reproduction lines. Yes… they are boringly okay & carry that effective slogan which heads well-bred, but it sort of gets… you know outta hand, even meaningless.

The question begs “what do we really purpose for & where’s that coffee ?”coffeesmoke

It appears too many purchasers are merely going after the reliable pedigree like a reliable recipe that just can’t fail.

But it does.

Repetitive known crosses or, tried and true reproduction on repeat certainly helps the commercial vendor and bloodstock auctioneer. And of cause, the horse is naturally a good looker ’cause the pedigree is there to prove it.

Mate…your horses are beautiful creatures, regardless 😉


Anyway back home, in my messy studio, cross-eyed with numb brain yawning – I came across the unique oddity at the back Festival pages.

How can I say this…. a pedigree that doesn’t comply with anything you’ve ever met before. The heart races….

The interesting huh-huh gut ‘hunch’…that its got bit of a girl-Winx factoring to it.

See…the beautiful thing with pedigree is that when you study without ‘aids’ – one’s eye picks up something the computer analysis doesn’t. Remember computers want data, stats and a program to define. But that folks, is History goooone.

Me, I want the ‘fire’. I want the unseen beauty. I want the mystery. I want the ‘beauty of mysterious genetics’ to come forth…deano

The miracle of self-study or self-taught is that you shall process and build skill to uniquely identify or stamp a signature upon something. In the same vein, this is how a pedigree says ‘x’ factor waiting. Knock, knock backdoor genetics.

The way-crazy wild thing about genetics is that they don’t want to be known until the time is ripe for them. They ‘cure’ just like slow-cured French ham with unknown seasoning.

See here…what makes cruisin’ with pedigree so right dam intriguing… is that when broodmare sire ‘strikes’ his phenomenal gold, & say when that sire was not-so-popular back then, but now genetically….see, he is one of a special kind with very, very short broodmare numbers availability & upon pedigree in the zone where you attentively ‘size’ it.

And, the pedigree must crack-its-whip where the particular dynamism & winning cross raises attention & focus. Boom!

Think Winx, think NZ stallion Savabeel (by Zabeel), expressively scan Success Express, as sire of Al Akbar (what specifically puts those genetic markers together as to where the ‘strike’ occurs towards the sire) is so very rarely viewed.

So off we go and spot the filly where nobody is looking. There she is… cheeky, smart, attitude, athletic, certainly would be ready as a 2-year old. She, by Zed from a Al Akbar mare. Who is Zed by….answer Zabeel. Get it? Check.

Too strong- can’t be missed.

Too right….I’ll be watching her next year. nyme31478829496