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Horsemanship & Humanity come together: – Horses Helping Humans – Manawatu New Zealand (on Facebook here)

In a beautiful New Zealand location Kimberley & her horses facilitate mental health, with personal development.

Kimberley is also an equine Bowen therapist.  FB – Suppleup Bowen Therapy here


In the Field Researchers

“intelligent breeding diagnostics”

Sport Horse Breeder (sport-horse-breeder.com) – Kathleen Kirsan: research and workings of the Tesio methods plus critical details to ancestral pedigrees – in particular to the American RH & female foundations is simply, phenomenal.


Janice Winterhalter – is an important Member of Fb’s, Bloodlines In the Sport of Kings & St Simon and also, posting to her own FB profile. An astute researcher, she posts & comments actively to ‘bridging gaps’ to pedigrees, genetics & science papers. Janice realized the genetic pre-potency to Animal Kingdom long before anyone else. In her youth, she held a stable position to the great Nureyev.

Bloodlines in the Sport of Kings | Groups | Facebook

St Simon | Groups | Facebook


Miodrag Malovic – administrator FB group St Simon here. Specialises and focuses towards highly competent breeding lines to those of disappearing lines.


Gilberto Junqueria – Sao Paulo.  With education and business experiences to agriculture sciences and genetics thru to his family and many generations horse-breeding operations to the Mangalarga Paulista breed. Gilberto has as much interest & unique insight to horse & thoroughbred ancestry and the modern-day thoroughbred pedigrees. His adroitness around pedigrees and genetic appreciation to science research surpasses any analyst standard. As a member to Bloodlines in the Sport of Kings & St Simon he provides wonderful insights to Brazilian bloodlines. Gilberto is a published author.


American Classic Pedigrees – American Classic Pedigrees Home – incredibly informative


Reines-de-Course – “Queens of the Turf” – Reines-de-Course (reines-de-course.com) – long admired for depth to practices & observational to the thoroughbred horse


https://purosanguedecorrida.blogspot.com – the intrigue to Brazilian bloodlines built deep from classic influences particularly French. The model to look for is genetic finesse and how these conduct the potency. Translator required.


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