“You never radically modify a breed in terms of weight and size without loss in other factors, acting in this way you throw the child out with the bath water. Our selection is slower, more traditional, but without losing the qualities that made it successful.” Gilberto Junqueira

Elysian Fields that we compete to, cometh the Holy-Grail genome; a pedigree has obstinate fact that breeding has skills of moral quality.

 The science progresses  –   1) mutation Whalebone monopolizes a greater population  2) other TB progenitors supplicate 3) Darley Arabian, Bylerley Turk and Godolphin Arabian are Turkomene, the stamina/stayer TT allelle.

Nearco/Northern Dancer are ‘speed’ sires.

The isolation to genome-maps, Tb-dW mutation Whalebone responsible to the English Thoroughbred, perhaps (?) might enshrine ‘W’ above all other characteristics.

     –  a solitary haplotype overall, is not a single solution.

The complex well – unknown sires and remote mares; never (hopefully) considered lesser contributory character.

In collateral lines Joseph Osborne in 1881 counted no less than 475 stallions with their names in the Stud-Book – all of them Arabians, Barbs or Turks imported chiefly during the reign of James I and Queen Anne (16 – 17th C) – Tesio, Breeding the Racehorse

Types conduce autogenous strains. Consideration is a ‘Type’ (speed or distance sire) across another genotype, to set-forth again another Type, and arrive (at best) optimal functionality.

The Type sits to Integrity & Selection.

The substructure beneath…  balance & ‘counterbalance’ is always the adaptation (function & purpose). 

Tesio (Breeding the Racehorse), to his thinking…  “to produce a great horse one must be able to find among his first 62 ancestors individuals which showed classic quality over 1 mile, 11/4mile, 11/2 miles and 2 miles. Without a representative of the 1 mile race in his pedigree it will be difficult to produce a horse of outstanding quality, because he will be incapable of those bursts of nervous energy which are synonymous with speed”

Tesio further notes – short distances went for 2nd and 3rd rate horses.

His, the undeniable objective produce a horse of outstanding quality.

By market stimulus…the model of today’s contemporary breeding, for racing product, has peaked to nucleus speed.

To pendulum furthest , a collective mainstream breeding & racing, are albeit, speed systems. The other hand amiss. Stamina-stayer re: constitutional toughness exists to structure, support mechanism.

Tesio states 1) Without the machine breaking down 2) selected for their ability, 3) to withstand the terrific impact of speed” –  Tesio Breeding the Racehorse.

Tesio clearly recognized the 3 issues above. Welfare and quality are issues we face today.

It is never one solution, neither to coral speed by sequential C:C gene.

Acquiring ‘supreme’ dominant hereditary Factors are not purely affixing speed in-bred, but a thorough balance, elevated to another – a pre-potent cross-character.

The finding – ‘a’ dominant allele (if inherited, correctly) has a relentless character. It is generally explanative transposing genetics.  to arrive the specie with its corrective function.

A cross-character, type-vigour is highly aggressive, if/when expressed or introduced Intentionally.

select quality of each character is in proportion to the rigour of the selection and the period of time that it covers”. (Tesio) 

It is an Ascendant factor. The imputation subtle.

 ascend – Hurry On   Martha’s daughters…  ⇒ equals 52 x’s Godolphin Arabian