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Like some sale of unwanted goods only to be another mans treasure – shapes the story to Tapit grandson, a Florida Derby winner and Kentucky Derby contender White Abbario.

Sold over @ $7500k, then $40k might suggest horse feather sums for an event ahead that could not be foreshadowed.

Was it (?) that sire Raceday (G2 winner, sold off to S. Korea 2020 but for an excisable * clause ) considered kindly, better value else where?

Then the colt presented – White Abbario. The media earlier slammed ‘late-developer’ bred… however could not see Abbario’s Derby pump went well beneath.

We’ll take a look…

ain’t he got true class

By genetic profile is The King of Calumet Bull Lea (sired by Bull Dog) built through. Bull Lea is 3×4 Musket – the NZ bred sons Carbine & Trenton + 5×5 Hermit

Double lines, the great Musket & Hermit – Bull Lea got ‘stock’ that built horse-racing

Bull Lea indexes: Bull Page>> Flaming Page/Nijinsky +Tricky Creek – Lea Lark >>Southern Halo/More than Ready – Two Lea >> Tim Tam/Gone West – Real Delight > grand b/m sire Grand Slam + Coaltown 6th dam sire to Catching Diamonds, Abbario’s dam.

photo FB credit here

On core nucleus speed attributes: note contribution @ female inheritance upon Mumtaz Mahal/Lady Juror (the family 9c et al). Seek for components, ‘speed’, through multiple & uncommon sources where not Nasrullah alone.

*Uncommon sources to the family 9c found equal to Abbario’s grand b/msire Grand Slam (Gone West – Bright Candles) also notably familial to Alydar (a multiple G1 sire) > 4dx4d Bull Lea the same ‘Plum’ dam family (Sweet Tooth, Reine de Course mare)

(– family 9c as assigned haplotype, that this haplotype placed same family 12. The context here serves ‘directive’ upon ancestral line. Refer here . Further deep and great significance (complexity) which cannot be adequately explained here.)

Last but certainly never least… what cannot be overlooked for sire Raceday is from a War Admiral daughter descendant, as is sire Tapit through the In Reality/War Relic line inheritance – 6x5x3 to the 12 strains of him, greatest Man O’ War (lineage, Godolphin Arabian). The robust pedigree has many angles in towards complete – such archetypal depth remains never bettered, never defeated.

Watch-list Race Day progeny – Barber Road(2nd Arkansas Derby & K. Derby entrant ) Mexican runner Headmaster from MOW dam line and Peru raced mare Consultora of US breeding.

White Abbario has racing temperament, the brain and that’s the kick. A high-class bred racehorse built on superior genetic base.

Let’s just say a genuine sort of horse.