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A follow-up on red-hot Maurice .

Maurice (JPN) is just intense. His Type unfathomably stallion potent. Huge theriac genetics!

uppermost distaff, (family10) course back on ancestress Queen Mary: her dam Plenipotentiary mare by n’ large, it is multiple strains at finest thoroughbred & King progenitor himself, Herod.

Herod’s sireline was the dominant sireline in Europe and America as well, where Diomed’s line flourished through American Eclipse and Sir Archy, all the way down to the great American sire Lexington. Glencoe also hailed from the Herod male line through Woodpecker. The Herod sireline proved overwhelmingly dominant until the late Nineteenth Century, the end of which found the Lexington and Glencoe male lines dying out. This coincided with the rise of Eclipse’s male line, which now dominates almost completely.


Queen Mary heritage and profile here

She is History’s potent lady. We follow her sire genetics of breeding Bonnie Scotland (Iago – Queen Mary), Blair Athol (Stockwell – Blink bonny), Hampton (Lord Clifden – Lady Langden) & Bayardo (Bay Ronald – Galacia)

Owen Tudor (Hyperion)

Prince Rose (Rose Prince)

Black Toney (Peter Pan)

Lemberg (Cyllene)

Deputy Minister (CAN) Vice Regent – Mint Copy) + Exclusive Native (Raise a Native – Exclusive)

Victoria Park (CAN) by Chop Chop

Kris S (Roberto – Sharp Queen)

Queen Mary is back – Maurice (JPN)

***Studying Maurice’s Japan & Australian progeny (those to date) by adjacent Q.M. genetics’ the hidden detail emerges – what strains strike future progeny. Identifying specific strains result to resurrect or resuscitate necessary blood.

Contemplate.… Type/Potency at dam, how it leads… formulate potency, re-focus Type, target strains.


Genetic intricacies, a zig-zag trail tricky.

Genetic lineage(s) are like lacework but the roads to Herod compatibility gains Type super immense.

some female lines breed very true when they get the blood they want

3yo australian gelding – Mazu (Maurice – Chatelaine ex-Flying Spur), to 3rd dam by Showdown has the QM trail…ie Bayardo/Hampton. Further the family distaff (6b) tables to Hyale (inbred 2×4 Herod), her descendant Grande Mademoiselle 46 strains = Herod.

Knit back through Maurice – ie his dam distaff + Riverman

Sunday Silence… ‘Deep water currents’ : Queen Mary/Brown Bess = 46 strains Herod.

Mazu by Maurice

(genetic) tides rise highest when ready – TBL

Invitation – Thoroughbred Bloodlines Preservation Group (Private) on FB