“we’re not worried about anybody” B. Nielson

Stradivarius (IRE) the entire 8 year old chestnut makes 20 wins from 33 starts.

His latest 18th group stake success, & Yorkshire Cup 3rd time winner makes the CV well prepped for the breeding future.

      Owner: B E Nielsen
    Breeder: Bjorn Nielsen
  Winnings: 33 Starts: 20 – 5 – 3, £3,297,668

At 3: 1st Goodwood Cup (GB-G1,16fT,Goo), Queen’s Vase (GB-G2,14fT,Asc); 3rd St Leger (GB-G1,14.5fT,Don), Long Distance Cup (GB-G2,16fT,Asc)
At 4: 1st Gold Cup (GB-G1,20fT,Asc), Goodwood Cup (GB-G1,16fT,Goo), Yorkshire Cup (GB-G2,14fT,Yor), Lonsdale Cup (GB-G2,16.5fT,Yor), Long Distance Cup (GB-G2)
At 5: 1st Gold Cup (GB-G1), Goodwood Cup (GB-G1), Yorkshire Cup (GB-G2), Lonsdale Cup (GB-G2), Doncaster Cup (GB-G2,18fT,Don); 2nd Long Distance Cup (GB-G2,15,5fT)
At 6: 1st Gold Cup (GB-G1), Goodwood Cup (GB-G1); 2nd Prix Foy (Fr-G2,12fT,Lon); 3rd Coronation Cup (GB-G1,12fT,Nmk)
At 7: 1st Lonsdale Cup (GB-G2), Doncaster Cup (GB-G2), Sagaro Stakes (GB-G3,16fT,Asc)

At 7: 2nd Prix du Cadran (Fr-G1,20fT,Lon); 3rd Long Distance Cup (GB-G2); 4th Gold Cup (GB-G1)
At 8: 1st Yorkshire Cup (GB-G2)Foaled 28 Feb 2014

2020 CARTIER Champion Stayer in Europe.
Made history by winning Group 1 Goodwood Cup four years in a row. 8-20f winner
credit Pedigree Query

By race-name to Italian classic violin The Strad, horse Stradivarius is the honest & true stayer. He races with consistent tempo and with determined intelligence.

One can only admire Stradivarius tenacity. His racing record slays many.

As watching York Cup re-play video it reminds breeding back on superior ‘Type’ culminates in kind.

What brings seed to fruit ?

I work with other i) researchers & ii) Thoroughbred Preservation Group (TPG)*.

The TPG group goes to preserve TB lines (extinct and further disappearing )where we researchers lay-out deeper patterns (type cut) thru individuals past.

We highlight pedigrees which slip by, yet remain highly significant to duplicate.

And naturally, Aficionados like to know more & more!

Invite @ TPG on Facebook to heritage & knowledge✔.

** 2018 blog introduces Stradivarius pedigree when first to dominate the UK racing scene.

Below are factors which explore detail and more detail.

Spot… Stradivarius distaff family 9 and his sire Sea the Stars family 9h, ex- branch 9e Maid of Masham.

  • Family 9 and of branches 9 interfuse full ‘sisters’ Mixbury 1 (f.f. 9a, 9f) and 2 (f.f. 9b, 9c) & Framptons Whiteneck (n.b. follow subject on @ TPG*). Ancestral Cardinal Puff mare (f.f. 4) 4×4 Sister Mixbury 1.

(additional note: full brother Chedsworth Monkey, sire of Mixbury mare 3rd dam of the great Eclipse son Meteor)

The principal parental > Curwen Bay Barb – Curwen Spot mare.

Its familial double-up is nucleus important as condensed to precise genotype.

Of significance & with other, of late, pedigree observations: the ‘fire’ alights when Nasrullah (& alike family Mumtaz Begum (9c) et al) finds more Mixbury blood @ example Stradavarius > Nasrullah/Ballywellbroke -7th dam, that can only catalyse.

Stradivarius family 9, has an outstanding broodmare line, producing multiple G1 Pawnesse champion and Horse of the Year England (S’s 3rd dam) – Ballynash (Nasrullah) – an outstanding producer of 6 winners.

Stradivarius’s dam Private Life @ 10 generations tilts St Simon 37 lines.

Rarer and rarer …. 10 lines Chouberski & as is St Simon depth & classic stamina bred – Byerley Turk lines. Lyphard’s dam Goofed 5×5 Chouberski & no wonder an important contributor to World’s best.

Byerley Turk (dying out & few available male) with amass/concentrated female BT lines are so overlooked by sheer zest for speed alone.

Byerley – the thoroughbred’s ticking time bomb (book to buy) sends the message clear.

Stradivarius is like no other and as the announcer called to his victory “please show your appreciation for Stradivarius”

You’ll never find one like that – there’s just no way

Bjorn Nielson (owner and breeder)