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Ghostly. Surreal. Perfection…this is Tapit


photo credit: facebook Tapit


His ability to breed winners is dynamic. Let’s for a moment…. forget about the numbers, forget about the earnings. We’ll go n’ explore the pedigree which offers only the best – crème de la cream.

It is the ideal; perfection to attain – that is the message in all – the depth & breeding.

TBL repeats over and over of strain-theory. Why? because it is the gold-dust: the gene which substantiates everything….as it configures and formulates the female family. Strains & maternal families

Whilst we may view the ancestry, at generations back, we shall also find the pedigree beautifully unfolds – coming together from 5th remove and through, like a genetic jig-saw puzzle at completion.

First TBL impressions are often the best: yep…the 13/8 cross-strain. Works wonders, works TBL magic all the time.

At this stage, I’m not going to go n’ tell all the intellectual-property but shall hint that pedigree enthusiasts take another examination called something like ‘evolutionary contributors’ & there you may see modus operandi. Either that, or you can leave me to my best eccentric self 😉 


“When Boussac sent Tourbillon (13-c) or any stallions carrying his blood to the family of Frizette (13-c) it created inbreeding patterns to the already celebrated tail-female line (13-c). It would be a recipe for success that would last or decades to come. ” Leon Rasmussen from Inbreeding to Superior Females.

In similar application the golden thread is Seattle Slew, Mr Prospector (Frizette maternal line) and familiarize Le Fabuleux (FR) as at a lesser degree the female line follows ancestral-matriarch Kite. Remember people… strains – strains – strains & Strains!!!

Now the important silver: 8f strain, via Nijinsky 5s x 3D is co-relation strain. Familiarize these details – they are patterns.

Yet another distinctive to the threading strain configuration is that of 1-X. See The Axe, Poker and Buckpasser surging from blue hen French bred mare La Troienne.

The period of inbreeding to the La Troienne family within five generations has been extended by influential descendants who, themselves, have become sources to inbreed to. Leon Rasmussen

Of peculiar interest, Tapit’s tail-female the 3-o strain reveals the great, great dam Foggy Note as homozygous grey. All her progeny where grey – her best Relaunch by In Reality (n.b. Tapit pedigree 5dx4d).

Relaunch was the sire of 89 stakes winners and said to be built like a tank with plenty of fast twitch muscle fiber. (credit – Designing Speed in the Racehorse by Ken McLean.)

Remember Ghostzapper?? fetch n’ find, who but Relaunch, Ghostzappers broodmare sire.

Isn’t it marvellous how pedigrees keep revolving, revolving on similar female genetic forces.

Isn’t it sad  where the value and importance of realizing the heftiness of female families is almost like lost knowledge or a dying art in favour of today’s stallion hype.


Before I close ‘shop’, it is also meaningful the looong linebreeding factoring & overall deep blood, is the Man O’ War element.

TBL takes this as significant because depending which country you are breeding/racing from, that real genetic armoury is going almost collectively rare. Those great old-bloods are rather forgotten, weighed out by namely, Nearco’s over dosage. Suggesting the greedy breeding want of early maturing two year olds is only to satisfy a quick-return.


The Crème de la crème come from the genuine truer giants of breeding.

Tap (deep) into it……

Cheers for now,