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The special racehorse comes from an unsuspecting pedigree.

Yet it is the preferred ‘safe’ trend for modern horse ownership to seek its assurance: racing type ability from immediate dam-line as covered by the preferred stallion.

The thought… it is too easy for individuals to fall into land of lost opportunity or to be found by the astute judge making his fortune.

All things aside, theory and pedigree predict a fair skilled probability, a map utilizing necessary strains to direct potential.nature-genes

Myself, I  am not one for statistical, the order arrived from mathematical which started from zero.

Pedigree at TBL is finding-the-future: the one principle, the ‘new’ honey-spot.

The ‘future’ horse is the evolutionary to unfold through its ancestral.

The supreme has the innovative. The examples, TBL wrote: American Pharoah, American Pharoah pows a ‘Grand Slam’ Californian Chrome how chrome, turns to Gold: California Chrome, Winx Winx’s phenomena and Black Caviar Black Caviar: ‘diamonds’ within a pedigree… present new outlooks on pedigrees to illuminate strains as significant ‘must’ contributors. These weave a dominant band to inter connect families.

‘Sparkle’ the pedigree within, and overall.

The pedigree map shall unwind at the 5th remove. Don’t view the obvious. Seek the depths of the unobvious. Key links: key strains, key strengths.

Application is to source the guts of the pedigree. It creates an maximum understanding to realize strains almost program ‘backwards’ as a spiralling cycle drawing strengths from generations removed.spiral

TBL shoots for a trait/strain/seed as containing a DNA code. It is an atomic seed.

Life essence.

The seed is primordially arranged, always a genetic catch/draw back which cannot disappear. It the chief chromosome/DNA in wait.

A focus through the 5th remove emerges the setting. Particularly broodmare across broodmare, peculiar strengths which the individual takes its weight from.

Equally, other dynamics which ‘fuel’ the pedigree -as viewed from an angle which suggests the breeding is staying true to itself: related and co-related families which renew the individual as a hybrid thoroughbred.

I realize many pedigree articles speak old-school upon dam to female tap-root relationship. Okay – you may be very acquainted & knowledgeable, and ably get the breeding-record BUT it is a slim portion of pedigree and not of all.

We want to combine sires genetic workability to harness the individual complete.


When the phenotype is viewed the physical assessment must be in line to conformation expectation/standard as sighted, as required. Remember the genotyped pedigree is the engine within.

Via your pedigree software, here is a yearling colt pedigree which attributes the features –

Epaulette (AUS) / Highlight by High Chaparral as offered by Phoenix Park at Karaka’s New Zealand Bloodstock 2017 Select salnyme31478829496e.

All best, TBL