When you put those kind of pedigrees together, this is what happens – Aidan O’Brien

Snowfall’s juvenile campaign was not competitive till winning the 2021 Cazoo Oaks – her 16 length record finish alongside astute patience by jockey, Frankie Dettori.

The superior bloodlines are absolute. Snowfall Horse Pedigree (pedigreequery.com)

The deceased Japan stallion Deep Impact covers the Galileo mare. She is the international sprint family aptly named Best In the World (IRE). The superiority of cross parentage cannot be matched.

Our exercise here to find those kind of pedigrees ..the power-house behind.

Before so…

  • the previous blog finds breeding today, biases speed talk. That philosophy without further sufficiency to Type, constitutional raw ‘tough’ ability is crude. The driving force, hiding back inwards, these generations shall select or encompass concentrated detail.

Mastering objectives a la Tesio, other selective determinations are given wisely.

Tesio stipulates 1) Without the machine breaking down 2) selected for their ability, 3) to withstand the terrific impact of speed” –  Tesio Breeding the Racehorse.

However beyond this, Tesio remains aloof. He is looking at a certain Type, a certain ability.

… he goes experimenting with geno and phenotype – “this fruit is not like the others” Tesio observes.

Tesio – a smart tactician declares “The great law of balance, symmetry being a form of balance“.

He is astute. He is diligent. He is the Wizard of Dormello.

Kicking over Snowfall (JPN) female lineages copy/duplicate these inheritances below.

  1. on the deep, xx (daughters by Spearmint (Carbine) & the greater Martha Lynn family (inclusive) Hampton/Ayshire/Lord Clifden
  2. The distinguished Marchetta female family (Marco- Hettie Sorrel) Papyrus (Derby winner) from Miss Matty
  3. Court Martial (winner of the 2,000Guineas and twice champion sire) and sire, Hurry On, noting Snowfall’s 6th dam by Supreme Court (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes) & the Hurry On grand-daughter. n.b. Hurry On (then) maintained and revived the Matchem line but it is now extinct.
  4. Man O’ War – exclusive American branch of the Matchem sire line.
  5. Sainfoin and full sister Sierra from dam Sanda (Wenlock by Lord Clifden)

(n.b. Hurry On line, the horse of class, to produce leading stallions in Britain, Argentina, Australia, Italy, France, New Zealand and South Africa. As above, the American Matchem line via the Fair Play to Relic sire line, hangs only by a thread)

The immediate Snowfall pedigree presides to female family f.f. 9h to ancestral Adelaide. Deep Impact dams sire Alzao (USA) from a dam & daughter of Princequillo, Poncahotas builds ‘in’ factors, (see above.)

Galileo (broodmare sire) – the female family f.f. 9h – ancestral Adelaide. Galileo’s 5th dam Anatekva expresses Acropolis from Marchetta + the maternals run…..Hampton/Spearmint/Sundridge copy.

The above are ‘symptomatic’ the genetic characters’ inlaid to arrive Type.

Deep Impact/Galileo a ‘nature’ of the cross.