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A short while ago, on forum I wrote a reply.  One particular member took to ‘gas-lighting’:  where I was expressing too much about how better quality horses MAY undeservingly fail to unsuspecting lesser industry resources untoward ‘right’ practices.

It was pretty dam hostile – think …Pit-bull on Chihuahua’s head by way of accusations, heated on-line, ’cause somehow TBL nipped at a nerve.

I make a lot of observation: listening, thinking, wondering, comparing and as it comes by way of experience – a sort of life-lesson ‘teacher’.

Then came, one’s own ‘D’ day to stand over – me & my lovely 5 year mare and it was despairingly awful.

A 22oom race, from an outside draw she was driven across, onto the rail where she led until the last 600m and ‘swamped’ to be placed 7th. The track was deemed a Dead 4 – (actually hard as) … the jockey terribly non-strategic contradicting trainers instructions.


Pit-bull thought I was blaming trainer/jockey or sticking to an excuse not to look at my own blaming faults. Problem for me really…I am too over-analytical or too abundantly aware of where things DO go wrong in unexpected places.

As you might appreciate, the way it is with racing horses, is the nature of the undetermined event: action of quantum space n’ time. As an owner, you are a gambler, a showman, a ‘sport’ & at mostly in no-mans land paying the bill.

Humour is essential.

But weeping …she is a bloody good horse & a lot of people recognize like Three experienced ex-jockeys riding track work in awe of that rare ‘feel’ she holds.

Taking stock of the situation… though I realized hubby and I had had bought the right pedigree, right horse (for price) and put in all best resources we ever possibly could – especially time and patience since the breeding is to ‘stay’ & also make that explosive staying Zabeel power when riding ‘right’ allowed, it had missed.

Financially we couldn’t do it anymore, not essentially the ‘finances’ per say tho’ influential of course, but the standards of racing. i.e. conditions of tracks, distances & short programmes, a lack-lustre of professionalism within riding to be the best and a licensing authority & a punting industry who couldn’t care less.

We in NZ have ordinary ‘every day’ jockeys earning way more ahead than small-trainers on doing a job.

My hope, my ‘expectation’ even Experience had sorely tricked me – all things outside of one’s control.

So I thought Pit-bull would be p*ssing on the forum-post. Yet, he came back & thought  about his on-line comments and gave me a *like*.

Days later the phone went. Bloodstock agent was hunting. They had watched the race, observed much the same sentiment thank-goodness.

Story goes…the ‘want’ of these bloodlines are in demand. evolution

There is not many of this line about. They go back to Cinna. Tarzino & the Cinna ‘strain’. A breeder wants them/her. Are you ready to consider an offer?

The silver lining of a cloud…arrived.

Of course, I already know of breeding value, both intrinsic and the physical from original purchase price as a yearling of $13,500.00.

Yep…thankfully authentic bloodstock breeding ‘eyes’ know it to. nyme31478829496

Elite families go on – the investment sticks like glue. There’s the point.